Chiefs NFL Draft 2023: 4 tight hopes for fans to watch at the NFL Scouting Combine

The NFL Scouting Combine is here. On Saturday, NFL Network will cover combined practices for quarterbacks, wide receivers and tight ends – which start at noon (peak time). Here is more information on how to watch the weekend.

Here are four tight ends for Kansas City Chiefs fans to watch.

1. Dalton Kincaid | utah | 6’4” | 240 pounds

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At its Friday press conference, Kincaid revealed that he had met the chiefs in a formal interview. Kincaid is among the finest tight ends in this year’s draft class – and could have the best hands of any player.

While he’s on the small side for a tight end, Kincaid makes up for it with elite road running and a big catching radius. His ability to make circus catches a routine helped him rack up 890 receiving yards and eight touchdowns during his senior season at the University of Utah. A good performance at the Combine could push him into first-round territory.

2.Josh Whyle | Cincinnati | 6’6” | 250 pounds

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The Chiefs also interviewed a tight end from a familiar source of talent: the University of Cincinnati, where Kansas City superstar Travis Kelce played. Friday, Whyle announced that he interviewed Kansas City.

A retro gamer style, Whyle uses physics to win reps. With the Bearcats, he used his massive frame to be an effective blocker in their power running game.

Although his career output is modest at best — 326 receiving yards and three touchdowns in 2022 — he has the size and skills to become a constant red zone threat in the NFL.

Its ability to run routes will require some development, but the tools and intangibles are there.

3. Leonard Taylor | Cincinnati | 6’5” | 255 pounds

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The Chiefs actually interviewed two tight ends from Cincinnati. Friday, Taylor announced that he also met with Kansas City.

For the Bearcats, Whyle and Taylor shared tight-end time — and like Whyle, Taylor’s output was modest. He recorded just 170 yards (and two touchdowns) on 18 receptions during his injury-plagued senior season.

Although his production was not there, his physical tools probably intrigued the chefs. He not only possesses the prototypical frame of an NFL tight end, but has also shown that he can run routes at a high level.

Given his frame, Taylor has the potential to become a productive tight end. A good performance from Combine will likely increase his draft stock.

4. Sam LaPorta | iowa | 6’4” | 249 pounds

George Walker IV / / USA TODAY NETWORK

Although there have been no reports of the Chiefs meeting LaPorta, his skills are very impressive. During his senior season with the University of Iowa, he had 657 yards (but just one touchdown) on 58 receptions while playing in an abyssal offense that looked like it came from 1989.

Like Kansas City’s Jody Fortson, LaPorta is a converted wide receiver. He used his compact, explosive frame to carry 50/50 balls and rumble for yards after the catch. With good hands (and above average run-blocking skills), he’ll suit almost any team.

If not for the Hawkeyes offense, LaPorta could easily have been a Day 1 selection. At the Combine, he’ll get the chance to showcase his physical skills — and could step onto the draft boards.

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