Donald Trump & His Intentions For America - Psychic Prediction - Psychic Lyndsay Edwards

Donald Trump & His True Intentions For America – Psychic Prediction

Donald Trump & His True Intentions For America – Psychic Prediction

Date: 14th October 2017

*Disclaimer – All psychic predictions on this website are given to me by spirit and are not my thoughts/words/wishes.

My spirit guide is showing me Donald Trump again with a broken arm, he predicted previously on July 16th 2017 that Trump will have some kind of fall by tripping up and break his arm – you can read that psychic prediction in full here but today my spirit guide wants to talk about how this fall could be the start of a downward spiral in Trumps overall health. I am being shown respiratory issues and a persistent cough after this fall, the cough doesn’t seem to be going away fast and may take a good 2-3 months to ease off, I am told that health checks won’t reveal much initially in the form of answers to Trumps health for him. Trump is shown to continue working through these health issues and I am shown he’ll give a speech with his arm in a plaster cast. Trump’s health will start to deteriorate and he will appear weaker and may move a little slower in public following his fall but in terms of getting his jobs done that he’s set out to achieve, I don’t see his health holding him back. Spirit do tell me that Trump won’t complete all of his missions before he is taken out by assassination but he will complete the most important ones which have a bigger impact on the world as a whole, I am told in particular he is still shown to eradicate ISIS. Again my spirit guide wants to talk about how Trump isn’t a bad guy and does receive a lot of bad press which is unwarranted, my guide explains that a certain level of ruthlessness and bravery is needed to complete the tasks and take public responsibility which Trump is going to do and very few individuals have those personality traits which Trump is driven by, it’s these exact traits and desires which will see Trump have ISIS eradicated for good and change a few other things for the greater good of America. Spirit reassure me that although it’s hard to see currently that a lot of good will come from Trump being president, it will! And many people will be somewhat shocked and then converted into being grateful for Trumps work after he has been assassinated and people see the true extent of how much he achieved and in such little time in comparison to other well respected world leaders. Spirit make me feel that Trump is a good guy and he really does have the best intentions for America, he is somewhat money driven but above that he is focused on the safety of the American people and protecting them from terrorism. In Trumps mind the issue of terrorism is much bigger than that of gun crime currently and that’s why he justify’s putting all of his focus and efforts into stopping ISIS before addressing other issues which certainly need to be dealt with. I don’t see Trump making any real changes when it comes to gun crime and if it is on his list of things to deal with then it’s very near the bottom of the list and nothing significant will be changed while he’s in power. Trump is still shown to eradicate ISIS while serving as president but his celebrations feel short lived, maybe 3-4 months max before he is then taken out. Spirit tell me that there is a series of events which will happen in the run up to this and most of these events are already published on here and listed on the psychic predictions page, I am told it’s really just a matter of time before these events happen and start to unfold one by one, I am shown that the terror attacks planned are already in the attackers minds and being planned to an extent so it’s just a case of those individuals and small groups to get up and put their plans into action. I am shown a snowball effect of these attacks so once they start to happen it’ll all flow with one attack not long after the other. I ask spirit for timings and June – October stands out but I am also told it’s literally a matter of time and could start to happen at any given moment, it’s just a matter of these certain attackers finally snapping and putting their thoughts into action and the US finishing off ISIS for good. Spirit ask me to get across again that Trump really is a good guy and he’s not the enemy here or someone we should fear, I’ll be honest I’d never even heard of Trump until Jan 2017 when the news of the travel ban reached me and I was mortified like many others across the world – I just couldn’t get my head around it all and I was so upset for those innocent people affected and deeply offended but since then spirit have told me lots about Trump and his plans for the safety of America and how spirit support him on his mission as they can see his end goal and end result. Spirit are very much around Trump and guiding him on the choices he has to make, not all of them but those which have the biggest impact across the world and I am told that spirit are massively guiding Trump when it comes to the war on terrorism and helping him make good decisions so that he can succeed in what he’s set out to do. I’m not sure how spiritually aware Donald Trump is but I think he is aware to an extent that he has some support from higher places, whether this is a strong belief or an open mind to it I’m not entirely sure but he doesn’t appear totally closed off from the idea. I do see three male spirits around Trump, working him without him fully realizing this and this is a good thing, I am told that what these spirits can do is somewhat limited so please don’t expect miracles to happen but they are working to give him subtle hints and nudges in the right direction to making the right decisions which will affect America for the greater good in the long term. I am shown Trump hovering and deliberating over signing something off and it’s at this moment that spirit will step in and guide him, spirit talk about how it’s not easy for anyone to have to make difficult decisions with the hope that the outcome will benefit the many and for the greater good, there are risks involved and I am told that no other American president would be brave enough to make the decisions and sign off what Trump is going to sign off, it’s Trumps bravery which is the reason he’s become president against all odds and as I look at his timeline his presidency does feel like it was fated to happen. Spirit tell me that God has big plans for Trump and that is why he is the way he is, it takes a certain kind of person to pull off what he’s going to pull off soon and that’s why god made him the way he did. Spirit make me feel that Trump is spiritually protected because of this and I am shown that he’s been spiritually guided from being a young boy without even realizing it. Trumps life journey here on earth looks pretty much mapped out as I look at it and his life purpose was/is to be president of the United States and make a significant change while here for the greater good of the majority and for future generations. Trump does have spirits backing with this so I feel comfortable as I watch him work as president and although it isn’t all smooth sailing with 100% the best decisions being made all of the time, I do feel that the bigger picture and bigger outcome is to be a positive one so although somewhat unsettled at times, overall it feels good that he is now doing the job he came to earth to do. My spirit guide tells me that the main point spirit want to stress here is that Trump really is a good guy, behind all of the negative press he’s received (a lot of it untrue or very misleading I am told) he really is ok and trying to do right by the people of America. Please if you’re reading this then try to take comfort in knowing that spirit are guiding Trump and future outcomes are shown to be positive changes due to Trumps brave work here on earth.

