Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Will Split Up After Engagement - Psychic Prediction

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Will Split Up After Engagement – Psychic Prediction

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Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Will Split Up After Engagement – Psychic Prediction

Date: 24th October 2017

*Disclaimer – All psychic predictions on this website are given to me by spirit and are not my thoughts/words/wishes.

My spirit guide is showing me that Prince Harry will propose to his girlfriend Meghan Markle November/December time, I am told that the engagement is already planned and she’ll say yes but they’ll break up before any wedding can take place. My spirit guide tells me that Meghan is not the right partner for Prince Harry and that there is someone better suited who will come into his life not long after he splits up from Meghan Markle. His next relationship looks to be a fated relationship and one in which he’ll be totally content and it will last the distance, this girl is shown to be quite quiet and unheard of until she steps out in public on Prince Harry’s arm. She’s a good match for him and will be very loyal not only to Prince Harry but to the Royal Family and their expectations of someone marrying into the Royal Family. I get the strongest sense that this next relationship for Prince Harry is somewhat planned on spirit’s part and I would question if she’s been chosen for Harry by a loved one in the spirit world who is going to ensure that Prince Harry and this girl cross paths. I am shown when the two of them meet and it appears that Prince Harry isn’t looking for anyone in that way but is taken by surprise and caught off guard by his immediate attraction to this girl who I am told is really sweet and polite. She looks quite petite and very natural in her appearance – totally different from Meghan and more similar in appearance to girls he’s dated previously. I am told by my spirit guide that Prince Harry will marry this girl eventually but they’re shown to be together for a while first and don’t rush into marriage.  I am shown by my spirit guide that Prince Harry and this girl will have two children together once married but there will be a few fertility issues initially – this will be resolved with the help of IVF and they will produce two beautiful children together. I am also shown that they will move in together long before they’re wed, rather than an announcement of an engagement to this girl I see an announcement of the date of the wedding so once engaged I feel it’ll be a short engagement followed by a beautiful wedding ceremony. This girl who is going to marry Prince Harry has a connection to horses and may even own a few of her own, she’s quite short, very elegant and respectful and has a small close circle of friends and family who she trusts dearly. This relationship for Prince Harry and this girl looks very solid as I watch it unfold and develop, they’re very well suited for each other and will be very much in love and content with each other. This girl seems quite shy so I don’t think the British public will see or hear much from her, if at all for the first few years, she seems content in her own life and will be content with Harry behind closed doors but doesn’t enjoy or seek the public attention which is to be a positive for Prince Harry. She is supportive of Prince Harry though and his Royal duties and will appear alongside him when required to do so, overtime her confidence in her new role will grow and we’ll start to see her doing more charity work and getting more involved with the Royal families public appearances. I am told that she’ll blossom well into her role and develop her own style of doing things, a bit like Princess Diana did.

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Love and light,

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    1. Hi Lindsay,

      I just request to be part of your Facebook group; I would like to share here that the reading you did for me few months ago has come to pass in predictions exactly how you described! You mentioned details you could not know and have been spot on 🙂 I will ask you more in future, probably soon…thank you once again, you are really gifted. Love, Rossella

  2. So true Esma…

    They will enter in a lavish wedding that will not have a happy end…
    MM will not fit in the Royal family. They are not on the same page, even on the same book….
    She has a heavy past… So will see in a few years but it does not sound good at all…

  3. Mary, I find it funny when people list her accomplishments Iike she has a scroll of them. LETS SEE: Her dad worked behind the tv scenes. This got her in the door. She was suitcase girl did minor roles. Her peak was suits.

    She then decided to open a blog insightful is the last word I will use to describe it. Entertaining yes.

    For her charity angle, she has two listed. You guys make it seem like she dedicated her life to charity. SHE has an uncle that got her in the UN.

    Forgot to mention her ex helped her get that role in suits

    Using her connections was smart but it sounded like she’s only sweet with you if she has use for you. She drops people faster than a rollercoaster.

    She only cares for charity other than empowering women bc that will be her JOB once she marries Henry.

    Lastly, the “hate” comes from a place where some of us can see how calculated and insincere she comes off. If you heard of her prior to this ppl have said similar things. I know some of her fans hate to hear bad things about their duchess but that also comes with the JOB.

  4. Hello everyone,

    It is all about Prince Harry’s free will… He can change temporarily his destiny but will not escape it. We all have a divine plan when we are coming on the earth… But a lot of people do not listen so they take different paths with positive or negative experiences to learn their divine truth..
    The more we are in the vibration of LOVE and listen our heart, the less mistake we make normally…
    So Prince Harry has something to learn about this experience and I am sure it will be harsh but beneficial for him at the end…
    That is why it can be difficult for a psychic to see the situation sometimes but the aim will be the same…It is clearly not the right person for him.
    In France, I have met people who have taken the wrong way, being stuck in their Ego, and missing their lives…And at 40 and 50, they are wondering why they are in this situation… It is sad but it is their choices…
    We are just here to help them and spread a message of Unity, Love, Compassion, Generosity and Light…

    Lots of love from France

    1. It is clear by now that MM does not fit to be a member of Royal family!!! Absolutely NOT! PH deserves much better! But when we are in love we often do mistakes…

      1. How can she leave her own father being in bankruptcy with all the money that she has? Her own father?
        It is sad really…

        1. We don’t know all of the details. That’s why it’s always important not to judge the appearance of other’s actions or inactions.

  5. Yes, it obviously will now. Has anyone got any ifea if that facebook private group is still going? It suddenly disappeared. Or I got blocked for unknown reasons!

  6. Hello group,

    Is the facebook group still up? Are you still here Laura? Sent you lots of messages but not reply. Have I been blocked for some reason?

    As for conflicting messages from spirit, well life is unpredictable because of free will. And thank heavens for that!

  7. LOL 🙂 Nice to see that spirit has covered all possible angles. So first we have, they will call off the wedding. Then we have, that the wedding will be postponed. Then we have, no the wedding will be going ahead. Then we have they will split up after the wedding. Make up your mind spirit please……I am sure one of them could potentially be right. Yet other spirits are telling other physics, that that they are soul mates and will have two children within two years and be happy long term. Must be a LOT of chattering spirits in the spirit world 🙂 I love your work LE, but why don’t we just let them get on with it. As for splitting up, well half the Royal family seem to be divorced already, and very few marriages last these days anyway. Que Sera Sera and all that.

    1. What i know it’s not a psychic is wrong or change their version but because MM is doing something she is doing black magic or voodoo to get PH’s loves that’s the reason everything is changed. The only thing people doesn’t know if one person under spell they can’t escape anymore unless they have someone who can heal them. So let’s take the case of PH for sure MM is doing something to get harry’s love so if PH doesn’t have anyone to help him to heal of this spell he is still blind. So for this reason all of the version of psychic always change cause she is doing something to tackle the problem in their relationship and to make it continuing.
      Even though their is a degree of vision for psychic some has a higher vision some not that’s why they talk different things.

      1. mynameis……..Black Magic and Voodoo…..REALLY!!!. I am just speechless that people think like this. Sounds like a story line from Harry Potter. These conspiracy theories get weirder all the time. You obviously dislike MM and you are letting those feeling cloud your judgement. Makes much more sense that Harry genuinely fell in love with her. And why not, she is a beautiful and accomplished woman. It is hardly surprising that he did, if you look at it logically. She had her own career. She has earned her own money. Her blog was very insightful. By all accounts, she is a friendly, kind and caring individual. She is intellectual. She is wellspoken. She is a fantastic advocate for womens rights. She brings attention to and advocates for charities like World Vision. Given Harrys love of Africa and his wish in following in his mother’s charity footsteps, then MM (who has more experience in charity endeavors than him), would be the ideal women to help him reach his potential. It is completely normal that people are attracted to, and fall in love, with someone who shares the same interests as them. And as for my comments about spirit changing its mind and covering all possible angles…..well I was being cheeky and making an observational joke.

        1. it’s not me who is gonna hate someone getting happiness that’s not my point in here but if you ask every medium, psychic,… they know it that she is doing voodoo to get love of PH but they don’t want to destroy her reputation. Anything you hide spirit will tell you the hidden truth you have. She can’t keep and get PH’s love if she is not doing it cause plenty of negative things around to destroy their happiness and don’t forget he is a prince which he has plenty of opportunity to get another girl if he want. That’s why she is doing it. You try to tell every nice about her keep that for you but people is not blind like PH their spirit knows exactly who is this girl. It’s not about race or whatever but she has an issue not only she is doing voodoo to steal someone’s love but also she is divorcee. So whatever you say in here she is not the most beautiful or intellectual in the world every country has most beautiful and intellectual girl and everywhere you go you’ll see it without using Botox but natural woman.

          1. And check in google there are plenty of naked pictures of MM and video pornography in pornhub. All of these may help people to open their eyes that she is not fit for the firm. Who on earth will let their child to marry someone like. So if you tell me i hate her i don’t have any benefit to hate someone having happiness but all of these help me to know who she really is.

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  9. Ava, I read a comment from a psychic under Lyndsay’s youtube video stating that Meghan’s goal is to divide and conquer the Royal Family. Is this true?

    Also I can see how Meghan’s status has been elevated through her relationship with Harry. Overnight she has gone from obscurity to someone that people are now fawning over- whether it is her beauty, style, ‘inspirational’ speeches or ‘humanitarianism.’ Meghan appears to be very shrewd- she must be to get to where she is now considering that she is not a great actress. So when they break up wouldn’t she use everything she can, including her royal connections to ensure that she is successful in showbiz and to increase her wealth?

  10. Funny you mention that. I saw this on a Tumblr blog back in January.

    “A pharoah waits to swoop in. Harry knows a queen is a queen and a pawn is a pawn (referring to when Harry meets the real “her”).”

    There has also been talk of another man for the woman that is supposed to be Harry’s wife if Harry fails to find her. Part of me gets the feeling that is the pharoah the anon was referring to is the man Harry’s girl could end up with. If Harry goes through with marrying Meghan, the pharoah gets the girl Harry was supposed to end up with. In a way, he would benefit from that union.

  11. I agree. Just wish The Cambridges would cease to defy tradition and stop travelling together with their childrenon same plane. Heaven forbid tragedy strikes and this manipulator becomes Queen Consort down the track if they dont split up.

    1. I don’t think that’s her style. She, the seductress, would probably cut to the chase and go after Charles or William. Also, strongly feel there’s still someone else behind the scenes just waiting to benefit from this union.

  12. Rooster 2018 Chinese horoscope ( MM is a Rooster )


    In order to multiply his chances of finding the soul mate, the single Rooster can be tempted to seek his / her partner in another country, or even on another continent. It’s advisable for the Rooster to take the time to know the qualities and defects of his lover before committing himself further in his relationship, which will allow him to avoid future unpleasant discords induced by an irreconcilable and incompatible love.

    Rat 2018 ( PH )


    Within his family, temporary tensions can disrupt the tranquility of the Rat. The possibility of a short-term separation can not be excluded.

    During the Year of the Earth Dog 2018, bachelors are led to differentiate between an ephemeral passion and true love. The Rat whose sentimental relationship is recent but solid shouldn’t try to formalize his union by a marriage during the course of the Chinese lunar year 2018. For it is good to remember that for the Rat, a year of the Dog is not conducive to marriage.


  13. Lol 😝 I hear you Eddie. She’s a gold digger and opportunist for sure. Hope Harry comes to his senses soon. On the official KP page on instagram there are loads of hateful comments about her. I hope the Rf are taking note.

  14. @maya

    A feminwhsho who quit her day job and will convert to her future husband’s religion. Right?

    She did it to stay relevant in the media. And her close-ups looked awful.

  15. I think Meghan’s wearing that suit was her way of showing the monarch that she is her own person and a feminist and would not be subject to royal protocol. They were definitely less clingy. I anxiously await Meghan’s demise , but from my observation she seems to be handling publicly scrutiny quite well. Harry also seems happy but she is no good for him. When are her skeletons going to be exposed?

  16. What do people think of MM appearance at Endeavour Fund Awards? She was in tuxedo which I think was an odd choice.

    What I have noticed is that that PH and MM were no longer clinging to each other at the event. She carried her own umbrella ( from what I have seen so far) and PH never offered to carry it for her.

    They look more restrained for sure compared to other appearances.

    1. @Eddie ..Lyndsay said in February is when PH open his eyes and decided no to go ahead with this wedding and breaking up with MM is a difficult task and PH will seek advise from PW , in March would be over so we have to wait , yes MM look in this engagement not very confident maybe PH going solo to Botswana has something to do, probably he already told her he is having cold feet and he is tired of the fighting and now she is getting worry , no more Lady Diana giggles and covering her mouth, things are not ok between the two of them, they will keep doing engagements together that doesnt mean the relationship isn’t breaking down ….we have to wait until March

  17. Hi guys
    I found this video on february predictions for Virgo which is PH’s sun rising born.
    It strange but, as one knows it doesn’t appply to all the Virgos in the world, one listens and keeps remembering Lindsay predicitons. Something is not well with PH, but he is afraid?

  18. I am glad that no award show in America mentioned MM, but focused on acting and the reason l issues. Let’s see about the Oscars.

  19. Thanks. Very interesting. That makes sense. Holly and Meghan are everywhere it seems, but Alexandra not so much so I wonder why people really dislike her? Yes, Harry’s judgement is definitely lacking when it comes to Meghan and the public. I bet he didn’t anticipate that she would be so disliked.

  20. Hi Ava,

    Im just curious about how PR works? Is it true that if celebrities are over-exposed that it can be counterproductive and cause them to be less popular with the public simply because they get sick of them? If so do PR people take this into account. People really seem to be sick of Meghan and say she is fake but I have also observed negative reactions to some British female celebs like Holly Willoughby and Alexandra Burke (who have also been described as fake and annoying).

  21. @PMM probably those commitments were schedule few weeks ago , I think MM is desperate and she will try to make this marriage happens, depends only on H to get rid of her, she will never go away , she won the lottery ticket, it’s going to be very difficult for H to kick her out , I think she will get psycho and aggressive if he tries to break off the engagement.

  22. Hi @Ava, thank you for your observations. As you had suggested previously, @Lauren opened an fb group, where you and @Loretta can discuss your visions freely rather than a publicly seen website. It would be great if you send a request to @Lauren to join ☺️

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    1. @ Lyndsay,
      Congrats on the recognition in the press.

      @ Lyndsay & @Ava,
      Do you think that PH & MM will be more determined than ever to FORCE the wedding to happen, just to prove Lyndsay wrong?

      MM seems to be very head strong and the type who will do whatever she has to do to make her dreams come true. If she knows that psychics are predicting arguments are going to happen, won’t she either put more black magic in the works or simply start agreeing to whatever Harry says so that she gets the dream wedding and royal life?

  24. Brilliant news. I have scoured psychics who all say there will definitely be a royal wedding this. They all assumed it is Harry and his, in my personal opinion, Tramp!!!! However, the royal wedding is no other than Princess Eugenie and Brooksbank.

    They will marry in St. George’s Chapel in Windsor (the same as the supposed PH & MM) — now is this the real reason St. George’s Chapel is getting a face lift? And I wonder if their reception will be at Frogmore House!!!!!

    1. Now here’s a real couple who genuinely look like their in love. Not like the superficial relationship that everyone on here senses between MM and PH. I’m glad Princess Eugenie has decided to announce her engagement as not everything is about the MM show!

  25. Anybody who is British here… I want to know one thing when William was dating Kate, was the information leaked left and right?
    With MM and PH, almost every day a story is leaked and it turns out to be true most of the time.

      1. Just miscellaneous stuff, Meghan meeting Harry’s nanny. I mean who leaked that story, the KP and BP staff? Or was it the Nanny herself?

        If MM is, I don’t think the William, Charles and others are that stupid not to suspect it ( let’s assume PH is too blind right now.)

  26. @Lauren. That would be great. The one I’m in re soap making doesn’t come up in google. Doesn’t Lindsay have a private group on fb.

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  27. @sylvia…I’m in a secret group on FB, so it should be easy enough to make one. I’ll give it a whirl and then send the link to everyone here.

  28. They seemed so in line didn’t they? PH always touching her….and MM looked a winner……!!! Well….what it is to be it will be.

  29. She is less shy and subdued at her Cardiff outing than her radio one though they are less clingy.

    Too much focus on her Welsh brand clothing by her

    1. @ Eddie – Inside the castle Meghan took her coat off to reveal a checkered top by the New-York based fashion label Thoery!!!!!

      1. @Micki

        She primarily wears non-American brands.

        She was a brand ambassador for Reitman ( a low priced clothing store in Canada).

        She dropped them like hot coals when her relationship with Harry became known through her hint dropping on Instagram.

  30. I was getting ready for work here when I saw this, so a bit late.

    Well done Lindsay. Thank you for removing these 2 people. They are exactly the problem in this world today. It’s important to call people out when being racist and offensive in this day and age. So many people just think that behavior is acceptable because they’ve never been told otherwise or just don’t care to notice. Thank you to @suzi and @lydia for helping to point that out as well.

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  31. Thanks Lyndsay for removing that toxic person, the forum is a better place without such hateful comments.

    Lydia,you were spot on in your comment and that person needs too do some serious soul searching!

    1. Post
  32. Post

    I’m so sorry that those offensive comments were automatically approved by my comment system, I have now manually removed them. Thank you to those who brought them to my attention, we’re all human beings living on planet earth – the end.

    Love & Light to all,

  33. I find it very interesting that Lyndsay refuses to publish a comment pointing out that witchcraft and paganism is popular with white people (particularly white women) who proudly and openly practice wicca, neopaganism, nordic paganism, heathenry, laveyan satanism; but is fine with someone saying that blacks are evil people who do sorcery for success and to make whites like them.

    Quite interesting that that’s allowed here, particularly on a site that offers spellcasting for sale.

    1. Post

      Hi Lydia,

      I have only just come online to read through and check comments, comments from those who haven’t commented before are always placed into moderation and then once approved their future comments are automatically approved by my comment system going forward, I try to read through comments when I get a spare minute. I like to trust that I have lovely people coming together on my blog who can communicate with each other without having to wait days or weeks for me to approve each comment they post and that’s why it’s set up this way. Unfortunately some people do have offensive views and I do not condone them at all and therefore now I have seen them they have been removed.

      Love & Light,

      1. Thank you, Lyndsay. I didn’t think anything of it when I saw that the comment was held back for moderation, but when I saw that more comments being posted in the same vein after that, I jumped to conclusions. I was really thrown off because I didn’t get that vibe from you before. Thank you for taking care of it.

  34. many white people goes to African marabout witch doctor here in Europe, that kind of thing exist the black magic and some people can connect to that dark energy and do evil regardless of the colour of their skin.

  35. @princese I agree with you. I was born and have lived in Africa all my life and I have seen the serious consequences of Black magic. Not so long ago it was so bad here where the villages were convinced Vampires were attacking and killing their people. So many innocent doctors and nurses were beaten up. That’s how bad it got to the extent the blood banks ran dry. People were too scared to donate blood.

    1. Very interesting. I pray she is right. For no other reason than MM is damaged goods, fame seeking, badly behaved gold digger who thinks she can change the Monarchy.

    2. Post
    1. @princess; @susen; @lauren
      Hi girl, i came here to go along MM and PH issue, cause as a sensitive, I too feel something is not alwright in that relationship, but only god knows its intentions.
      I’ve read Princess comments on black magic, and ask you all to please not take any of her perceptions as racists whatsoever.
      I’m old enough now, born and raised in africa, livfing in europe. Black magic exists not only in africa Princess, but in the mediterranean countries all over europe. Also this so called black magic existed in the most remot monarchies in east europe as well. Nowadays, most of people use it. For love relations purposes, for business purposes and so on. So Princess, i too lived in Africa, spend may hollidays in Africa, and i can tell you, as an old experienced women that this is not an african specificit.
      Love to all and thank you for reading my mail.

  36. @princessa…..I don’t think you understand the message myself or Lauren is trying to get across to you. You make it sound like we are all naive and in need of some kind of wake up call. You may have had very negative experiences in Africa but to to generalise the way you have, is immature on your part and doesn’t paint you in a good light at all.

    I won’t respond anymore about this topic as this isn’t the place for it. Sending you healing and guidance higher vibrations.

  37. Oh my Princessa, your comments are extremely racist and offensive. All black people practice black magic? Then you add it’s to get white people to like them? I am Black British myself and have lived amongst many races and cultures from Australia to Cuba and many parts of Africa. Black magic (and white magic too) is used everywhere on the planet but certainly not by everyone. It’s sad that you live your life with such toxic thoughts about a whole race and even sadder that this is a message you want go about spreading. I hope all the love in the world pours into you and through you to touch others with kindness and honestly.

