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The Hollywood Walk of Fame welcomed a new friend on Monday: Friends star Courteney Cox.

The 58-year-old actress, producer, director and entrepreneur was immortalized with a star at the star-studded event which featured loving tributes from her Friends co-stars Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow and her longtime pal Laura Dern. At the end, Cox, who was joined by her boyfriend Johnny McDaid and her daughter Coco, choked on remembering that she never gave up on her Hollywood dreams despite running out of money.

The honor comes ahead of the launch of another episode of the Shout franchise for which she reprized the fan-favorite role as Gale Weathers and another season for her Starz series shining valley. Dern kicked off the tributes by calling Cox a friend, a sister and “the most amazing person possible.” She detailed a trip to Disneyland when she saw firsthand the “delight and sheer thrill” in people’s eyes when they recognized Cox. Some fans gave up their place in line to say hello because they liked it more than they liked Space Mountain, Dern noted. “God bless them.”

She met Cox on a plane, and by the time he landed, “we knew we had found a sister” in each other. “If you’re lucky enough to know her, you learn that she can’t help it. She needs to be honest about who she is, how she sees the world, and, frankly, what she sees in us. It’s not always easy but she makes you better by knowing her, by working with her and if you’re really lucky, you come to love her.

Next came Aniston and Kudrow, and the two said that when they had their gigs Friendsthey were nervous to meet Cox who, at the time, was the most famous cast member, thanks to credits like a Bruce Springsteen video, Family Ties, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective And misfits of scienceamong others.

“I was really nervous meeting her because I was such a big fan,” Aniston said of the Homecourt founder. “I remember seeing her at the Flowering Tree, a yogurt shop we used to go to. I panicked, I sweated, and I just didn’t know what she would look like when we got our jobs.

Due to Cox’s experience and influence, Kudrow said it had a profound effect on the Friends discard. “It really set us up to be one of the closest, most loving and supportive actors, I would say, in television history.” Aniston and Kudrow then complimented Cox’s commotion flipping houses with the latter, saying, “I remember Courtney saying, ‘Listen, y’all, I made more money on houses than I made on houses. playing. Yes, that has changed.

Aniston praised Cox’s attention to detail, describing it as “very intense”.

“You really want to hope that you don’t have some kind of stain or stain on a wall or a pillow that’s out of place or a hair or something that needs to be plucked,” Aniston said of of Cox, whose Monica Geller was just as hyper-focused on the details. “I’m just saying thank goodness this star is straight.”

On a more serious note, Kudrow offered, “Courteney, we just want to say that we are deeply, deeply proud to know you. You are the definition of a truly beautiful, talented, and most importantly, truly good, decent human being. Thank you for enriching our lives personally.

Aniston added, “And as fans, we want to thank you for making us laugh. Watching you on screen and in life in general, you are one of the funniest human beings on planet earth. . Nothing makes me happier than a Courteney joke and always makes us smile, and thank you for enriching our lives with your work. We are so proud of you. We love you. You are sisters to another gentleman. , and we love you.

Upon accepting the honor, Cox admitted that she hates and is terrified of public speaking, “that’s why I’m not presenting unless I’m literally hanging on to Lisa and Jennifer.” She thanked Aniston, Dern and Kudrow for showing up for her “in public, as you so often do in private.”

Cox, who said she values ​​consistency and long-standing relationships, then listed a bunch of her life, including creative collaborators and close team members. Among those who heard their names mentioned were the “incredible” publicist Melissa Kates, Paramount, Spyglass, Warner Bros. Television, Channing Dungey, Jeff Hirsch of Starz, the Friends team of Marta Kauffman, David Crane and Kevin S. Bright, Cougar Town Bill Lawrence, Shout insiders Kevin Williamson and “the late, great” Wes Craven, manager Cynthia Pett-Dante, WME agents Gaby Morgerman and Richard Weitz, his “honest” business manager for over 30 years, Rick Shephard and his “incredible” assistant Tracy Reese who “may not get me jobs, but she sure helps me keep them.

Cox turned his attention to his “longest and most important” projects – his boyfriend McDaid and his daughter Coco. “Thank you for teaching me to be a better person,” she said of McDaid, someone she called an amazing and talented person. “Thank you, Coco, for reminding me every day that it’s not,” she joked.

THE Friends alum had tears in her eyes as she finished by telling a story about her early acting career when she received a call from her father. With about two weeks left before she ran out of money, her dad, who loved all things television, movies, and all things entertainment, suggested she go home to Alabama and put her sales skills at work selling swimming pools.

“The next day I received Family ties,” she said. “This is going to make me cry because I love my dad, but I just want to say that I know he’s really proud of me, and it looks like I’m here to stay.” , she pointed to her star which will forever be planted on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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