You can see a full list of my spirit guides psychic predictions with links to the full predictions in detail here.

Lots of love and healing to all,

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  1. This is very interesting. I’m sure Trump is a nice man but one year in office he has proven that he really hot headed. That he is in it for what it can bring him and his people.

    He has good intentions for the US citizens then why does he kee putting them in the firing lines.

    If he does defeat ISIS that may be the one good thing he has done thus far.

    I see the news and I do not see anything you mentioned above. I guess we will wait to see if it pass.

    May in the other…

  2. For you to say there is nothing good about Trump demonstrates that you are not looking for potential and that you are close minded. I don’t mean this as an insult as most of the media attacks Trump mercilessly. Kim Clement and the Fireman Christian psychic (name escapes me) prophecized Trump would be elected years before he decided to even run. Suggest you google them. These prophetic words line up very closely with Lyndsay’s reporting Ted

  3. I know PRESIDENT (you might want to add that before his name out of respect) Donald J Trump came to this world with mission not just towards the US but the world. I predicted he’d be POTUS before he was even running many years ago. I’m not originally from the USA and had no idea he had considered running before & found out as much when I made the prediction. The day he announced his candidacy I knew he’d win, I wasn’t sure how he’d be able to beat the cheating ways of evil HC but just knew he would somehow and he did.
    Many in the world are bubble heads or just confused by misinformation or have allowed to be taken by evil. These negative forces prevent them from seeing just how much good this man represents. They will realize it one day & I will say many already have but won’t admit it as they are blinded by pride.
    There are many others who are in a mission to change this world for the better & many leaders have already aligned with him – some of them would cause shock to the world.
    The President is a highly intuitive man, who many times have outbursts that come off wrong derived from the very ability he has to see things others don’t see or don’t want him to see. The very reason so many go against him is not because of his title & power but because they recognize he’s the real deal.
    He’s a very brave, noble man who means well to all good people of the world and I no longer feel he will be harmed as he’s been highly protected.
    I had that feeling earlier on his presidency but gather he had to make certain adjustments that have changed that prefictment. Not to mention he has grown immensely as a person. This will be the one life his spirit will evolve the most.
    I believe he’s the reincarnation of a great American general who may have came very close to the presidency in the past. I believe what you see about a threat to his life us from a past life, with all due respect.

  4. Your prediction that Donald Ttump will be assassinated in October did not come true, so
    why should the readers have confidence in this new prediction about Trump. It is possible
    that some good things can arise from Trump’s presidency but there is nothing really good
    about Trump. He has a severe mental illness and is not fit to handle a simple 9-5 job
    let alone being president. Certainly he is on a self-destructive path so his demise will
    certainly come very soon and the world will soon be free of him in less than 12
    months for sure.

    1. Post

      Hi Ralph,

      I stand by what spirit have told me and they say it’s just a matter of time before their predictions come to pass.


      1. Lindsay,
        You said he would be killed in the winter of 2018, and that hasn’t happened either. A majority of Americans hate him bc he’s attempting to be a dictator. If you lived in the US you’d know how much damage and chaos he has created, and wouldn’t be calling him a good guy. I have no doubt there are many people who may want to murder him, but I’m curious to know what your guides say now that your prediction didn’t come true for the second winter.

  5. The times for this man is running out soon, If he’s not capable of doing good things for the country. He won’t have a chance.
    It’ depens on what he has done in the past and seems it were up and down.

    @Lyndsay, I have the same feeling as Missy. Hope, I was wrong, because he would be such an evil for doing that to you.

  6. My spirit tells me that you are saying positive things about Trump now in that you have been threatened by his Goon Squad. So sad to see you give in.

    1. Post

      Hi Missy,

      I haven’t been threatened by anyone, I simply publish the information my spirit guide asks me to and I believe the information given to me about Donald Trump is true.


  7. Thank you Lyndsay for this post. I struggle intensely with my feelings towards this man, but I know deep, deep down there is good in everyone, no matter how “evil” they appear to be. I think we need to be reminded of that from time to time.

    I really appreciate your predictions and all of your spirit work. It is very reassuring to read your posts from spirit — keeps me level headed and keeps me from going crazy!


    1. Post

      Hi Judy,

      Thank you for your comments and I’m really pleased the psychic predictions are helping you 🙂

      Love & Light,

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