Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Will Split Up Before The Wedding - Psychic Prediction

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Psychic Prediction Update 2018

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(see March 2018 prediction from spirit below)

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Psychic Prediction Update 2018

Date: 20th March 2018

*Disclaimer – All psychic predictions on this website are given to me by spirit and are not my thoughts/words/wishes.

Every day I receive messages and emails from lots of you asking for an update on the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wedding situation – I’ve even had messages from people in Iraq and Australia so the interest for the Royal Family spreads far and wide.  To be honest after spirits last update I felt a little deflated and sad that two people are going to enter a marriage that spirit say isn’t best for them and so publicly, free will is a beautiful gift that God gave each and every one of us but it can make my job difficult at times as I see so much but still have to stand back and watch people make their own choices and learn from them – if only everyone could hear spirit aye, what a perfect world we’d live in, although I fully understand that if this was the case then none of us would ever learn anything in life and our souls are here to grow and learn hence why we were given the beautiful gift of free will!

Ok so lets see what spirit have to say about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle & The Royal Wedding currently…

Spirit show me that the couple will go ahead with the wedding now as they’ve managed to make it this far, the marriage won’t last though. I am given the words ‘cleverly put space between them’ again (see previous psychic prediction below). I am given the strongest sense that this has gone too far now and there’s no backing out for the couple, they do both really care about each other, it’s a shame that they’re just not a good match and history will now repeat itself. I feel that they’ll live a separate life before they eventually split up. It’s a shame but it’s just pretty much doomed already for both of them, so sad! I truly do wish them all the best and I hope they separate as soon as they realize the reality of their relationship so that they can then move on and be happy.

Lots of you have been in touch to ask what will happen to the girl who spirit chose for Prince Harry, I am shown that she’ll be matched with someone else who is a good match for her, not her soul mate but the next best thing.


Date: 24/02/2018

*Disclaimer – All psychic predictions on this website are given to me by spirit and are not my thoughts/words/wishes.

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted any psychic predictions on here for you lovely lot – sorry, I’ve just been so busy but last week I finally caught up with my waiting list of clients and I’m back to having a little more free time to focus on the website and psychic predictions now. I also hope to get more prediction videos up on YouTube for you soon!

Ok, so the most popular psychic prediction on here has been what my spirit guides have to say about the lovely Prince Harry & Meghan Markle so lets get an update on their relationship and see where they’re up to…

Firstly my spirit guide tells me that the wedding will be postponed and pushed back, I sense that a legitimate reason will be given for this postponing of the wedding and this reason will be accepted worldwide as legitimate. The rumors in the magazines and newspapers will begin shortly after this though and the press will speculate that there could be trouble in paradise for the couple and their relationship is on the rocks. There will be split rumors in the press also as the couple are photographed on separate work engagements. My spirit guide reminds me that there is no smoke without fire and that the press will be onto something with their speculations in the media as the couple will be having some relationship issues, these issues are shown to be low key though and I do see that they’re to spend more time apart going forward which will help the dynamic of their relationship. They’re shown to be working separately and having their own and much needed space from each other. The space between them appears to help their relationship grow in the right direction and it could help them align and continue forward together as a couple. Spirit give me the strongest sense that if they’re to stay together then they will be very much individuals and live separate lives emotionally, they will never be a true team. Spirit tell me that they’re both too head strong and both like to lead so they’ll clash greatly but if they spend enough time apart then they could well end up staying together long term – it wouldn’t be the right choice for them as they’re not the best match but it will ultimately be their choice. I am shown explosive rows for the couple which have already happened but given that they have put space between them since this has helped their relationship continue to grow. Spirit make me feel that it’ll be a real shame if they go through with the wedding at a later date as they’re not compatible and will of course split up eventually due to this,  if Prince Harry or Meghan Markle realize this before then they can save themselves from missing out on meeting someone much better suited who they’d be truly happy with.  The space put between the couple after these rows has been very cleverly done in order to save the relationship and I get the feeling that it’ll work to be honest for quite some time, enough for it to be too late for Prince Harry to get out and meet his more compatible partner (see below predictions). Spirit do make me feel that if Prince Harry goes ahead with this marriage to Meghan Markle then it will be a bit like history repeating itself as they’ll end up living very separate lives emotionally just as his father and Princess Diana did, it’ll be a sad situation for both of them and such a shame 🙁

God gave each of us free choice and we have to make our own choices and decisions on this life journey, I know that Prince Harry will learn a lot of lessons from his relationship with Meghan Markle but I just pray that he learns them super super fast  and gets out before it’s too late.

