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Prayer Pray Praying Psychic Lyndsay Edwards Psychic Predictions

Leave Your Prayers & Messages For Loved Ones In The Spirit World Here In The Comments Section Below

I pray every day and especially before doing a psychic reading because praying helps me feel grounded, focused and reinforces my intentions, I also thank spirit and God for working with me and allowing me to help others through readings and spells, I pray for those around me and for world peace.

I’ve created this post today as a safe space for you all to leave your prayers and/or a message for a loved one in the spirit world in the comments section, your loved ones do hear your thoughts about them but I know some of you will find comfort in writing your message for them down and hitting the submit button below.


Our Father, which art in heaven,
Hallowed be thy Name.
Thy Kingdom come.
Thy will be done in earth,
As it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses,
As we forgive them that trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
But deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom,
The power, and the glory,
For ever and ever.


Prayer Pray Praying Psychic Lyndsay Edwards Psychic Predictions

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  1. I pray for you to help me get through these next few days and please let something good come of this because I see a huge mistake happening and I need your guidance to get through it please I pray for you to help see me through, amen

  2. Please pray for me that I can finally find my soul mate who loves and cares for me just as I am, treats me wonderfully and we love doing things and going places together. He will be Canadian, well grounded and financially stable. Tired of always have to be doing things solo when others around me are married (and shouldn’t be) when the good ones are single.

  3. I would like to leave a prayer for myself. I would like my spirit guide to help me on my path to starting my career and start allowing things to manifest soon so I can begin my path I am destined for and be able to use my creativity to help and inspire others. I would like to demand this manifest itself very soon, hopefully within this month of may as well as thank them for my future success as well. Amen

  4. Also! If they could please send me some guidance or signs, as to what my next path is in life. I am in limbo and struggling to get stuck out of my rut.. I need a hugh windfull of luck and guidance.. I am just out of answers. xx Thank you in advance and I look forward to recieving any guidance needed xx

  5. I will like to leave a prey for my Great Nanny and my cousin Paul. I would also like to send a prey to my brothers in arms who I lost whilst I deployed to Afghanistan and all those little ones who lost their lives. I would like to send love and thank them for protecting me. xx And Also would they not please leave me just yet xx

  6. I pray that Barry will have a complete healing he had worked on for so many years but then failed, as he now learns and heals the true source of that difficulty. My love and prayers are with him.

  7. I need you spirits so much, I have felt this coming and am not leaving it into your hands to guide me in the direction of my heart and I am trusting you to lead me to happiness, Amen

  8. I love you Mum and Dad xxx
    Please look after the girls and us – been through a difficult time. Send love, health and happiness to us.

  9. Bonpapa, I love you. I miss you every single day. Are you ok? Can you see me and Jason? I hope you can. We are going to France this year. Fond memories of you. I wrote the book, did you see? I love you so very much. I hope you saw your Georgia Bulldogs this year. I met Coach Dooley. I told him about you. Also, I lost the very special booklet that had our handwriting practice in it. Can you please lead me to it? Miss you. xo

  10. My dear father, I hope you can hear me as I pray to you to direct me on what I shall do now, I fear I am losing my true love..please give me your guidance I trust in you always

  11. I would like to say a special prayer for my father who is absolutely the kindest and most thoughtful man to everyone. I pray that his health is strong and he is in good health and his feet healed. Blessing.

  12. I pray and ask for blessing for my fathers health and healing. He’s such a kind spirit and loving man to everyone.

  13. Please pray for me as i am having lot of troubles and bad experiences in my job and wealth during the last one and half years. I am in a deep depression right now…

  14. I am looking for job in oilfield, was jobless mare then 2 years, was redundened due to low oil price,was working on oil rigs please pray for me,when is the oil rate come up and i get job ? thanks and praise the lord

  15. I pray for my best friend who her mother is dying of cancer. May her angels give her strength and love through this difficult time. And I pray that her mother finds peace in the afterlife and that god embraces her with his love and her angels shower her in their light.

  16. My prayer is for peace. We really need to pray for New York City. I pray that harm stays away from New York City and our nations capitol, I pray that Donald Trump leads us in the right direction. I believe in spirits and angels. Spirits are guiding me to speak out. Our nation is at more risk for massive terror attacks than ever. #Prayer Chain for NYC and our Nations Capitol#

  17. I pray that there will be peace in this World that seem to be getting crazier every day. I pray for all peoples and children in the wars that are ongoing that they are protected and find peace and happiness. I pray that all animals be treated in a humane manner and are loved. I pray that my Father, my Mother (whom I never knew) my younger sister, and two younger brothers (all of whom passed away from cancer) all departed, are all in a better place and are at peace. And, finally, I pray that my situation (which has been ongoing most of my life) changes and that I find happiness in this lonely, lonely world. Thank you.