    As for MM & PH….well if she has been up to no good and using dark magic with bad intentions her karma will surely catch up with her one way or another.

  38. @princesse Furthermore, I assure you that everything I’ve earned in life, as a black American, can be attributed to shear hard work and determination, not black magic. So, please refrain from speaking for all black people in your posts. Greatly appreciated. Again, this is not the forum for that.

  39. @Ava

    What do you see for Kate and William? Nobody is perfect but I am curious.

    She was in my city in 2016 and when I saw her from afar, she shy away from media attention.

  40. @Nikki
    One of the bloggers on this forum who has psychic abilities mentioned that MM7 was using Black Magic on PH to cast a spell on him. I don’t recall that her mom participated in it, though.

    1. @ Kayla I’m not the psychic and I get bad vibes from her mother. Not sure if this means anything, but Meg’s mother may have relatives from/currently in the Caribbean. Jamaica to be exact. You might be on the right path with the vodoo, but I don’t think it’s called vodoo in JA.

      @ Micki I don’t think Meg really wants her mother around. I think her mother is for pr purposes only. Like everyone else in M’s life. I assume they use each other for gain. Doria permanently in the picture will help Meg fulfill her pretend-to-be-Kate fantasy (kate has Carol). If she is providing the spells, Doria permanently in the picture would help keep Harry in check.

  41. It wouldn’t surprise me if something was done to the woman Harry is supposed to be with. Cast love spells on Harry and a binding spell (or worse) on the woman to keep her from crossing paths with Harry or seriously harm her in some way. It makes too much sense. Why stick to just love spells if one is desperate to achieve the ultimate prize?

  42. @Kayla
    Picture perfect vision. MM marries PH. (God forbid). MM falls pregnant so Doria can move to U.K. Get British citizenship on the pretext of being the baby’s nanny. Therefore she will move into whatever luxury house bequeathed to these two by HM. IMHO this has been and is the plan.

  43. Eddie how true I don’t know but apparently one was a close friend of PH. I wonder if a royal title can be removed if a marriage was proven a scam

  44. @Sylvia
    Do you believe MM7 would still want to marry PH if he gave up his title? There’s a cliche that “love conquers all”. So, PH relinquishing his Royal Privileges should not be a big deal. Right? It’s just a title, notoriety, and lifetime wealth, and perks. Sure, this showmance can survive without it?

    1. I am waiting to find out which past lover says something about her. They all Americans, they won’t care much about RF sentiments.

    2. Very interesting although she seems hesitant to say whether they will marry. But clearly indicates she’s a gold digger. I really hope Lyndsay is right.

  45. @Micki
    What you stated in regards to MM7’s mom having a hand in this romance has been a psychic’s intuition on this blog as well

  46. Kayla do you really think he would fall for something like that. I’ve a feeling a bomb shell is going to land shortly and hopefully she’ll be banished. I also think her mother has a lot to do with MM7’s plans.

    1. @ Micki ….I have the same feeling about the dirt coming out pretty soon , hopefully …the public has the right to know the true specially in her case that she wants to have a public role and represent UK , would be different if PH quit his royal life and marry her no body will give a toss what she did before in that case.

  47. @Sylvia
    Wow! I am not surprised because this coerced engagement and unbelievable romance is built on a house of cards that is bound to fall. I became suspicious when the relationship hit the media, when MM7 posted hints of her romance with PH to let the world know. I’m pretty sure PH did not want it to go viral and wanted to keep it hidden. However, MM7 probably convinced him that she was receiving death threats from those opposing their relationship based on race. PH as a caring person wanted to protect her and feared her life was in danger, so a memo and was released by BP in which he publicly addressed the threats

    1. What surprised me the most was that none of PH previous gfs had baited the media on Instagram, and if any who did go to press was cut off from his life. So, why was she given the exception from the start?

      She did not even go Serena William’s wedding but was at Pippa Middleton’s reception. It is like she has no more use for Serena.

      Her own mother was not there in the U.K for her engagement announcement and she is just a one-woman show.

      Her Vogue interview was arrogant, she is a supporting actress on Suits, not even the lead and never mentioned her fellow actors. I am sure she knows that she was on the cover because of PH and not her achievements.

      1. @Eddie …MM uses as excuse that she needs the media exposure so she and PH can start their charity foundation together , so exposure is necessary to start their business venture, they both need to be in the media as much they can ….and he believes that, go figure ! he is being played while she pockets all the money from all those magazine covers/interviews.

  48. There is the option of a closed or secret group on FB. Closed is invite only and can be searched for. Secret is invite only, but can’t be searched for on FB.

    1. Lauren I’m in a secret group on Facebook regarding soap making. I’ve googled it and it isn’t there. But this group isn’t a sensitive one. I don’t know if I would trust FB.

  49. As much as I am sceptical about predicting the future, I agree. These two are not the only fools , they just happen to be in the limelight.

    Hollywood and the elite circles in any country have their fair own share of fools.

  50. As much as sceptical about predicting the future, I agree. These two are not the only fools , they just happen to be in the limelight.

    Hollywood and the elite circles in any country have their fair own share of fools.

  51. I wondered about that Ava as I recall one of the remarks made on this blog come up on google which I thought strange. Just hopefully things are still going to plan. Both you ladies take care and if in U.K. Keep warm. This Aussie flu really sounds out oh hand now.

    1. @Kayla …I think fights are escalating like Lyndsay said before and is getting from bad to worse , but the worst part would be in February when things will get out of hand and beyond repair.

  52. @Sylvia
    Where is Loreta? I haven’t seen any posts from her lately. I hope she is doing okay. I miss her sharing the outcome of the showmance between MM7 and PH. I’m sure Loreta has new findings, as this showmance comes to an end.

  53. @ Sylvia
    I hope the Royal Family doesn’t cave in to the ransom of blackmail. This is beyond belief that someone of MM7 is trying to use her past to solicit financial gains from RF. If her family really cared and supported her, they would not engage in this behavior. This is clearly a safety and security issue for the RF, and not only should they be cautious, but PH as well. This has gotten out of hand and the RF should not be caught up in this drama. Will didn’t go through this with Kate’s family; Prince Charles didn’t go through this with Diana or Camilia; and neither did Prince Andrew with Fergie’s relatives. Why is it so different with MM7’s family?

    1. @KAYLA…no, RF wont pay and the blackmail relative will sell the info to the tabloids , I think thats why its taking so long for the dirt to be publish, at the end all the dirt will come out because there is no way to keep hidden all that dirt , some one will talk, the situation is a dead end.

  54. @Nimi …well the RF is aware of this dirt about MM , like the N Enquirer article said , the RF I doubt will pay 1.5 million a year to cover her dirt to this family member of hers who is blackmailing so what will happen is the dirt will be publish at the end , no way PC will fork that kind of money to protect MM , she will be exposed and would be the end of the story

  55. There was no crowd to rent as the crowd that showed up was small. Also, compared to the engagement interview and her first public engagement, she looks more subdued and lacking in confidence. It could be an act , trouble with Harry or she got told off by RF.

    In her engagement interview, Harry had to tell her to let him talk as she kept interrupting him.

    What I don’t get is why would Harry rush into an engagement with her if there was trouble brewing between them?

      1. I’ve always wondered why on earth he proposed and set the wedding date so quickly. It’s not normal especially as it’s a member of the royal family and the establishment must be aware of women who want the fame and privileges by association.

    1. Yes she did appear to be a bit off and less clingy this time. It’s as if someone from the RF told her to conduct herself appropriately this time!

        1. Yes, I posted that link in an earlier post about her clingy and controlling behaviour. I was just agreeing with Eddie in how she appeared more subdued in the news footage in comparison to her earlier outings with Harry. Wonder what’s really going on with those two.

  56. Thank for explaining this, because I’m pretty sure even if “rent a crowds” told anyone, who would believe them? So, what you say makes perfect sense, and the public. wouldn’t question it, because it’s unimaginable for most. Hell, I’m somewhat knowledgeable on the techniques used by PR, but this was off my radar.

    1. I’m not entirely sure the people there were stand ins. A tumblr blog mentioned that someone who is in charge of M’s fan blogs/tumbr/insta account was there with her daughter. I wouldn’t be surprised if her PR contacted the fansites and asked them to attend because her pr gives them info about her wardrobe in advance.

  57. @Ava
    Earlier this week, I read a blog member’s on this forum, in regard to “rent a crowds” that are used to sway the public of a fan base that supports a celebrity figure to increase or improve their popularity with the public. I’m not sure how this would work in Meghan’s case; but if so, wouldn’t the participants of a “rent a crowd” have to sign a nondisclosure agreement(NDA), to insure they won’t leak their involvement, to make it appear authentic?

  58. Sylvia she’s probably lied to him and not told him much about her murky past. I think this is where the fights come in. I’m sure he’ll be shocked when the truth comes out. How can her trust her. So much has already been said about her, why hasn’t he publicly stuck up for her. He’s said nothing. Why wasn’t their request for marriage not brought up with the privy council today. Why is their wedding on the same day as the FA cup final when PH knows his brother is the president of the FA. All this nonsense the wedding is going to boost the economy by £500 million is hogwash. The FA cup will do this on its own. In my personal opinion she is no better than trailer trash. However, this is clearly his choice, maybe he should leave the privilege of the RF. Harsh I know but can they really afford more scandal.

  59. @Nimi …not the RF…but PH must me the one covering her lies and using lawyers against the media so they don’t publish her dirt , I don’t see HM or PC spending any money to cover Markle murky past , but PH I could see him spending a fortune trying to deceive the public just out of pride

    1. Then he’s more at fault in covering up the lies. Do you reckon the royal family are relying and hoping the press will leak something on her and when it gets bad they will force Harry to end the charade. I agree as if the Queen or Charles are going to give a dam about covering for her especially if they’ve realised she’s playing him.

    1. Do you think there’s any truth to the royal family being blackmailed for money to hide scandals about Meghan? And what is it that’s so bad that she has meant to have done. What are they hiding about her?

  60. Post
      1. Post
    1. @Lauren ….I agree some trouble already started, lots of explosive fights …Meghan Marktrashian trying to do things her way, all her ideas backfire and PH popularity is nose diving , PH is having troubles with his family , probably by now he is asking himself if is all worthy , but is also hard for him to get out of this mess, the relationship has deteriorated.

  61. @Eddie- Yes, I agree. I noticed her slight British twang as well. She was definitely not clinging to Harry as much as she usually does.

    Either of them barely looked at one another from the clips that I’ve seen. There seemed to be some emotional distance between them this time around.

    I felt Meghan was unusually somber. And Harry seemed a bit disinterested. Is that due to Meghan?

    How does everyone else feel about the looks of their relationship yesterday? Has the fighting begun?

  62. I noticed she is acting demure at her second outing compared to her first by covering her mouth with her hand at seeing a small Britton crowd and her instagram was just shutdown , a late move as she got engaged in November.

    Did anyone noticed her British Twang at the radio station? Her grabbing onto Harry was a lot less this time and Harry didn’t look much at her and neither did she at him. Though , they smiled all the time .Just my observation.

  63. I can’t help noticing that when she’s seen in public with Harry she acts demure but compare that to her appearances on American chat shows in the past where she was flirtatious and super confident. She moulds her character to suit her environment. She really is using her acting skills.

  64. Hey you guys. Harry has trained for this his entire life. You can only tell somethings wrong when he wants you to and when things are really bad. Although Meghan is an actor she is not a trained in the same way. That is why is comes across as fake. Harry was trained to compartmentalize and M was trained to play a character…IMO He’s separating personal from work and she’s playing sweet shy newbie.
    @ Sylvia Thanks for responding. I’m not sure the exchange of info would be worth the amount that was spent on pr. I don’t see Brit press agreeing post Leveson trial (News of the world hacking scandal). They could be held legally responsible by BRF. Other celebs leak and still have to pay for positive press. The only people I can think of who have an arrangement with the press are the Kardashians and I don’t think M/H/BRF doesnt draw the same attention. I’m convinced someone has to be footing the bill. I should mention its believed she had multiple pr agents at one time. Currently she’s with Sunshine Sachs. (yes post engagement she still has separate pr)

  65. MM trying to act shy and innocent in Brixton radio ….nobody is buying that …we all know her true colours …more fakery from her part …she is sinking lower and lower , very bad actress she is

  66. KS did you see the photographs when they were in the studio? They had no psychical contact. It was only when they came outside. He didn’t help her get into the car. He actual darted off to say goodbye to someone. He also chivvied her along as if he couldn’t wait to leave the place.

  67. Hi Sylvia,

    Of course I didnt expect that but when trouble in paradise began I thought it would show on Harry’s face/ through his body language (eg awkwardness) more (but I clearly underestimated him) and I expected MM to be acting away as normal. Even in the engagement interview Harry looked awkward at times while MM was trying to win her Oscar. That is all I meant.

    1. @KS…the dirt hasnt come out yet so PH doesn’t have proof receipts she is a crook , so he still has hope , MM still play him like a fiddle …..he is stubborn and wont listen to friends and family

  68. Ava, yes, it does look manipulated. I didn’t know about her instagram being taken down, to be honest I was surprised it was still up until now.

  69. Hi Nimi,

    If anything it was MM who seemed a bit off/ unsure to me (her hair looked untidy too) but I can never tell with her because she always seems to be acting a part.

  70. KS I see what you mean, I’ve just watched their Brixton visit on the news and they both looked happy indeed! If Harry is performing too then he’s cutting a bit fine considering their wedding date is only 4 months away. Loreta do you have anymore updates about this outing of theirs?

  71. I thought Harry knows what is happening now. I didnt realise he is still being fooled. If he knows but is still performing well then I was saying that he is a good actor too! Sorry I didnt mean any offense.

  72. Ava, I just saw some photos of MM and PH in Brixton. I am sorry but PH must be an amazing actor too if things are really going so badly behind closed doors.

  73. Hello you guys. It is incredibly expensive to run a campaign like MM has and she most definitely does not have the money as a minor character on a cable network salary. It probably adds up to a few million for last year. Does anyone here have an idea who is paid for M’s PR? Harry also can’t afford something like that. Thanks!!

    1. @Acorn ….I read she gets free PR in exchange of RF scoops ….she is profiting from HM , using RF to merch clothing for her friend JM, that’s why people don’t like her , MM is disrespecting HM , MM seems desperate to make few bucks

  74. I have been lurking here for a while and am finally ready to comment! 🙂
    I think Lyndsay’s predictions will come true. What’s odd to me is that since the christmas service in Sandringham, there have been no photos of MM , let alone photos of her and PH together. Yet we continue to see articles on her. I think her PR machine is in overdrive to cover up any rumors of things not going so well behind closed doors. If she is in London and making wedding preparations, she can’t be cooped up all the time, can she? It’s just odd that not a single photo has come out since christmas. The latest “news” is that “fans” received thank you notes for congratulating them on their engagement. It was a canned thank-you note from KP, but to me it just confirms that the Palace is trying its best to lay the groundwork so that they are not criticized for not having treated her well when the time eventually comes to break it all off. All of these gestures seem to be to prepare for the eventual fallout because people can’t criticize that she was treated badly for her race or background or whatever if she’s getting such unusual special treatment from the royal family. (letting her come to the christmas service, the thank-you note issued by KP, a grand reception venue being granted for their use (even if it wasn’t their first choice, one could argue the one given is much grander in scale so it can’t exactly be criticized. Plus, they gave a legit logistics reason.)
    What’s funny is, despite all the PR, people seem to like her less and less. I just don’t think she is genuine. Everything comes across as acting from her.

  75. Apparently the father has spoken now and said that he thinks PH and MM are ‘a very good match’ and that he is ‘delighted’ and very happy for them.’

    1. @ KS
      Wasn’t that the joint (and dare I say scripted by MM’s PR Team) message that MM’s father and mother released following the engagement announcement? Or, did he speak on his own?

      My thought: What else will the parents and family members (on both sides) publicly say, other than “We are so happy for them.” ? I mean… neither the RF nor MM’s parents will say, “We don’t like this at all and don’t approve…”

  76. Yeah, who is Skippy!? As far I as I can see it’s a random twitter user, hardly credible. However, if there is truth in what he says, it will come out for sure.

  77. @Ava. How can the RF be accused of the race card? My take on this circus is more about the lies and deceptions by MM. As mentioned, the York girls have their ears to the ground and have reported what they’ve heard to their seniors. It has been proven that MM conned PH from the word go. Blantantly saying on TV she hadn’t even heard of RF or PH prior to their ‘blind date’! The next thing we see photographs of her standing outside BP when she was younger. I also feel Samantha has made contact with the York girls too. Not in a malicious way by any means. She’s just revealed the truth. If anyone should be sued it is MM for conning the RF.

  78. I get a feeling like shes not a bad person, they really like each other, but kind of she wants might and attention, I feel she can round PH arround her finger, cuz he will give her all she wants cuz hes love blind.i feel he will start one day realizing stuff, they will have sometimes figts they both are strong individuals

  79. Ava,

    What has actually happened between MM and PH though. I understand that talks have been going on between senior royals and PH but what has happened between PH and MM since Christmas. Are they on speaking terms? Does Harry know the truth about her now? Apologies if you have answered this before.

  80. @Ava
    What u said u were right.The senior members of the RF they are putting their foot down.wud u think I’m right to say it’s the beginning of the end now btwn henry and y is the venue denied for them to host their wedding fun enough he is the one who cancelled the venue and also the US paper must knw something is up.
    They just can’t come up.with a powerful story like tht where they claim wedding and engagement is cancelled something must b going on but who leaked the staff to the US papers

    1. @Sylvia
      Lol u make me laugh u really don’t like meghans PR do u hmmm u dnt like her as well.well the funny part of everything is that what they sell to us meghans PR it’s shit lies crap.what l dnt understand how long are they going to keep up with the lies.what’s gona happen when things goes wrong

      1. …her PR will continue until the wheels fall off , until the wedding is cancel …then you will hear crickets from her PR …they wont write stories about the wedding cancellation thats for sure …MM is trying to get job offers with her PR stories

  81. Hello, I want to ask you about the new relationship Prince Harry will have, do you talk about a girl, is she young or can she be a woman older than Harry? Meghan is older for 3 years, maybe this girl can be very old for Harry. Older than Meghan ?. A woman older than him may give him emotional stability and a stable relationship, just what he seeks or needs. Thanks for answering.

  82. I wouldn’t be surprised if this coming radio interview is about cyber bullying …MM would be complaining about tumblr blogs and psychic blogs talking bad about her because she is an innocent delicate flower and people are racist and jealous so everybody can feel sorry for her …MM the victim , sob

    1. @ Sylvia,

      My guess is that the interview will focus on MM and PH choosing to do things their way, even if it breaks tradition, becaue times have changed. PH will say how much his family loves MM and how hard she has worked to fit in with his family and life in England in general. Oh, she’s fantastic and amazing!

      MM will talk about diversity and how difficult her life was as a bi-racial person in the U.S. when she would be seen with her mother. I think they will also include reference to where money is coming from — such as the $75k gown MM wore for the engagement photos — with them saying that designers are donating all of this stuff because MM is so loved and so popular.

      They will likely give a plug about the charity they plan to launch together.

  83. Have just read on Tumblr that MM was first married to a Jason Buttas. Has anyone else heard of this. Plus she was in a serious relationship with the Chef and had been living with him for two years and still was when she clawed into PH. If it is true re Buttas then headlines should read Twiced Divorced!!!! I wonder if this is one of the many lies she’s hiding. Can anyone on here find out.

  84. @SYLVIA
    Morning gal y were right meghans PR TEAM they are back jesus next week from tomorrow it’s going to be a nightmare jesus christ we are going to suffer and we wll b bombarded by the meghan markle stuff jesus.the more they bombard us with meghans staff the worst it’s becoming the more we are getting annoyed by her

  85. Of course MM played PH like a piano , MM is a hustler from the street of Crenshaw LA …she knows all the tricks and PH is naive and lives a shelter life where he never has to deal with con artists , all his friends are wealthy , this is the first time he fell in a hustler game , he is not use to that kind of people low life so he didn’t see it coming , he believed in the fake MM …he is not street smart so he could not se MM is a thot , in PH world that kind of people doesn’t exist

  86. @ Loreta …MM is psycho and she has delusion of grandeur …yes this is not normal and is a mental problem called narcissism, she hates who she is and she is embarrass of her family and she is a compulsive liar too 🤥 a Pinocchio , so she create this other fake life to appeal people because if her PR write the true about MM people will be repulsed….con artists always create a fake image to attract victims …they will never show their true self , maybe she tought her ex friends or ex lover will never sell her out because they will be very afraid of RF ….anyways when her best pal ninaki spoke to DM ….MM denied all to PH , she just denied any bad story about her and now that she is engage to PH she thinks she can squash any bad press , she thinks once she marry PH , RF in order to get rid of her will have to give her a big payout …millions…to cover all her scandals and make her go away , so she doesn’t care if all her dirt comes out at the end , her only interest is the big check she will receive after the marriage , that’s why all the rush with the engagement , because if she waits any longer all the dirt will come out , so she needs to act fast and marry him and after when the dirt comes out she just get paid to go away

  87. Ava, from what is being said here she really sounds like she has something wrong with her- I dont know perhaps emotional problems that make it hard for her to form genuine relationships.