Below I have copied in my previous psychic predictions of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for your convenience. Let me know what you think about spirit’s update on Meghan and Harry in the comments section below.


Date: 14/12/2017

*Disclaimer – All psychic predictions on this website are given to me by spirit and are not my thoughts/words/wishes.

I have had SO many messages and comments asking for more info and updates about the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle break up psychic prediction so rather than reply to everyone individually I thought it’s best to update on here and then everyone who wants to read it can 🙂 The previous predictions are copied in below so you can refer back to them but here’s what my spirit guide has to say today…

My spirit guide tells me that Meghan and Harry are caught up in a whirlwind romance, there is no true malicious meant from either side – they both genuinely care about each other it’s just that they’re not right for each other. The whirlwind can only last for so long before they are truly in each others pockets with no escaping each other and that’s when the arguing begins. The arguments are a shock to both of them and they get pretty heated fairly quickly – it is the heated arguments which separates them as they realise that they’ve moved too quickly and perhaps didn’t get to know each other as well as they thought. Prince Harry will be devastated when they split up as will Meghan. Spirit do feel that the girl Harry meets not long after the split from Meghan is better suited and they’re sending her his way purposely. Prince Harry does have spiritual protection to an extent and spirit can work to block him from making huge mistakes. Meghan can’t quite believe her luck meeting Prince Harry but she has developed genuine feelings for him to an extent and doesn’t wish him any harm, they’re both caught up in the whirlwind of lust and excitement. Meghan is very ambitious and focused but she’s not a bad person, she’s career driven and wants to succeed in everything she does so the break up being so publicly known will hit her hard but she’ll bounce back because of her desire to succeed in life. My spirit guides concern is for Prince Harry as he doesn’t want him to be in an unhappy marriage, Prince Harry’s spirit guides and guardian angels are working to try and help guide him into making the best decision for his future happiness. Meghan is attracted to successful and wealthy people but that is because she is so focused on achieving herself and wouldn’t want to date anyone without huge ambition or success, she wants someone she can share her journey to the top with and someone who shares her desires to achieve great things in life. Meghan and Prince Harry get on really really well but they’re still in the honeymoon period of their relationship and they’re yet to see every side to each other, once this honeymoon phrase passes there will be heated arguments which they’ll struggle to repair from and each argument will become bigger than the last. It’s a shame as at the beginning of their relationship they were so happy together and really in a state of bliss, this is why they’ll both struggle emotionally after the split and wonder how it could have gone so wrong and so quickly.  I am shown that Prince Harry will tell Meghan that the wedding is off because he can’t go through with it after all the arguing and the strain that it’s put on the relationship, Meghan will fight for the relationship initially when she’s in shock but this won’t last long as she’s very head strong and won’t beg someone to stay with her. It won’t be easy for Prince Harry to break up with Meghan as he truly adores her but after becoming so unhappy in the relationship due to all of the arguments he confides in those closest to him and they support him through the difficult task of breaking up with her. Prince Harry does feel the pressure to get this right due to being in the public eye and he doesn’t want a failed marriage and know’s that a failed engagement is better than a failed marriage – it’s this thought which gives him the push to get out before it’s too late. Spirit are very much around Prince Harry trying to protect him as best they can, right now he can’t see what’s about to come but the arguments will start in January and continue consistently. I am given March/April time for them breaking up and it will be announced publicly fairly quickly due to having to cancel the wedding. Meghan will fly back home within a day or two of Prince Harry telling her that it’s over, she’ll want to hide low for a while to get her head around it all and get over the break up. I am given October 2018 for Meghan returning to the public eye, she will do a come back in style to give her career a boost, she might change something about her style/appearance or do something unexpected to relaunch herself into the public eye. Meghan is a star in her own right and she doesn’t need Prince Harry to have a career in the spotlight, she’ll be totally fine without him. Spirit do say that we’ll see a different side to Meghan going in to 2019 and she’ll have a lot of media attention during her comeback. Prince Harry will lay low for a good while and we won’t hear about his new partner for a significant amount of time, his new partner is totally different to Meghan and very low key, she won’t want any media attention or attention from the public. Prince Harry and his next partner will develop their romantic relationship in private for sometime with absolutely no rush or pressure on making it public, they will build a strong foundation for their relationship and spend a lot of time getting to know each other very well before even going public about their love for each other. Spirit do mention that their relationship could be leaked to the public after 18 months together or so and even then they won’t feel pressured to confirm or deny anything as they’re too focused on just being real and having an adult relationship which has huge true potential to last a life time. Spirit speak very fondly of Prince Harry’s next partner and that is because they know how happy Prince Harry will be with her and their wish is for him to be truly happy. I do see the horse connection again with Prince Harry’s next partner, spirit have hand picked this girl for him and she’s truly lovely and genuine, she will get on very well with Prince Harry’s loved one’s and fit in perfectly as anyone who meets her just know’s instantly that she doesn’t have a bad bone in her body. This relationship feels very long and drawn out before there is any mention of weddings, Prince Harry is so cautious to get it right and the girl doesn’t want to rush either, they both are serious in taking it slow and that it has to be right otherwise they don’t want it. They both respect each other greatly due to this and know that their relationship is built on mutual respect and true love for each other, they will be together forever as it were and have beautiful children together after getting married. Prince Harry’s next relationship seems very similar to William & Kate’s, it’ll be very private and classy just how the Royal Family like it. I do see Prince Harry’s wedding to this new girl who spirit are sending his way and I feel it’ll take place around 3 years after splitting up with Meghan.


