International Clairvoyant & Psychic Medium Lyndsay Edwards

About Psychic Lyndsay Edwards

Hello and thank you for visiting my online spiritual space, my name is Lyndsay Edwards and I was born with a unique gift – I am a lightworker here to fulfill my spiritual mission.

Spiritualism is something I was very much brought up with, my parents were married in a spiritualist church (they’re both psychic) and I have attended many many open circle spiritual services throughout my life.

Since becoming pregnant with my son in 2012 spirit have been pushing me more and more and constantly bringing me proof of their existence and my psychic ability’s, I have never doubted their existence or my psychic ability’s but I wasn’t aware that I could use them to help others until spirit told me so in late 2015. Since this deep spiritual awakening and starting to work much closer with spirit I have read for people all over the world to help connect them with their loved ones and bring them spiritual guidance through psychic readings.

My background is in Dentistry where I spent ten years of my working life helping people through their fears and discomforts, I have always loved doing something which helps people and makes a difference.

I have lived in Australia, New Zealand and Thailand previously but my home is in the UK ~ Manchester, I am a free spirit and love to travel and experience different cultures in my free time.

I love sharing my spiritual encounters on my blog – I have so many that I need to write them down so not to forget them, I do hope that you’ll enjoy reading them.

Love & Light,




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