  88. @N imi @PM
    Henry heard invested so much in these relationship as in feelings.henry is beginning to see the real nasty lying meghan.meghan is showing her tru colours now coz she thinks the engagement can’t b cancelled and it has never happened in royal history.Henry is nt being blackmailed or coerced not under any circumstances nothing what so ever but then he is caught on a cross road where he has seen and heard abt the sweet rich philantropic meghan saint meghan and the other meghan who has appeared after the engagement who is fake who has been acting pretending to love henry who is a cheat and a liar and also a rude one.he kinda think mayb she will change or like mayb his eyes are deceiving him.he is still hopefull that mayb she will finally settle and things will turn out amaizing thats y there is a trip to brixton there is hope there to prove pple that meghan is sweet and a saint she and he are trying to sell meghan to pple.henry knws now that things are nt ok but he does still have a bit of of gravity everytime when henry wakes up in the morning thinking things are gona get better unfortunately they are getting worst.the more they are trying to convince the public to accept meghan the more its getting worst pple are actually rejecting her and hating on her more.soon henry is going to accept that.
    secondly all them rumours that are going around the Internet abt her being a cheat etc he knws and he has read and heard ant them but then they are only rumours for now to henry.no1 has come forwad to verify tthe rumours this whole thing is about time. it’s only a matter of time b4 he finds out that the rumours are tru henry.something is gona happen that will hit the nail in the coffin. even if they break up meghan and henry unfortunately u won’t find out straight away u will learn abt it after some weeks when she is gone back to the states.

    the RF and henry they can’t tell you straight away when the relationship ends or even to update you with what’s going on regarding meghan and henry relationship.Guys it’s very embarrassing for both henry and them given the way he acted b4 Xmas like a lovesick pathetic teenager and also he was warned by his close friends about meghan but he ddnt listen.
    It’s just too much for him right now.the wedding was gona b the wedding of the year.the way they were behaving both of them constantly in papers behaving like huge stars walking around like lovesick pathetic teenagers
    It’s just too much that’s y they are hiding everything. henry ain’t the brightest light on the Christmas’s just embarrassing for him how he has been played by meghan and he fell for it hook line and sinker he is going to be embarrassed by the fact that he was conned by a conny woman and the fact that he was manipulated up to a point where relations suffered amongst his family members.
    RF is well known around the world and they pride themselves as having protocols and rules once again it will be embarrassing for them the fact that they were coned by meghan and she was able to walk in and coz confusion amongst them.
    There is mutiny right now.amongst them mostly the York sisters and their father they dnt like her coz she has been getting special treatment and them hve been put aside they dnt even get the treatment that meghan has been getting bodyguards everywhere etc.all this has been caused by one person meghan.
    He heard fallen in love with a fake meghan markle not the real one and he actually thot meghan was better than Chelsea and Cressida coz she was a celebrity with money but Chelsea and Cressida are nfar way better they got class.they are gona laugh their eyes out
    His behaviour when he was dating meghan heard sunk low he is gona b a laughing stock he will learn lessons and change his behaviour for the better

  89. But Ava if he marries her just to keep her quiet won’t that mean that the RF will be dancing to her tune forever and that will also greatly affect the reputation of the RF because MM doesn’t seem to care about protocol? She will want to do things her way and in a way that benefits her.

  90. The sooner this is over the better. All the PR stories are hyped up nonsense and going by the comments people leave about her in the newspapers they don’t buy she’s legit either. Loreta if Harry has began to suspect she’s not quite right then he’s at fault to keep on with this façade. Never mind her there will always be deceitful people in the world but he needs to man up.

  91. @Sylvia l hve never seen anything like that why the heck dd meghan markle lie from the beginning.why dd she think she could get away w

    1. Loreta,

      I think she thinks she is protected by the royal family. The november 2016 statement put a break on the press. She thinks she is safe now as a royal fiancee. As you said, she is blinded by the ring.

      Do you think she is blackmailing or coercing him?

  92. Get ready ! We are going to be bombarded by Me-again PR next week for the next 7 weeks about wedding plans ….Fake-ghan Markle future charities and trips to Africa , all the crown jewls HM will gift to MM she will own all the tiaras and all Diana jewellery and how important MM would be in the RF her new title and future roles , the new palace where she will live with H …details about the honeymoon in Seychelles a🤣…and all the twisted stories ….Karl Lagerfelt will design her wedding dress ( for free ) , MM is the new Chanel muse , all the high end designer are fighting to get her , she is the new face of LV …she is bigger than Giselle B and Kate Moss …all pure fantasies ….Oliver Stone and Tarantino are begging MM to be in their movies , the hottest woman in the planet and a Saint , Angelina Jolie , Halle Berry and Julia Roberts are her best pals and all will come to the wedding …all Hollywood will be at MM wedding , Me-again is Theresa May new trusted advisor and Donald Trump is begging MM for advise ….I mean seriously? They think people are stupid to believe all the fairy tales they write about MM like we don’t know who she is ….all the stories are foolish and laughable 🤣 but the funny thing is that people hate her more after all the PR stories and they keep writing more sorties , maybe her PR is backstabbing her

  93. Me-again’s brother’s fiancée was arrested after a drunken fight with him. All this bad press can’t be good. This is Me-again’s Karma starting to bite her in the ass. She is a social climber. She uses people for her own gain and disposes of them when she’s done getting all that she can. She married that producer to further her career. She was a Deal or No Deal briefcase girl and doing bit parts on television shows (vacuuming in lingerie is soo classy *sarcasm*). She got on “Suits” and she changed. She allegedly cheated on her husband with a hockey player 10 years her junior. She dumped her chef boyfriend for Harry. Now she thinks she is too good for Serena Williams. She didn’t attend her wedding because she was too busy moving to London. She probably shunned all her celebrity friends because she think she’s Royal and they are beneath her. It’s also hella suspicious gown her clothing line went on sale and sold out the day Harry went public with their relationship. She’s an opportunist and a gold digger. This is coming from a mixed American female. I get a vibe that she is a fake and a phony. This whole breakup is going to be so messy.

  94. There is something that is brewing right now as we are talking.Pple can come up with conspiracy theories and all possibilities they like but the wedding is never gona happen my guides are telling me that henrys future bride will marry henry as a bachelor in addition their union has been done on the other side already so there is no way that meghan will marry henry in addition my guides hve told me that henry and meghan breaking up will b solely henrys decision secretly other members of the family are secretly wishing for the break up to happen but when the secrets and the truth gets revealed in both meghan and henrys face he will dump her on his own.this is his own decision obviously he will talk to Charles and William abt the major relationship breaker but he will end things on his own.
    From the spirit side union has been made now btwn henrys spirit side and the girl who will marry henry her spirit side meaning.their ancestors have now blessed their union which indicate to me that it’s almost abt to end now btwn ms markle and henry.those who think the wedding is going to happen dream on.l can’t wait for Corey and Trevor to grace us with their presence in London.
    1Meghans secrets let’s say arbotions numerous,lets say lying about her past present and future life,let’s say she is broke but she claims to hve her own money,let’s say cheating on boyfriends whilst she is in relationships, let’s say dating or meeting man of means or wealth in return u get finance and whatever u can get from them. Where l come from we call that professional prostitution but on CANADA America and UK.l dnt knw what they call that mayb there are other words besides that.fate and destiny only allowed both of them to be lovers not hubby and wife.
    By the way henry now knws that meghan she is a liar and fake but evidence that’s what he wants to be fully convinced.henry is just telling himself i hope its nt tru he is kinda like wishing and hoping that its nt tru and they are rumours and when he finally get the truth he is going to be crushed.meghan is still blinded by the ring and she still thinks that the wedding will happen.that’s y she is misbehaving.there is no wedding preparations taking place right now because henry is beginning to have second thoughts about it.henry is giving excuses and avoiding the topic

  95. Thanks for your response Ava.

    So basically she has no true friends. Does that bother her or does she only care about fame, status and money? When the whole thing falls apart and she fades into obscurity, as has been predicted, how will she cope and what will she do?

  96. Loretta yet they say her engagement photograph dress cost $75,000. Unless it was borrowed and then returned. I must say her first engagement coat looked awful and uneven, she didn’t wear stockings, her heels looked as though they were from Oxfam. She certainly isn’t a snappy dresser unlike Kate. And now Zara the Queens granddaughter announced she is expecting her second baby which is due around June/July. I wonder if MM will lose a bit of spotlight on this.

  97. Ava,

    What about Jess Mulroney? Where do she fit into all of this? I don’t know if she is very influential to be honest but it appeared that her and MM were very good friends. Also what do these people see in MM? What is it about her that makes them want to be her friend? I assumed that the people the royals socialised with were very exclusive but she has been able to infiltrate their circle. Apparently she is friends with the Trudeaus too.

    Also I would have thought MM would try to be friendly with ALL of Harry’s family members to ‘win’ them over including the York girls. I thought that was her strength- getting people to like her.

  98. I think PH is just thrifty , he is used to date rich girls not broke ones looking for money like MM, the engagement ring was modest considering how rich he is …..I think it was more like if they go on luxury holiday they will get more backlash also he doesn’t want to fork the money for a luxury holidays and nobody invite them anywhere , her PR is mute now because they will come back with more stories and a new plan after the radio interview next week , they are not done …they are just scheming

  99. Hey Ava.
    Once again the whole allowance issue u hve nailed it 100% again.
    The issue of allowances mayb henry heard used all her allowance like what u said that’s y he cudnt by meghan a decent outfit for Christmas coz let’s b honest if the money was there what stopped him from making sure outfits and boots were customarily made for her.Not only that henry being henry meghan likes a fancy life and posh lifestyle but unfortunately she can’t have life on henrys pocket cz she ain’t royal yet.I’m kinda suspecting that she is beginning to get a bit disappointed coz the life that meghan thot she was gona have its nt happening.nights out on the town like what used to happen to Chelsea and Cressida meghan is nt having any of that coz henry doesn’t splash cash and meghan doesn’t hve money I keep on telling pple yeah she earned from magazines but how many magazines in addition how much.
    She heard this fantasy life where she thought monet will b rolling and she will b in Knights Bridge and harrod’s shopping but hmm henry has tightened the purse strings besides she dnt do engagements does she so no need to spend money on expensive outfits even when she dd tour of Nottingham her dressing was dull.henry does hve money why can’t she hire Kates stylist to dress meghan.henry s not splashing cash on her and she likes to wine and dine and she likes the finer things in life unfortunately it’s just not happening.on suits it was just a minor role and she wasn’t a main actress there is no way she made a lot of money only just to survive
    Since she moved here her dressing has gone downhill I dnt understand.just curious why is it tht henry doesn’t get outfits made for her or even to hire professional stylist who style the rich and elite
    I hve always tell pple that meghan doesn’t hve money and l keep on saying the same thing she is broke her lifestyle and the amount that she does have its just doesn’t go together

    1. I am a financial advisor and I am from Canada. The top tax bracket pays 46% to 48% on their earnings. Let assume that MM did make $5m, this is amount is just gross not net. And, she has other expense like clothes, PR etc. for Hollywood life this is not much unless the money is invested wisely in stocks holdings, real estate etc. But it would mean frugal living in terms of Hollywood standards.

      Mulroney’s are a political family but in Canada, the lifestyle is laid back and they don’t move with security. Jessica Mulroney was Brown before she married, she comes from a rich family. Mulroneys are also a wealthy family and outside Canada, they are not known.

      I don’t like to make fun of people’s features or their family as I think that it is plain wrong.

      I don’t like Meghan as she is a social climber to me, she has no old friends from the US just from Canada and they are all rich families. If she was very wealthy, she would have bailed her mother out of bankruptcy as she is close to her mother.

      Further, she was dating, Corey, the chef, when she met Harry and was dropping hints about their relationship. That put me off her entirely.

      And she hangs with no black person, just whites. All her exes are whites, as well.

      I can’t predict future esp. if the wedding will take place or not but what hold does she has on a Prince and RF that they are just bowing to her.

  100. Hie Ava
    I have just asked my guides the question you dd ask me about how the end of this relationship will affect this so called friendships.This is what my guide has just tld me firstly all this so called friends Misha,Marcus Anderson etc who have common friendship with henry and meghan are gona turn against meghan.what’s gona happen here is that they are going to chose sides.they will basically say we ddnt knw that meghan is a liar and she ws a nutcase.they will claim not to knw that she heard a terrible past.they will throw meghan under the bus to save their friendship with henry cz henry is the golden goose that lays the golden egg.there are more opportunities for being henrys mate than meghans mate.
    However they will think their friendship with henry will remain strong those Misha,Markus Anderson etc but they are wrong this whole experience will open henrys eyes and he will learn major lessons in life and above all he will question pples characters and most of all humility.he will b humbled by the whole experience. friendship will end.henry will come to realise that some of her friends are fake so he will try to grow and get better from the whole experience.
    Misha and some other friends will nt take meghans side actually they will not want anything to do with her this just shows that they are not her real friends.that’s means they were never her friends it was all about their interest and the opportunities that came for being meghans close all honest they were nt very close friends of henrys as well.the press just made a big hype of it but they weren’t that close.basically friendship on meghans side will be done they will throw her under the bus and they will try to get close to henry but hmm he will see the kind of pple they are and everything will change pples lives will b changed by the whole experience

    1. Hi Loreta!

      Do your guides tell you what she hides about her past? A crime? Abortion? Drug use and trafficking? Prostitution? Sexual exploitation?
      I read somewhere that she tried to sell a record of Harry for The Sun for a huge amount of money. But the newspaper did not buy it.

  101. Xmas meghan was not invited for Xmas with the RF hence she suddenly turned up unannounced and unprepared with horrible outfit and not prepared.henry ended up forcing his family to allow meghan to join them at the church.henry is being manipulated into breaking protocol for meghan.fiance and galfriends they dnt do that.that ddnt go down well with other members of the RF so even if they were prepared to give her a chance l dnt think so.boxing day she stopped henry from going to the hunt once agai they can see she is trouble.henry was manipulated again.meghan her behaviour the way she was being treated being given special treatment once again manipulation which caused other royals to be disgruntled.once again she never made an effort to connect with other members even the York sisters basically she was behaving as if she has been there for years.
    She has dug her own grave by thinking that she was using the whole situation to her advantage in the long run its gona haunt her.she has shot herself down in the foot.
    There is no way the queen will spend millions for that nonsense that’s y the wedding has been put on hold and it’s nt being planned and it’s not gona be planned.
    Everything meghan did she thought she was using it to her advantage the more she forced the PR on pple the more she has become hated the more she manipulated henry to do 2 hat she wanted the more she caused herself problems.all the publicity is gona be used against headlines around the world l just can’t wait hmm it’s gona b a real dozzy

  102. Oh yes, sorry I forgot the sticking out of the tongue. Some people were saying she was licking her lips not sticking out her tongue. Personally I cant imagine what would have made her decide to do such a thing.

  103. Ava, when you said she shot herself in the foot over Christmas, what did you mean? Sorry I dont follow all of the press about her. All I saw was criticism over her choice of outfit. What else happened?

  104. Hey Ava
    Hope you are ok.Do you reckon Samantha Markle will turn rogue and kiss and tell.l just love her.l will love her more if she gives us the dirty abt meghan.oh Samantha Markle l wish if you could come and read this so that you knw u got a fan in me.

  105. Apparently meghan markles mum could walk her down the’s only a few weeks ago when the father released a statement claiming to be delighted by the engagement of her daughter and he was excited about the wedding.what has changed now hmmm disfunctional no offence but that’s another tell tell sign that she might not even b close to her father besides something must be going on

  106. I’m just wondering meghan and henry hve gone all qui.lm just saying that coz they both love publicity.What abt meghan PR team are they on holiday or something coz they have not been printing anything.I’m beginning to miss everything abt them hmm what am l gona do when they end their relationship I’m gona be sad coz they were entertaining me with their fantasy life both henry and meghan.I am missing them

    1. Loreta,

      I still see articles about her everywhere. Mostly things about her fashion sense and body like ‘The Royal Girlfriend’s Best Looks’ or tips on how to have a body or skin like hers. However I agree that I haven’t seen recent photos of her and PH which is strange.

    2. Now, now Loreta. We will all be happy when this saga is over, but then there will be the kiss and tell, and Harry having to eat humble pie. I do feel NY at Balmoral allowed the RF to have a good chat and 22 million to let Harry pay for a mistake is too much.

      It’s quite obvious they had nowhere to go for NY as most people have booked tickets ahead, Kate and William couldn’t go skiing and I am sure they spent time with her family. Nice and Monaco is not a place to go at all.

      The sister (Sam) has MS so maybe she is losing her marbles (an effect of MS) claiming MM speaks to her father each day as she does too. I doubt he speaks to anyone if he can help it, nor do normal people speak to their parents each day unless they are ill or dying (or just very insecure).

      The reason why they are so quiet is because all the PR is gaining negative press. People who weren’t bothered a month ago now don’t like her as she shot herself in the foot over Christmas. In an attempt to gain popularity all she has done is increase her unpopularity and Harry with her.

  107. Been following this blog, its brilliant. I honestly hope Harry comes to his senses. If you google Prince Harry mistake….this headline shortly after the engagement was announced comes up : ‘BBC subtitle blunder has Prince Harry and Meghan Markle having ‘crisis talks’ already.’

    Hmmm….a sign of things to come???

    1. I’m not jealous, but there are a LOT of women who are more beautiful and more intelligent. And most of all, more genuine. Those bird legs are why the boots she wore on Christmas Day were so ill-fitting. Her legs weren’t thick enough to hold the boots in place! LOL With all her money and (PH’s) I’m surprised they didn’t have boots custom-made for her to fit those bird legs.

      1. they didn’t have enough time to do custom made boots , she wasn’t invited ahead of time to the RF Christmas , PH forced his family to invite her at the last moment , thats why all the failed wardrobe choices , they were done at the last moment not planned ahead , the engagement was a sneak attack from her, she told PH she quit her acting job for him and immediately she move in KP and she organised the engagement , she is brazen and she doesn’t wait for invitations , she forces her way in .She wrote the scrip for the engagement interview, everything is done by her, same the radio interview next week , PH will say what ever lines she wrote for him …PH thinks she is great and she is guiding him in a good direction, he craves independence from his family and he thinks this chick will provide this for him, having a charity foundation together , he thinks she is an entrepreneur and they will do great things together, a power couple …thats the idea she sold to him, he is gullible …I have a bridge to sell you !!

  108. @KS no I don’t think so those are conspiracies , PH is doing this on his own free will …he thinks MM is a great catch , he thinks she is great and there is nothing wrong with her personality and people who criticise her are either jealous or racist

  109. So Harry knows it not going to happen too? Otherwise why would he agree to a date which his brother would not be able to attend?

    Is Meghan blackmailing the RF?

    1. @ KS

      I thought I read the William allegedly said he would make an exception attending FA this year and be there to celebrate with his brother.

      Again, I think MM is proud of herself for changing so much in the RF: 1) she stops PH from joining in Boxing Day activities; and 2) she stops William from attending FA.

  110. Meghan Markle unmasked: friends and family speak of her broken home and steely ambition
    This was 3 motnhs ago, and no one is listenning

  111. One question: the U.K. Is set to earn in the region of £500 million from this wedding. People from all over are probably booking hotel rooms (spectators), all the folk that are making the memorabilia that hope to sell would’ve started their projects. Surely it would be better to announce this wedding is not going to happen sooner than later.

  112. @Ava that interview made PH look uncomfortable. She kept grabbing his hand as if she was scared he was going to walk away. Something weird here.

    1. What I don’t understand why is Harry giving her so much leeway. It all started with the banana post and those beaded African bracelets on her Instagram to drop hints. Then, they hang out with Mulroneys (Canadian political family), Ben Muloroney was then talking about their relationship on e-talk (entertainment program in Canada and US).

