Donald Trump Won’t Face Charges – Psychic Prediction

Donald Trump & His Hidden Paperwork - Psychic Prediction - Psychic Lyndsay Edwards

Donald Trump Won’t Face Charges – Psychic Prediction

Date: 1st December 2017

Below is the psychic prediction given to me by spirit back in July 2017 about President Trump and the Russia investigation, with the news released today that Flynn is to testify against President Trump I thought it’s best we get some insight/update from the spirit world…

My spirit guide shows me that Michael Flynn will be charged and face jail time for his involvement in the scandal. I am shown that Donald Trump will be investigated and questioned but again I am shown a court case which will take place after President Trump has passed over to the spirit world, Donald Trump Jr will be in the firing line in this court case and it won’t end well for him.  I do get the strongest sense that Trump will totally get away with all of this and those around him will be left to deal with the mess, I am still shown by spirit that Trump will be assassinated – this looks different to how I’ve seen it unfold before though, I’m not sure why that is but it could be because there is more than one individual looking to do this now and so it will be a case of who gets there first. Spirit do make me aware of an American male who has the darkest thoughts about taking Trump out in this horrific way and I am shown that he could go through with it, if he does it won’t be with a bow an arrow as previously shown to be used by the other male, this American man will use more modern day tools – it’s scary!!

It’s very sad to watch all of this madness unfold via spirit and spirit are adamant that the court case will have to continue with those closest to Trump after his death. I am also reminded by spirit that this legal investigation will continue for quite some time, enough time for President Trump to eradicate ISIS first.


Previous Psychic Prediction:

Date: 16th July 2017

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Today my spirit guide has more information on Donald Trump which he’d like me to publish, my guide shows me that Trump is angry (he has shown me this before a few months ago), but my guide wants to focus on what’s being hidden again and there is some paperwork in Trumps office that is being hidden away intentionally and Trump is desperate for this paperwork not to be leaked. I am also shown Trump with a broken arm, I feel this may be from tripping up and falling over. I think it is his right arm which he fractures in multiple places and I see that the press will mock the president even more with quotes like ‘he’ll struggle to do those long hand shakes now’ etc. My spirit guide says that the link here between the broken arm and this paper work is that due to a broken arm, someone is helping Trump in his office and they stumble across this hidden piece of information which I am told is quite significant in pin pointing some errors in Trumps presidential ways. I am shown that this man will think long and hard about what to do with this information and he’ll be extremely worried about doing the right thing and wish he never read it. This hidden information is related to the US election and the Russian involvement and it does shine a light on exactly what went on. I ask spirit why Trump would keep such damaging evidence in paper in his office and spirit tell me that Trump feels he needs that proof of evidence if ever the law enforcement realise what’s actually happened. I think this evidence can clear Trumps input in the scandal to a certain extent. Although I am told that Trump and his team instigated the Russian interference, it was said in such a blaa-zay way on Trumps part that he feels he is somewhat innocent in all of it. Spirit also say that a big investigation will be launched into the Russian interference and this will be on going for sometime due to lack of evidence of the actual interference taking place – there will be evidence of suggestions to do so etc but proving that it happened is going to be difficult and take some time. Spirit do say that Donald Trump will be assassinated before this case is closed and therefore will not face any charges against him. Although the case will be difficult to continue with after such an atrocity spirit say, the case will continue with Trump Jr in the firing line.

Love & Light,

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  1. There is going to be even more collective anger in the people if Trump gets away with this. That’s why he will be assassinated. The people are left to take matters into their own hands because the US justice system has failed them. I know how angry everyone is, I can feel it in the air and it’s an intense feeling that I can not escape. We are on edge, waiting for the outcome of the investigation, and now we won’t be able to see him pay for his crimes — crimes against us, the US citizens. I’m so saddened that the assassin has to resort to this, but maybe the assassin simply wants justice like everyone else.

  2. When is Donald Trump going to be assassinated? Or passed to the spirit world? What’s gonna happen to he’s Spirit? Thank you 🙏

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