My Cancer Journey – Truth Bomb

My Cancer Journey - Truth Bomb - Psychic Lyndsay Edwards

My Cancer Journey – Truth Bomb

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice and I am not a doctor, this is just the sharing of a personal experience, please seek professional medical advice before changing your diet, trying alternative therapies/anything new and/or refusing medical treatment.

I have posted on here a few times about my stage three breast cancer and the surgery to remove it in order to update you all and let you know when I’ve had to take time off from doing psychic readings for you all etc. Well throughout these blog post updates I’ve left out a big chunk of what was going on and the reason for that is that I hadn’t even told those closest to me about it (other than my mum). I hadn’t told everyone because (1) I didn’t want them to be worried about me and (2) I haven’t been strong enough emotionally to deal with peoples opinions/pressure – I’m still not to be honest but after opening up to my family and friends this week I have received nothing but support and it’s such an amazing feeling and a weight lifted for me. So finally I feel like I don’t have to keep a big secret and dodge certain questions about my cancer/health/treatments. I also feel that I want to speak out about my story and become part of the ever growing online community of those who refuse conventional cancer treatments and instead go the natural therapy route – yes that’s right I have refused conventional cancer treatments ekk!

So what did I refuse and why? well when I was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer which had spread into my lymph nodes under my right arm on the 14th August 2017 the doctors recommended I have 18 weeks of chemotherapy followed by surgery followed by radiotherapy followed by ten years on Tamoxifen. The truth is when I first found the lump under my arm in July I knew instantly that it wasn’t good so I booked in to see my GP but given what I do for a living I just had to sit down with spirit and ask them for some insight, I was so nervous about doing this because no one ever wants to hear those words ‘you’ve got caner’ but even though the doctors had managed to book me in for in three days time I couldn’t wait. The day after I found the lump I sat down with my spirit guide and asked him what the lump was, he said ‘it’s cancer but you’ll have it cut out and then be fine but please refuse any other treatments on a just in case basis’ What? right ok, but really i have cancer???? ‘yes, but you’re going to kick it’s butt just have it cut out and then you’ll be fine’. I hoped and prayed that I’d misheard my spirit guide but I knew that I hadn’t, I told my mum and I told her that if I am diagnosed with cancer then i’ll do exactly what spirit have recommended and i’ll refuse any treatments on a just in case basis. I had already watched Forkes Over Knives and The C Word so I was already aware of the link between diet and cancer, my son has multiple food allergies so I’ve done a lot of reading about diet and health over the last four years and time and time again the cancer/diet articles would pop up along with other diet related Western diseases. With all of this in mind I changed my diet and started doing things I should have been doing anyway for my health, I had been trying to give up meat and eggs for a year prior and kept failing but since finding the lump in July I haven’t eaten any meat, dairy or eggs and I don’t intend on doing so ever again, we all know it’s super cruel on the animals but it’s also super cruel on our health – just read The China Study if you don’t believe me. My spirit guide has also told me that diet is key for me as far as my health is concerned.

After waiting nearly a month and having tests in that time I was finally diagnosed with breast cancer and straight away I told the consultant that I wanted to have the surgery first, this didn’t go down well to be honest but I was told that it’s my choice and so after a couple of weeks of more tests and the hospital trying to convince me to have the chemotherapy they finally agreed and did the surgery on 31st August. The test results carried out on what was removed during the surgery came back on September 18th and I was told that the surgeon got wide clear margins which means that they removed all of the cancer and the surrounding healthy tissue. That being said the doctors still pushed for me to have chemotherapy followed by radiotherapy and then take Tamoxifen for ten years ! I nearly fell off my chair when I was told it’d be for ten years – Tamoxifen is listed as a known carcinogenic meaning it is known to cause cancer, just let that one sink in, Tamoxifen is listed as a known carcinogenic meaning it is known to cause cancer. It doesn’t sound appealing does it? anyway spirit were still against me doing any of the treatments suggested and I have spent many many hours researching and reading about cancer, cancer treatments and natural therapies, don’t get me wrong there is still so so much I don’t know but what I do know and trust is spirit, God, my intuition and my belief that God gave us everything on earth that we need to fuel and heal our body’s – the power of nutrition is seriously incredible and there are countless cancer survivor stories out there from people who have healed cancer naturally using whole foods and natural therapies.  So to cut this long story a little shorter, I finally told the hospital for the last time this week that I will not be doing chemotherapy, radiotherapy and taking Tamoxifen. It’s not been easy to go against the medical professionals and I did tell them in the end that they make me feel like a silly little school girl in the principals office but I haven’t made this decision lightly, I mean I could have just gone with what spirit advised because I know they’re right but still I did my own research and came to the decision myself as I believe it’s right for me. I will have a check up with the surgeon in three months and of course i’ll be keeping a close eye on my health forever.

