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Anxiety & Spirit

Anxiety & Spirit

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve felt anxious over the last few years and usually I’d end up sat on the sofa that evening sinking a bottle of prosecco just to calm me down. I didn’t really understand why I felt so anxious as there was no real reason or trigger for it that I was aware of. I started to notice not long ago that I would get super anxious just before doing a psychic reading and at first I would put it down to intense nerves but overtime I’ve realized that this sensation is very similar to the anxiety that builds up randomly throughout my every day. Just the other evening I felt super anxious and for the first time since being diagnosed with cancer I felt like having a bottle of wine to chill me out (I haven’t drank since being diagnosed) I didn’t though, instead I worked and after just a few hours of channeling spirit and delivering their messages to my clients all of the anxious feelings disappeared and were released and I felt so much better, better still the thought then of drinking alcohol didn’t interest me at all. I’ve learnt over the last 6 months or so that when I feel this type of anxiety it’s not because I am suffering with anxiety and is because spirit are building up their energies inside me ready to work for them. The level of anxiousness that builds up doesn’t make me feel like I want to work and channel spirit, instead it makes me want to hide from everyone and everything so when I feel this I have to really push myself to release spirits energy the way they want me to and not run away from it – it’s hard and I have to push myself and remind myself that once I allow spirit through fully and deliver their messages the anxious feelings I am experiencing will be lessened and lessened as the messages go on and I’ll be left feeling happy and fulfilled.

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