      She dumped her chef bf, I noticed the relationship timeline between her and Harry was off during the interview and what she said in the Vogue magazine. And then, she go out and stuck her tongue out when the Queen is there. What on earth was she even thinking?

      Why is RF not saying anything to the Hollywood furore MM is bringing along with Harry to their family?

  113. Yes it was definitely very cringe worthy. All I can think is that MM must be used to being very popular and well-liked because she comes across to me as someone who was very sure that the public would like her. I am a huge encourager of being confident in who you are but she just seems way too confident, I think even a little apprehension about joining the RF would be expected.

    Yes the parents are very, very quiet and has her mother even come to visit her in the UK or met the rest of the RF? One would have thought that she would be helping with the wedding planning.

  114. There is an article where it says MM wants her mother to walk her down the aisle but Samantha is saying that this is not true, that MM’s father will give her away. In the article they included the video of PH and MM messing about during the engagement interview. Btw was that for show too, because MM looks like she is trying to be so fun and PH looks like he is following her lead but he looks awkward at the same time. What did you guys make of that part? I think it was meant to be a behind the scenes thing.

  115. @Ava …I agree with you this radio station show is his idea…both idea to start their charity foundation and for people to like her and believe she is Angelina Jolie UN ambassador …a charity foundation, tax free to collect money to spend travelling , kind of like the Clinton foundation …only 10% of the money is spend in charity

  116. @KS …no I don’t think so, they are going to the radio station they are still and item , they will split late February that’s Lyndsay’s prediction

  117. @Sylvia
    She is manipulating him now it’s a game of trying desperately to make pple like her but guess what just watch the space.they are having problems not all glitters are gold an appearance at a radio station means nothing just watch the space and enjoy it
    We all know where it’s heading.there is nothing wrong in appearing at the radio station but behind closed doors it’s not gud something major it’s gona happen it’s only 1 thing that’s gona ruin everything time is important.
    I’m not going to spoil it for everyone but when the time comes for the relationship to end meghan markle will be shocked she won’t c wats coming

  118. @Nimi the relationship is gonna be over soon but they cant announce the end of the engagement soon cz that will be embarrassing they will not say a word for a while.
    They are just forcing things that are not meant to be and their destiny doesn’t allow them to be together.meghan markle just forcing things that are not meant to be hers.

  119. Loreta, I don’t think anyone really believes the pair of them are head over heels in love. As the engagement happened so quick just after a short time of them knowing each other. Lynsday has said in her 2018 predictions that the wedding will be called off a month or two before.
    I mentioned the Australian psychic because although her prediction about the wedding taking place is likely to be off, it still shows that other people are sensing that things are not right between the couple.

  120. U guys you are funny do u actually think that they are in love and they are getting on.They are spending more of their time arguing and he is thinking that mayb if we do engagements together pple will like her but it’s getting worst that is what is bringing the stress in the relationship.Trips to Nice and Monaco given the fact that she likes to show off l dnt think they dd happen come on.
    The psychics who are saying the wedding will happen cone on what do u think they are going g to say in front of the National papers hmmm.Not all glitters are gold l dnt want to spoil it for everyone but to those pple that hve read all my comments l hve mentioned the main reason that will get the wedding cancelled.something major is going to happen very soon in addition even if something happened there was no wedding it was not going to happen and never was gona happen.l dnt see the wedding happen

    1. @Loretta KP announced MM and PH would be at a radio station in Brixton Jan 9th…now she is busy writing the scrip for PH …she is still manipulating him very much

      1. Why does Meghan keep making appearing at these places, first Nottingham and now the radio station. When William and Kate got engaged we never saw much of Kate until she actually got married! It appears quite superficial that Ms Markle has to keep on being shown in the media spot light.

        1. @Nimi …she wants to remain in the spotlight thats why and they both have no plans to quit the Royal life , its much fun to live off the tax payer and vacation all year around and pretend to do a bit of charity , she is encouraging him not to quit the royal life , he is of no use for her if he quits RF, I bet if they did go to Monaco it was another photo op for MM, another magazine cover and interview …it never stops

  121. Now an Australian psychic ‘Kerrie Ewin’ has commented that PH and Markle wont last, except she thinks the wedding will take place but will only last a few years.

  122. Ava,

    I am sorry to say it but Harry comes across as very immature. Is he trying to compete with his brother? His behaviour to try to ‘convince’ the public to like MM sounds manipulative too. Perhaps he and MM are like two peas in a pod. I find it interesting from Lyndsay’s predictions that spirit seems to be more protective of Harry as if he is the innocent one being manipulated.

    1. Young souls are immature, but that doesn’t mean they are bad but are easily misled. Guides always protect us, and yes even those who choose the dark paths where they will try and steer them away. The thing is a soul must want to listen, and if they don’t that is when drastic action is taken such as ‘losses’ and tragedies. Another Soul Lesson is to learn the consequences of being manipulated and being betrayed. Spirit and Guides cannot protect you from everything; he needs to learn as we all do, and in future incarnations he will not make the same mistake again. You cannot keep mollycoddling him because it is this that has led to this. His Guides will also learn that they must allow things to play out. They can advise, but if he doesn’t listen, then Fate will intervene.

      Brothers always compete and I think Harry was a favorite, but this recent competitive streak has been brought on by MM. Before, Harry was content to help out and do his bit, whereas now he seems to be playing into the hands of the media who pit Kate and William against him. If the RF are wise they will stop this as it does cause friction. They did this with Diana and Sarah too, but Sarah did have real family and friends to support her. She was genuine, but silly in some of her decisions, but has now learned.

  123. Nice and Monaco right now are out of season and most people there are those who live there or use Monaco as a tax haven. Perhaps MM was so obsessed with Grace Kelly she wanted to visit, but given how close Nice is to London chartering a private plane would have been affordable, and the helicopter to Monaco from Nice is a tourist thing really. The journey is is about 15 minutes in the car and traffic isn’t bad. It’s a place to go and stay with friends in their villas as it is cheap. the whole trip sounds really cheaply done as if they are sponging off hosts and friends.

    Maybe they weren’t invited to Verbier this year or Harry decided it wasn’t a good idea for MM to spend too much time with his family? What will be revealed has not fallen into place yet. However, even if the Privy Council agree, it doesn’t mean that the engagement won’t be called off.

    I feel the mood is that Harry has lost all credibility and KP are just going with things until told otherwise. I’m sure the advisors to HM and PC are telling them that Harry is a laughing stock right now, and he is. He will take years to get his credibility back. As for the engagement next week, I feel this is Harry’s idea to try and get the public to like her and to convince the public that they are a power couple to rival Kate and William. I see this as their aim and Harry has bought into it.

  124. @Sylvia apparently they were partying with the rich and famous in Monaco.That’s what the Daily mail has just said now.

    1. @Loreta…again no picture proof of the famous trip, you know how many paparazzi are in Monaco near hotel de Paris tons of them, Monte Carlo and Monaco is full of paparazzi , also the rich people in Monaco spend New Years some where else they dont stay in Monaco the winter , there is no party going on in Monaco during the winter, people go to ski resorts or they go to Miami art Basel, I have friends living there.

    2. if is true we will have a new photo shoot of Me-again pretty soon and another magazine cover , maybe thats the reason she went to Monaco to do more pictures to sale to magazines …to try to look like Grace Kelly in Grace Kelly Palace

  125. By the way the DM article about the Nice vacation has 99% bad comments about Me-again and H …people are getting fed up of their antics …another PR fail

  126. And I bet MM justified her merching of clothes telling PH …oh I need to help my friend Jess Mulroney to start her business so I wear what ever she gives me ….Saint Meghan helping a friend in need and Saint Meghan also justified all her interviews and magazine covers to PH …oh well she is an actress and she can’t help it all the attention she is getting and she said to him they need all that publicity to create their charity foundation so they need the exposure it’s all for a good cause …don’t listen to your family ….she has an excuse for all her dodgy behaviour and regarding all the bad press she is getting she tells H …is pure jealousy and racism from the people , they want to destroy us …MM has him brain wash with her excuses …she tells H we need to change the monarchy and break protocol , we are going to be a power couple , we are going to go down in history the couple who modernised the RF ….and he believes all her crap , she tells him that he has the right to do what ever he wants with out approval of his family and he needs to put RF in their place , he has to be grown up and set his own rules and RF has to accept her because if they don’t they are racist ….it’s all manipulation and H is naive

  127. Thanks Loretta that is a relief to know. I just fear she knows she has screwed up with the RF so out of spite and to ensure .there will be a wedding she’ll trap PH

  128. What about her horrible choice of dress for the Christmas church with HM …low cut velvet dress showing cleavage all the way to the navel ….I agree probably the Nice vacation its another lie from her PR to justified her abscence …I think she is staycation and PH is not in the mood for pap walks …they are arguing about the wedding and the bad press she is getting and PH is starting to get uncomfortable having her around 24/7 ….MM is overbearing and domineering

  129. Loreta and Ava, there is also a story about MM and Victoria Beckham-apparently they have become friends and have bonded over beauty with Victoria recommending the facialist Sarah Chapman (who Meghan was photographed with before the engagement).

    Loreta you said you have changed your mind, sorry, but what about, I didnt understand?

    1. VB attaches herself to anyone that is currently popular. While DB was a talented footballer, VB on the other hand craved fame and stardom and she is rich but that’s because she uses the Beckham name as a brand and sells it. Lots of celeb friendships aren’t real ones, but photo opportunities.

      As for the dress MM wore on Christmas Day, of course it was inappropriate if that was the case, but apparently they all change when they get back from church anyhow. It wasn’t an official engagement so most members were dressed smartly as you do for church, but not necessarily new as Eugenie wore trainers I think!

      The royals are well versed in not getting pregnant before marriage because the child would be conceived out of wedlock and therefore there would be issues over parentage and titles. I imagine the boys were all told in their teens to use specific protection!

  130. @Sylvia
    The wedding need planning.dnt forget it’s going to be the wedding of the year.ln addition,she needs to start preparing for her role so if she is doing magazines when is she going to get time.Her PR hve just released a story about a romantic break to Nice France.once again lies after lies where are the photos given how much she loves publicity we need the photos.Saint Meghan maybe the British public will change their mind but l dnt think so after her bizarre behaviour at the church pretending to be all vulnerable hanging at henry like a monkey and the sticking out of the tongue
    My mind has changed let’s see what her PR team will come up with this week

  131. @Mick for once stop believing what the press says meghan will never have kids she has done so many arbotions besides she never wanted kids. This whole relationship is a sham.she isn’t intrested in becoming a mum to henrys kids even if they dd marry genuinely there were never gona hve guides are telling me that she ain’t pregnant however a very dark cloud is now hanging around them l guess problems in the relationship

  132. Loretta or lyndsay is there truth in the rumor that MM is already pregnant. Please can you ask spirit to confirm. Thanks

  133. Hi Ava,

    Thank you for your response. Thats interesting. I thought that the premise of the LOA is referenced in the Bible too. So does that mean that no matter what choices you make (within reason) you will still be led to where you are ‘destined’ to be?

    Are people destined to be together? I have heard a few psychics who have claimed that William and Kate are soulmates. Are some people destined to be alone, even if they don’t want to be?

    This is all very confusing. I have heard people swear by so many different beliefs systems including the LOA. I had never heard of magick before.

    1. We all have soul groups rather than soul mates, and from that group we can have a choice of partners. It is wrong in my opinion to only have one choice because free will exists, plus there is something called exit points when a soul can opt out early, therefore it would not be fair if another soul had only one soul to choose from as a mate.

      The LOA has been interpreted in many ways, recently in contemporary times as a new age way of thinking, yet when I do read people talking about it it’s so airy fairy and they clutch at straws and embellish what actually occurred in regards to what they wished for. Having done a cross section of astrology charts, palmistry and soul readings, my own conclusion is that we do incarnate with a blueprint, but whether we stick to it is another matter.

      Magick is the spelling and term used by ancients when we refer to manifestation work.

  134. @Sylvia the wedding is not going to happen.Saint Meghan that’s what her PR team are doing now but currently they seem to have run out of things to write coz one story that has just appeared in the Daily mail about some crap dress she wore apparently on Xmas day her so called stylist Jessica ddnt confirm weather she wore it or not bt what I’m beginning to miss her stories in the press even her l actually miss her seriously.
    I hope there is more to come about SAINT MEGHAN WHO FEED THE HIM LET’S AND WHO IS A PHILANTHROP

    1. @Loreta… …probably Media Meg is busy right now doing more interviews and magazine covers ….you know…the girl has to hustle before she gets kick out from KP
      she needs to take advantage of this few weeks she has left to try to get some acting jobs and more exposure , her PR must be having a crisis everything they do backfires really badly so they have to come out with better ideas….maybe she is changing PR.. we will see more of her mid week

  135. @Ava ..he is doing what ever he wants and he is not listen to any advise , he is forcing the marriage , he is the only one to blame , they are still loved up together …quarrelling , he thinks the world is against him , he won’t give up until dirts comes out and he sees proof she is a con …now in his mind he thinks he is going to marry Angelina Jolie

  136. Happy NY! The vibe I get now is actually aimed at the royal household for not acting. Spirit takes a dim view of those who choose a path to play games, because spirituality is about being honest. When signs are ignored, spirit has a way of pushing things that can lead to ‘losses’ and incidents that force a path. In short, if the RF don’t act, they may also encounter their own problems.

    I also take a dim view of KP either supporting Harry’s poorly chosen remarks, or a refusal to apologize on his behalf. It was live, on air and not a misquote, so it’s hard to say it was out of context or could be misinterpreted. Are they supporting him blindly, or have other motives? Either way, to comment and say ‘the words speak for themselves’ is not an apology but does it reaffirm and support him?

    1. Happy New Year, everyone!!!

      Loreta, you miss Meghan?! You are funny. Perhaps there will be more stories about her for you soon! 🙂

      Ava, Loreta mentioned that her guides told her that MM was using black magic to lure PH in. Did you see that too?

      Also back to the subject of destiny, what are your views on how this interplays with the LOA, if at all? Is the LOA real? Some celebrities swear by it and say they were able to achieve what they wanted to because of it. What if someone was utilising the LOA to achieve something that isnt their destiny- like Meghan for instance?

      1. Hi KS

        I did read about the black magic, and as an ancient witch there is healing and there is magick, there is no such thing as white or black, any ritual or spell used to change the course of nature is magick. Did MM use any? I feel it was more of spell that was used for fun, but what it did do was pervert the course of things. Harry when asked about the early stages seems to be fuzzy and while it maybe a reluctance to discuss things, he sounds as if her can’t remember or make sense of how t happened.

        Magick does wear off though, and the threefold law exists (let’s just say I have experience of it which is why I don’t practice). Personally I think the LOA is a load of poppycock that makes lots of motivational speakers lots of money. I agree positive thoughts are always good, but I see people convincing themselves of things to fit into the theory. Fate and Destiny exist, but so does limited freewill. Magick and LOA are a personal choice, and everyone is entitled to their opinion, but magick comes from intent and manifestation powers. Some have those gifts, and others will pay them to use those gifts. Misuse of gifts usually ends up with them being stripped, and that’s why some psychics lose their gifts when they have abused them.

        1. Also you said that the spell was used to pervert the course of things. Do you mean that without the spell PH we would not have proposed to MM?

          Also what is happening with MM now that its quiet?

  137. Ava, I agree. I am not psychic but I see the same. Neither of the couples appear genuine to me. I also see parallels between Meghan and Amal.

    So why did Brad and Jennifer break up? Why did Brad cheat with Angelina?

  138. @Ava
    What’s going on with the Clooneys.l thought couples do go through ups and downs but in the end they do work it out.l thot the twins heard strengthen their love and brought them close.wats going on now.l can’t be bothered to check them out

  139. Ava,

    I am also very curious about the Clooneys. I dont know why but when I look at them I see a facade. Are you able to tell us more or is it too sensitive?

  140. @KS
    This is a very sensitive topic to talk about in public what I have actually came to realise you can’t say that the wedding won’t happen directly I feel that you will get attacked even death threats you can receive remember there is meghan army out there.
    That’s y she can’t say it directly not only that most psychics knew from the engagement that there won’t be any wedding but once again they got business to promote and also they ddnt want to sound and appear harsh that’s y they kept quiet.
    Some genuinely ddnt see it.its only’s like Lyndsay Edwards and a few once out there who are genuine and l also in this case.pple ddnt get deeply involved pple where just watching so if it ends both henry and meghan have no one to blame or to say pple were jealousy buy only themselves.the wedding my guides keep on saying no wedding but now honeymoon phase is over arguments all the time and now she has gone quite meghan and the PR team.I’m just waiting to see what lies will they come up announcements hve gone quite coz we were told abt the dress the cake now nothing

    1. You have to be very careful with predictions because people can get upset at them. I made some several years ago and told my friend’s mother her daughter would return home and that it would be good for her. My friend wanted to marry someone elsewhere and was settling down, and she asked me if the marriage would happen. Rather than say no, I said enjoy the relationship for what it is in the now because I didn’t want to upset her, and her ex was such a lovely chap but the relationship and the lessons each needed to learn had been fulfilled.

      I told her she should move back to her home town as it would be better for her even though she had a job; she didn’t ever want to go back, but I told her to keep an open mind. When I told her mother she would be moving back she also said she knew her daughter never wanted to come back except to visit. Six months later she went home for a vacation and then ended up moving back there due to an illness. I had told both her mother and her (separately) that it would happen and it did, and both did trust what I said but didn’t think it would happen as neither had wanted or planned it, but that was out of their hands eventually. Basically it saved her life as her illness was worse than they had thought.

      The point is you have to be careful when making predictions because you don’t want to influence things or sound as if you are crazy or jealous. The gift of foresight is to help guide people so they stay on the correct path or if they veer down the not so good choice, how to get back onto the better path. As a Sensitive, one can offer possible outcomes only, and the most probable ones are not always the most positive outcomes I am afraid.

  141. Happy new year to everyone!!!! I think the RF will cover up the split for a while because if they announced immediately , PH looks really stupid, he will look like a moron …I mean …he proposed and after 4 weeks wedding got cancel who does that ? , makes him look like a nut case …they are buying time to make up stories and save H ass not to protect M-again , also they may want the dust to settle to announce the break up , but the US tabloids will expose M-again dirty secrets regardless of what RF decide to do with PH ….he is in big trouble nothing is going to save him at this point he will get bad press too and is his fault because he has the brilliant idea to bring Me-again to his family before investigating her past …he didn’t do his home work , he behaved reckless like a teenager infatuated believing a con artist …so let him face the music …he will mature with this lesson and he will stop believing in fairy tales …but I think they are still an item in this moment , he is very stubborn only when she gets completely exposed as a liar he will give up

  142. Loreta, you are funny! Yes what will we have to talk about when it all ends?! We will have to find a hobby! 🙂

    Ava, thank you for the info, very thought provoking.

  143. Guys lm nt a bitch or a hater but hey well psychics are beginning to predict an end to the relationship above all they are beginning to say it as it is.I’m talking abt a psychic who was featured in the daily mail today saying meghan and henrys relationship is not going anywere.Whatever happens the wedding is off.What I’m really annoyed with is the fact that the RF will try to cover it up for as long as possible then they will announce the end of the relationship and the cancellation of the wedding around March April.why are they protecting her given who she is anyway even if they cover up for her everybody knws who she is now coz her publicity ddnt help in all honesty. secondly both henry and meghan are to blame for this fiasco but the ginger prince will have to take the fall first given the fact that he was deceived
    She will try to garner sympathy from pple pretending to be wrongly treated by the British press and RF
    Eventually nothing will stay hidden forever it will finally come out why the wedding was cancelled and also the kind of person she is but still they are prolonging this shit.
    This shouldn’t have been allowed to drag this long anyway.lm gona miss meghanwhat are we gona when the relationship is done.we will have to wait for the return of meghan coz she will b busy trying to get back to our screens meanwhile poor harry he will b busy licking his wounds crying over spilt milk

    1. Loreta, I just looked up the article you mentioned and the psychic said that she does get feelings of pregnancy for Meghan though and she said she would give the relationship 5 years, so that does indicate that she sees them getting married, if I read it correctly.

      She said that William and Kate are soulmates.

    2. Meanwhile Loretta everyone is watching their post boxes for their invite to drop through the door!!!! My personal take on this – the Queen allowed her the privilege to join them basically to give her the rope to ‘hang to herself’. The Queen is a very astute lady

  144. Ava do you have your own website?

    Also you said that destiny is more than what job you do and is what your soul is passionate about and it will choose that path regardless. Please could you elaborate on this? Perhaps with an example?

