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All Spirit Guides Provide Different Things…

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I’ve written on my spiritual diaries blog before about how my spirit guide Sundeep would change the bath taps over for me, I have mixer taps over my bath with a shower also connected and they randomly flip over and I can not no matter how hard I try or how much I mess about with them, I just can not change it back so that the water only comes out of the taps – first world problems aye! Anyway Sundeep would always change them back for me whenever this happened, I just had to ask, however in December 2017 a new spirit guide came in to take over my psychic development and he would not change the taps over for me. I don’t really know why he wouldn’t as he changed a lot of other things in my house, he even rearranged my bedroom furniture and hallway but no matter how many times I asked he would not change the taps back for me. Last Monday I got a new spirit guide who has reassured me that he is now my life long spirit guide and will stay with me until the end of this life – YAY!!!!!! I am literally over the moon about this as I really don’t like changing spirit guides, I work so closely with my guides that I get attached and consider them family, I’m so blessed to create such wonderful bonds with my spirit guides and have such a strong connection. One of the first things my new spirit guide did after introducing himself was change my taps over for me – yay! so now I can run my baths using the taps rather than waiting ages for my baths to fill up using the shower head. Thanks George <3 (George is my new spirit guide and he’s such a beautiful soul, I love him already lol).

Love & Light,

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All Spirit Guides Provide Different Things... - Psychic Lyndsay Edwards

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