Date: 27/11/2017

*Disclaimer – All psychic predictions on this website are given to me by spirit and are not my thoughts/words/wishes.

Below is the psychic prediction I published on 24th October 2017 about Prince Harry & Meghan Markle, my spirit guide was spot on with his timing for Prince Harry getting engaged but what about the rest of the prediction? will they split up?, I ask my spirit guide for an update and I am shown that wedding plans are already underway with Meghan seeking out the perfect wedding dress but unfortunately it isn’t to be as they will part ways. The break up seems to be a total disaster and Prince Harry can’t quite believe how the relationship breaks down so quickly and he starts to question how it felt so right before given how bad it has become. Meghan is shown to be very hurt and angry when they split up, it’s just a disaster and Prince Harry is shown to retreat after the split as he wants some quiet time to get over the whole ordeal and to keep a low profile so to not bring anymore unwanted press attention about him and his love life. I am shown again that Prince Harry will meet his next partner who has a connection to horses not long after the split with Meghan, although his next relationship will move much slower with Prince Harry being really cautious and not wanting anyone to know about it until he’s absolutely certain about her. Prince Harry’s next relationship seems to blossom very naturally and she makes him smile a lot, she’s very sweet and not interested in being in the limelight at all. Prince Harry will marry his next partner and have children with her, I am given the sense that we’ll see a different kind of Prince Harry after the break up from Meghan, it’s like he’ll do things differently and have different interests. His next partner has light colored hair, she looks a bit like Camilla Thurlow to give you an idea, she’ll be really quiet for quite some time as she’s not interested in being in the public eye but overtime she will find her feet and her own style of making a difference in the world while carrying out her Royal duties. I am shown three children for the couple this time and it looks like two are conceived with IVF and one natural, the two conceived first could well be twins as they appear to be very similar in age and of the opposite sex. Going back to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle splitting up, I am shown lots of explosive rows between the couple and it appears to get pretty heated and they realise they’re not right for each other and don’t want to enter into a marriage if it’s already full of such rows so early on. Meghan will be papped without her engagement ring on to start with and this will start the speculation in the media that the couple have split up but the official announcement will come weeks later from the Royals. Spirit keep saying to me how much of a mess this whole thing is and that Prince Harry will feel a sense of shame for having to cancel one of the biggest weddings of all time, he’ll feel like he’s totally messed his life up but spirit know this isn’t to be the case at all as he will meet his future wife not long after the split and they’ll be very happy together. I am told that Prince Harry really does want to settle down now and start a family and he’ll be truly devastated that it doesn’t work out with Meghan but the split will be a blessing in disguise for him.


Date: 24th October 2017

*Disclaimer – All psychic predictions on this website are given to me by spirit and are not my thoughts/words/wishes.