    Allegedly MM got the role in Suits because of her relationship with Trevor. But what if she hadnt got greedy and she had stayed with him? Isn’t it possible that she could have continued acting because of Trevor’s connections and the financial security he provided her with? Aren’t things only falling apart because she became greedy?

  145. Hi Ava,

    Thank you for your response. I dont know why but I find it frustrating that Harry would take the fall. If they are not telling the truth then they should just put out a simple statement that they have separated and the wedding is cancelled. The reason why I say this is firstly because I am sick of all the lies that the public have been fed regarding this farcical relationship and secondly because it just allows MM to continue to do what she is doing and get lots of media attention while she is doing it. It seems like the public will not see her true colours. She has been heralded as inspirational for working hard to elevate herself in life but this is something of a lie. If Harry takes the fall I imagine that the stories she tells (as people have indicated here) will be believed as the reason for their split especially in light of the brooch incident at the Christmas dinner.

  146. Thanks for the reply Loreta! Blimey it sounds like a grim outlook for her although she probably wont view it that way when she first splits with him. KS that’s an interesting question about destiny.

  147. I think I read somewhere that Meghan said she was approached by an agent (or someone in the industry) whilst she was working at the embassy and they told her that they could make her a star. Of course I dont know whether or not this is true.

  148. Hi Loreta,

    Just out of curiosity, you mentioned that people have dreams but being an actress and marrying a rich man is not Meghan’s destiny. How does one know what their destiny is? What if in her heart she is sure that being an actress is her destiny? Of course I don’t agree with the means that she uses but I see actresses in Hollywood whose acting is just as bad as hers and they are rich and famous. My question is how does one know whether or not their dream is their destiny?

  149. @Nimi
    Hope you are ok.You knw her now and you know what she is like.She is jobless rigt now and by the way she is gona be dumped soon. lets b honest it’s a humiliation one minute you dine with the queen you gt the ring your name is everywhere as Saint meghan then u get dumped.she will go on TV doing interviews as usually telling pple sob stories about how things went really wrong for her. She will try to influence pple into thinking that she was treated bad by the royal family and also trying to make pple think that the RF are bad
    We all knw that it’s garbage I’m sure most pple now knws that it’s her game.
    She will even do red carpet turning up at events trying to make new friends and even try to reconnect with old friends who have been cut off since her romance blossomed with the ginger prince but you knw rite every girl who hve been with the ginger prince they will always be knwn as harrys ex. Chelsea was a lawyer turned jewellery designer but she is always knwn as harrys ex same as Cressida apparently she was an actress but once again harrys ex both Chelsea and Cressida have tried to launch careers as businesswoman and actress but still they are harrys ex my opinion it has not done great.l guess Chelsea is thriving with jewellery design but Cressida its just not there hence meghan will try to go on TV portray herself as a victim of the royal family racist institute.she will try to tell the world how her time was wasted u knw that sort of thing
    They won’t b there to defend themselves so she will say a lot of staff more of negative about the RF if she gets given the platform but guess what it’s just never gona work.we knw her Wat a liar a cheat and a manipulator she is.
    Actually that’s gona be wrong move on her’s gona affect her career as an actress in all fairness without Trevor she wouldn’t have made it in Suit so on her own she is nothing.magazine covers will evaporate once again without henrys connection she won’t b on magazine covers.
    Meghan has never done anything for herself she has no foundation in what l said in my previous post her destiny was to work a 9 to 5 jobs and b4 she became a wannabe actress apparently she dd work at Argentinian embassy that’s her life.working a 9 to 5 job leaving an average life she is almost 40 she hasn’t made it in Hollywood l think it’s never gona happen.
    She will get something as in acting but it’s never gona go far pple will knw that she is bad news nobody will want to b associated with her.besides her destiny was never meant to make it as an actress so she will try to force it but it will b a struggle.
    The only reason why we came to knw her was nt coz of her work but coz of being henrys chic but once it’s done that’s it she is another jobless actress and going on TV trying to relaunch her career she has to exploit the fact that she is henrys ex not Trevor or Corys ex
    She will try almost everything to make it but on her own it’s gona be tough.henry gave her opportunities for publicity and to appear on magazine covers but Hollywood ddnt even come and knock on the door.apparently she was being considered for Bond Girl role if that was the fact I dnt think she was gona turn it down but it’s a lie it never happened. soon it’s done that opportunity of publicity and magazine covers. the door is closed Trevor was for acting jobs but he treated him badly so that door is closed.l dnt see any genuine rich person or even A list hollywood star male or female wanting to get close to her coz she is bad news besides she is not destined to marry a rich man. She is meant to be with an average Joe.
    I dnt see her recovering from this downfall deception is will ruin your life by closing opportunities for you.the life she wants to be rich and wealth and to marry a rich man I dnt see it happening.she came close on henry and that’s not gona happen and she will never get another opportunity again.Her life will go back to her destiny and funny enough the money she made from being harrys gal and from her work as an actress she should invest it in business but l see her blowing it all up coz she thinks she will get more work and she will spend more than she is making hence bankruptcy will follow due to some failed project.
    She will sink into obscure.You won’t hear about her again and soon she will be history and pple will b asking each other where she is.

  150. So Loreta, she will end up getting some fame out of all of this then if she’s going to hit the red carpet. She is quite confident too as in her past interviews so it looks like she’ll be in her element regardless. What do you see her doing for a living after all of this is over, will she continue with the charity pursuits or was that just for show?

  151. @Ava u were right apparently the RF will cover up the break up.My spiritual guides have just confirmed that. apparently we will start getting very juicy headlines from the press later on on the year.My question why the Royals will be covering eventually the truth will come out we will knw the truth besides.l feel that meghan will try to portray the royals as being bad to garner sympathy from pple above all harry might take the fall for her or she could tell the world that she ended it what’s your opinion

  152. @Loreta…when MM goes quiet that means she is scheming and is up to something , so more photos coming of Me -again and H all over the tabloids , New Years holidays , Me-again merching clothes for her friend Jess …more none sense stories about her charities and how she will save the world with H , excuse me charity start at home little con artist ! More delusional stuff from both of them until all the dirt comes out , then they will hit a wall and we will hear crickets from N Cottage

  153. @KS …Me-again is very immature that’s why she shot her foot making up all those stories …she is mess up in her head that girl , self hating , she has so many issues , both have mental problems so they connect in that level …she is a con artist that’s why she create a fake life , she gets caught up in her own lies and she believe her lies , they both need therapy , when some one is mess up in the head doesnt see the consequence of their actions they just act impulsive and don’t think before talking , I agree with all of you that now in this moment PH is finally realising he is stuck in MM web of lies , now that they are spending lot of time together he can see she is koo koo and she creates a lot of trouble so when the dirt comes out it would be the icing on the cake ….but I wouldn’t be shock if MM drag PH to a Caribbean vacation just to get another magazine cover , she has no shame and even if they are fighting every day she still wants publicity , I read some where she uses same PR people as Jennifer Lopez , I think MM will continue promoting herself until the end …expect lots of articles after new year and magazines , interviews …until the dirt comes out , once her dirty laundry is out she will stop and her PR will stop too , they won’t be able to defend her , leaking more stories about MM will fan the flames , her PR will drop like a hot potato because she lied to them as well about her life so once the PR realise there is no wedding they won’t be interested in Me-again they will cut her loose and we won’t hear about Me-again for a while ( eye roll 🙄 )

  154. I decided to speak to my spiritual guides to find out wats going on wit both henry and meghan coz they have both gone quite.
    What my guides are telling me is that the statement henry made abt meghan family apparently the other members of the RF heard a word with him.Basically they hve been showing him that ms markle is no gud but he has been ignoring them but this time he has now realised that he has been lied to by meghan coz evidence is there that her family were gud to her and she used to spend xmas with them.
    Henry has realised that he has been made to look like an idiot above all he is now questioning so many things abt ms markle and he is actually confronting her now and they are fighting and arguing.
    I dd ask my spiritual guides if things are going to get better btwn the two of them but my guides are tellin me that this is the beginning of the end of their relationship.there is no chance in hell the relationship will recover and above all henry is beginning to see that the relationship is running out of its course
    Henry questioning her he is now beginning to see the other side of ms markle that he ddnt think exist as in bad side.As for meghan she is so comfortable the reason why she is giving as gud as she is getting from henry is coz she has gotten so comfortable with the ring and she thinks it won’t be taken away.the other issue as well she heard control over henry which is y she was able to manipulate him wherever her fancy tickles.she still thinks that she can control and manipulate guides are telling me that she has lost that control now.her telling those sob stories to gain sympathy from henry it’s now ending coz all along if pple says the truth abt her via the press she would claim to henry that pple are jealousy of me and they hate me but now his eyes and brains are slowly opening.he is beginning to see that she is gud at playing the victim.hence the exs who are gona spill the beans henry will believe last issue I dd ask my guides if meghan will get money after the relationship ends. My guides said no even loss of income money she is getting nothing coz she won’t even ask for that she will just leave voluntarily for fear of being kicked out of NP which will be a humiliation for her and also for fear of being exposed to the British tabloids whilst she is around in London.
    I dd ask my guides once again if the press will give us the juicy guides gave a big yes but they said when the gossip starts coming out she will be back in the states.
    One final question I dd ask my guides as well was abt meghan what will become of her after she goes back to the states the same thing they told me previously apparently she will hit the red carpet again trying to come back to relaunch her career.she will even go on talkshows to promote herself she will do a kiss and tell but she wont say much about henry.however she is gona play the victim card and tell a sob story to garner pples sympathy but it won’t work

  155. Hie everyone.
    It has gone quite on henry and meghans camp.that’s very unusual given how much she loves publicity.the PR seems to have run out of things to say nowcoz the stories being written about her serving in kitchens we have heard them all above all the stories about meghan family being unhappy with what henry said have been there for days now.
    Now l feel like the PR team are just making up white lies for her to stay relevant in the papers.Monday will b January.l wonder

  156. Yes January is going to be a long month but to be honest the months have been long since they announced the engagement because the public have been bombarded. None of this should have happened. But it also goes to show that no man is infallible. I never thought this would happen with the BRF, I thought that they were too image conscious.

    No we are not anti-MM but she has brought nothing positive. All she cares about is promoting herself and she has been dominating the tabloids. She should have stayed in the US and found a rich producer to marry so that she could walk the red carpet which is really what she wants. She has no business being part of the RF and that is the real issue.

    I can’t see how they can still be in the honeymoon phase. Ava, you said that you see her crying and Harry doesn’t know how to console her. I feel that she will bring more stress and controversy than Harry is mature enough to handle. Harry seems like he likes an easy, fun life and to have things his way but it doesn’t look like things are working out like that.

    Ava do you see Harry as feeling stressed too? Is all of this business with the Christmas lunch, the outfit and Harry speaking out of turn negatively affecting their relationship? Has how they feel about each other changed at all?

  157. @Ava
    Hope you are ok. For now she has gone quite ms markle the PR keep on giving us inspirational stories about she went to serve in soup kitchen to moving to KP and some other gabbage.
    When shit hit the fan the PR are they prepared for damage control what will they come up with wen the relationship is over.her PR team are they going to stand by meghan from the looks of it mayb they are going to lose one of their valuable customers big time.
    The other thing her PR are telling us tht she was considered major roles on big blockbuster movies.lm just intrested to see if them offers will come after
    It wll b nice to see her come back to our screens but I think the truth will finally be revealed at some point coz the truth always comes out in the end

  158. So the public (other than those who have worked it out for themselves) will not find out about her true character? And the story that is given to the press will spare her reputation?

  159. @Ava she has retired from acting what a pile of crap.absolute popcock.her contract in Suits was finished basically she was jobless that’s y she manipulated the ginger prince into marrying her.straight from suits she jump into a marriage proposal.
    After all the publicity she generated Hollywood ddnt come and knock at her door.She thinks she has now begged a prince and it’s done.I’m afraid she is gona come out of retirement.Another point Ava mentioned that ws correct she has no money.there is no way she made millions in suits she wasn’t the main character not only that its on cable tv above all they film in Canada coz it’s cheap so there was no way she was gona make millions like Sophia Vergara.she made enough to survive.magazines ddnt give her much coz since she ain’t an A list actress l dnt think they generate a lot of sales

  160. Ava,

    I read somewhere (I can’t remember where) that someone who knew MM said that her and Cory’s relationship seemed to be very superficial and showy.

  161. blind gossip

    When this TV actress began dating this male celebrity, she told him tales of woe.

    She knew that he had a military background and a fondness for rescuing children in need in poor countries, so she exaggerated tales of her childhood to make it seem like she wished someone had rescued her. She knew that it would make him feel protective of her.

    Well, that certainly explains where he got the “impression” that he was the one finally providing her with the love and security of a real family.

    It also gave her a backstory as to why she had the same goals as him to rescue those in need and how she wanted that to be her life’s work. He resuces children, she rescues animals, he rescues her, and together they rescue the world. It was all rather clever of her.

  162. @Ava
    Yeah, I noticed the foundation that Meghan was wearing made her look darker and not lighter. What’s going on? In most of her acting and photo shoots, she always looked more white in appearance. In a way, I think the person who applied her makeup for Royal event, was deliberately trying to show her true complexion. Also, the beige-tan color she was wearing added more visibility and exposure of her natural appearance. If she had worn a brighter color, her skin tone would have appeared lighter. What’s up with that?

  163. @Ava
    Hie much as l gt psychic and mediumship abilities.l just wanted hear your opinion.why dd meghan markle lie from the beginning.why dd she think she could get away with it.why dd she think she could manipulate him and lie to make him fall on love with her.above all why dd she think she could marry into royalty get money and title without being caught and exposed.her PR team are they prepared for the likely outcome of this whole saga or they think she will get married they make their money and even if they divorce who cares.

  164. Also Meghan claimed that she doesnt read the tabloids so how does she know people are laughing at her? What does Harry expect William and Kate to do about it?

  165. Thanks Ava! I thought her friend looked like a nice person in the pictures I saw.

    Where did you see the close up photos that you referred to in your post?

  166. A Bond Girl?! Wow. I couldn’t imagine her in a Bond film at all. This means that she will continue her acting career while she is with him? But won’t the roles she will be able to do be quite limited? I can hardly see her in a period drama and aren’t the roles she has done in the past too risqué to continue for someone married to a Royal.

  167. PH is easy to manipulate , is basically like stealing candy from a baby , that’s one of the reasons MM feels overly confident and looks smug , she knows she has the upper hand and she will says jump and he says how high , she call the shots

  168. Also the reason why I have asked about whether she experiences insecurity/ anxiety about what she is doing is because she seems to possess a sense of determination/ ruthlessness that is unfamiliar to me so it is interesting to know how her mind works. I have read comments accusing her of being a narcassist. It would explain some of her behaviour but again I dont know her and I don’t have psychic/ sensitive abilities that would allow me that level of insight.

  169. Hi Ava,

    Thank you for your response. Yes what you say is true. I think when a woman says something about another woman people can be so quick to accuse them of jealousy when that may or may not be the case. Personally, when I look at her I see someone who is not genuine. That was my first impression and that hasn’t changed. I also see someone who is willing to do and say whatever it takes to get what they want. I second guess myself because I dont know her and I have never met her, and I try to give people the benefit of the doubt and I am not blessed with the gifts of insight that you, Lyndsay, Loreta, Sylvia and others have. However since reading comments on this threat I realised that other people shared my reservations.

  170. Hi Everyone,

    Aren’t MM and PH supposed to be going away on a romantic ski trip (to Switzerland or somewhere else) shortly after Christmas?

    I recall reading mention of this when it was announced that MM would spend Christmas with the RF. Haven’t heard anything else, though I have not been reading a lot of online news lately.

    1. @Dee dont be shock if you see in DM and the SUN 1st of January …MM and PH vacation in the Caribbean …St Lucia …talking about her charities and the wedding and MM merching clothes as always and would be the cover for Hello Magazine …they waste no time

    1. Just out of curiosity Ava do you think this is a lie? I mean before suits most people never heard of her but in the article she’s critically acclaimed and sought after!

    2. @Sylvia u believe that shit.Xmas weekend was a disaster fashion wise and everything.if it was ok we should hve been told that mayb charles and Andrew were happy to see meghan. U knw what they are like.every thing she has done so far from meeting the queen for tea to everything her PR team wud have exploited’s not good in the love paradise and they are running out of things to say that’s y they are telling porkies about her being considered for Bond Girl role.
      There is trouble now and guess what she needs to stay relevant which is y they are spinning Web of lies and I’m sorry they now have run out of things to plannin it has gone quite the last time b4 xmas it was abt the wedding dress and banana cake’s gone quite..l wud like to believe that Lyndsay Edwards predictions are right.a break up b4 it even happened.
      She has been unfaithful to all her patters. AVA was correct she has been unfaithful to Trevor and Corey and the other ones that we dnt knw.
      Overall she has been forcing things that were never meant to be hers.the lies are too much.she wll keep on lying until the boyfriends exposes her

      1. @ Loreta …hopefully her ex boyfriends/lovers will expose her and her nude pics and videos will be out if there is any , I think right now her lawyers are threaten all this people with law suits.

  171. It is unfair for Kate to be put under pressure in this way. She already has quite difficult pregnancies so the health of her and the baby should be put first not Harry and Meghan’s relationship.

    Harry and Meghan have made their decisions without thinking about how it impacts on others. They are adults and they have to deal with the consequences. I have said it before and I will say it again they did not have to get engaged (or announce the engagement) so quickly. They could have waited until after Meghan had lived in the UK for a while and after Kate had given birth. I feel Harry has brought this on himself. It is different for Meghan, her family are in the US and from what is being said here she is not close to them. Her decisions do not affect them in the same way. Harry is a Royal and very much part of his family. He has shown that he has no respect for his family or his position. He claims that he does not like living in the public eye and if he has really found love and met the person he wants to spend the rest of his life with now would be a perfect time for him to move away and live a quiet life with Meghan.

    1. KS..they don’t want a quiet life , they both want publicity and celebrity status and they both love to be in the news every day and covers of magazine …they are enjoying the limelight if not this would not be happening and MM wouldn’t give interviews , both of them create this Circus , MM wouldn’t be doing what she is doing with out H support …they are a team

  172. Ava, I have read so many negative comments stating that Samantha and Meghan’s friend who spoke out about her are jealous, nasty people and ‘poor Meghan’ for having such a troublesome family and jealous friends and about how great it is that a nice person like her has found success and a good man like Harry.

    Its a hard one, because as a rule I think it is disloyal to publicly say negative things about your friends and family even if they are true but at the same time if noone ever spoke up then the truth would take longer to come out (or may never come out at all) and a lot more people could get hurt. It may also be confusing for the public because I have heard reports about Meghan being ‘kind’ ‘warm’ ‘humble’ from people in the celebrity world (which of course in contrary to what is being said on this site too) so people will be more likely to believe that people who speak out about her are jealous. I believe Serena Williams said some positive words about her in the Vanity Fair article.

    Recently I have met people who like her because of her character on Suits and also because they see her as fun and positive and ‘a breath of fresh air for the stuffy Royal Family.’ It appears she plays the ‘sweet, kind and innocent but sexy and fun’ role quite well and I can see this being a hit with men in particular. When I sensed that something was off about her I would second guess myself because she seemed ‘sweet.’

    1. @KS,

      I, too, have read good and bad about MM. So, it depends on who you ask.

      Remember, she is an actress! Maybe MM is sweeter and nicer to her friends and co-workers and those who can help elevate her status than she is to her half-siblings? I don’t know that for certain… just speculating. I do think she is reasonably close to her mother, though the jury is still out about her relationship with her father. If she is close to her dad, why didn’t she arrange for Harry to meet him in person before the engagement? Even if her dad is strapped for money, MM could have paid for his trip herself. Or, even PH probably would have paid for it — or better yet — jetted them both to Mexico to visit her dad.

      Personally, I don’t think she is a bad person. I just question this relationship with PH and her sincerity about him for the long haul.

  173. @Kayla….she is after the money , she is not a famous movie start so she doesn’t make millions like movie stars do , also she is almost 40 and she wants to be set for life so H is her meal ticket , she doesn’t care if RF hate her guts she is after H money’s and fame and that’s her goal , her goal is not to be liked by the RF and British public …she doesn’t give a damn , she want to marry him and after get a big settlement of millions to divorce him and use that fame to get jobs in the entertainment business , she sees him as her big opportunity and she won’t go away unless she is forced out

  174. I hope meghan markle at some point she has to come and read this.l guess even if she read all the comments we have posted about her and henry she will be in denial l think.

