Abby’s mum revelation at Night Court resolves Harry/Christine romance

The Night Court reboot episode “Blood Moon Binga” features Abby Stone’s mother and resolves the Harry/Christine romance from the original series.

Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for night yard season 1, episode 8, “Blood Moon Binga”.THE night yard the reboot finally revealed Abby Stone’s mother, Gina, and resolved the romance between Harry and Christine from the original series. THE night yard the reboot proved popular, but drew criticism for not addressing many of the questions left unanswered by the classic’s random finale night yard. Chief among those questions was whether Judge Harry Stone and public defender Christine Sullivan ever reconciled and got married. Many hoped Abby Stone would be revealed as Harry and Christine’s daughter, despite the night yard reboot without mentioning Christine and the announcement that actress Faith Ford would play Abby’s mother.


the original night yard the series was to end twice with Harry and Christine getting married after a long flirtation, but the sudden renewal of the series after night yard season 8 and cancellation after night yard season 9 scaled back those plans. A night yard crossover episode with 30 Rock produce a new night yard finale, which also ended with Harry and Christine getting married. It was rumored that Faith Ford could play an older Christine Sullivan, taking the role originally played by the late Markie Post. Instead, Ford plays an original character named Gina Brown, who had a radically different relationship with Harry Stone than Christine Sullivan.

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Abby’s mother, Gina Brown Stone, explained

Night Court Faith Ford as Gina Brown Stone

Gina Brown Stone is featured in the night yard reboot episode “Blood Moon Binga”, and presented as a loving but overprotective mother, who tries to convince Abby to quit her job and move back to upstate New York. It is quickly established that former prosecutor Dan Fielding recognizes Gina, but is stunned to find out that she married Harry Stone and is Abby’s mother. Gina asks Dan to keep quiet about the truth, after he lied to Abby about how she met her father on the Ferris wheel at a harvest festival he attended while following Mel Tormé on tour.

While it’s a plausible story given Harry Stone’s love of jazz and carnivals, the truth of how he and Gina first met was embarrassing to her. Gina finally revealed the truth to Abby, confessing that she hosted an illegal high-stakes poker game for over a year and was sued by Dan Fielding in court under Judge Harry Stone. Gina looked at Harry after serving his sentence, remembering his compassion in handling his case and how he “saw me as I wanted to see myself.The two got married and moved upstate to get a fresh start.

Harry and Christine never got together after the Night Court finale

Harry Stone and Christine Sullivan kiss in the Night Court finale

While the night yard reboot episode “Blood Moon Binga” doesn’t give an exact timeline of when Gina and Harry got married, Dan’s reaction confirms it must have been sometime after the original night yard finale, when he quit his job to chase after Christine. The exact date is irrelevant, however, since the fact that Harry and Gina got married suggests that Harry and Christine never tried to rekindle their relationship. While a rekindled romance before Gina returns is a possibility, it’s far better to think that Harry and Christine have agreed to remain friends, as they did in the original. night yard Season 9 premiere.

night yard airs Tuesday nights on NBC.

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