5 signs you're psychic - how to know if you're psychic

How to know you’re psychic

Have you ever wondered if you’re psychic? do you sense things before they happen? do you know who is about to ring you before the phone even starts to ring?

Being psychic can manifest itself in many different ways, we’re all unique and everyone’s spiritual & psychic journey is unique to them so what I experience as a psychic you may not and vice versa, however there are lots of signs that you’re psychic which will cross over and be relevant to most if not all psychics.

  1. You know who is going to ring before the phone even rings, if you sense who is going to ring before the phone even rings then chances are you’re tapping into your psychic senses or your spirit guides are placing the thoughts in your mind and actually telling you who is going to ring.
  2. You’re affected by other peoples moods/energy, do you walk into a room or catch up with an old friend and instantly feel drained in their presence or stressed or hyped up? you’re very likely picking up on exactly how they’re feeling. This is also known as being an empath.
  3. You’re sensitive to colors, different colors will change how you feel. Lighter colors will uplift you and make you feel happier and have more energy while darker colors will bring your mood and energy down. The sunshine will also uplift you. Or maybe the opposite is true for you but however they affect you they will impac your mood one way or another.
  4. You doubt it’s just a coincidence and sense there’s more to it, I don’t believe in coincidences anymore since becoming spiritually awakened. For me a coincidence is the work of spirit behind the scenes who always work in mysterious ways to bring us what we need at that time in our lives. If after a ‘coincidence’ you find yourself thinking more into it and sensing that there’s more to that particular situation then you’re likely tuning into your psychic abilities on some level.
  5. You know when someone has been talking about you behind your back, being able to sense when someone has been talking about you is most certainly a sign that you’re tuning in to your psychic abilities. If you walk into a room and sense the tension or feel that people have been talking about you behind your back then they probably have – this is based on feelings not thoughts.

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 5 Signs You're Psychic - Psychic Lyndsay Edwards

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