My spirit guide is showing me that Prince Harry will propose to his girlfriend Meghan Markle November/December time, I am told that the engagement is already planned and she’ll say yes but they’ll break up before any wedding can take place. My spirit guide tells me that Meghan is not the right partner for Prince Harry and that there is someone better suited who will come into his life not long after he splits up from Meghan Markle. His next relationship looks to be a fated relationship and one in which he’ll be totally content and it will last the distance, this girl is shown to be quite quiet and unheard of until she steps out in public on Prince Harry’s arm. She’s a good match for him and will be very loyal not only to Prince Harry but to the Royal Family and their expectations of someone marrying into the Royal Family. I get the strongest sense that this next relationship for Prince Harry is somewhat planned on spirit’s part and I would question if she’s been chosen for Harry by a loved one in the spirit world who is going to ensure that Prince Harry and this girl cross paths. I am shown when the two of them meet and it appears that Prince Harry isn’t looking for anyone in that way but is taken by surprise and caught off guard by his immediate attraction to this girl who I am told is really sweet and polite. She looks quite petite and very natural in her appearance – totally different from Meghan and more similar in appearance to girls he’s dated previously. I am told by my spirit guide that Prince Harry will marry this girl eventually but they’re shown to be together for a while first and don’t rush into marriage.  I am shown by my spirit guide that Prince Harry and this girl will have two children together once married but there will be a few fertility issues initially – this will be resolved with the help of IVF and they will produce two beautiful children together. I am also shown that they will move in together long before they’re wed, rather than an announcement of an engagement to this girl I see an announcement of the date of the wedding so once engaged I feel it’ll be a short engagement followed by a beautiful wedding ceremony. This girl who is going to marry Prince Harry has a connection to horses and may even own a few of her own, she’s quite short, very elegant and respectful and has a small close circle of friends and family who she trusts dearly. This relationship for Prince Harry and this girl looks very solid as I watch it unfold and develop, they’re very well suited for each other and will be very much in love and content with each other. This girl seems quite shy so I don’t think the British public will see or hear much from her, if at all for the first few years, she seems content in her own life and will be content with Harry behind closed doors but doesn’t enjoy or seek the public attention which is to be a positive for Prince Harry. She is supportive of Prince Harry though and his Royal duties and will appear alongside him when required to do so, overtime her confidence in her new role will grow and we’ll start to see her doing more charity work and getting more involved with the Royal families public appearances. I am told that she’ll blossom well into her role and develop her own style of doing things, a bit like Princess Diana did.

You can see a full list of my spirit guides psychic predictions with links to the full predictions in detail here.

Love and light,

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 Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Will Split Up After Engagement - Psychic Prediction

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  1. Post
  2. Hello Everyone,

    Yes, MM has fans but she has people who do not like her very much. We will see in a few years … I wish them the best but…

    I have another information to share. So know that Henry VIII, who executed his wife Anne Boleyn on 19th May 1536, rests in ???? Saint Georges’ Chapel in Windsor!!!
    There was this vault in the middle of the chapel where the bride and her husband walked over… (I am sure that you can see it on google) That was the tomb of King VIII and Jane Seymour. It is so scary… I can tell you. I do not believe in coincidence and I really do think that the Queen, who is a Masonic and others planned everything… Everything is symbolism for them. Hum hum…
    I do not want to be in her position honestly.

    Lots of love from France

    1. Esmeralda
      I wish i could talk to you personally,because i believe we lots to share,but if i may…On other blogs some claim that all this was draw FD out and that she now knows she’s FD…any thoughts?

    2. Anne Boleyn rest in the Church of St Peter Ad Vincula in the Tower of London – not st Georges Chapel Windsor.

  3. I think mm will be pregnant this year and she will never let him go
    and she`ll try her best to hook ph can’t find he’s new girl persuading
    she is exactly a cat which is sly and brazen but not showing in front
    of him, i wish he felt something
    he’s just like a cute puppy, and she`s on boarding him and pressing as
    hard as she can
    and ph doesn’t noticed about this yet, gush i wish him to see what’s her
    inside he`ll never gonna find his girl
    and will squeeze the neck of duke with babies and anytime can come
    back for reason for babies even thou ph married to another girl later
    they`re gonna have a hard time soon but she will be with him forever,
    if she’ll naver give up this chance
    and she`s kinda like this job. she`s smart and she knows that once they put
    their steps together, its already moving on and she’ll do anything that she can do
    also she knows how to use man, especially for this kind of great guy,
    she will never let him go
    and she will make him think she`s staying next to him like this when
    he’s having a hard time which is because of her
    whoever decided to marry but now there is no EXIT so destiny has
    confirmed clearly
    She`s a good actress, she will do everything good with her fake
    expression, cuz she has talented to drag him wherever she want

    1. @Laura,

      I am sorry Laura but I do not agree with you… We will see in a few years. Time will tell 😉

      Lots of Love

    1. Oh Esmeralda that look is priceless.Its clear no one likes her,though the her fans keep attacking people for that.
      At the church whilst making their vows no-one from the family looked at them..jaws where dropping and people were amused.

    1. @ Cecile,

      I think FD is for Future Duchess.

