Andrea Denver felt ‘dark energy’ during Lindsay Hubbar and Carl Radke’s engagement



March 6, 2023 | 7:00 p.m.

‘Summer House’ star Andrea Denver felt a ‘dark energy’ when he saw Carl Radke propose to Lindsay Hubbard amid his falling out with Danielle Olivera.

Speaking to Page Six exclusively ahead of his first visit to the Hamptons home during Monday’s episode, Denver clarified that it was “not as bad as the second time around,” which he described as “a lot darker”.

The Italian model, 31, originally joined the cast on ‘Winter House’ Season 1 and ‘Summer House’ Season 6. He has since returned as a friend due to his clothing brand.

Speaking more about this second weekend, the Son of Wind partner further told us that it was the “first time” that he didn’t feel “so comfortable” and picked up a ” dark energy”.

“Summer House” pal Andrea Denver told Page Six he sensed a “dark energy” in the house when he returned for Carl Radke’s proposal to Lindsay Hubbard in August.
Page 6
“There was something that wasn’t as fixable,” Denver said of his August visit.
Page 6

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“There was something that wasn’t as fixable as before, and I’m not talking about Kyle (Cooke) and Carl,” Denver clarified, referring to best friends struggling to balance their personal and professional lives. .

In fact, he hinted it was the feud between Hubbard, 36, and Olivera, 34, that made him feel “not as relaxed”.

“I felt a lot more pressure,” Denver explained. “Also, sometimes for me it was a bit difficult to say certain things…because I wasn’t aware of what had really happened all those weeks before, so I didn’t know what to say. or where to say it.”

Denver explained that he was not fully aware of the problems Hubbard and Olivera faced during his second visit.
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“I just felt a little distressed compared to my usual self…something was wrong,” he continued.

The model pointed out that since he didn’t return to the Hamptons every weekend like last year, he “wasn’t aware of what really happened” so it was “difficult” to him “to enter into certain conversations”.

“That’s why it was crazy, because I was like, ‘OK, what did I get into? Because it was two different atmospheres. It was much darker when I got to late summer.

Denver returned to the Hamptons to see Radke propose to Hubbard on August 27.

Denver clarified that despite the “dark energy,” he still had a “great time” and loved celebrating Radke, 38, getting married to Hubbard on Aug. 27.

“This weekend something beautiful happened which was the happiest for my friends,” said the Acosta Tequila partner.

“I can wait for them to get married. They’re my friends, (and) I think they’re perfect together. I think they found each other at the best time of their lives… I think they found each other at the right time, and I’m a true believer in their love and I’m excited for their future.

Hubbard and Radke’s engagement came at the end of a turbulent summer.

Denver shared that he was also “surprised” Hubbard and Olivera couldn’t mend their friendship since the summer.

The ex-BFFs continued to stalk each other both in interviews and on social media, with Hubbard calling Olivera a “bad friend” and the latter calling the bride-to-be “egocentric.”

“Summer House” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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