Eagles star Jason Kelce ‘invited to join Super Bowl champion brother Travis for SNL’

The Kelce brothers could be scheduled for another reunion on national television when Travis Kelce hosts the Saturday Night Live episode this weekend.

According to TMZ Sports, sources “close to the production” say some of Travis’ family members — including mom Donna, his aunt and uncle, and possibly his dad — will be in attendance for the big night.

TMZ added that SNL producers have asked his brother Jason Kelce to join the family – not just in the crowd, but on camera.

It is unconfirmed if Jason will participate in any sketches. He and his wife recently welcomed a baby girl last week, named Bennett.

After Travis’ hosting duties are complete, the family plans to take a trip to Philadelphia to meet their newest clan member.

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce
Philadelphia Eagles lineman Jason Kelce
Supermom Donna Kelce is believed to be in the audience as Travis hosts for the first time
It remains to be seen if Jason will return after recently welcoming baby girl Bennett

Travis won his second Super Bowl – dubbed the “Kelce Bowl” – with the Kansas City Chiefs, who beat Jason and the Philadelphia Eagles in Arizona last month.

The two spoke following the title match on an episode of their “New Heights” podcast. In this episode, they both got emotional talking about Donna and how she got away with watching them on such a big stage and how she handled the attention.

“The moment I saw mom was when I got really emotional, because man, that was so awesome…” Jason Kelce began before crying and stopping.

Tears also started to flow from Travis and they both stopped to pull themselves together for the rest of the episode.

Jason continued, “It was awesome for…you know she was on top of the world for…for a week.”

Travis agreed, saying, “She was the heavyweight champion, man. She was on top and she shined the whole time man.

“That was the coolest part. Mom, you absolutely killed it. Dad, you killed it.

Jason added, “That was so cool, man. To see it, you know, to celebrate it with us. It was an awesome moment. So happy for her and so happy that, you know, she had her moment, dad had his.

“So yeah, I was the only one, ironically, you know, you lose the Super Bowl and you cry after the game, and those aren’t tears of sadness, those are tears of joy.”

Travis announced he would host SNL on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Travis and Jason both talked to each other on an episode of their podcast after the Big Game
The brothers paid tribute to their mother Donna, who wore special half-and-half outfits for the game

Donna stole the show in Arizona with her half and half outfit to support her two sons and she even had the seat of honor next to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

After becoming a fan favorite in the build-up to Super Bowl LVII, Donna is sure to get a mention on Saturday’s show.

Later in their podcast episode, Travis explained that Jason was the inspiration for him to get into football.

“The crazy thing is, I would never play this fucking game without you,” Travis told his brother. Jason responded by saying “Stop, yes you would.”

“It’s the truth man, I followed in your footsteps.” When you started playing football… then you started playing hockey, I started playing hockey. You started playing football, I started playing football.

‘I’ve just been following in your footsteps through this gig and going all the way up to this time – or this year – and then having the year we’ve had and then meeting you at the top of the mountain bro, it felt like we were on top of this thing together man.

“But I screwed up a few years of my life not being able to play on the court with you and I always hated Philadelphia for not giving me this opportunity knowing that I screwed it up so many times.”

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