      @ Aria,

      I think we have to wait now a few years to see what will happen for them… But, the Royals are coming for her. They won’t let her do what she wants to do or what she thinks she wants to do… There are many wolves around her and it won’t be easy for her at all. I wouldn’t be in her position…
      All that glitter is not gold.
      They are tough. The Queen is tough. There are rules to follow. Welcome to the Firm…
      It is Harry’s decision and he will understand it in a few years with experience.

      Lots of love

      1. Hi Esmarelda
        Thank you for your insights.there are blogs already discussing that Meghan has secrete’s and that this marraige will ruin her.
        I surely hope this ends soon.

  4. @Nimi,

    I feel that there were and are hidden secrets that pushed this wedding to take place…
    I don’t think this woman is very honest. But, as I said, The Royals who are in Masonic symbolism, occultism, and magic, won’t be nice to her… I don’t think they are very happy with Prince Harry’s choice and this woman. The Queen and other members of the family are tough. The Royals are called the Firm for a reason.
    But Harry’ s mother spirit is behind him to protect him.
    Time will tell.

    Lots of love

    1. The are some possibility for a second marriage with the real FD? I just can not believe he made this wrong choice. MM is receiving everything that was destined for the right girl, this is sad and vile. I believe in real love and this wedding was not about love.

  5. Hello everyone,

    The wedding took place on the 19th of May which was Anne Boleyn’s day of execution… I know that the Royals are in the occult and very esoteric… (I don’ t think that is a good sign neither).
    I wish them the best but honestly, it will be really difficult for them both… I still feel that the marriage will not last… Sorry to say that but I do agree with Lindsay Edwards and other psychics…
    The Royals won’t be nice to her.

    @ Donna,
    Everything happens for a reason. Yes the free will can delay things or change path temporarily but the fate won’t change… As I said it before, Prince harry needs this lesson that will be a harsh one for him but very good at the end. He really loves her but it will be difficult.

    I am a psychic. I see things in my dreams or when I walk on the streets. I hear things or feel things that I do not want to see… It is a gift but difficult sometimes… And as I said, it does not look good at all. Everything was orchestrated for a reason like in a rush because something happened before…

    Lots of love from France,

    1. The wedding was beautiful and certainly different to how the Royals usually do things. Could this be a start of new things to come? I also felt a sadness for Harry as if he was missing his mum, that face expression of a little boy. I really do wish them the best for the future.
      Esmeralda what did you mean when you said the royals wont be nice to her? and why was this union orchestrated, I mean what happened before?

  6. It was a BEAUTIFUL wedding.
    I wish them happiness & that their deep love for each other conquers every obstacle life may throw at them.
    God Bless Them Always & allow them to ccomplish great things that will benefit the world making it a better place.

  7. I’m not psychic, but like all of us, I get inklings at times of what is to come in the near future. From everything I have ever read and studied about predicting the future, I’ve learned that free will is paramount in determining what any person will do in their own lives. With that being said, how can anyone ever truly know what will happen in anyone’s marriage or life in general? There are just too many alternative futures based on the free will of the individuals living their lives at any given moment to know what their lives will be like five or ten years down the road. It seems like a nearly impossible task, even for a an extremely accurate psychic because of any individuals free will. I know nothing of Prince Harry or Meghan Markle, but I do know that whatever they do with their marriage cannot be known 100% by any of us.

    1. I agree with you 100%. The things predicted changes based on free will and the choices made. However there is something else going on here.
      They are twinflames and the vibrational frequency these two generate as a result of their union is a gift from the universe to the world. Everyone who witnessed this union, albeit in realtime or via technology, and who were not hellbent on wallowing in low vibrational frequencies of hate, fear, guilt, shame, and jealousy felt and energetic charge emitted that is still lingering. I am not surprised that so many of the psychics are confused, because with twinflames who exist and operate on a higher vibrational plane, it is quite challenging to connect unless you are yourself a twinflame. These two are destined to do great things together and as individuals. There will be challenges, obstacles and naysayers, and they are ready to face it together as a team, because that is the pact they made with each other in a past life and have renewed in this life walk. Those waiting for it to end shouldn’t hold their breaths.

      1. Charmed,

        I admit that I have been unsure about Meghan from the beginning. I read many comments from psychics who said she is insincere and calculated and some have said she would be exposed before the wedding. However this has not happened so it appears they were wrong. They are now married. Obviously I don’t know what will happen in the future but there is clearly something special about Meghan- she is not the most talented actress but she has been able to rise from being unknown to the heights that she wanted to reach. This cannot have been an easy feat. She is a person of colour, an actress, she didn’t come from the right background (in most people’s eyes) and she is not even Britisg but she still married into the Royal Family. She also must be a very strong and determined person to withstand all of the scrutiny she has received. Few people could do that.

