Choosing Home Education Isn't Brave... Psychic Lyndsay

Choosing Home Education Isn’t Brave…

Choosing Home Education Isn’t Brave…

So often I am asked about mini me going to school and when I say he’s going to be home educated, I get lots of questions which after I have answered are followed with “I think you’re very brave” – Really? I don’t think it’s brave at all, I think it makes sense! I actually think people who send their children to school are very brave ! For me, doing what I believe is right for my child isn’t brave. I guess they see it as being different or going against what society expects of us, but I’ve never been one to conform anyway and I’m seriously excited at the opportunities that home education will bring – the possibilities are endless!

I’ve also had comments from people who say they’d worry that they’re going to fail their child so they prefer to let school handle it for them. Firstly in the eyes of the law, school are not responsible for your child’s education. Parents are solely responsible for their child’s/children’s education regardless of whether they send them to school or not.  I failed school, I left without any qualifications but that’s down to my parents in the eyes of the law. Me failing school isn’t because I couldn’t pass the exams, of course if I wanted to and I tried I’m pretty sure I could have passed them, but I just didn’t want to! I was literally bored out of my brain at school, so I played up, messed about, got into trouble, played truant and anything else that was slightly more entertaining than being sat behind a desk listening to a teacher talk at us from a book. Since leaving school, I have retaken my GCSE’s and passed them – because I wanted to. I have also gained other qualifications at degree level in subjects that have interested me. I want mini me to learn about things he’s interested in, rather than being forced to learn about this and that. Also you don’t know who will be teaching your child over the 12 years of school, you’d have to be pretty lucky to get great teachers 12 years in a row and with every child being so different it’s impossible that one teacher can cater to 30 individual needs at once.

So yeah… you may think I’m brave but actually I think you’re brave for putting your children through school and letting the government decide what, how and when your child learns, when they’ll eat, when they can play, how they spend their evenings (homework). Pretty brave to give so much of their childhood away like that… (in my opinion).

I’m excited to watch mini me grow up, play out doors for as long as he wishes every day, learn about things that interest him and just generally be happy and enjoy his life.  That’s not to say that school children aren’t happy, I know lots that are but I also know lots that are really frustrated and unhappy – everyone’s different and I believe school works really for some but not all and not us.

Love & Light,

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