  175. @Ava
    I read the petition, but my question is, the naked photos of her online were probably photoshopped or just being scantily clad, like see through clothing. I don’t think she posed fully nude as they are saying

  176. @Sylvia
    If Meghan is aware that the RF doesn’t like her, is she trying to force them to like her? I don’t understand why she would put herself through this agony, unless her agenda in getting the title, perks, and benefits that comes with being a RF spouse. There is no other way to explain why she is persistent in marrying PH. Also, she’s an actor and knows how to act in getting what she wants. Life is all about acting. I guess

  177. Everybody us allowed to dream they all heard dreams.this while relationship was never meant to be.The only thung that I wud love is for the daily mail and the sun and the mirror to give us all the juicy gossip.not to forget the amazing Samantha Markle to give us a kiss and tht we knw it all.the wedding is nt being planned.what lyndsay edwards said on her predictions that’s the outcome.henry will end it and miss markle will dissappear without no money.she is getting nothing.l can’t wait for meghan to relaunch her career. I’m just intrested in what she will come up with

  178. I think MM tells H that they need all this publicity for them to start their charity foundation, that she needs to go and do all this interviews and magazine covers to get exposure and they need to marry to be a power couple and start this charity foundation together , she tells him all this publicity it’s necesary , they need the exposure to raise money for their charity foundation …and dummy believes all the story and is up for it …he believes in that dream of power couple doing charity , Hollywood famous , travelling …living part time in LA …all glitz , sorounded of movie stars , on the cover of magazines …that’s the lie she sells to him and he believes that fantasy …he thinks he is going to marry Halle Berry and would have that kind of life …Prince married to a movie star does charity work around the world …party and has a good time sorrounded of celebrities ….when he falls off that cloud would be very hard

  179. KS …MM knows RF don’t like her , she can feel it , but she doesn’t care because she doesn’t have plans to stick with H all her life , she is after a big pay out and fame and move on to get some one better than H …a A list movie star or a billionaire to give her the kind of life she wants …luxury with out restrictions, I think yes she confide in that Jess friend and that friend is coaching her , the friend is a clever fox and is giving MM advise since the beginning how to profit from H because that friend also profit from the relationship MM has with H, the friend is merching her clothing …they both (MM and friend ) thought it won’t end in marriage so the plan was to take as much they can as fast they can from H , now the plan it’s marriage they will continue to profit until everything falls apart …MM is being coached by that friend and her PR firm ,she is not alone they are a team that’s why MM looks so confident , she had this team of people cheering behind her and planning every move …nothing it’s spontaneous, all it’s carefuly planed …they are crafty people and it’s all for financial gain …what else would be ?

  180. Hi everyone,

    Thank you for all the updates.

    Loreta, Ava, Sylvia do you think Meghan is still confident at the moment, considering she is not liked by most of the RF except Harry?

    Does she experience insecurity regarding this matter or is she too arrogant?

    Also, is there anyone else who she has been working very closely with to achieve her aim or does she keep her intentions only to herself?

    I cant help thinking it is a lot to carry by yourself and taking on the RF must be nerve racking. Surely she must confide in someone? Do you think Jess Mulroney (her ‘close’ syylist friend) knows?

  181. Ava I’m surprised to hear that Meghan doesn’t even love PH just a little bit. And you’re right about PH having learning some soul lessons too. It’s like he’s so immature that he’s led by lust to be marrying her so quick. He also needs to grow up too he’s been known to be making racist slurs towards other ethnicities in the past. Maybe he’s brought all this on himself for being immature and led by his senses!

  182. @Sylvia
    After meghan markle henry will meet a nice girl who is going to be his wife and that relationship will b for life basically till death do them apart.he won’t meet a scrounger or some1 of low class.
    Secondly the relationship is in trouble he is trying to cover up for her and trying to take a fall but himself henry he is beginning to see meghans character and behaviour.soon the secrets are going to come out.he will connect all the dots and end it’s never gona be dragged.henry will solely make the decision to end it February it will b over but coz it wll hushed for a while then March it will b revealed.this is not going to drag and will end quickly she might try to force it but hmm henry can get angry

    1. Post
      1. @ Lyndsay,

        Yes, it works! 🙂 Thanks so much!!! It’s great getting the notifications and seeing everyone’s comments in my email.

  183. @Ava …I feel he will drag this to the end unless dirty about MM come out and RF ask him to step down , if he lose all his privileges he may dump her other wise he will continue in the current path

    1. @ Sylvia,
      Sadly, I agree with you about PH not leaving Meghan unless he is forced to do so. Maybe they are birds of a feather… and maybe PH thinks he cannot do any better… or maybe the physical attraction is that great.

  184. @Loretta , I wouldn’t be shock if H after all the dirt is out about MM he chose to stick with her , even if he knows she played him and lied , only if the RF force him out , I think he will dump her

  185. To all …I hate to say this but if H finds MM a good person is because he is as shallow as she is , no other explanation, some one with more substance will notice how fake and manipulative she is from day one , he must enjoy the media attention other wise this situation would not happen , the funny part is that he always complain that paparazzi and media killed his mother and now he is over the moon with all the media storm he is causing so contradict his statements …said one think and thinks differently…birds of same feather flock together

  186. It’s getting intrestin check out the Daily mail plz henry was asked about his Christmas with meghan markle.he said in one of his interviews apparently the royals are ,’the family she never heard’,.Samantha Markle has just hit back on Twitter by saying,’Actually she has a large family who were always there for her’.My own analysis henrys comments appear disrespectfull. Why wud u say something like that he looks and sounds like an idiot disrespecting some1s family like can see that he is now reaching desperation periods now he so wants them to recognise her and rhe relationship and i think since xmas things have go e downhill.he knws that they arre not recognising her.the whole thing is bad he is loosing his composure.being manipulated by meghan probably meghan told him my family is just looks like meghan has burned bridges with his own family as well.he is lying trying to make things look perfect he is loosing just goes to show that speaking without thinking things are nt all ok in the love paradise.that’s my own opinion.I dnt knw whats your take guys

  187. @Ava
    Hie Ava.if l may ask you Do you think meghan markle truly loved henry.plz can you give us your take coz given what she has done deception mainly it’s hard for me to answer thnx in advance

  188. @Loreta , also there is no cohabitation rights in UK , if you live with some one without being married and that person thrown you out you get zero and you have to leave it’s not like in LA that you get rights if you cohabitated , so RF doesn’t have to pay off and if she tried to suit them for lost wages her credibility will be damaged after scandal breaks so she won’t be able to fight in court …con artist don’t stand a chance in a court of law

  189. @Sylvia
    I do agree with what you said there is no silence to buy.she was never a member of the royal family she hasn’t leaved with them that long that she does have any dirty little secrets that they want to cover up,in addition it was only an engagement that ddnt even last 4month..They ddnt leave together for even 3 month.the wedding is off.she is going as soon as she is confronted she won’t stick around for any financial deals.she won’t want the press to humiliate her.if u read lyndsay predictions she even mentioned that she won’t stick around she will go straight away once shit hits the fan.she is getting fuck all.the only reasons why discussions are happening right now they still think it’s all innocent they just want to make her go basically but once all hell broke lose embarrassment will make her dissappear quietly. My guides are telling me if it was a break up fuelled by the RF coz of their private reasons mayb financial reasons wud hve come last thing as well that u need to knw engagement wedding they have been all meghans pressure on henry.she is getting fuck all and above all there won’t b any discussions on that one.the RF have no secrets that need to cover up or anything that they can be held to ransom for

    1. So she will walk away by her own accord. I would think so too because how can she mess with an establishment like that!
      To think that she would take on the royal family by selling kiss and tell books is absurd and detrimental to her.
      Do you think there was a small part of her that loved Harry or was she solely in love with what he could bring her via fame/material assets?
      When will we hear on the news of the break up, do you think it will be in the new year?

  190. After H leaves MM I wouldn’t be shock if he dates scrounger josie cunningham or some one like her, do a google on Josie 🙂 once you go down that level of MM anything could be possible …and he will be trying to sell Josie to the public like she is a demure English rose and bringing her to the RF too and another saga will start

  191. @Loreta , I always thought that MM plan from day one was to shake down H for a big pay out , but PC is frugal and doesn’t throw money away so I don’t see how she will get millions to go away , once her secrets are out there won’t be any silent to buy from her , her reputation would be destroyed so she won’t be in a position to bad mouth the RF …they treat her really well , nobody will believe MM stories after the break out of the relationship , she will be the butt of the jokes , it would become a circus

  192. @Ava …I read MM owns a house in a suburb in Toronto ( some one did a search and found property title ) , it’s on JD blog and Felix , so she is not homeless if she gets kick out , is not the house she was living with Cory

  193. @KS
    meghan was meant to have a 9 to 5 job in an office you knw that sort of thing she was meant to leave a middle class life.ofcourse she can act but how many pple can also act and sing but they are not on our screens right now coz its never meant to be secondly we are going to hear so many 411 as in juicy stories plenty of them mostly unmasking meghan exposing her past life and also u knw her plans of milking henry for what he got and dissappear and just other staff u wll make your mind up on the reasons for breaking up the daily mail and the sun loves exposing pple u wll hear everything get ready and brave yourselfs for a real dozy
    I mentioned in my comment that if the wedding was gona happen and they divorce after that’s is when she was gona get around $ 10 million dollas but becoz the wedding is not gona happen she won’t get that amount.the wedding is not going to happen.if she successed in getting money it will b just hush money and loss of income moneas for a kiss and tell it’s hard for her to keep quite becoz she needs to relaunch herself on TV the only way she can do that is to kiss and tell by going on Wendy Williams show or Dr Phil something like that but my guides are telling me that the possibility of her getting money are there but the secrets when they come out they will ruin it for her if she gets money after the scandal it’s just a few thousand.hope l explained to you K’S what my guide has told me

  194. @Nimi @ Kylie the wedding was going to happen and they divorce after that’s is when meghan was gona get around $10 million dollas but becoz the wedding is not going to happen she won’t get 10 million dollars my post again where l explained it deeply

  195. Not to confuse you guys discussions are underway to give her hush money so that she goes but they are just discussions.they hvent come into conclusions doesnt mean what is being discussed will happen situations and circumstances can change.she will get thousands if it happens as in loss of income and hush money.they will try to rent a home for her to give her a start.when it comes to them buying a home I dnt see it happening.the scandal as in when the truth finally comes out abt what a cheat a player a baby killer and a professional user of girl she is that’s is going to affect everything regarding money and home.they were planning to give her a start but after all the secrets comes out that will affect the outcome of everything on meghans side.regarding how much she gets and if she will get a home or not.for now they dnt knw that a scandal is going to break hence that’s y they want her to go quietly.they still think the whole thing is innocent. However once the dirty secrets comes out hmm I trust my guides it will b hard for her to get a penny because she is fraud that’s y.if it happens that she gets the money she will get a few thousands only but I can’t promise anything l said in my previous comments something will happen last minute that will stop meghan from profiting from guides has just told me that the dirty little secrets are so damaging that she will go on her own she won’t have to wait for money arrangements.that’s what my guides are telling me.if anything changes l will update u.for now the secrets are too damaging.she wll b accused of trying to enter marriage by deceite methods and fraudulently.another thing as well more stories will start coming out once she is back in the states.she will just dissappear quitely

    1. So insightful, but when you said she will end up walking away by her own accord what is it that’s so bad she feels she needs to go? Is it the abortions or the relationships she’s been in?
      Also what will her mental/psychological states be like after this fiasco will she be able to handle herself? And do you really think she can disappear/go quietly when there is media/paps everywhere?

  196. Hie Ava
    What l said and also what our lovely Lyndsay said from the beginning os slowly coming into fruitition.we said there was never gona b a wedding and it looks like there is never gona b a wedding.what you have just said Ava that is what’s going to happen she will get some money.the money she gets won’t b in millions will just mayb loss of income on her part its just money to give her a start in life since she is jobless.however no matter how much she gets its a lot of money coz she never worked for it.if l was her l wud basically invest the money.start a business and walk away from Showbiz but she can’t help it can she.she still thinks she has got opportunities in the showbiz industry.she will spend the money basically she will blew the money thinking more will come once she get other acting jobs.she still thinks her job with Suits has given her the limelight, background and experience which is true but the big question now is who is going to hire her.she is gona burn the money fast I see her trying to compete with the Jonies as in buying what she can’t afford for the sake of see me it’s meghan she will spend more than she brings in and the money will run out.
    She will fall into hard guides keep on telling me that she never heard anything and she will never have anything coz she never worked for for her having a home I dnt see her owning her own home.yes money they will give her but a home they won’t buy her.some arrangements that the RF are making including giving her accomodation if it happens they will rent for her for a while then it stops. discussions are underway about way forwad some of the terms and plans that they will come up with wont happen.something will happen again then they will change their mind last minute.
    The hype of her publicity is another of her problem she thinks that the publicity that she hs gathered whilst she was using henry througout the whole year will catapult her far in terms of her showbiz career. I see that having the opposite effect.l dd also ask my guides if her hollywood so called friends will help her to get some acting jobs but they were never her friends so they won’t.when l say hollywood friends l dnt mean those friends in some cable dramas I mean A list stars who owns hollywood meaning legends who owns hollywood coz of their work in the films and dramas that they have appeared in.I dnt c her having any A list friends she got non and above all pple actually now knws her for being harrys girlfriend instead of being an actress.
    She is knwn more now for dating henry than for being in Suits.The cruel part about this whole drama,ms markle thot just coz she was engaged she was secure.she ddnt realise that an engagement is a booking and it can be cancelled at anytime.she will go down in royal history as an american wanabe actress who was jilted actully who got an engagemebt cancelled.after the relationship ends she will be knwn for being harrys ex who never walked down the isle
    Just a minute ago l asked my guides again if meghan will get money and a home since there are plans currently under way to give her hush money so that she goes quietly once again discussions are underway but my guides are adamant she won’t get a home even the money it’s going to be very hard for meghan to get money out of this.they will do it coz there is no choice just loss of income that’s it.
    The visions that lm getting about meghan markle profiting from this are not that gud.something is going to happen last minute that will ruin her chances of getting money.she is a million dollar girl but l dnt see her getting millions I get sums in thousands.the money it’s just for her to go away quietly.mayb things as in situations and circumstances will change and she will get a home but my guides said no even the money
    It’s not going to be that much money that comes all at once that is exciting to hve it’s gona b slow’s a situation where she squanders the money she calls another payment comes through and it’s done.
    From the beginning my guides told me that there was no wedding.what she is hoping to get from this meghan money fame and tittle she is not gona get it.I’m afraid those who were hoping for a royal wedding btwn ms markle and harry I’m sorry don’t buy your hats slowly signs are showing that me and lyndsay we were right there ain’t gonna be no wedding.lm nt a hater.

  197. @Ava
    So 10 million pounds is the U.S. is the equivalency of 5 mill, due to pounds having a higher worth(double) that of U.S. dollars.? If that’s the case, she is not getting that much and will have to budget to make it last

  198. If all the dirt come out about her past I don’t see why she will get paid by the RF ….all the dirt it’s out no more secrets left MM will lost credibility with the public so there is no silence to buy from her …all her dirty laundry will be out , what ever she will have to said about H or RF people will see it like sour grapes

    1. No, they are going to keep the dirt under wraps. They will confront her with the evidence which she cannot deny but not in front of Harry. Of course there will be rumours as there already are, but a story will be created to avoid any further embarrassment. She can still cause embarrassment in terms of talking about like in KP (security risk) and then about other members of the family.

  199. @Ava
    Remember, Meghan really doesn’t represent her blackness and prefers her white side. With that said, she has totally absorbed and infiltrated herself as white in which she wouldn’t understand Prince Phillips racist views of black. It probably would not be offensive at all to her

  200. Wow Ava and Loreta, thats incredible insight as always!

    You have both said that Meghan was not meant to be wealthy or a famous as actress. Just out of curiosity, what was she destined to be?

    What reason do you both anticipate will be given to the press for the break up, seeing as it will happen so quickly after the engagement?

    Loreta that is a large payoff especially with a house. Will she move back to Canada?

    Also Loreta you said before that she would do kiss and tells, would she still be able to do that if she is paid off?

  201. Hie everyone.I dd an offering to my ancestors today because they are my spiritual guides.whilst I dd that I did ask them just out of curiosity if the wedding was ever gona happen and both couples decided to end the marriage.was meghan gona get anything out of it.apparently she was going to walk away with around $10 million pounds most of it was hush money and never to kiss and tell about henry and the royals.basically this was an opportunity to set herself for a while.l dd ask my guides why the plan was going to fail apparently he is a gud guy henry he ddnt deserve to be lied to and to be used above all her spiritual guides mostly her mum were not happy.finally I was also told that William will play a big part in making sure that the house of Windsor doesn’t fall apart meaning he will play a part in ending their relationship and he will be there to pick up the pieces when henry finally realised that he hs been played apparently he is gona be devastated and it will affect him last thing that I dd ask my guides if meghan markle will have wealth or at least life of wealth cz that’s what she was a big no.its just not her life.she was never meant to be wealth.I dd ask about the wedding once again if it’s gona happen my guide actually told me that soon the relationship is ending sooner than we expected they kept on telling me January that’s it if it goes on Feb the reason is coz meghan will b trying to change henrys mind but henry will be so angry he won’t change his mind.

    1. Meghan will walk away with around £10 million pounds! Is that going to set her up for life or will she end up blowing it? You did say earlier that she’s not destined to be wealthy?

    1. I caught a bit on the BBC news, and yes he looked down and kept repeating ‘she had a fantastic time’. It’s common knowledge when people repeat themselves and have no other answer it’s because they are fibbing.

      He’s merely saying what is PC, because really you need to ask the family what they think as he can’t speak on behalf of 20 odd people can he?

    2. All these interviews/appearances and talking like the wedding is still on but isn’t Harry going to feel humiliated or will the RF rely on the press to dish the dirt on Meghan when they split to lessen Harry’s humiliation?

  202. Hi Ava and Loreta,

    Thank you for sharing.

    I have a question and would be interested in your insights.

    Ava, you referred to Meghan’s physical appearance and you said that if Meghan had her natural hair and was shorter and had more weight on her that Harry wouldn’t be interested. How does Meghan’s racial identify factor into hers and Harry’s relationship? Regardless of what she says, I have sensed for a while that Meghan is not comfortable with her black heritage. She doesn’t seem to have black people around her much either other than her mother (and supposedly Serena Williams but I am not convinced they are as close as has been portrayed- of course correct me if I’m wrong). But what about Harry, what does he really think?

    1. I don’t feel MM has ever embraced her black heritage and is slightly embarrassed by it. Her mother has chosen to live in black neighbourhoods, and she doesn’t want to live there. I don’t feel they are close for many reasons, although I feel MM is grateful for her mother looking after her as a single parent.

      Ask yourself the question, if they were really close and MM really had money why didn’t she buy an apartment for her mother and let her live rent free? MM could have afforded it or her lifestyle of traveling and buying expensive items, so she chose the latter over her mother. Her mother lives in a rented apartment in not the best of areas, and works at a couple of jobs to pay the rent. Surely if she was so close to her daughter, she would have at least bought a small apartment which would have been equivalent to a few months wages?

      She uses the race card and Harry has bought into the ‘poor me’ story about spending Christmas with the RF as ‘the family she never had’ which makes it look as if her family neglected her. I don’t think it’s the case though, but they were poor and didn’t have the trappings she desired which is superficial. I feel very much he felt like he wants to ‘save’ her, but much of it is exaggeration as there are photos of Christmas with her grandparents.

      MM is manufactured not only in appearance, but what she wants the public to see. Why does she straighten her hair? To look less black? Harry is young so he obviously wants good arm candy.

