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Fertility Spells

Fertility Spells

I love doing spells for people, I have such an amazing gift and being able to share it to help others really does put me on the most incredible high! Fertility spells are even more special because I get to help people who are struggling have a baby, having suffered a miscarriage in 2009 and being told I have a really low egg count and going through the process of having my eggs frozen in 2017 I have great empathy for those who struggle to conceive. Being a parent is the most precious gift and I believe every one who truly wants to experience that love should be able to. Not long after I started developing my gift to help others I did a fertility spell for my beauty therapist, her and her husband had been trying for a baby for 13 years and the doctors kept saying there was no medical reason as to why it wasn’t happening. Every month while having my eyebrows done we would discuss babies and children and my heart really did go out to her so I just had to do a fertility spell for her and it worked :)))))))) After 13 very long years of struggling to conceive her and her husband now have a beautiful baby daughter and I am so pleased for them both. I love doing psychic readings for my clients and being able to bring them insight and clarity into important situations for them but spell castings can be super special and life changing for my clients too. If you’d like to have a fertility spell or a spell for a different reason then you can book one here.

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