        Another thing that is interesting is that it seems since the wedding I have read many more positive and revering comments about her. Before the wedding it seems many people disliked her. Perhaps over time more people will be won over by her. At the very least she is a force to be reckoned with and maybe she is destined for great things.

        I saw a few readings that said that the Royal Family really like her and they see her as a positive addition. I haven’t got that vibe but again I could be wrong and maybe she has won them over like she supposedly won over the Corgis!

    1. Hi again Esmeralda
      I see what you mean,but the reality is this wedding has happened and all i can do is hope that God blesses it.I Dont Meghan,but there is chance for lasting patnership let it.
      peace and love to all.

  8. Hello everyone,

    I am watching the wedding and I can tell you there is something wrong on Harry’ s face… He seems stressed or sad, emotionally in a turmoil… We can read him like in a book.
    Will he feel the burden of being married?

    Lots of love from France

  9. I agree w/ SusanK, PH seems to be lost & in my opinion desperate for a change that can provide him with stability, respect & approval from his loved ones & the world. Unfortunately I doubt MM is the right person to help him. In the contrary, I think, once married, he will be bombarded with challenges & conflicts having to choose between siding with his family or MM. Only God knows what is going to happen i just hope he finds happiness (keep Princes Diana is happy) and MM does too. Everyone deserves to be happy.

  10. Since I learned of P. Harry’s engagement to M.M., my first thought was, “Harry, what ARE you doing?”
    My reaction was similar to when I saw Diana out and about with D. Fayed.
    I see Harry as someone who is lost, wanting to find someone who can ‘complete’ him, etc.
    He’s besotted with M.M., thinks she’s the one, but I can’t help but feel part of his attraction to her is related to
    his tendency to rebel, go against the norm. Lyndsay, your comments via Spirit are interesting, regarding Harry’s soul mate..
    a quiet girl, not one to seek the limelight, etc., as I’ve had the same “sensings”.
    I read an article, can’t remember where, but it said that Diana wanted to pull out of her wedding, but her sister
    told her it was “too late” to do so. The sister added that the tea towels were already in place!
    I say it’s never to late to make the right decision.
    This week, May 14th 2018, reports abound: the father of M.M. flip-flopping about walking his daughter down the aisle,
    but as of yesterday, May 16th, the father had heart surgery and will be a no-show; the Queen is furious at the bride-to-be’s
    father’s shennanigans.. And, rightly so. There’s just too many red flags here to ignore.

    Something I’ve noticed.. about the date of May 19th– it was also the same date when Anne Boleyn was beheaded.
    Not auspicious at all!

  11. In your 2/24/18 prediction you wrote, “I sense that a legitimate reason will be given for this postponing of the wedding [of MM & PH] and this reason will be accepted worldwide as legitimate.”
    Word on the grape vine is that her father had a heart attack about six days ago and might be backing out of the wedding entirely do to stress over the heart attack and supposidly humiliation over getting caught selling photos to the media. Hmmm….seems like a legit reason to postpone to me! Such a sad situation. I hope it works out in the long run. Time will only tell!

  12. Hey has everyone seen the tabloids over the past few days with Meghan’s family? Lyndsay are you be able to give us an update on Meghan and harry and where their relationship stands leading up to the wedding this Saturday?

  13. Hello Everyone,

    Did you see the letter that MM’s half brother letter wrote to warn Prince Harry? Even her half-brother warned him (he described her half-sister as jaded, shallow, conceited and clearly said that MM was not the right woman for him…)
    But Prince harry will not listen of course… So, interesting to see that as secret things are starting to emerge.
    In Buddhism we say this: Quote “There are 3 things that cannot be long hidden: The sun, the moon and the truth…” .

    Here is the link:

    Lots of Love from France

  14. Hey guys! Have you read the news about Prince Phillip?

    Well I think Lyndsay were right. There is a legitimate reason for the wedding of PH and meghan not to take place.

    Though I sincerely hope for the fast recovery of Prince Phillip.

    Any updates from you guys?

    1. I watched one video of psychic from france and she said that their marriage will postpone cause one of eldest member in royal familly will be died during the ceremony and they will cancel the wedding and postpone it in few months. So, i don’t know she refers about prince philip or not or maybe just coincidence.

