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North Korea Leader Will Declare War Against U.S.A – Psychic Prediction

North Korea Leader Will Declare War Against U.S.A – Psychic Prediction

Date: 26th June 2017

*Disclaimer – All psychic predictions on this website are given to me by spirit and are not my thoughts/words/wishes.

Just when I think I’ve finished doing readings for my clients for the evening my spirit guide has other ideas and decides to tell me that North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un is going to declare war, I am told this is due to ships from other countries being seen as a great threat and a decision to act now rather than live in waiting and what if’s. I am told Kim Jong-un wants to feel fully in control and safe and doesn’t like any potential threats of people being able to win against his country and overpower him, the potential of this threat makes him feel uneasy and so he is going to lash out and declare war against any country who move their ships to close (in his mind) to North Korea. Although he is going to publicly declare war I don’t see any immediate attacks, I feel this is more of a ‘if you come to close we’ll go into full blown war with you’, I am however shown a collision in the air of a North Korean missile and a US military aircraft, I feel this will be the start of the fight between North Korea and the US but I don’t see a big war breaking out, I feel it will be a tit for tat situation but with both countries playing it safe while trying to remain in control and not backing down. Spirit make me aware that neither country really wants a war however it’s the preparation for such a war that riles each other and the potential threats to one another are what causes the issues, I do see that this will remain an issue but the dust will settle with both countries keeping an eye on each other so to speak and both ready to strike should they need to at any given time but spirit don’t feel it’ll ever be needed and say the countries will continue pretty much as they are now but with less talks in the future.

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  1. I had credible visions of the twin towers in nyc firebombed back in 2001, on July 4th, I foresaw twin atomic missiles coming out of NK one hitting the ocean by error but the other hitting hawaii and this becoming a modern day pearl harbour in 2017 , I saw this happening during a shadow of the sun as the bible mentions in revalation, the big ECLIPSE in coming here in the u.s. on august 21st , I also saw China invading from the west and after the brief war, china will control the former NK, and the dmz border will remain the same

    ohio st univ

  2. il Jong Un is crazy. This leader should be of concern to everyone. I had 2 dreams about nuclear attacks on the west coast. I know right now il Jong Un don’t have the nuclear capabilities but I feel like he will have with the way missiles are being launch and tested from N. Korea.

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