  18. I pray to God and Jesus and whatever saints esp saint Monica to bless my son to get sane and out of the mental ward. Please to anyone who reads this say a prayer for Chris son of Julia. Thank you

  19. I pray my spiritual growth will expand this year and be nurtured by the Archangels and my Spirit guides. Happy birthday to me for the 15th January. My love to everybody xxx

  20. I pray for good health as I have suffered with illness since 2008.I’m tired of suffering and would rather cross over if I cant get well.I pray also to find a soulmate and have a family even though I am 55.The lonliness is unbearable. I pray to be assisted in my desire to be a lightworker.I pray also for the many children who are hurt and killed and especially for animals who suffer the most of all beings that live in this world.

    1. FIrst thing first. The first thing you have to do is address your health. Without your health, you are immobilized, and this is the thing that has kept you in the ‘waiting room’ for the last 10 years. After you identify what is wrong with you and healed it, then you can start improving yourself and looking for a mate. Once you have found that person, then you can begin to adopt. So what illness do you have?

  21. Lost a good friend in December. Her name was Linda. I just wanted to thank her for kissing and licking me by reaching out to me in the guise of a beautiful black puppy. It brought me peace of her passing and was a touching goodbye and gave me closure. Still miss you terribly. Your GFF forever, Carol

  22. Hi Lyndsay,
    Thank you for your blog and for the opportunity to put out a prayer.

    I pray that there will be an end to animal abuse and suffering throughout the world.

    Animals are spiritual beings just like us. They have as much right to be here and live the life that comes natural to them;
    not as food, in testlabs or entertainment, but free from the burden of us, humans.

    I hope that coming year many more people will ditch meat and fish and will start to take more care of the animal, oceanic and green world .

    Thank you

  23. Thank you for praying for everyone as well. I pray for myself and everyone. Right now, I am praying for a new journey of my life and let universe lead me to wonderful career and place to live. Also, I am praying for everyone to have inner peace and world peace too.

    -Shannon Winter

  24. i pray for my little family to keep well and to be up to date in their work and school environment and for me to land a full time position in a kind family like environment asap. 🙂

  25. I would like to leave a special message for my maternal grandmother in the spirit world. I love her dearly and miss her everyday. Merry Christmas dear grandmother!

  26. I pray that my favorite artist christopher brown gets a lot of success in all aspects of his life which he may not have expected at all,and also for him to find complete happiness with life and with a relationship since he has been unlucky with love..hope he truly settles down with a wonderful lady,gets married and that it lasts forever for him and continues to be blessed.

  27. Give Zachary healing in all areas so that he may be able to function and care for himself. Provide him Safety, happiness, self worth, love, foresight and understanding for his purpose on earth

  28. I pray that my Aunt Joyce who passed away following a sudden illness will be healed i heaven and reunited with all our loved ones who have gone on ahead. RIP Aunty Joyce. I love and miss you and your beautiful smile. All our tomorrows gone, but I still have our yesterdays and beautiful memories.

  29. god bless my mom and dad. help dad find forgiveness and love and help him win this battle against cancer

  30. Please help me to be out of this one year mess. I cannot bear that anymore. I feel let down and not helped by spirits as trouble are growing.

  31. Thank you for offering this.
    I am reaching out to my spirit guides in a prayer for being able to accept love and light from others as I am so used to being surrounded by dark, and I fear I cannot go on much longer. Thank you.

  32. I am asking that my daughter’s spirit guides help her with anxiety and self respect. She needs guidance to help her learn to stop turning to alcohol when she is feeling lost and upset.

  33. I have been praying for 25 years that my son would be free from addiction and depression, and no one is listening or helping my son. I have come to the conclusion that I no longer believe in a God that allows so many people to suffer world wide. I have stopped praying.

  34. One year has passed ,my beloved son Glenn I love you unconditionally for all eternity,stay close xxx

  35. I would like to ask my son’s spirit guides to help him win his battle with addiction once and for all. Help his mind shift to happiness and feelings of wellbeing. Release him from worry and regret. Thank you

  36. I want to acknowledge my Lola, who I know is with me and being my guiding light. I love you Lola.
    And to Sister J, who I never got to thank as a child — thank you, Sister J, for all your kindness to me and my family, I think of you often.
    And to M. Madden, the kindest and wisest man I have ever known. Your empathy knows no bounds.
    Love from Judy

  37. I would like to say a special prayer for a friends health, I pray that her cancer doesn’t return and she remains in good health for a long long time.

    Love & Light

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