Adam Driver and Seth Meyers joke that Oregon and Louisiana are perfect prehistoric locations for ’65’

Adam Driver, the actor known for his indie fare as well as playing Kylo Ren in the “Star Wars” movies, has been making the rounds on late-night TV talk shows to promote his latest feature film, “65.” The sci-fi epic stars Driver as a pilot who crash-lands on Earth 65 million years ago and is forced to flee from dinosaurs in an attempt to survive.

During an appearance on “Late Night With Seth Meyers” Thursday night (well, technically it was early Friday morning, since the show starts at 12:36 a.m.), Driver discussed filming “65.” When Meyers asked the actor, “Where do you shoot a movie like that?” Like, where do we live now that most closely resembles this? »

“Funnily enough, Louisiana,” Driver said, “in the swamps,” adding, “then we went to Oregon to shoot the big trees, the redwoods,”

“So at the end of the day,” Meyers said, “if you can combine Louisiana and Oregon, you’re roughly 65 million years old.”

“Yeah,” Driver said. “Or I guess the redwoods are further north – eh, somewhere in Oregon, I can’t remember where we were. In fact, I should remember where we were. We were there a long time. But yeah, the combination of these things.

“But you were so deep in character, like, Oregon wasn’t for you,” Meyers said, to which Driver replied, “Exactly, thank you, thank you.”

Let us refresh your memory, Adam (if we can call you Adam). According to the Oregon Film office, “65” was filmed in such Oregon locations as Meyer’s Creek Beach in Gold Beach; Coos Bay; Whaleshead Beach, Brookings; Agnes; and Elk Creek Falls.

We’ll never know how the “65” crew missed Prehistoric Gardens, Curry County’s venerable roadside attraction known for its life-size dinosaur sculptures.

And in more substantial news, according to the Governor’s Office of Film and Television (the official name of Oregon’s film office), the film “65” spent money while filming in the counties of Coos and Curry during production time in Oregon. For example, the film spent $1.5 million on payroll for local (Oregon) crew members; $528,403 in coastal hotel and accommodation; $39,500 in Curry County locate fees; and over $20,000 in food and restaurants.

“65” opens in theaters today, March 10.

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