  203. @Ava …she doesn’t have a nice figure , no waist very square shape , flamingo legs …not very sexy figure but she make him believe she is Halle berry and he buys that …I mean if she was drop dead gorgeous I will understand he is smitten but she in not all of that , if she will look like jasmine tookes from Victoria secret I will say ok …she is a goddess understand the situation or if MM will have the looks of Maya Jama for H to be head over heels , but MM is average looking and horrible personality even if the sex is good …I think is some black magic involved

  204. Paris Debone is also agud psychic he dd say it as it is.he predicted the relationship to go downhill after the engagement and also no wedding.majority of the psychics who made the prediction that a wedding will happen they are phonies they are biased they can’t c no personally l dnt use cards.the spirits directly communicate to me.that’s y they give me intricate details about everything.some of this psychics claims to hve predicted major things on planet earth but they cant c that henry and meghan wont get married henry will dump meghan in january but they still say they will marry and have kids.l would advice you not to get readings from biased psychics coz they will tell you what you want to hear and you loose your money.they can’t even c that meghans exs and meghans dirty little secrets will ruin things for her.basically is gona be stopped by meghans past.
    henry is a very complicated guy very difficult to understand he is that kind of guy once he is upset he is upset u can’t change his mind.nobody is going to talk her out of this one.meghan will try to say oh they are jealousy of me.she will try to wiggle her way out of this 1 but hmmm very tricky.henry has realised that he has ruined things.pple actually think that they are still in the honeymoon phase no way.the arguments that goes on.henry still hopes things are going to improve but slowly the relationship is deteriorating. The family have been forced to accept her.meghan markle things that henry breaking all the protocols for her finally she has got a place for herself in the Windsor household but behind the scenes arguments btwn senior members of the royal family all coz of her she has dug her own grave.she has been manipulating him for a while but henry is now slowly coming to reality with what’s going on.
    His relationship with his family is being compromised coz he is choosing mostly meghan decisions and what she wants breaking protocols along the way making THE RF look like idiots.
    What my spiritual guides are telling me y nobody came to kiss and tell ms markle secrets was threats from her and her cronies above all time is everything.the moment is now almost right for the secrets to come out once and for all.the pain he cozed all them guys using them arboting their babies that is the pain she is now going to suffer but this time the only difference is that she is going to eat a humble pie.
    They will allow her to keep the ring.jewelleryl do not c a lot of it. not a lot.dd she get a lot from henry not a lot.she ddnt get much from henry her biggest score was just the ring and a few pecks and benefits of dating him really.the magazines she was not making a lot from them coz she isnt an a list she just made decent amount.meghan has nothing.she can’t even afford her own home by the way. she can survive unless she goes and leave in one of those neighbourhoods where pple leave averagely other than that all the money she has made by exploiting henry it’s not going to last long.she is gona spend it as fast as it came.easy come easy go.
    She will try to make a come back by going around selling lies as usual but the damage that’s going to be done by this whole situation lts going to be tricky for her to recover from.l c the end of friendship with so many pple that are currently featuring in her life.well they were never true friends in the beginning.
    I just hope when pandoras box opens we will have the opportunity to learn who she really is coz so far we dnt knw who that girl is.the life she has given us her and her PR team they manufactured it themselves.
    I hope we will get kiss and tells from friends who have been quite.lessons in life just be yourself don’t try to b something you are not cz if u lie u will forget everything that’s when it can all go wrong for far she has been stringing it along forcing it but hmm January worst month of her life

  205. I am so happy I found this site.
    I have had a very off feeling about Meghan Markle & the engagement announcement.
    My intuitions have been telling me also that the wedding will not take place. Something is off!

  206. @Ks
    I watched that video and the tarot reader states they will get married, but there will infidelity issue. However, I am sticking with Lyndsay’s and Loreta’s prediction that they won’t get married because it seems more reliable.

    Also, she mentioned that the relationship between Meg and Harry is mainly driven by lustful desires, and a lot of sexual energy is involved. Why not? I’m pretty sure prior to this relationship PH watched Suits and was captivated by Meg’s sex scenes and became sexually enamored by her. He may have commented about it to his friends, describing in detail how great she was sexually. Hell, they all may have watched Suits together as a pastime, who knows. It probably not only turned on PH, but his mates as well.
    In other words, this relationship, according to the tarot reader,is not really love, but more sexually driven. They are confusing lust for love and in a honeymoon stage, which is interfering with their ability to think rationally at this point. The harsh really hasn’t hit them yet but will. It’s like a house built on a deck of cards that will eventually collapse

  207. Ava, once the media stated that Meghan’s mom lived in an upscale neighborhood, and Meg grew up in that type of environment. Geez, they keep changing the story

  208. Thanks, Loretta, I hope you had a great Christmas, and all is well.
    First, I would like to let you know that we all appreciate your insight and wonderful psychic abilities. It has been a great gift to us all in trying to grapple with PH and MM’s engagement and understand the dynamics surrounding this union.

    There is something not quite right about this engagement, and many are beginning to question it. Not only have you and Lyndsay predicted a bad ending for this relationship, other psychics have also. The only difference, is that they predict they will get married, but there will be infidelity problems on PH’s behalf.
    The engagement came to abruptly because the relationship was little over a year, and we are concerned about the genuiness of it. They hardly had enough time to get to know each other, but are planning marriage. I know some would argue that “love” doesn’t have a time restriction, and it can vary for some couples; but that doesn’t sit well with me and others. I don’t buy the love thing; I think it was lust that propelled PH’s decision to propose to her. Maybe, I am wrong for feeling this way, but that’s how I feel.
    Something isn’t adding up and there may be greed and exploitation on MM’s behalf in which she is being dishonest about this.

    It appears PH has no clue of what is happening to him, and neither does the RF. They all appear happy and excited for the upcoming wedding and quite fond of Meghan. At least, that’s how the media is portraying it. She has attended the Royal family’s Christmas functions, which one can infer that she is accepted by them.
    I don’t know what is going on behind closed doors, but publicly, it appears okay.
    I hope he finds out these secrets about her before he exchanges vows with her. Once he and she says “I do” MM will be set for life financially; it cannot be reversed even if the marriage is short-lived.
    Again,we welcome your insight, and it’s always appreciated. Thanks, have a great day!

  209. Do you think Prince Harry will ask Meghan to return the ring he gave her if there is no wedding. After all It does have some diamonds in there from his mum’s jewellery?

    1. Well Angelina was trying to look like Diana and Angie is also fake, and while she adopts she has double standards in terms of morals and ethics. We all knew she and Brad were never going to last.

  210. Do you sense that anyone in the RF actually likes Meghan or do they all feel that she is unsuitable? If so, does she know how they feel about her?

    1. I get the feeling that most were prepared to give her a chance, but given how she has behaved I don’t think any actually prove. She probably knows most will look down at her, but while she controls Harry they are being civil. Today will be telling, as Harry has chosen not to do something because of her, I’m sure there were arguments over it and Harry gave in, but does he realize what a fool he looks to his family and the public? It’s not as if he can ever go on a shoot or hunt again.

      When someones actions affect the lives of others, then it is an issue especially when it is an action that can be construed as a bad option or choice. I also feel there was a push to get married due to visa issues, because she had to keep leaving the country and returning.

      What I don’t understand is the press and millenial gossip magazines that make out she is inspirational? What is there to admire about a woman that leaves a husband, and then two times another one to snare Harry?

      1. Ava,

        Ava, I agree with everything you said.

        As for the presses and magazines, they seem to choose to overlook MM’s past. It sells magazines and helps tv ratings to focus on the “rags to riches” storyline and the “American becomes royalty” storyline. I’m not impressed one iota. I’m not jealous… just not impressed at all.

        There is still some debate about when Meghan actually started dating Harry and HOW they were introduced, so maybe that’s why the media is avoiding that part of MM’s history altogether. One story says that MM broke up with Chef Cory at least a month or so before she started dating Harry, while another says she broke up with Cory after her first or second date with Harry. Then, another story says that Chef Cory was the one who prepared a meal attended by Harry, with Meghan being Cory’s guest at the meal and her providing her mobile number to Harry under the auspices of wanting to help with the 2017 Invictus Games. At the same dinner, allegedly Harry saw Meghan there and asked Markus or someone else to set him up with Meghan. God only knows what the truth is.

        1. All the stories about when they began dating are inconsistent, which means they are lying. You remember a first date and the day it happens!

          The facts are; The chef Corey was still posting she was her partner on social media in April, and MM was replying to his posts (Instagram) until August.

          In Octobers magazine interview she says they had been together 6 months (would have been in September) which makes the date around March.

          In November both are confused as to whether it was 18 months or 2 years they had been together. That would mean between Nov 2015 to April 2016 that they started dating.

          Again they say they had a good 5-6 months of privacy before it was leaked last October that they were dating. This places the date around April to May 2016.

          Officially they are supposed to have met June 2016 which is 16 months total. However, in the UK it’s the Season (Ascot and events ) and it’s very busy with events and parties, and so most people are fully engaged from the end of May until the end of July often trying to do several events in one day.

          It’s quite apparent that she was not single when she pursued Harry and he also knew it and wanted a fling. Plus one shouldn’t go on a date when you are living with someone!

          It’s possible she had met Harry in passing at some event if he was in Toronto a lot to promote and organise the games.

          Why do they need to protect the mutual friends privacy? There is no reason because I don’t think there was a blind date but it’s easier to have a story and use privacy as an excuse.

          Basically Harry did the dirty on Cory, and she waited until filming was over to kick him out the house.

          I feel the whole relationship was underhand and then MM wanted it to be in the open once there was enough of a gap after Cory had left the house (less than 2-3 months). Therefore, she had pushed for everything to get Harry to announce the relationship.

          I also feel there are some serious talks going on with the senior royals at present.

    2. @KS,

      I defer to Ava, Lyndsay, Sylvia, and Loreta, as they have better insight than I do.

      My take is that the RF is tolerating Meghan more so for Harry’s sake. My instinct is that they are being polite to her because it’s the way they do things. I grew up in the U.S. and went to school with a lot of aristocratic kids from families with money, though I was not one of them! I observed how people with “old money” would be very charming and polite to everyone, hiding their true feelings about an individual. The RF doesn’t want to be called racist or arrogant, which is what they risk if they had forbidden Harry to date or marry Meghan. They cannot ignore her or treat her badly in public. I feel they have no choice now but to be cordial and nice publicly and keep their true feelings to themselves. So are all of them so in love with her and captivated by her? Probably not. Meghan is an anomaly, as Ava so wisely said in an earlier post. However, sadly, Meghan probably believes that everyone loves her and that she has won them over.

      When I toured KP in May, I’m reminded of the staff member who said, “Well, Harry is Harry.” Harry is an adult who can make his own decisions, good or bad. Harry has not been one to follow protocols or behave in a manner that is expected of him. He may have said, “Accept Meghan or else…” though he cannot walk away from the RF. Again, I think his emotional/mental state may have something to do with the support his family is providing about MM. Moreover, because he is not the direct heir to the throne, perhaps there is less concern about who he marries. If William had met MM, he probably would not have even dated her, less more propose to her because of family expectations (and protocols) as the heir to the throne. Another case in point: Andrew and Sarah Ferguson. I can’t see the Queen approving of Sarah to have been Charles’s wife, if Charles had met her. Charles would have probably married Camilla first, but he knew as the heir to the throne, he was expected to marry a certain type of woman.

  211. At first I didn’t quite understand why Andrew would be concerned about the marriage especially as Harry isn’t that close to the older members of the family, but I dug a little deeper and there are good reasons. I noticed he was talking with Charles for a while on the walk too, and apparently it was Charles that recommended that Beatrice and Eugenie should no longer have royal protection. This angered Andrew and so the girls have protection only at public events and that Andrew pays for. The girls also said they were happy to carry out royal public duties, unlike Harry who was not always willing to do so but has stepped up since leaving the army he has time on his hands.

    The sting is that MM is now getting royal protection at the tax payers cost, while Beatrice and Eugenie (of royal blood) don’t and even though they have offered to carry out engagements nothing has materialized. They are also 7th and 8th on line for the throne, which is still pretty high up, so you can imagine Andrew wants his daughters to have a role in royal duties and Charles is putting his house first rather than what is best for the country.

    I feel that the rushed marriage will change the dynamics and affect the rest of the family, especially the Yorks and I’m sure Charles and Andrew have had exchanges, and also the York girls too. It is this issue that may push some members to call a halt to things in addition to some upcoming revelations. I think the York girls would do a good job and because they have had jobs and been to University they can relate to everyday people too. Eugenie is also a close friend of Cressida (Harry’s ex) and she knows what Harry is really like.

    1. @ Ava,

      I recall reading of the alleged discussions occurring between Andrew and Charles a few months ago, regarding Andrew’s concern (back then) that his daughters were receiving less than Kate.

      I thought Beatrice and Eugenie were scheduled to move into NP after William and Kate and their kids moved to Amner Hall, but did that change with MM moving in?

      Hmm… could Cressida be returning to the picture?

  212. @KS probably her mother feels this whole situation is a fiasco and she doesn’t want to be part , she knows her daughter and her goldigging ways and how she is using people and Doria knows also the embarrassing secrets of her daughter will come out at some point , MM can’t erase all her past …some one at some point will talk for money , she can’t buy everyone silent

    1. I’m reminded by what my late mother once said: Never start paying for anyone’s silence because you will pay the rest of your life. So, if MM has paid anyone to remain silent she better be careful if she does marry PH. With more money at her disposal, the payoffs will get higher with folks paid off earlier returning for more money.

  213. @KS…No I m not but I m good at reading pictures of people 😊 MM mother is the least of her problems , her father is the real trailer trash hidding in Mexico ….for some reasons probably , and her half brother and sister Samantha can be any lower , actually Doria is pretty decent compare to Mr Markle and family

    1. @ Sylvia,

      And allegedly, MM’s father was contacted by the press… with him saying he will be delighted to walk her down the aisle. Can you imagine? Maybe he’s got his life together more than we think.

      Ditto for the half-brother who has had run-ins with the law. I doubt he will be attending the wedding, if there is one. Any lack of MM’s family attending the wedding is going to be fuel for the press.

  214. Dee,

    I think it is understandable that one would assume that MM and her mother are close because if I remember correctly they have been pictured together quite a bit. However what I have noticed is that her mother seems to be very quiet. It might just be that she is a quiet person or it may be something else. At the Invictus Games with Meghan and Harry she seemed somewhat out of place. This is just an observation and an opinion, but I dont see how her mother would fit into the life that Meghan is pursuing.

    If people are struggling to accept Meghan, I feel it will be even more of a struggle for them to accept her family.

  215. So, she is not close to her mother or her father, she is clearly not close to her half-sister or her other half-siblings. She doesn’t have any real emotional bonds with her partners (as it has been said multiple times on here that they are a means to an end). Her friends appear to be quite superficial and as others have referred to them as ‘useful’ friends. Who then is she really close to? Does she have genuine relationships with anyone? As I have said before she sounds very troubled to me. It must be a really lonely existence.

    1. The sticking out of the tongue was stupid and that’s ammunition for the family to use if they wanted evidence of inappropriate behaviour.

      Her father has been hiding out in a rented apartment in New Mexico and I doubt MM has seen him for years, her mother lives in an apartment in a not so great area in Los Angeles, so I gather Harry would have begged them to allow her to be with him. I feel they relented but if anything it proves that the rule exists for a reason.

    2. KS,

      I guess I was wrong, but I thought Meghan was relatively close to her mother, who is a yoga instructor and social worker. I never followed Meghan on IG or Twitter, but some online articles referenced MM’s occasional posts about her mother and posted photos of MM allegedly attending a yoga class with her mother while visiting her mother in L.A. about a year ago. On Facebook, there used to be a Rachel Markle Ingelson (MM’s real legal name — as Rachel is her first name and Meghan is her middle name) who was friends with Doria Ragland (MM’s mother). The press posted a picture of MM’s mother seated with MM and PH during the Invictus games in Toronto a few months ago. Now granted, all of this togetherness could be only for publicity.

      Allegedly, PH has met MM’s mother a number of times. What I find odd, though, is that allegedly PH has never met MM’s father but has spoken with him on the phone a few times. Yet, the press story is that PH called both of MM’s parents to ask for MM’s hand in marriage before he proposed.

      Again, I’m not a hater and don’t look down on anyone. We all have baggage, but with MM’s background, I just don’t get why the RF appears to welcome MM into their fold unconditionally. Maybe it’s purely out of love and support of PH, who is an adult, and to let him learn from his own mistakes.

  216. She also cling to his arm like a koala , she has him on a short leash , maybe he enjoys the domination , who knows , take 2 to tango …he is her puppet that’s for sure

  217. I feel MM was drinking before this Christmas church walk and she was tipsy and that’s why you didn’t see her usual smug face overly confident …she had a few drink before this event , in her IG account she is always with glass of wine

  218. No, I don’t think H realise yet he is with a con artist , he is still blindfolded because MM secrets hasn’t come out yet , he doesn’t know he is looking like a fool next to her , he thinks he bagged an honest woman of high morals , when his bubble is going to be burst by MM dirty secrets is going to be very hard for him , he wil look like the village idiot at the end

  219. Also I find it strange that Meghan doesn’t adhere to protocol. She doesn’t seem to have done her homework on this matter at all.

  220. probably the RF were not really friendly to MM and they were not laughing at her jokes and they gave her the cold shoulder , so she was uncomfortable but acting and pretending everything in the garden is rosy and they all love her

  221. Loreta and Ava, what do you think is going on with Meghan right now? I could be wrong but she didn’t seem as confident today. I appreciate that it was a nerve-wracking situation for her but she normally seems to take it all in her stride and appears overly – confident, but today she seemed different.

      1. I think it was her first public outing with William, Kate and Harry or at least its the first time I have seen them photographed together. Its all new for her isn’t it? But that is part of the problem. An engagement should not have been rushed. Time should have been spent teaching her Royal protocol just like with Kate. To me she looked like a fish out of water. She looked completely out of place, but that’s just my opinion.

        I noticed William and Kate were holding hands. I haven’t seen them do that before. I saw some comments on an online newspaper where people were crediting Meghan for that- ie saying that William and Kate are now showing more public affection because Harry and Meghan are more tactile.

        1. This is another case of the media hyping an untruth. Kate and William have plenty of PDAs during events (Olympics where they hugged, kissed and cheered for Team GB, and her smoothing his hair, plus these days they have a child in each hand. The walk to church is informal, but during engagements it’s not protocol to hold hands. Therefore it’s hype, and untrue that MM has inspired them to be more tactile as they already are but tastefully.

          MM clings to Harry like a monkey does, but also I saw her stick out her tongue in public and that will have been noticed. She did look out of place and it was wrong for Harry to push for it, and it would have been better if she’d spent it with her family, except I don’t think she does have any close family to spend it with.

    1. It would have been a nerve racking moment for any newcomer, but her relationship isn’t as stable as she thinks. She may have the ring which she feels gives her status, but she is desperate to be accepted. This time she couldn’t wing it as it was the whole family there and she still isn’t family.

      I also noticed how she again displayed her left hand and ring while linking Harry’s arm. To her that is a status symbol still. It was apparent she has tried a little too hard to look stylish and casual and it didn’t work. As a couple they looked drab and plain and there was no spark or light around them. The smiles were forced on both Harry and MM as if they were playing out a role, but neither are actors in Meryl Streeps class.

      1. Yes, this is the first time I have seen her look vulnerable and desperate and like she is in over her head. Why does she hold onto Harry so much? At first I thought it was to her trying to show how in love they are but now I am unsure.

        I thought that Meghan is close to her mother? However she does appear to focus more on networking to elevate her career than her family. I haven’t seen any photographs of her mother in the UK (but obviously thst doesn’t mean that she hasn’t visited).

        What do you think Kate and William really think of her?

        Also do you think Harry has realised that he has made a mistake yet?

        1. My take is that the clinging is to possessive to show he adores her and they are together but really it shows insecurity. I don’t think she is that close to her mother, but is closer to her than other family members but that doesn’t say very much.

          Does Harry know he’s made a mistake? Probably, but how does he get out of it and still keep his head up high and not look like a cad?

          Kate and William will always support Harry, but that doesn’t mean they think what he is doing is right. It’s like when your sibling goes out with someone who is wrong, you still have to be civil for their sake. All the comparing to Kate is in poor taste, and if anything it makes Kate and William look more polished and classy.

  222. @dee Hi Dee, I am not at my best period of my life either 🙂 this royal magazine is one of the things keeping me occupied as well. I believe things will get a lot better faster with the new year😊 Let’s kep up the faith! ✨🙏🏻

    1. @ Ayl,

      Thank you for the well wishes. Yes, let’s look for 2018 to be better for both of us! 🙂

      Now.. as for MM and PH.. 2018 may be a different story. I don’t wish them anything bad, but what will be will be.

  223. Hie@Dee I’m sorry you are unwell hope u will get better soon @KS@Ayla@Ava l would like to think January is going to be a very interesting month on this couples relationship.When shit hit the fan I get a vision of pain heartbreak anger and very upset on henrys side.he is gona be angry coz of the money he wasted in buying the ring above all the fact that he was so naive and foolish to be played by meghan and her cronies and also his time that was wasted.he will call off the wedding without even thinking twice but meghan will try to talk him out of it even force it but hmm I dnt c henry changing his mind mayb he will change his mind but the embarrassment is going to make ms markle run away from NP.I’m more intrested in the daily mail the sun and the mirror who meghan mania.they are going to make a fortune on meghan and henry troubles.revenues are going to go up.l believe that so much skeletons were in meghans closet but this is my opinion karma was on its way it was only a matter of time.l mentioned in my previous comments that after this whole saga ends with way the press will go after meghan her launching a showbiz career l dnt see it ever happening it’s gona be tricky nobody will ever want to be associated with her.that’s Wat happens if u lie in bed with dogs you wake up with flees

    1. Hi Loreta,

      Thanks for the well wishes. It always does my heart and mind good to see postings from you, Ava, Lindsay, Sylvia, and others.

