Someone Came Down From Heaven & Gave Me The Key To My Wings - Psychic Lyndsay Edwards

Someone Came Down From Heaven & Gave Me The Key To My Wings

Someone Came Down From Heaven & Gave Me The Key To My Wings


Yesterday I did something which God told me to do nearly 4 months ago, it wasn’t easy because it meant going against everyone else and their advice. I knew in my gut and heart that I had to listen to God and do as he advised above everyone else as I believe he’s right – I mean how can he not be?. So it hasn’t been an easy 3/4 months with everything I’ve had going on with my health and I am still very much recovering from the surgery to remove my breast cancer and all of my lymph nodes under my right arm plus do everything else a busy working mum does. I am really tired and drained at the moment but yesterday I did what God told me to do and refused conventional cancer treatments then last night while sat developing with my spirit guide someone/some spirit came down from heaven and handed me a box, they were smiling and it all felt very loving and warm – I had no idea what was going on as I’ve never seen this particular spirit before to my knowledge and i’d never seen an opening from Heaven quite like that. I opened the box and there was a gold key in it, I looked at my guide and then at the spirit who had handed me the box and he told me that it was the key to my wings – next thing my wings appeared on my back and everyone was just so happy, it was such a lovely experience and I know God had sent this angel down to me because of what I did yesterday, I have obviously passed God’s test and proved my commitment and faith in him and in my spiritual work. I’ve had experiences before with spirit during psychic development where they have praised me and told me that I have moved up a level in my psychic abilities but I have never had a special visit from one of God’s angels to present me with my wings – that was something pretty special and something I’ll never forget !! 🙂

Love & Light,

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  1. Continue doing Gods work. You have accomplished your goals. Steer clear of envy, vanity and anger. Stop all grudges against anyone and enjoy. You are truly blessed.

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