2023 NFL Combine results: 7 defensive tackle highlights

The 2023 Combine NFL opened its field drills Thursday, starting with the defensive lineman and linebacker groups. As is tradition, one group started by running the 40-yard sprint and then moved on to positional drills, while another group performed agility drills and measured jumps.

As measurable skill drill numbers are slowly released, let’s take a close look at the interior defensive linemen who stood out.

Bryan Bresee, 4i/3T, Clemson, 6-foot-5 1/2, 298

40-yard run time / 10-yard split time: 4.86 / 1.71

Bresee ticked the boxes on height and speed, but he also performed well during athletic exercises on the court. Bresee showed quick feet when moving laterally, was able to stay low and flat when corner flexing on pass rush drills, and was able to stack his pass rush moves, while remaining under control and balanced.

All in all, he did enough to stay in the first-round conversation, which should have been the focus of the day.

Calijah Kancey, 3/5T, Pittsburgh, 6-foot-1, 281

40/10: 4.67/1.64

The highlight of the show for Kancey was, of course, his 40/10 yard spreads. Coming out of Pittsburgh and checking in at 6-foot-1 and 281 pounds, Kancey naturally gets the Aaron Donald comparison. And after its splits, those comparisons will surely continue.

Donald: 6ft 0 3/4, 285, 4.69/1.63
Kancey: 6-foot-1, 281, 4.67/1.64

The big difference is arm length (Donald 32 5/8 vs Kancey 30 5/8) and we’ll have to see how many reps Kancey can do on the bench press – Donald did 35 reps.

Kancey didn’t do any drills on the court either, which could have really helped solidify his stock.

quick thoughts

  • Keeanu Benton, Wis. (6-foot-4, 309) was improving with each exercise and by the end of the reaper he had shown his balance, power and ability to change direction at full speed.
  • Jerrod Clark, Coastal Carolina (6-foot-4, 334) was a lot smoother than I expected, and his ability to maintain body control at 334 pounds was very impressive.
  • Zacch Pickens, South Carolina (6-foot-4, 291) looked very fluid in his side drills and his length showed in the rushing passing drills.
  • Jaquelin Roy, USL (6-foot-3, 305) showed smooth feet when cutting into small spaces and was able to get his body up and down easily, but he struggled in space.
  • Gervon Dexter, Florida (6ft 5 1/2, 310) had a How much mirroring his career in Florida, flashes of attractive traits followed but tough times that left you wanting more.

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