3 zodiac signs have transformative horoscopes on Saturday, March 4, 2023

The day after yesterday’s divine lesson on endings, the horoscope for Saturday March 4, 2023 becomes edgy and unpredictable thanks to Uranus in Taurus and the Leo Moon. Yesterday Saturn and Pluto met in divine union, both in the final degree of Aquarius and Capricorn, ushering in the endings that are part of your expansion and growth.

When something ends that you knew would happen, it somehow softens it, even dampens it, because even though strong emotions are present, there is also the feeling that everything is coming together. goes as planned. Getting things to go as planned is different from knowing intuitively that they are going to go as planned.

And today, three zodiac signs should be excited about the energy shift so that you begin to feel excitement about the direction life is heading. The Moon is in Leo all day today, adding courage, bravery, and a dash of boldness to your words and deeds.

The Leo Moon is a great time to step out of the shadows and honor your truth and desires regarding your intuitive knowing — or even take care of some things from yesterday that may still linger in your energy. The Moon in Leo can create more drama and outspokenness, but it also helps you take more ownership of your outlook on life.

As the Leo Moon clashes with Uranus in Taurus today, you will become incredibly driven to make decisions that could result in quick decisions. To have confidence in what’s happening, be sure to only make those decisions that you intuitively know will happen, even if it means things don’t go as planned. It comes down to reflecting on the themes of your life and what you felt was building.

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Especially in the past six months, an incredibly auspicious time for the collective, you have already felt the changes in your life that would continue to deepen. If you’re honest with yourself, you know what, who will be excited, and probably even what will start? Deep in your heart, you always knew that, even though you tried to believe otherwise.

Today is a chance to embrace your intuition and bring to life the future you are trying to create. You will be bold and courageous and embody just enough courage to not let anyone distract you from the path ahead. It’s a day to surprise yourself, to achieve your dreams, and to be relentless in the pursuit of growth.

Much will change in the cosmos in the coming days, representing a whole new era. All of this is not to rush you through the process, but to make you realize that when it’s time to leap, to take that leap of faith, you have to do it. And remember that even though things rarely go as planned, they always go exactly as planned.

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The three signs of the zodiac with the best horoscopes for Saturday March 4, 2023:

1. Leo

(July 23 – August 22)

The Moon in your sign all day helps you embrace your deepest feelings so you can prepare for the transformation that awaits you. Current Aries Stellium helps you grow and take advantage of travel and educational opportunities, but can also challenge you to take risks for love.

As the Leo Moon aligns with Uranus in Taurus, you can tap into your truth about your career purpose.

It can highlight what really interests you and what seems to be part of your divine purpose versus what potentially only benefits you financially. In a few days, Saturn shifts into Pisces, which will usher in a time of divine transformation rooted in your truth and sense of spirituality or higher self. It will bring a lot of developments to your romantic life and your overall journey. So take today to do what will move you forward; what you know is part of you creating a life that is lived on purpose.

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2. Taurus

(April 20 – May 20)

Uranus in Taurus has changed your life since 2018 and will continue to help you evolve and break through restrictions until 2026. This energy helps you become more in tune with what you authentically want for your life, but you have previously limited to believing it was possible.

Uranus helps you release the blocks you have created against yourself to feel capable and worthy of creating the life you hold in your heart.

Today helps you focus on what needs to change in your home environment to allow you to enter this new, more authentic chapter. While it may seem scary to create change, even if it brings you closer to your dreams, there is also a sense of empowerment within it. Trust yourself today and don’t be afraid to take a stand to speak your truth, especially if it involves your home or family.

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3. Scorpio

(October 23 – November 21)

Uranus has caused you lessons and challenges regarding your relationships and love life. Taurus is your polarizing or opposite sign, meaning it represents all aspects of your love life. Uranus having focused its energy here since 2018, you have gone through massive transformations in what has limited your happiness and joy. Although some of this may have been in your outer life, as a deep Scorpio, most of it has been within yourself. With today’s energy being a catalyst for this aspect of growth, you can see a theme emerging between your purpose and your relationship today.

Whenever Uranus is involved, it’s important to stay aware of what you’ve learned so far so you can embrace it in today’s moments of opportunity. Although this journey is far from over, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the process.

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