Can Spirits Send Birthday Presents? Psychic Lyndsay Edwards

Can Spirits Send Birthday Presents?

I have a team of spirit guides working with me but there’s one main guide who stands at the front and is much closer to me in a sense, he’s with me all of the time and we pretty much do everything together. He’s called George and has been at the forefront of my team since end of Feb/beginning of March this year although he’s been around me in the background for much longer. While I was deciding what to buy my son for his 5th birthday George asked me if I’d get him a present from him, of course I said yes! How sweet! I asked what he’d like to get him to which he replied a scalextric, you mean those annoying race tracks which always come apart, never work and almost always break? yes those. Great, the thing is I knew the scalextric was also and mostly for George’s benefit. When you blend fully with a spirit guide you can pick up on their thoughts and know what they’re thinking and feeling so as soon as George said a scalextric I sensed it was more for him but I decided to go along with it. I don’t mind shopping with my spirit guides as they’re much more efficient at it than I’ve ever been and it’s great to have them with me helping me make better choices. George chose the scalextric and it’s actually really decent, so far it all works, the track is a sensory one and really flexible so the cars don’t fly off it and it’s super easy to put together and it stays together unlike others I’ve experienced previously. My son loved getting a present off my spirit guide and it’s lovely that they can bond in that way, George basically lives with us and comes everywhere with us so he’s kind of like family and he definitely was more interested in the scalextric than my son was when we set it up and played it.

So can spirits send birthday presents down from heaven/the spirit world? 

In a sense yes, well they can ask people to get presents for them via a psychic medium but spirit also send presents in the form of signs to let you know that they’re there, today I came home to a feather on my bedroom windowsill and I usually get sent a robin from my grandma whereas more recently she’s been sending me beautiful white butterfly’s. You’ll absolutely know when these signs are from loved ones in heaven as they’ll stand out in a big way for you and you’ll feel an emotion when you see/smell/hear it. Yes spirit can send you familiar smells too to get your attention or let you know they’re still around and watching over you.

Have you received any signs/presents from spirit? please let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear about them!

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  1. I’m not psychic, but when spirit tries to send me a sign, I get sent dogs or puppies. I don’t know if it’s my spirit guide or what, but I get this sign when I need to get back into my spiritual prayer / connection with the universe, or when I need encouragement in my life. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the last two dogs were girl dogs with black coats. The first dog was black Cocker spaniel with a blue bandana wandering off in the neighborhood, and she stayed with me until I found her owner. The other was a tiny black poodle/maltese barking at my window, trying to tell me she got locked out of her house. She stayed with me until her owners came back that night. Sometimes it is just a dog coming into my yard to “water” my bushes. These random dogs appear when I need to get a sign from God or the universe — whether it be a spiritual tune-up reminder, a reminder to slow down, or just a reminder from God that He or She is there.

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