Are Prince Harry and Meghan refusing to participate in the coronation of King Charles?

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle were officially invited to participate King Charles‘s coronation, but the couple declined to confirm whether they will attend the historic event.

A spokesperson for the couple said they have received email correspondence from Her Majesty’s office regarding the coronation, and their decision to attend will not be disclosed at this time.

Moreover, the duke And Duchess of Sussex have been asked to leave their British home from Frogmore Cottage by King Charles. The couple confirmed that they had been asked to return the keys and would have until the fall to get their belongings out of the Residence Windsor.

There is speculation that the eviction could prompt the couple to refuse the invitation to the coronation. Tensions remain high between Prince Harry and his family, with reports suggesting he is not currently in contact with his brother.

Although the king is said to be eager to reconcile with his youngest son, Prince William would be more skeptical and does not want Harry to attend the coronation after being repeatedly targeted in Harry’s memoirs, Spare.

Archie’s birthday shock and low popularity leave Harry and Meghan undecided whether to attend King Charles coronation

The couple’s popularity took a hit and they were the butt of public ridicule. A recent poll for Newsweek showed their approval ratings have plunged to new depths in America.

Moreover, the date of the coronation clashes with Archie’s fourth birthdayand if Harry and Meghan decide to attend, they won’t be able to celebrate the day with their son.

Additionally, security concerns may also play a role, as Prince Harry has repeatedly asked for weapons police protection each time he and his family return to Britain and have taken legal action against the home office for his refusal to grant it.

It is believed that the case may go to the Supreme Court beginning of April, but it is not known if a decision could be made before the coronation of King Charles III on May 6. Therefore, Harry may decide not to go if the case has not been decided by then.

The coronation invitation appears to have been sent to Harry by the palace through official channels, with an aide inviting them via email. The impersonal approach suggests that relations between Harry and the King are still poor, and the Duke of Sussex may feel offended at not being told directly by his father.

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