Free Psychic Readings On YouTube Live with Psychic Lyndsay Edwards

Psychic Readings & Messages From Spirit Live on YouTube

I am live now!!!

This video was streamed live on YouTube. I am on YouTube most if not every evening (uk time) doing free psychic readings and psychic predictions for those watching and commenting on the video. Let me predict your year ahead for 2018/2019 and even as far as 2020 – to comment on the video you just have to be signed in to your free gmail account on YouTube.  My live psychic readings and psychic predictions are always spirit led and I go where spirit direct me, it’s ok to keep commenting with your questions for spirit on the live stream as I’ll read through the comments and spirit will tell me who we’re going to read for next. I also draw cards for people and share the card meaning – I do this for as many people as I can during live streams, I can’t always get around to everyone so if spirit don’t come to you with a message then please keep trying. If you’ve already had a message from spirit on one of my live streams then yes it’s ok to ask for another, this is totally spirit led and spirit decide who they’re giving messages to – I have no control over who we read for during live streams and spirit have read for those watching multiple times, I believe spirit have their reasons for this and I don’t ask what those reasons are or judge, I simply pass on spirits messages the best I can. If you don’t receive a message after commenting I understand it can be frustrating but it doesn’t mean spirit are ignoring you or won’t come to you another night on one of my live streams. These readings and predictions are given totally for free and are for those over the age of 18 years only as per uk law. The uk law also states that all psychic readings and psychic predictions whether free or paid for are for entertainment purposes only.

You can subscribe to my YouTube channel here, please subscribe and click the notification bell to be notified as soon as I come online to do free psychic readings, psychic predictions and give spirits messages for those watching and commenting.

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Free Psychic Readings With Psychic Lyndsay Edwards

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