      1. It makes you wonder where some psychics channel their information from. There are different outcomes, could it be possible their seeing it from different timelines…so potentially there is a reality of PH going a head and marrying MM and in the other they decide to split and go their separate ways; hence different timelines..

  15. Hello everyone,

    There is a new book about MM (“Meghan Markle, an hollywood princess”) coming very soon, written by Andrew Morton, the ex biographer of the late Lady Di… ”
    She dumped her ex-husband, Trevor Engleson, very badly… Anyway, it seems not really good for PH but, again, it is his choice and he will assume the consequences…

    Love and light

    1. @Esmeralda

      Yeah, I’ve seen that too on another discussion site. There are people defending MM. Like I said before nothing will change Henry’s mind about MM. He is in the honeymoon stage. I think when it’s over he will see a side of her that people have been mentioning, There has to be some truths to what people are saying, They can’t JUST be bitter.

      It will be an interesting 5-12 years.

  16. @ks MM must be very charming if she can get the ring from Henry, who’s had more girlfriends than he cares to admit. The first time I saw them together I had to ask myself what he saw. She’s not ugly. She has to be different than the other women he’s dated.

    Now the bitter part. I take the things ppl say with a pinch a salt. I don’t know either to say otherwise. Which I find funny because how do the ppl who bat for MM know she is a good person?

    Taken that in. I think MM is great for him. For now. I feel like Henry has always been a wild child. The engagement came fast but that seems like true form for him. MM is perfect because she’s mature and been through it. She also loves the limelight.

    It’s just sad because I do see similar fate to his parents.

  17. With marriage to MM, according to predictions,will H decides the desteny of his soul mate in living a life without a true love?
    How can love be condemned in this way?
    And what about energies, light friends, guardian angels strive for the happiness and fate of two people who are predestined to be together?

  18. Guys have you read the article on twitter about Meghan? They said that the “royal wedding” is her THIRD marriage! Have you read that?

    Do you think it’s true?

    Ms. Lyndsay please update about this. Thanks 🙂

  19. I’ve been watching all the videos you all recommended. I see that Dane Hart has a new video up. Any of you watched it?

    She states that MM would be prosperous if a divorce occurs. No surprise there with the connections she will make whilst married to Henry.

    I do not know if it’s readers feeding off each other but they all feel this relationship is doomed from the start and it will end as soon as it started. It’s quite sad but I can’t feel for either party.

    Judging by what I’ve read, people in Henry’s life has warned him yet he chooses to be stubborn to prove them wrong.

  20. Didi just posted on the previous prediction the the women that matches Lyndasy’s description may be newly divorced Onasis. Didi said she and Harry dated back in 2016. WOW, wouldn’t that be a great match!

    1. Many years ago the tumblr speaks of Harry’s twinflame and has been spoken and repeated many times by several psychics the woman spiritually destined to him, is not royal or celebrity, she is a normal woman who does not like of lights and cameras. There’s a big possibility that she’s a foreigner, and she’s totally new to H, so they would never meet before the definitive meeting, which would happen after MM (Harry’s carmic bond). That’s all I know.

    1. I love her voice too. I was the winner of the free reading and she did an excellent one, although I didn’t give her any details on purpose. I’m quite impressed with the detailed readings in general.

  21. Joan,

    I don’t think you understand what I’m trying to say about her speaking voice. She talks as if there is a period after each word. I’ve been reading with psychics for many years, and some readers are just better at delivering the message. I’m sure she’s a good reader, but

  22. Kirsten Langston is pretty good on YouTube. She has several readings on the couple, but the wedding chart with an astrologer reading is good. Check her out!

  23. Hannah, That’s because a good reader has to read the cards and listen to spirit. If she is always speaking she could do neither. A good reader must pause and listen, then relate the message. If you notice Lyndsay has already spoken to spirit and is now relating in a type of reporting what spirit has said.
    Everyone has to find a reader they resonate with. Just wanted you to know why a good reader does that.

  24. Joan,

    I’m sure the reader is very sweet, but her speech doesn’t flow naturally. She speaks, stop, speaks, stop, etc. It just sounds very weird and abrupt.

  25. Hanna, Dane Hart is really very sweet. Most people I’ve spoken to think her voice is soothing. Maybe it’s her accent you don’t like, or you need to speed up the video a bit. Anyway, is seems she is not the reader for you and you need to find someone else. Good luck.

