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Spell Castings

Spell Castings

1 Spell Castings £40

I am currently undergoing medical treatment and so not working, please subscribe to receive an email once I am back. Thank you for your patience at this time.

Spell castings are £40 each, all materials used during the spell casting will be sent to your preferred address in a small keepsakes pouch and posted second class worldwide – price includes second class postage and all materials used.

*Please note if you have multiple spell requests then you will need to purchase multiple spells for each one due to the time taken for each spell and the need to perform the spells separately in order to be super super clear.

The spell casting material will be posted out to your PayPal address within 10 working days but if for any reason there will be a delay I will contact you via email to advise. I ask that you carry this little bag and it’s contents around with you as much as possible or keep it somewhere safe close to where you sleep. I have performed spiritual spell/prayer casts without using any physical materials and clients have still given me great feedback but I like to transfer positive energy from the spell into the materials and send these to you to help the spell manifest.

Since performing spells for people around me and my clients I have been shocked myself and not just at how they have worked but for some at how quickly – it’s truly amazing. Spells can range from anything to career, finance, protection against bullying, house move, love life, fertility, relationships… whatever area of your life you feel you need spiritual help with, please input your spell request and your full name in the notes section when paying on PayPal or email me. Please try to be as clear and accurate as possible with your spell request so I can work my best to help you achieve exactly what it is you want to achieve.

Spells FAQ’s

How long will it take for my spell to be completed?

Spells are usually completed within 7 days, if for any reason there will be a delay then I will contact you via email to advise you in advance.

When will I receive the materials used during the spell casting?

I post out all materials used during the spell casting second class, I am based in the UK so the length of time taken to receive your spell materials will depend on where you’re based in the world.

Does the price for the spell shown include the postage?

Yes, the price shown for the spell includes all materials used and standard second class postage to your chosen address. If you wish to have the materials posted special delivery or signed for then you will need to pay the price difference, please email me beforehand to find out how much this will cost and I will send you a invoice via PayPal.

What do I do with the materials you have sent me?

You can keep the materials used during your spell on your person, in your handbag/purse or close to where you sleep at night. (I keep mine under my pillow).

I have lost the materials used during my spell that you sent me, will my spell be void?

No! Spirit will still perform the spell for you regardless.

Why do I need the materials used in the spell?

I have performed many spells for those around me without transferring my energy into any materials and these people have all had fantastic results, you don’t need the materials but I always like to transfer positive energy from the spell into them and pass it onto you as a keepsake.

My spell was for my child/friend/family member, do I need to give them the materials?

You can but you don’t have to, I have performed spells for my son without him knowing (he’s only 4 years old) and placed the materials under my pillow.

I have more than one spell request, can I ask for two different things during one spell?

No, sorry but you will need to purchase multiple spells due to the time and energy taken to perform each spell.

I have multiple related requests for my spell for example I want to meet the man of my dreams, marry him and have a baby – do I need to buy three spells for this?

No, as they’re all related and with the same person and events which follow on from each other one spell will be perfectly ok for this type of request.

I know I want to move house but I’m unsure as to where, can I still request a spell for a house move?

You can but you may not get the result you truly desire, it’s so important when requesting spells to be as specific as possible – we’ve all heard of the saying be-careful what you wish for! Well this saying is spot on with your spell, if you ask for a generic house move then that’s what you’ll get. It’s better to specify for example I want to move house to a house in an area where there is…. and the house has the following features… Just spend some time to truly think about what it is you want before placing your spell order.

Can I purchase a spell against bullying?

Yes, I have performed many spells for the protection against bullying.

Can I purchase a spell for my dream home?

Yes, I often perform spells for clients to help them acquire their dream home – you have to be 100% sure and clear of what your dream home is though.

Can I purchase a spell to improve my finances?

Yes you can purchase a spell to improve your financial situation.

Can I purchase a spell to help me get pregnant?

Yes absolutely.

Can I purchase a spell to help me reconnect with an old flame?

Yes you can buy a spell to help you reconnect with an old flame.

I’m unsure if my spell request is something you can do should I still make payment?

If your spell request is unusual but with good intentions then please email me first to discuss if it’s something I can help you with via a spell.

If you have any question which I haven’t answered above then please email me.

Please be advised that the use of this website is only for those aged 18 years and over. As per UK law psychic readings, predictions and spell casts are for entertainment only.

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  1. Thank you for the spell, I asked to be debt free and happy. I have been most unhappy in my work and last week I got a new job on more money ! I couldn’t be happier and I wasn’t even job hunting, literally got offered the job with no interview on top money 💰 your guides are brilliant!

  2. I could not recommend Lyndsay more highly .She has a gift and it is wonderful .The spell she did for me has been unbelievably effective and I can actually feel it work .It has also affected other areas in my life (although I didn’t ask for that ) in that I have turned away from eating and buying chocolate . This is nothing short of a miracle after years of buying large amounts and eating it every single day.

  3. Thank you so much for the spell, I had been trying for a baby for 13 years with no luck and the doctors said there’s nothing wrong. Not long after the spell you did I got pregnant and now have a beautiful daughter. I can’t thank you enough for the spell and the amazing blessings you have given me.

  4. My name is Freddy from Atlanta Ga. August 12,1952 … I’m asking if you see the Veteran administration making a dicision on my disability appeals any time soon, when and will it be in my favor?

  5. Hello I’m jernicer bradley and I need help removing the negative energy and evil eye spell around me and dark clouds spell off me. Please help me remove this spell off me

  6. I received the gem stones a couple of weeks after Lyndsay gave me a reading. It is very comforting and reassuring that she has a personal touch with her clients even after the reading. I’ll keep them close to me so I’m in touch with her spiritual guides as well as mine. I don’t know what the future holds but with her spiritual guides and my spiritual guides looking after the situation and my belief in prayer, I am hoping that the issue will get resolved for the best.

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