So natural therapies and diet change I hear you ask? Yep so basically in a nut shell what I’ve changed is that I only eat a whole foods plant based diet recommended by Colin Campbell (The China Study), I’ve purchased a Berkey water filter and the fluoride filter add on’s so I only drink pure clean water not tap water, I juice fresh organic vegetables regularly to get as many vitamins as I can into my body without over eating, I have smoothies with pure vitamin C powder in them to boost my immune system, I drink mistletoe tea and add it to smoothies because it doesn’t taste nice at all, I exercise regularly although just light at the moment as I had surgery not long ago,  I’ve changed my washing powder to soap nuts and I don’t use any fabric conditioners, I use natural cleaning products in my home which I make myself using these recipes (thank you to my auntie for buying me this book), I use all natural products to bathe/shower with which are handmade local to where I live, I use this natural deodorant, I use raw organic coconut oil instead of hair spray, I use a natural fluoride free toothpaste with a bamboo toothbrush, I put lots of essential oils in my baths, I don’t wear underwired bra’s anymore, I use a glass kettle with a bamboo lid on the hob to boil water, I only drink herbal teas, I don’t drink alcohol, I replaced all of my make up with natural make up products, we ditched the baby wipes witch I used for so many things, I take a vitamin B12 supplement, I have taken organic turmeric and chlorella supplements but I don’t plan to do this long term as I prefer to get everything I need from what grows in the ground,  I don’t use any oils in cooking and I aim to eat 10 portions of fruit/veg at least per day.

I have also tried to slow down a lot, I’ve struggled the last few weeks with finding the balance of getting back to doing things and doing too much but I know I’ll get there. My old diet and lifestyle created cancer so I have to change it massively to ensure that I don’t develop cancer again. Lots of positives have come out of me having cancer, which I know may sound totally mad but it’s true, since being diagnosed with breast cancer I have never felt more alive and I’ve never wanted to live my life more than I do now. I feel healthier than I did before I had the cancer surgery and I’ve learned not to stress over the little things in life – the usual daily stresses don’t seem so bad when you’re faced with a life threatening condition. Stress is something else I have been focusing on reducing significantly as there are studies which have proven that cancer is linked to high cortisol levels.

I want to share my story because I hope it can help others, I am not saying that people should refuse conventional treatments, everyone is unique and I would encourage everyone to do their own research and make the best informed choice for their own personal health journey. I do believe though that every single human can benefit from ditching processed foods and adopting a whole foods plant based diet, so much evidence is out there regarding the many health benefits and it’s almost criminal that medical professionals aren’t pushing it – also it would benefit our planet massively 🙂

To anyone reading this blog post who has cancer or knows anyone who does then I would strongly recommend The China Study and Chris Beat Cancer, these two sources of information have been a great help to me aside from spirit and God in getting me through this difficult time. If you happen to live in the North West of England then I would also highly recommend Beechwood Cancer Care, I am over half way through their 8 week program and it is really helping me. Every week I have a one to one session with a nurse counselor – it’s so good to chat to someone who you can be totally honest with without worrying that they’ll worry about you, since being diagnosed I am always concerned about breaking down in front of those around me as I don’t want to worry or upset them so going to Beechwood and being able to get things off my chest is a great help and sense of relief for me, they also provide relaxing treatments so I have a reflexology session each week, escaping for a few hours and having some dedicated me time at Beechwood has been a total God send. All of it is free of charge and they support all of those affected by cancer and their families, I think they’re my new fave charity to be honest 🙂

Love & Light,

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  1. What an inspiring story, you have been incredibly strong. I hope you are keeping well and feeling better every day. I have recently stopped eating meat and have adopted a plant based diet. My intuition has been nagging me for a long time but I have not been able to stick to it in the past. Your article has inspired me again to follow and honour the guide inside. Love and light x

  2. Sending lots of love. Just amazing. Btw… a trick I learned, I make a sugar scrub out of coconut and avacado oil and sugar, scrub under arms with shower every day and then just tea tree oil and lavender eo neat no need for anything else. I swear by it. Afterall, it’s the bacteria and dead skin that gets stinky, so if you get rid of dead skin… through scrub you eliminate the odor cause. If you don’t want to use sugar, salt would work too :* I really do believe you’ll be just fine 🙂

  3. Lyndsay I am sure many will comment that they had no idea and I am sending you loving thoughts and prayers. Thank you for sharing your regimen and I am convinced adopting this way of living will help prevent, as well as cure cancer. I have heard of the China Study and it is even on my Amazon wishlist. Time to read it I think. xxx

    1. Post

      Thank you Linda and yes it’s worth the read for sure or if you have Netflix then watch Forkes Over Knives 🙂 xxx

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