Why I Had To Distance Myself From Spiritualist Churches Psychic Lyndsay Edwards

Why I Had To Distance Myself From Spiritualist Churches

Spiritual Diaries -Why I Had To Distance Myself From Spiritualist Churches

I have grown up attending spiritualist churches and my parents were married in one so they’re very familiar to me and spiritualism, psychic readings, crystals etc are just something which have always played a part in my life, I’ve never doubted spirits existence because I’ve always communicated with them and been given proof of their existence from them since I can remember.   In late 2015 when spirit told me that I can and should use my psychic gift to help others naturally the first place I turned to was the spiritualist church I have been to many many times, I went to the spiritual development circle there but then my spirit guide told me that the circle wasn’t for me. I had to develop my psychic abilities in order to use them to help others alone and it was tough going, very tough at times but I know that letting my spirit guide develop me on my own and in his own way was the best thing for me and my spiritual path. The development circle I went to develops psychic mediumship abilities which is great but my spirit guides wanted me to build a strong psychic foundation before developing my psychic medium abilities. If you don’t know the difference between the two then a psychic works with their spirit guides to bring a client the guidance/information and a psychic medium will connect with the clients loved ones who have crossed over to have them deliver the guidance/information in the reading. All mediums are psychic but not all psychics are mediums so mediumship is kinda the next step and it makes sense to build up a strong psychic foundation before building on it and developing other areas of my gifts, that being said I have done many mediumship readings already but not professionally – unless a clients loved one happens to turn up during their reading and then of course i’ll pass on the messages. Generally speaking in spiritualist churches everyone will develop in the same way and work in the same way but each psychics spiritual path is unique to them and so to be cloned like everyone else is not what my spirit guides had planned for me. Having developed my psychic abilities with spirit I am now confident enough to go back into the spiritualist churches with an understanding of who I am as a psychic and how I want to work with my guides and in my mediumship readings, I’ll never be like anyone else because I am not, I’m unique and I’m happy about that. All psychics have something different to offer and that’s a positive thing because we’re all different and want different things from a reading. Being at the stage I am now I have no issues in working with other mediums to assist me in developing my mediumship abilities further but I totally get why my spirit guide wanted me out of the spiritualist churches and to just work with him alone first. I’ll never forget being told in the development circle that I couldn’t read for myself and I knew this wasn’t true as not only had I received messages for myself throughout my whole life but I was already bonding with my spirit guide and getting personal messages as proof from him, if I had stayed in the circle then how could I continue to have worked so closely with my spirit guide while being told it was wrong ? Every psychic must find their own path on this spiritual journey and what happens/works for one won’t for others, it’s great to have an experienced psychic assist in your development but just keep an open mind as we all work differently and there is no right and wrong when it comes to how you work and connect with spirit.

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Why I Had To Distance Myself From Spiritualist Churches Psychic Lyndsay Edwards

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