Psychic Prediction Updates For Donald Trump President 2018 Psychic Lyndsay Edwards

Psychic Prediction Updates For Donald Trump

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Psychic Prediction Updates For Donald Trump

Date: 11th April 2018

For the last three weeks my four year old keeps randomly talking about Donald Trumps tower and how he needs to rebuild it, when he first mentioned it I said does Donald Trump have a tower? to which he replied yes my spirit guide told me, we have to build it! Ok so I know the boy is psychic and I’ve been told that he’ll surpass me on this spiritual journey one day but seriously he’s four years old and already smashing it! I should also listen to him more when he comes out with these things ūüôā Anyway, I have been praying for Donald Trumps safety and I hope his security team are on the ball when it comes to protecting him from those who wish to harm him. It’s a crazy world we live in and unfortunately some things which happen in life are fated and were decided before the people involved were even born. My spirit guide tells me that Donald Trumps fate was to be President of the United States hence why he managed to become President without spending his life working in politics and another thing which is fated for him is his passing in such an abrupt and shocking way! I am reassured that him passing in this way is due to a higher purpose and in order for the people of America to change the way they think about certain things. It may sound crazy but God does work in mysterious ways and spirit show me that bad things happen to people for a reason and that for everything bad that happens – good things can grow from it if those who remain choose that path, the path of enlightenment. I’m still praying for Donald Trumps safety regardless as spirit also tell me that he’ll make many positive changes for America during his time as President.

I have included my previous psychic predictions about President Donald Trump below for your convenience if you wish to refer back to them.

Love & Light,

Lyndsay & George


President Donald Trump Psychic Prediction 2018

Date: 28th March 2018

*Disclaimer –¬†All psychic predictions on this website are given to me by spirit and are not my thoughts/words/wishes.

My spirit guide has some updates on President Donald Trump, I am shown that Trump is becoming slightly worried about what’s going on around him as he can feel that things could come crashing down for him at any moment. President Trump has leaned on his wife recently more because of this, although they have their issues his wife is shown to be someone that Trump will confide in and does trust fully. I am still shown that Trump will be assassinated in public while giving a speech, it will be a sad day for America and horrific for all who witness this. I do see again that the press will do somewhat of a U-turn on Trump and start to reveal positive things that he achieved while President of the United States, there will be very awkward press reporting’s after his passing from those who have previously reported on him very negatively and made it clear that they don’t like him – these are the reporters who will struggle and find it difficult but also do a U-turn (1) because they’ll see how much he changed for America for the better and (2) because they’ll feel bad. Spirit tell me that President Trump is very stressed right now and he’s trying to ignore those who are trying to bring him down but he is aware that they could be getting closer to succeeding and this is stressful for him, that being said Trump is focusing on the job more so than ever and he is rushing to get as much as he can done while in power. I do sense that there’s a part of him that knows that his position might not last much longer and so he wants to get as much as he can done as quickly as possible so that he will have achieved what he set out to when he started this political journey. I am also shown President Trump with a broken arm again – spirit are adamant that this is going to happen and it’s significant because it ties in with a discovery of some information which is found while someone is helping Trump due to his broken arm. This information will be leaked publicly or made public and Trump will feel that it is another stab in the back from those around him.¬† The more Trump feels that he can’t trust those around him the more he leans back in towards his immediate family for support and a sense of security.

Fingers crossed his security team can stop the assassination from happening, I have included some of spirits previous psychic predictions for President Donald Trump below.

Love & Light,


President Donald Trump Will Be Assassinated Psychic Prediction 2018 - Psychic Lyndsay Edwards

Donald Trump Psychic Predictions 2018

Date: 20th March 2018

*Disclaimer –¬†All psychic predictions on this website are given to me by spirit and are not my thoughts/words/wishes.

Tonight my spirit guide wants to update you all on the Donald Trump situation, I have published many psychic predictions about President Trump already and my first ever psychic prediction about the President can be read again below (I’ve copied it in for your convenience).

