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Why I Chose Home Education For My Child

Why I Chose Home Education For My Child

Whenever I tell people I will be home educating my child there initial reaction is shock and their first question is why? I always answer it in the same way… ”I have lots of reasons why, there isn’t just one reason” while answering, I’m thinking how long have you got? and do you really want to hear my negative opinions about a place where your child spends 6 hours a day 5 days a week? Usually my answer is followed with the usual ‘but what about socialisation?’ ‘is it even legal?’ ‘but what will you do? do you have a plan?’ then I usually get their reasons for not home educating their children even though I didn’t ask to hear them or even question their choices of education in the first place.  It’s ok though, I understand they are just shocked and they want to reassure themselves that school is the right choice for their child, which it probably is I think schools work really well for some children and not so well for others.  I don’t like the one shoe fits all approach though and how one teacher can cater to 30 individual children’s needs at once is beyond me – probably because that doesn’t happen, oops! I was planning on listing my reasons in bullet points below but I have already started ranting on with my negative opinions (monkey covering mouth laughing emoji)

Ok i’ll give it to you in bullet points…

  • Firstly I love the outdoors and so does mini me! I hate the thought of him being cooped up in a classroom sat behind a desk for 6 hours a day.  I want him to be free to roam around and explore the world around him – life learning in the real world is what I want for my child!
  • 5 days a week is far too much (in my opinion) and yes I know if my child chooses a regular job when he’s older then chances are he’ll be expected to work 5 days a week but right now he’s a child and I want him to have as much fun as possible before he has to do all the boring grown up stuff!
  • Sunscreen! Yes I know you are thinking what the hell am I on about now, well other parents have informed me that in our local schools teachers are not allowed to help a child apply their sunscreen which means as I have a summer baby, when he’s just turned four years old, if I send him to school and it’s sunny (it could happen, even in rainy Manchester – you never know!) he will have to apply his sunscreen before going out to play at lunch time and if he doesn’t do it properly and misses some of his skin then tough! The teacher is not allowed to assist him, they are also not allowed to put plasters on children so if my son falls over in the play ground that’s me having to take a private phone call during work.  Basically I find all these rules (assuming they are true) really silly and inconvenient to everyone involved and I’m bored writing about them so lets move on to my other points…
  • In the eyes of the law I am responsible for my child’s education regardless of whether he goes to school or not, so if he does go and he finishes high school with not one single qualification (like I did) then I am still responsible.  With this in mind, if I am solely responsible then I want to be the one educating him.
  • Homework! Seriously 6 hours a day 5 days a week isn’t enough? you want kids to do homework too? C’mon they are kids just let them be kids and have some fun!!!!
  • Tests & Exams at 5 years old – It’s ridiculous !
  • I don’t want a school to ruin my child, schools kill creativity they restrict kids to doing a certain activity and learning about a certain subject which may not interest them in the slightest.   I want my child to enjoy learning and be inspired, I want him to learn through exploring topics that interest him rather than being forced to study something he doesn’t enjoy.
  • Pay per performance! A teaching assistant I know well has told me that the teachers are now paid per performance which means if the children do well in these tests they are given at just 5 years old then the teacher will get a bonus.  Some teachers have quit their jobs because of this new pay scheme, they just don’t feel comfortable putting pressure on children to increase their pay packets.  I don’t think kids perform well to pressure and I do not want my child being pressurised in order to increase a teachers pay packet.
  • I want to experience my child growing up as much as possible, I want to be with him, watch him learn and grow and learn with him.
  • I want my child to learn about life by experiencing it rather than just sat in a classroom reading about it in a book.
  • I don’t want his confidence knocked, I am a positive person and I encourage positivity in our house daily.  I have no idea how any teacher and various teachers over 12 years will behave towards my child and I don’t plan on finding out.

I’m sure I have lots of other little reasons for my choice to home educate my child and not put him through school but these are my main reasons off the top of my head.  People close to me often say ‘is it because of his food allergies?’ of course I can think of a hundred reasons why my sons food allergies could cause an issue for him at school but honestly if my son out grows his food allergies tomorrow (please do son) I will still be home educating him because of all my reasons listed above 🙂

Love & Light,

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