King Charles ‘kicks Harry and Meghan out of Frogmore Cottage’

  • The palace would have chosen to expel Harry and Meghan after the release of ‘Spare’
  • Charles is said to want Andrew to move into the five-bed Frogmore Cottage
  • The Duke of York currently resides in the huge Royal Lodge despite paying peanuts

King Charles has decided to evict Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from their royal residence at Frogmore Cottage in favor of Prince Andrew, it has been claimed.

Buckingham Palace issued an eviction notice to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex days after Harry Spare’s memoir – in which he made a series of sensational claims against the Royal Family – was released in the UK United in January, according to The Sun.

Instead, the palace is seeking to replace the couple with the disgraced Duke of York, who currently resides in the largest royal box, according to the newspaper.

Andrew is said to be resisting the move, but it is said that Harry and Meghan will be forced to leave the cottage – their only remaining home in the UK – and fully complete their move to the US whether Andrew moves in or not .

The revelation comes with preparations for King Charles’ coronation in May well advanced amid speculation that Prince Harry may not receive an invitation.

MailOnline has contacted Buckingham Palace and representatives for Prince Harry for comment.

King Charles has decided to evict Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from their royal residence at Frogmore Cottage in favor of Prince Andrew, it has been claimed
Disgraced Prince Andrew (right) could move to Frogmore Cottage once Harry (left) and Meghan are kicked out
Frogmore Cottage in the grounds of Frogmore House, Frogmore Estate, Windsor, UK – believed to be the only UK home of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Frogmore Cottage is pictured in this August 2022 photo
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are seen at Frogmore Cottage during their Netflix documentary

A royal insider told The Sun of the move: “It surely spells the end of Harry and Meghan’s stay in the UK.”

Frogmore Cottage is a stone’s throw from the main residence of the Prince and Princess of Wales

“Andrew is resisting the idea of ​​moving into Frogmore Cottage after he was offered one last week.

“But it shows that Harry and Meghan are powerless to stop the deportation.”

Frogmore Cottage, a house of grace and favor on the Frogmore Estate in Windsor given to the Duke and Duchess by the late Queen in 2018 for their wedding, is the couple’s only remaining residence in the UK.

The cottage is located a stone’s throw from Adelaide Cottage, the primary residence of the Prince and Princess of Wales.

It’s more like a mansion, with five bedrooms and extensive gardens – and underwent a multi-million pound refurbishment in 2018-19 before Harry and Meghan moved in.

These were previously five separate properties for staff working on the Windsor estate.

The entire refurbishment cost the Sovereign Grant £2.4million.

Harry and Meghan are pictured at Frogmore Cottage shortly after Archie’s birth
A heavily pregnant Meghan is seen at Frogmore Cottage in this screenshot from the couple’s Netflix documentary
Harry is pictured playing in the gardens of Frogmore Cottage with dogs in this capture from the couple’s Netflix documentary

Harry and Meghan recently renewed their lease on the property in May 2022, after Princess Eugenie and her partner – who moved in after the Duke and Duchess left in 2020 – left the estate during a move to Portugal .

Harry is set to discuss his Spare memoir this weekend with doctor Gabor Maté

The pair are understood to be continuing their move to Montecito, Calif., but it’s unclear whether they plan to fight the reported eviction.

It comes at a fragile time for Harry and Meghan who have seen their popularity ratings in the US drop significantly since the release of Spare.

News of their expulsion comes days before Harry is set to take part in an “intimate” live chat with doctor, author and addictions expert Gabor Maté to promote his memoir Spare.

More than a month after the book’s release, royal fans can sign up to watch the Duke of Sussex discuss it with Dr Mate, and will also receive a free copy of Spare as well as the chance to ask the prince questions.

The event, organized in conjunction with the publishers of Harry’s Penguin Random House, will take place at 5pm UK time on Saturday 4 March.

The duo are expected to talk about “living with loss and the importance of personal healing”, followed by a live Q&A.

Meanwhile, Prince Andrew is said to remain “resolute” in his desire to stay at the Royal Lodge – a much larger property in Windsor.

But he could be forced to leave if his older brother decides to cut the £249,000 annual grant that helps the Duke of York maintain the upkeep of the lodge.

Royal experts say the prince must face reality and start ‘living within his means’ after settling with sex abuse accuser Virginia Giuffre following a multi-payment million pounds.

Prince Andrew has reportedly told friends he has no plans to leave his Windsor estate after signing a £250-a-week lease for the next 75 years

Prince Andrew (centre) pictured with Lade Victoria Hervey (right) in 2002

Socialite Lady Victoria Hervey claimed last week that Charles may also seek to cut Andrew’s annual grant out of jealousy.

Speaking to GB News on Friday, Lady Victoria said: “I think Charles, as an older brother, was always a bit jealous of him (Prince Andrew). He had a very successful military career for 20 years .

“I heard he was always jealous of him. So as soon as the queen left, the daggers came out.

Referring specifically to the Windsor Lodge, Lady Victoria said: “They have time.

‘But Charles inherited how much money and yet he can’t help his brother?

“Prince Andrew was forced to move in (with Virginia Guiffre), he had no choice, and then as soon as he was forced to, they then took everything away, bit by bit.”

There is growing speculation that Andrew could be kicked out of the Royal Lodge as part of Charles’ plan to cut royal costs. With a brewing row, Andrew indicated he would not leave without a fight – but was “selfish” by critics.

Incredibly, he has a 60+ year lease on the 30 bedroom property and would pay £250 a week for it, which former MP Norman Baker, an expert in royal finance, told MailOnline ‘won’t get you a cupboard in London’.

Mr Baker said: ‘It’s time Andrew started living within his means rather than expecting other people to subsidize his luxurious lifestyle.

“If he can’t pay commercial rent for the property with his own money, he should be evicted and moved to a much smaller place. The taxpayer subsidizes it.

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