My spirit guide is telling me that President Donald Trump is behaving a little crazy of late and he’s making snap decisions rather than thinking them through, he’s shown to be making these snap decisions in moments of panic as he feels he’s losing control of certain situations and he doesn’t like it, he doesn’t like to feel powerless at all in fact I am told that this is his biggest weakness emotionally as he much prefers to be in control of himself, his work, his personal life and all encounters/situations he finds himself in. I am shown that he’s still to fall and break or injure his arm, I feel this is significant in some way and relates to his work during the time after the fall. There are revelations coming around this time and I do sense that someone is to find something or it will be leaked around this time. I am still shown the horrific news that President Trump will be assassinated, there are currently 5 potential people who could carry out this sickening act and again I feel it’s towards the end of the year that it’ll happen. I am shown President Trump being shot with a gun (horrific vision to say the least), the first time I had the vision of President Trump being assassinated I saw a man doing it with a bow and arrow – spirit do say that this could still happen however there is more than one individual having sickening thoughts about attacking the president and so it will likely be a case of who gets there first which is just dreadful. I pray that the authorities can stop these individuals before it’s too late.

Love & Light,

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Donald Trump & My Psychic Predictions


*Disclaimer –¬†All psychic predictions on this website are given to me by spirit and are not my thoughts/words/wishes.

To be honest I don’t watch the news or read newspapers (1) because I don’t know how much is true and how much is false so what’s the point? plus I think it’s bias and no longer what I would consider ‘clean’ news stories – nowadays it seems the media just want shaming stories and to dig as much dirt on people as they can, and (2) because I find it so upsetting, I am an empath and if I see someone crying on t.v I will feel their emotions and very likely bawl my eyes out too. With the whole Donald Trump situation however it’s pretty hard to ignore and just about everyone is talking about it, I genuinely don’t know much about Donald Trump or his political views but I have seen over the weekend that he is banning people of certain nationalities/religions from entering the US. This literally saddens me to my very core and I find it totally unbelievable ! We are ALL human beings living on planet earth – there really shouldn’t be anything else to it. As someone who loves to travel and has friends from all over the world who all speak different languages, have different beliefs, think differently and look differently I just can’t even being to understand Donald Trumps mindset – it’s beyond reasoning. We are all human, it shouldn’t matter where we are born or who we choose to pray to – “Live & Let Live” !

Ok so now I have got my point of view off my chest I’ll explain the point of this blog post, today I did get emotional about what’s beginning to happen in America and I know it will effect so many human beings around the globe – as I have said above, I really don’t know much about the whole situation but I started to feel worried about a back lash and sad for those who will feel immensely offended by Donald’s Trumps actions. Whenever I am sad or worried my good ole spirit guide turns up to either tell me to pull myself together, give me some words of wisdom or actually show me what’s going to happen in the future with the situation. Today was no different, my wonderful spirit guide rocked up and showed me that Donald Trump will be shot dead during a public speech he is doing. The person will shoot from a roof but will be killed by Trumps security immediately after killing Donald Trump. I question my guide how this person can get access to shoot Trump knowing he will have or should have the best security in the world and I am told that due to back lash of Trumps presidential decisions America knows that he has to go as if he remains to be president it’ll only get worse (there is a leak in the system). I am shown that he is shot during or shortly after an explosion which I feel isn’t too far from where Trump is giving his (unknown to him) last speech. I am shown a bow and arrow and feel it could be the arrow that goes through Trumps heart. I am given October for Trump to be shot dead and I see many riots, violent protests and total ciaos in the run up to his death.

I actually feel awful writing this blog post, it’s not nice to predict someones death but I feel I had to share my prediction with you all and isn’t it crazy that some of you or maybe all of you will¬†feel comfort in knowing that Donald Trump will be taken out of political power this year!

Love & light,

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Update 09/03/2017: Spirit have more to say about the events after Trumps passing.

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