      Whoa! Sounds like January will be a doozy!! Time will tell.

    2. Hi Loreta,

      Thanks for the well wishes. It always does my heart and mind good to see postings from you, Ava, Lindsay, Sylvia, and others.

      Whoa! Sounds like January will be a doozy!! Time will tell.

      I firmly believe that we reap what we sow. We may get away with deception for a while, but it eventually catches up with us.

  224. @Loreta on a tumblr page (felix2001) it is written that media will tear her apart in January – unraveling all the dirt etc. That is very scary; yet I wonder if the press had all the dirty info about her, why didn’t they publish it already, I don’t know. Did everyone wait for him to be engaged to her first?

    @Ava I could not get how the RF was to either Harry or Meg. There was one time though while they were departing the church, on the stairs, Charles, Kate were saying smthg and Meg laughed nervously. Then William laughed. While Meg’s head was still turned to Kate, Charles; Harry was like Meg Meg Meg (as a 5 yr old to his mom or that’s how I read it) and Meghan turned said ‘Yes’ but her face was pretty tense, as if ‘yeah, I know that (like already)’ aaaand forced smile came back

  225. Hi Dee,

    I am sorry to hear that you are having personal difficulties. I hope things start to get better for you soon and I hope in the meantime you are able to find respite through the site and anything else that makes you feel

  226. Merry Xmas all! First of all I want to echo Loreta’s words in that I am neither anti or pro royal. I used to watch ‘Suits’ so I was aware of who MM was, but she was not a lead and just part of the furniture in the series, and never stood out but did a decent job for her character. Back then I could already see she was fake, and of course in the industry their are many who put on an act. She wasn’t outstanding and it didn’t seem to get her any other roles in films or otherwise like her co-stars. Most know a series can end after four seasons and an actor has to milk their public personal and get what they can from it while they can.

    I was hesitant to mention the word abortion, but it seems many others have already done so. From a glimpse of the photos today, the main feeling I get is resentment and anger directed to Harry from the members of his family. They loathe being made to look stupid because he is thinking with his loins. Today many of them can’t hide it and collectively some will speak out, it will be his cousins he will listen to though. The most strongly against it are Charles and Andrew. Andrew has learned his lesson and was sidelined for so long because he chose poorly and it took a long time for him to recover his status in the family, and if it wasn’t for his children it could have been different.

    Why is this important? Relationships that are manufactured so that the players can preach to the world can be dangerous in terms of brainwashing (Clooney’s are the same), plus as PH is still 5th in line, he is practically on the sub bench all his life and his job is to issue heirs. Queen Victoria’s father was way down the pecking order, but was told to produce an heir soon when his brothers died.

    I feel that MM is still winging it, and begged Harry not to go hunting mainly because she didn’t want to be left alone. Harry is still being a gentleman and is trying to make it work, and he will seek counsel from his cousin Peter who married an American too. He won’t get the support he assumes he will get though and he will leave Christmas confused as he assumed MM was accepted. MM will tell him that she feels comfortable and that the family accept her and she had a wonderful time, however, those are words she knows he wishes to hear. Her forced smile shows that she is putting on a front and it’s a performance.

    Some may ask why we are shown things or can sense things concerning a couple that is none of our business? The RF is a public job, they represent the country and are held to a higher standard in terms of morals and behaviour. Harry has been shielded for much of his life and has been given preferential treatment all his life and expects it. Tables will turn on him shortly.

    On a side note, I looked at Corey’s Instagram following someone saying they were on holiday together at the end of April 2016. I’m not sure about you, but do exes comment on their former partner’s feed? I know I wouldn’t, yet MM comments on photos on July 19th, and August 8th (I’ve not looked at all, just ones I picked out). A genuine question is, would a couple who broken up suddenly with one being kicked out of the house still write messages on their social media? His friends are quite crucial in the truth but remain quiet because MM is friends with the Mulroney’s (Jessica married into the family) and the Trudeaus and some of them need their business or not to get on the wrong side of them. It’s quite telling no exes or even childhood boyfriends have come forward to offer their congratulations. Most would, but I presume they don’t want to have to lie.

    1. Merry Christmas to all !!! @Ava and Loreta …but why all this past flings and lovers are taking so long to come forward with the true?

      1. I have a feeling several have been discussing whether to do it or not, and deciding because it will put them in a not so nice light (some may have been married men) and do they really want to admit to an affair that led to an abortion and maybe ruin the relationships they have? I also feel that there are investigations that are ongoing, but they need proof and evidence before they are shown to the RF. It’s different if she admitted to it, but to lie or choose not to tell things are a different matter. I think also medically there are tests to prove if someone has been pregnant before.

        Their silence is probably more worrying for all concerned, because most would make a statement (as in the Depp and Amber Heard case) and leave it at that. None of her exes as far as I know have made any public statement, plus Corey has left mentions of her on his Twitter and Instagram. Is he doing it because he can’t be bothered to delete them, or so people can see that they were still in a relationship when MM and Harry allegedly met as she actually responds to some of his postings, not the actions of a couple that have just split up?

  227. Hi Loreta,

    It is good to have you back. I hope you are ok and you enjoyed your time away.

    I am sorry if you felt like that. We have really appreciated your insights and straight talking, you haven’t been afraid to say exactly what you think and see.

    I think many of us (including us non psychics) sensed that something about Meghan was off quite early on but we didn’t really have hard evidence. It is pretty obvious by now that the person Meghan is portraying is not who she really is and after hearing what you have had to say and subsequently others like Ava it became clear that her intentions are not honourable. It does feel like she is being forced on us out of nowhere. Everywhere you turn there is an article, programme etc about her and it is too much especially when we know she is not genuine.

  228. Hey guys @Ayl@Dee@Kayla@Sylvia @Nimi@KS@Ana hope you are all ok guys and you are enjoying your Xmas.I’m not a hater guys.from the beginning when l started following lyndsay and posting mayb pple thot l was jealousy.I’m just so glad that majority of what l said about meghan and henrys relationship have been confirmed by other psychics as well.
    I was a bit blund straight to the point and l said it as it is.I might have come out as being harsh and horrible mayb attacking meghan but sorry pardon my french she is who she is.if somebody behaved the way meghan markle behaved society would call them names such as whore prostitute call girl etc.she is no different from any of them calling her a user and a hustler is very much dignified compared to what she did to Trevor Cory and some guys she dated and heard abortions for.
    l just wanted to say it as it is that’s all.why does it matter to pple like me coz we endured a year of her being shoved in our face by the press and her being shoved down our throat.
    I hve been going through everything that has been going on with meghan and henry
    I would like to believe that we can come up with so many theories and stories but THEY ARE NOT MEANT TO BE END OF PERIOD.MEGHAN WAS NOT MEANS TO BE HENRYS WIFE.
    I can’t help to think that so far meghan markle has been leaving a lie.trying to Rich the top was her aim however she lied along the way cheated along the way and broke fellas hearts and use cannot help to think that she has been digging her own grave.she heard her moments to manipulate people, creating a life that never existed but there is a time for everything.when the lies starts unravelling they will come down one by one.January is going to be the worst month of her life.
    When the guys she has been involved with start to come up with all the secrets the least she should do is to apologise for wasting henrys time and for breaking the fellas hearts and for using them.
    I cant help to think that she has been rushing this whole wedding thing cz she knew she heard skeletons in her closet and it was only a matter of of time b4 she gets exposed and she was aiming to come out at the top with money fame and tittle before pandoras box gets opened.too bad she should have known that the world of karma was coming to meet her.what goes around was gona come around.she left Cory for henry vice versa Henry is going to leave her.
    she was a nobody in life her destiny was to be an average member of the community.she tried to get access to the life that was not meant for her and to have access to materialistic things that was not for her.
    Throughout the whole year with the publicity that she got when she created the Web of lies she launched the cloth line that ddnt do that well magazines she appeared on plenty of them but hollywood roles there were no calls from thing we need to get straight without Trevor meghan wouldn’t have gotten Suits hence her on her own she will never secure anything in life.
    Now she is with henry at least movie directors would have given her offers to appear in their movies.if she was going to turn them down she would but at least an offer would have come through.without henry once again meghan was never going to grace the cover of all them major magazines once henry quit the relationship then her selling point is gone she won’t be on the cover of the magazines.
    Without all this man Meghan is a nobody and she is going to be a nobody with no money and no status don’t force a life that is not yours.I guess she will hve to go after another a list actor to secure a role in Hollywood again but I dnt see it ever happening again.henry was her biggest shot she almost got it but fate stopped her from getting it.Too many lies she is not who she says she is.we dnt knw the real meghan.the ironic and funny part non of the a list so called friends have said anything so far and for some reason they dnt appear to even spend time with her.they are just quite

    1. Hi Loreta, just been having a relaxed few days off this festive period thank you! Hope you’re well too. You were saying that after Meghan’s secrets being exposed about her personal life the press will have a field day with her and she will be finished. But after the aftermath of no wedding taking place PH not wanting anything to do with her what will actually become of her?
      I mean how will she survive in terms of work and earning a living if nobody wants anything to do with her?
      Btw the level of detail you and Ava disclose is just on another level. I like how you just say how it is and it’s refreshing to read to some truths.

  229. Hello everyone it’s only me Loretta l hve been away merry Christmas.let me update you with what my spiritual guides have given me.secrets will be released by a past lover and also some of her flings meaning meghans lover secrets about arbotions secrets about her being broke and other secrets as we are talking meghan is still hving flings with other guys and also still txting some Ex henry is going to find out.those exs and her flings hve been quite.the ex and the flings will come out and tell henry everything.they will basically unmask meghan markle.that will be the end although they have been tensions in the relationship but that will be the last straw.The wedding is not going to happen.henry will break off the wedding.he is gona be absolutely devastated coz of her time that wss wasted.meghan markle is going to dissappear very fast once she has been unmarsked. The ex and also flings will ruin everything for her.l asked my spiritual guides if the wedding will happen it was a big no.that’s the end of meghan markle

  230. I don’t think she bleach her skin , she has lot of freckles , nose job she did have and left her with upturned nose is not a cute nose like Halle Berry

  231. Anabelle, if she had a child in the seventh grade, she was in middle school and not high school. High school in the U.S begins in the 9th grade

    1. @Kayla , go check tumbrl Felix 2001 its all there , about the child in high school , she was pull out of that school and the rumour was pregnancy , one classmate came to talk about it in tumbrl

  232. @Vini
    There are also rumors that she lightens her skin to appear more white in appearance, and has had rhinoplasty done to alter the shape of her nose. I take this as a grain of salt because all could be rumors

    1. @Kayla,

      I have not heard the rumors about MM lightening her skin. MM appeared darker at times in photos with Trevor Ingelson, her first husband, but I thought that maybe she had a tan, given that she will likely tan easily. And, let’s not forget the rumors that her first wedding ceremony was all of 15 minutes, with everyone partying on a Jamaican beach for 4 days.

      I became curious about her nose after seeing her profile during the engagement announcement and noticing that the tip of her nose seemed to be turned up a bit, and somehow didn’t seem natural to me. I have read two articles (one including an interview with a physician) speculating that MM had rhinoplasty some time around 2006 or so. Based on the photos they showed of MM in high school, college, and more recently, I could see a difference in her nose. The nostrils are a little less broad and the bridge of her nose appears a bit thinner.

    2. There are many whitening products for the skin that Japanese women use. Generally you can only get them in Asia and they do ‘brighten’ the skin, so I would say her skin does look lighter than her untouched photos when she was younger. I do think she’s had a small nose job and it looks slightly different, and of course her afro hair has been treated. It’s really a black person who is ashamed of looking black trying to hide it, and also being in the film industry these alterations are commercial investments.

  233. @ Ava
    @ Loreta
    @ Lyndsay
    @ Sylvia

    Ladies, you have amazing talents! I wish I could get all of you in a room together (in person or online) for a paid session about my own life. 🙂

    1. SCOOP. remember my friend?s thoughts about people take vacation pics and selfies and post them after they get home/ emnash tweet don?t use instagram as accurate timeline. Welllllllll. MM & Chef Cory Vittiello took a vacation to Mexico .Folks said Mm & PH couldn?t have met May 2nd or 3rd because she posted pics on days Harry was in Toronto & that they met 6/29 @ Soho (instead of dating/practicing yoga moves that week). Also In August?Suits was on Hiatus. She was a bridesmaid in wedding first week and then allegedly spent next 3 weeks in Spain & Italy With friends. He was at AIDS conference 7/21 and at 500 elephant project 7/27_8/17. per…ephants-wildlife-reserve/ https://face2faceafrica.c…dangered-elephants-africa. Nobdy saw him again till 9/5???Were they together somewhere those last weeks of August? Well the SCOOP is Chef Cory Vittiello prepared a private dinner for PH, Trudeaus, Mulroneys & other big wigs during his visit in Toronto. MM met Harry at the dinner via Cory. She gave him her phone number under the gise she was willing to help with Invictus Games. He started texting her and well?.bye bye chef Cory. All stories agree Chef &MM broke up mid May?.. That?s why they have fought to keep their back story out of papers. She was still very much in a Civil union with him. A civil union in Canada is like a common law marriage. If this is true it would explain her being so upset he was dating Sarah Ann in July too. She thought he was pursuing her exclusively. Setting up secret rendezvous etc. When she found out they weren?t exclusive she blew a gasket. Asked for time off work, visited lawyer who prompted KP letter and ISPO complaint which included letter from her legal team. Allegedly a source close said maybe might have?.CYA
      source: felix2001 tumbrl

  234. @Lyndsay Is there any notification system which letting us know once a new reply/comment is posted?

    @Ava you are amazing and your insights coincide with of @Loreta’s as well. Feel free to elaborate further 😊

    @Loreta where are you? 🙂

    Argh! We turned into a bunch of future-obsessed ladies☺️☺️🔮

    1. Post

      Hi Ayl,

      I have just looked and I’ve changed the settings so hopefully now as people have to register/log in to comment they should get a notification of new comments but if this doesn’t happen please let me know and I’ll look into it again for you 🙂


      1. @ Lyndsay,

        Thank you for changing some of the settings. I’m still not receiving an email notification when a new comment is posted. Is there something else I need to do?

        1. Post

          Hi Dee,

          I’m not sure how I set up the notifications, I think i’d have to install a whole new comments system which would replace all of the existing comments, I will look into it properly in the new year for you.

          Merry Christmas,

          1. Hi Lyndsay,

            Thanks for the response. You already do so much for us, so please don’t go to the effort of setting up a new comment section. We don’t want to lose all of the previous comments that have been posted. I will continue to periodically check this website to see new comments that have been posted.

            Merry Christmas to you and yours!

            1. Post

              Hi Dee,

              I think I’ve sussed it now, you should see an option to click notify me of follow up comments by email when you comment underneath the submit button 🙂

              Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!


    2. @Ayl,

      I agree… about us being very interested about the future!

      I have a lot on my plate at the moment in my own personal life, and this site has been my quiet escape. So, thank you everyone for taking time to comment, provide insight, and at times to help me laugh.

  235. Hi Ava,

    Thank you so much for your insights. So, so interesting.

    I agree with you that Harry has to take responsibility for his actions. He has had a big part to play in all of this, not just Meghan. I think sometimes Harry is portrayed as a helpless victim, which I don’t believe is the case.

    So what is Meghan’s story, as in why is she the way she is? Can you tell us more about her character?

    You said that there is a lot of dishonesty in the relationship….Is Harry being dishonest too? If so, do you know what he is being dishonest about? What does he hope to gain from this relationship?

    Also you said Meghan’s husband has been betrayed many times. By Meghan? In what way? Can you elaborate on this please?

    Sorry for all of the questions but this is so interesting!

    Loreta, another psychic on this thread, said that she also felt that Meghan was not able to have children.

    I look forward to your response.

  236. Post

    I have decided that in the new year I want to be able to give more to those who read my blog posts and psychic predictions, I often receive emails or comments on various blog posts across my website asking for psychic predictions about certain celebrities or general questions for spirit about the spirit world and I want to get around to answering as many of you as I can. Some prediction posts have so many comments that I am now losing track of your requests for spirit so I’ve created a separate post for any of you who have questions you’d like answering, please just post your questions about spirit and psychic prediction requests in the comments section on this post (link below) and then I will start working through as many of them as I can in 2018 for you! 🙂

  237. @Loreta, where are you? I miss your updates and indight6.

    @Ava, are you psychic too?

    @Sylvia, I agree with your observations.

    A true friend would not setup their friend with someone they did not think was kind. Megan knew who Harry was. Her half sister alleged Meghan used to fantasize about meeting Harry, saying he was hotter than William. Meghan allegedly has a thing for ginger men. Meghan and Harry should know exactly how long they dated.

    I suspect there are some dark secrets, though I don’t think she was a teen mother. She may have had an abortion, though. I sense some folks are waiting a bit to tell their stories.

    Get ready for the roller coaster ride!

  238. Hi Ava,

    Thank you for your insights.

    No-one believes that- she definitely knew who he was. I am surprised she was able to follow him around when she was working on Suits. I assumed that the part where they said they saw each other every 2 weeks (?) was fictional.

    A child? Sorry do you mean you think that Meghan had a child/ was pregnant?

    Why do you think more stories about her past haven’t been released to the press?

    Also, Meghan seems to be a very headstrong my way or the high way type of person and I thought the RF like to have strict control over matters. If the wedding does go ahead how is this going to work because it appears that Meghan is used to getting her own way? Will the RF just keep giving in to her. Im intrigued to understand.

  239. Thanks for the link Sylvia. Loreta has been saying this from the beginning. If this is true Meghan is very cunning and it is sad that both Harry and the public have been manipulated by her in this way.

    It is interesting that so many people have described her as fake or at the very least have felt that something was off with her. Regardless of that though she is still in a position where she is adored by many and enough people/ or the people she needs to have favoured her to the extent where she is now the fiancee of what some would describe as one of the most eligible bachelors in the world.

      1. Hi Sylvia

        I do know what you mean but there was a path that she had to travel to get to Harry in the first place and I can only assume from the little I know (and also based on how Ava and some others say things work) she would have had to know the ‘right’ people to even get near him.
        She is pretty enough (but there are women who are arguably much moreso) and she can sell herself very well I assume, but so can many other women so she must have something that caught his eye.

  240. Sylvia,

    This tarot is absolutely right, but I couldn’t agree with her that they will divorce after 2-3 years, I believe in Lyndsay’s predictions, there wouldn’t be any wedding! RF don’t like her,Princess Beatrice wore earrings designed by Chelsy Davy at Christmas launch in BP!

    1. @ Vini , check also the Chinese horoscope …rat (Harry) and rooster(MM) is a terrible combination , lots of fights and egos hurt ( so Lindsay is right about the fights )

    1. Vini,

      Thanks for the link. Wow… a LOT of comments!

      As for the $75k gown… did Meghan buy that or did Harry? Sorry, I don’t see that gown being worth that much.

  241. Dee

    Go to Daily Mail and look the comments! The comments are brutal. No masks. People already hate her, this whole thing is not going to end well. It will end up in tears,but only for PH,sadly.

  242. Vini,
    Loreta has spirit guides, too. However, she deferred to Lyndsay’s abilities.

    Loreta saw there was already trouble in Paradise.

  243. Dee,

    I would love to see them at church like last year with Midddletons, I hope that we will be able to see them this year with RF! I did not say that they won’t be in Norfolk, they will of course, maybe they just won’t attend church service!

  244. Dee,

    I would love to see George and Charlotte at Sandringham, then MM would not be in the center of attenton!
    It would be interesting to see how she would act in that situation!

  245. Dee,

    I do not understand, how he won’t be named Duke of Sussex, what he will be and more important what she will be??? He would not walk away from royal life with wife like her, that is for sure!!!

  246. Sylvia,
    It is very difficult to ascertain whether the media stories of this romance is blossoming or not, but I have to go with Lyndsey’s predictions, because her earlier prediction of a proposal has happened, as will the others.
    The media is shoving this down our throats and trying to convince us that they are the perfect couple, and a wedding is going to happen.
    I think with all th