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Terror Attack Post Office – Psychic Prediction

Terror Attack Post Office – Psychic Prediction

Date: 29/04/2018

*Disclaimer – All psychic predictions on this website & across my social media are given to me by spirit and are not my thoughts/words/wishes.

This morning my spirit guide reminded me about the psychic prediction below – the horrific terror attack on a Post Office in the UK. (I have copied in the original prediction below for your convenience). I am still given that an attack will take place in what looks like a Post Office, there will be a hostage situation which takes place. I do also see some hostages either being set free or managing to escape. The attack feels very unorganised and improvised, it’s total chaos. I am told by spirit that this attack is premeditated but when it starts to unfold it doesn’t go to plan, there’s a sense of the attackers finding themselves in a situation which is not how they imagined it would unfold and they suddenly struggle and don’t quite know what to do. I feel that it goes from bad to worse for the attackers with a few unexpected twists and turns along the way. Guns will be present during this attack and used to create fear and control people. I am shown gun shots being misfired as a warning. Spirit also show me a Postman being harmed during this attack while he was just trying to do his job and I see an undercover or off duty person in the middle of this chaos.

Previously my spirit guide predicted that this attack would happen within two months which it didn’t – thank god! My spirit guide feels that this attack will still go ahead and is really just a matter of time as things start to unfold. I pray for everyone’s safety at this scary time, please be diligent and if you see anything suspicious please report it.

Stay safe,

Lyndsay & George



Terror Attacks – Psychic Prediction

Date: 16th June 2017

*Disclaimer – All psychic predictions on this website are given to me by spirit and are not my thoughts/words/wishes.

My spirit guide has more devastating predictions today, this morning he showed me that there’ll be another terror attack at a concert but this time the suicide bomber will detonate his bomb near the stage area while the performer is still on stage, I think this attack will happen in the US. This evening my guide is making me aware of a planned attack on a Post Office – this is a terror attack and will become a hostage situation, this attack will be in the UK, London. This will go on for some hours with the police outside trying to negotiate for the hostages safety, I am made aware that some of the hostages will be killed and the men doing this are doing it as a protest out of rage but they don’t actually want to die. I am shown that they’ll be wearing some form of suicide vests but I’m not sure how legit they’re, if at all. There will be fatalities and one of the attackers is shown to shoot himself but one of them could be arrested. I am told by spirit that this attack will happen within the next two months, it looks kinda spare of the moment as it is not planned well at all or really thought through but I am told that the attackers are known to authorities and on their radar so it’s really just a matter of time before they lose their sh*t and go out to attack. There is so much anger in these men and spirit say even they don’t really know why they’re so angry anymore, it’s been brewing for that long that they’re so caught up in the mist of it all that they’ve forgotten all sense of reality and all sense of right & wrong. The attacker who’s arrested will have no remorse whatsoever because he feels he was just retaliating against us, he thinks Westerners have done far worse to others and that’s his motive for seeking revenge on innocent victims in a Post Office.

I’m praying that counter terrorism catch these guys before they strike and I’m also praying for everyone’s safety at this scary time,

Love & Light,

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Update 19th June 2017:

My spirit guide has just informed me that the terror attack during a music concert in the US is currently being planned by three male terrorists, I am told it’s being well thought through and well planned because they want maximum impact and maximum shock factor, I am shown that they’re currently looking at Justin Bieber’s concerts because of how famous he is and because children will be present at his concerts. They want to strike next to the stage area during the performance, if you were attending and stood facing the stage then the attack will be to your left, I am shown that the men are currently looking at venue maps and working out escape routes, the best way in and the best venue/date to choose. I am also shown that Justin Bieber will manage to escape from this attack and also help those around him escape, including many of his fans. – Fingers crossed the authorities ramp up security at all music concerts so that this can’t happen as this is a truly terrifying prediction.



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