  26. Now that we know PH is inevitably marrying MM, what can you tell us about how many children they will have and how the relationship will be? Everyone has established that this relationship wont last but then who do see MM destined to be with afterwards? Surely there is one out there for her that’s compatible in the same way that PH was more suited to that mystery girl he was meant to hook up with!
    PH and MM’s alliance seems more like a karmic contract. They get what they need from each other and then move one…..

  27. Now that we know PH is inevitably marrying MM, what can you tell us about how many children they will have and how the relationship will be. Everyone has established that this relationship wont last but then who do see MM destined to be with afterwards? Surely there is one out there for her that’s compatible in the same way that PH was more suited to that mystery girl he was meant to hook up with!
    PH and MM’s alliance seems more like a karmic contract.

  28. Hi honey
    I’m hind from iraq
    You said we don’t watch royal wedding this year? What happen and what about the girl who will meet him?

    1. I just watched one of Dane Hart’s videos (the most recent one) , after you guys mentioned her. Dane was saying that although the marriage will not last, MM comes out of the relationship very prosperous and even finds love. It got me thinking again. MM seems like someone who is very ‘lucky,’ charmed even. I think it was mentioned in the comments somewhere that MM was destined to live a very normal life and not have wealth but that is not how it appears/ seems to be unravelling at all. She is engaged to a British Prince and she is now a household name. She appears to be a very determined person who will do whatever it takes to achieve her goals. She doesn’t appear to be genuine or loyal and I don’t know all the things that she has done to get to where she is. I also know she is not popular but all of these things are appearing to be irrelevant. When I hear people like Lyndsay and Dane saying she has a successful future, that does seem more in line with whats happening. I think Dane described her as a ‘force to be reckoned with’ and like her or loathe her, this appears to be the truth. The public may not like people but she always seems to find powerful people in high places who do.

  29. 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

    1. Post
  30. You know the wedding just might be postponed because Prince Philip is 96 and is not well. If something happens to him The Queen will be devistated, as will all of the U.K. God does work in mysterious ways. Right, Lyndsay?

  31. What happened …. what about the postponing of the wedding ….BTW, MM prepared to be a new sacrifice, her interview in 1990 about washing soap …. everything was planning very well about this woman … you should watch the videos of Zachary K Hubbard and see what will happen. He said everything will be around Diana’s death …. BTW, she makes friendships with wealthy and rich people especially Jewish people who have money and power like Misha Nonoo, and some of designers ….
    She will marry PH and has kids but Zachary Hubbard said (everything will be around Diana’s death ) … the date of wedding on 19 May 😕 Queen Charlotte was born on 19 May! !!!! Why queen Elizabeth allows MM to break the protocols of the RF and so on .. Diana was dead at 36 and MM will marry at 36 … everything calculated … but I believe that PH deserves the best and she’s fake

  32. Will you elaborate a bit more on their future? How long before the divorce, how many kids, how does the BRF really feel, did MM have a “fake” pregnancy scare that prompted an engagement over roast chicken?
    If they divorce, and his true soulmate marries anonther man, will a better woman come along?

    More details please!!!

  33. Thank you Lyndsay for the update.
    I’m just wondering if your spirit spoke to Princess Diana? Is Princess Diana happy with this?

    1. Post

      Hi Noemi,

      I spoke with Princess Diana in the first psychic prediction spirit gave me for Prince Harry & Meghan Markle, Princess Diana has chosen the other girl for Harry as she of course wants him to have a happy and long lasting marriage.


  34. Thank you for the update.

    I think it is safe to say that they are getting married. I’m sorry to the fans but I agree. I think it would be a repeat of Charles and Diana.

    Going off if they are having arguments so early.

    Besides marrying for love, I think that he has ppl in his life that wished he picked someone else. I believe he is also the stubborn type who has to learn lessons the hard way.

    If they do get a divorce…how will their life be after? We all know he would be set regardless. I just feel like she would be to. Until ppl stop caring that she is an ex of his.

    If anything, does your spirit say anything in that regard?

    Thank you again. I love reading your blog! X

  35. I do believe I am the girl that the spirit said is made for Harry. I dunno what I just feel it. We have something in common especially in family matters.

    I am hoping to meet harry in the nearest future.

  36. So, what about the postponing of the wedding with them providing a legitimate reason for the decision, as predicted before?

  37. Thanks Lyndsay for the update,How sad ,I really hoped Harry would see the light before the wedding took place but I guess you have to let some people learn from their own mistakes i just hope there is no kids involved when they do split it does make me wonder though will Harry ever meet this girl who’s his soulmate after the wedding takes place ?

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