Breast Cancer Update Psychic Lyndsay Edwards

Breast Cancer Update

Breast Cancer Update

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice and I am not a doctor, this is just the sharing of a personal experience, please seek professional medical advice before changing your diet, trying alternative therapies/anything new and/or refusing medical treatment.

Hello beautiful people,

I just wanted to give you a little update on the whole breast cancer situation as I am aware that I haven’t updated you all in a month – sorry! This isn’t because anything is wrong, it’s just because I’ve been taking some time out to heal from the surgery and get my head around this craziness. I’ve also temporarily come off Facebook for a social media detox and to give myself more free time, I am still on Twitter although I hardly use it. My surgery results came back that the surgeon got clear margins which means no more surgery is required – Yay!! The cancer was in three of my lymph nodes not five as the CT scan suggested, the surgeon removed 31 lymph nodes under my right arm which means I no longer have a lymphatic system in my right arm. I can’t be given the all clear from cancer medically as they can’t guarantee and have no way of knowing if there are any singular cancer cells floating around my body – I believe that there isn’t and if there is they won’t survive due to my newly adopted diet and lifestyle.  I am slowly getting back to normal and the last two and a half months is already starting to feel like a really bad dream, I am still following a whole foods plant based diet and I have noticed improvements in other areas of my health already such as reduced inflammation in my lower back (something I’ve suffered with for 17 years since being hit by a car), my nails are now stronger (they’ve been weak for years), my eczema has also cleared up but I think this is also partly due to not using any soaps/body washes containing chemicals and putting essential oils in my bath but either way what I have changed in my diet and lifestyle is already benefiting me in many ways so i’ll be keeping it up. My spirit guide has told me that diet is key for me and I know he’s right (he always bloody is!), so I’ve never been more motivated than I am now to eat right. My spirit guide has been guiding me through this whole process, he told me to get my eggs frozen and I asked why but he didn’t answer me he just told me that I need to do it and I couldn’t understand why. I went to the hospital anyway well because he had told me that I needed to and the blood results came back that my egg count is really low – Ahh that’s why I need to do it, I am truly blessed to have my spirit guide around me who can see into my future and help me do things now which will help me further down the line. If I didn’t have him then I wouldn’t be getting my eggs frozen which means in years to come if I want more children then it’s very likely I wouldn’t have been able to have them naturally but now I will be able to with IVF. I don’t know if I have a low egg count because of the cancer or something else and I’m not sure I want to know for it doesn’t really matter why, my egg count is low and I’m blessed that I’m in a position where I can do something about it and preserve my eggs for my future. After I first found the lump my spirit guide also told me that I’ll have surgery, kick cancers butt and be fine after it – this last bit ‘i’ll be fine after it’ is the bit I need to keep reminding myself of at times. It’s a bit of a funny feeling now, do I have cancer still or is it gone? I believe it’s gone but because I am going through treatment to have my eggs frozen, physio appointments due to the surgery and other check ups etc it still feels very much like I have it at times. Hopefully in a couple of weeks my fertility and physio appointments will be completed and then I can start to fully put this difficult time behind me.

To anyone reading this blog post who has cancer or knows anyone who does then I would recommend The China Study and Chris Beat Cancer, these two sources of information have been a great help to me aside from spirit in getting me through this difficult time.

Psychic phone readings will hopefully be back in two weeks, I am really looking forward to getting back on the phones to read for you all, I have truly missed it. Psychic email readings and spiritual prayer/spell castings are still available and I am keeping on top of these. I am also hoping to have some new psychic predictions on the website soon for you and updates on the ones previously predicted. Thank you everyone for your patience at this time and for all of your kind words, well wishes and gifts, I really do have the most amazing clients.

Love & Light,

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  1. Lyndsay, I’m so glad to see you sounding so well and strong! I’ve been thinking about you a lot, and it’s so lovely to check your page and find not one but three new posts! Woop! Looks like you are back on track. Sending you much love and healing vibes xxx

    1. Post

      Thank you so much!! I am certainly on the road to recovery and I hope you’re doing well and settling in back home.

      Love & Light,

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