Breast Cancer Scan Results

Breast Cancer Scan Results - Stage 3 Breast Cancer Psychic Lyndsay Edwards

Breast Cancer Scan Results

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice and I am not a doctor, this is just the sharing of a personal experience, please seek professional medical advice before changing your diet, trying alternative therapies/anything new and/or refusing medical treatment.

Monday 21st August was breast cancer scan results day :/ I was dreading it, for a couple of days I managed to convince myself that it was going to be good news and I’d be told that it hadn’t spread anywhere else but I knew and my spirit guide told me that wasn’t going to be the case. It’s kinda crazy that over the last 12 months I have been super interested and drawn to documentaries about cancer, no one close to me has had cancer so it’s not something I knew much about but for some reason I kept feeling drawn to it. I watched The Truth About Cancer, Forkes Over Knives, The C Word and I knew they were right, I knew I needed to change my diet and lifestyle and after watching each one I did but it never lasted and I always slipped back into convenience or what was cheapest. Since getting the diagnosis of breast cancer I have re-watched these documentaries and implemented the diet very strictly along with removing all toxic chemicals from my home. I am currently using ecover for washing up liquid and washing powder but I know there will be better options out there so I’m going to do some research later tonight.

So my diagnosis is stage three breast cancer, it has spread into 5 of my lymph nodes within the same area and I am having surgery next week to remove the lump in my breast and all of the lymph nodes in that area. This diagnosis has certainly woke me up in a big way ! I think it’s Chris over at Chris Beat Cancer who says that cancer is a divine tap on the shoulder to let you know that you need to change your lifestyle in a big way because you’re sick. Chris is so right, my body is sick and I need to do whatever I can to flood it with nutrients in order to help it heal. So we’ve bought a juicer and today I had a broccoli and cucumber juice, it’s actually not bad at all. I’ve been putting off buying a juicer as I was worried I wouldn’t like green vegetables juiced but then there’s nothing like cancer to really motivate you.

Phone readings are still unavailable, I’ve been at the hospital most days and I’m having surgery next week so I would imagine it’ll be at least another four weeks before they’re back, I am however still managing to do psychic email readings in between.


Love & Light,

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  1. Hi Lindsay, I stumbled across your blog in search of Trump predictions but came across this breast cancer blog post.

    I am so sorry to hear of this, sending my healing love and healing prayers. Looking at your heartbreaking video I see that you are a really, really strong person to come out and speak about it. You’re stronger than I could ever be if I were in this situation.

    I do think that all of us, deep inside, have the innate ability to heal ourselves, and that also we can help heal others with our healing prayers.

    I know you are researching the link between diet and breast cancer, I thought this link might help you (if you haven’t come across it already):

    1/4 cup grounds flaxseeds may help with breast cancer tumors, according to the link above.

    I hope to come across this blog someday and read that you have beaten this cancer!

    You are very much in my prayers, I hope Archangel Raphael will help in the healing process.


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  2. I’m about to do same. Just been diagnosed with rare bone cancer chondasocoma. So next page to my story begins.
    Keep smiling XOXO

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