Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Will Postpone The Wedding - Psychic Prediction

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Will Postpone The Wedding – Psychic Prediction

Most recent update on YouTube…

(see Feb 2018 prediction from spirit below)

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Will Postpone The Wedding – Psychic Prediction

Date: 24/02/2018

*Disclaimer – All psychic predictions on this website are given to me by spirit and are not my thoughts/words/wishes.

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted any psychic predictions on here for you lovely lot – sorry, I’ve just been so busy but last week I finally caught up with my waiting list of clients and I’m back to having a little more free time to focus on the website and psychic predictions now. I also hope to get more prediction videos up on YouTube for you soon!

Ok, so the most popular psychic prediction on here has been what my spirit guides have to say about the lovely Prince Harry & Meghan Markle so lets get an update on their relationship and see where they’re up to…

Firstly my spirit guide tells me that the wedding will be postponed and pushed back, I sense that a legitimate reason will be given for this postponing of the wedding and this reason will be accepted worldwide as legitimate. The rumors in the magazines and newspapers will begin shortly after this though and the press will speculate that there could be trouble in paradise for the couple and their relationship is on the rocks. There will be split rumors in the press also as the couple are photographed on separate work engagements. My spirit guide reminds me that there is no smoke without fire and that the press will be onto something with their speculations in the media as the couple will be having some relationship issues, these issues are shown to be low key though and I do see that they’re to spend more time apart going forward which will help the dynamic of their relationship. They’re shown to be working separately and having their own and much needed space from each other. The space between them appears to help their relationship grow in the right direction and it could help them align and continue forward together as a couple. Spirit give me the strongest sense that if they’re to stay together then they will be very much individuals and live separate lives emotionally, they will never be a true team. Spirit tell me that they’re both too head strong and both like to lead so they’ll clash greatly but if they spend enough time apart then they could well end up staying together long term – it wouldn’t be the right choice for them as they’re not the best match but it will ultimately be their choice. I am shown explosive rows for the couple which have already happened but given that they have put space between them since this has helped their relationship continue to grow. Spirit make me feel that it’ll be a real shame if they go through with the wedding at a later date as they’re not compatible and will of course split up eventually due to this,  if Prince Harry or Meghan Markle realize this before then they can save themselves from missing out on meeting someone much better suited who they’d be truly happy with.  The space put between the couple after these rows has been very cleverly done in order to save the relationship and I get the feeling that it’ll work to be honest for quite some time, enough for it to be too late for Prince Harry to get out and meet his more compatible partner (see below predictions). Spirit do make me feel that if Prince Harry goes ahead with this marriage to Meghan Markle then it will be a bit like history repeating itself as they’ll end up living very separate lives emotionally just as his father and Princess Diana did, it’ll be a sad situation for both of them and such a shame 🙁

God gave each of us free choice and we have to make our own choices and decisions on this life journey, I know that Prince Harry will learn a lot of lessons from his relationship with Meghan Markle but I just pray that he learns them super super fast  and gets out before it’s too late.

Below I have copied in my previous psychic predictions of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for your convenience. Let me know what you think about spirit’s update on Meghan and Harry in the comments section below.


Date: 14/12/2017

*Disclaimer – All psychic predictions on this website are given to me by spirit and are not my thoughts/words/wishes.

I have had SO many messages and comments asking for more info and updates about the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle break up psychic prediction so rather than reply to everyone individually I thought it’s best to update on here and then everyone who wants to read it can 🙂 The previous predictions are copied in below so you can refer back to them but here’s what my spirit guide has to say today…

My spirit guide tells me that Meghan and Harry are caught up in a whirlwind romance, there is no true malicious meant from either side – they both genuinely care about each other it’s just that they’re not right for each other. The whirlwind can only last for so long before they are truly in each others pockets with no escaping each other and that’s when the arguing begins. The arguments are a shock to both of them and they get pretty heated fairly quickly – it is the heated arguments which separates them as they realise that they’ve moved too quickly and perhaps didn’t get to know each other as well as they thought. Prince Harry will be devastated when they split up as will Meghan. Spirit do feel that the girl Harry meets not long after the split from Meghan is better suited and they’re sending her his way purposely. Prince Harry does have spiritual protection to an extent and spirit can work to block him from making huge mistakes. Meghan can’t quite believe her luck meeting Prince Harry but she has developed genuine feelings for him to an extent and doesn’t wish him any harm, they’re both caught up in the whirlwind of lust and excitement. Meghan is very ambitious and focused but she’s not a bad person, she’s career driven and wants to succeed in everything she does so the break up being so publicly known will hit her hard but she’ll bounce back because of her desire to succeed in life. My spirit guides concern is for Prince Harry as he doesn’t want him to be in an unhappy marriage, Prince Harry’s spirit guides and guardian angels are working to try and help guide him into making the best decision for his future happiness. Meghan is attracted to successful and wealthy people but that is because she is so focused on achieving herself and wouldn’t want to date anyone without huge ambition or success, she wants someone she can share her journey to the top with and someone who shares her desires to achieve great things in life. Meghan and Prince Harry get on really really well but they’re still in the honeymoon period of their relationship and they’re yet to see every side to each other, once this honeymoon phrase passes there will be heated arguments which they’ll struggle to repair from and each argument will become bigger than the last. It’s a shame as at the beginning of their relationship they were so happy together and really in a state of bliss, this is why they’ll both struggle emotionally after the split and wonder how it could have gone so wrong and so quickly.  I am shown that Prince Harry will tell Meghan that the wedding is off because he can’t go through with it after all the arguing and the strain that it’s put on the relationship, Meghan will fight for the relationship initially when she’s in shock but this won’t last long as she’s very head strong and won’t beg someone to stay with her. It won’t be easy for Prince Harry to break up with Meghan as he truly adores her but after becoming so unhappy in the relationship due to all of the arguments he confides in those closest to him and they support him through the difficult task of breaking up with her. Prince Harry does feel the pressure to get this right due to being in the public eye and he doesn’t want a failed marriage and know’s that a failed engagement is better than a failed marriage – it’s this thought which gives him the push to get out before it’s too late. Spirit are very much around Prince Harry trying to protect him as best they can, right now he can’t see what’s about to come but the arguments will start in January and continue consistently. I am given March/April time for them breaking up and it will be announced publicly fairly quickly due to having to cancel the wedding. Meghan will fly back home within a day or two of Prince Harry telling her that it’s over, she’ll want to hide low for a while to get her head around it all and get over the break up. I am given October 2018 for Meghan returning to the public eye, she will do a come back in style to give her career a boost, she might change something about her style/appearance or do something unexpected to relaunch herself into the public eye. Meghan is a star in her own right and she doesn’t need Prince Harry to have a career in the spotlight, she’ll be totally fine without him. Spirit do say that we’ll see a different side to Meghan going in to 2019 and she’ll have a lot of media attention during her comeback. Prince Harry will lay low for a good while and we won’t hear about his new partner for a significant amount of time, his new partner is totally different to Meghan and very low key, she won’t want any media attention or attention from the public. Prince Harry and his next partner will develop their romantic relationship in private for sometime with absolutely no rush or pressure on making it public, they will build a strong foundation for their relationship and spend a lot of time getting to know each other very well before even going public about their love for each other. Spirit do mention that their relationship could be leaked to the public after 18 months together or so and even then they won’t feel pressured to confirm or deny anything as they’re too focused on just being real and having an adult relationship which has huge true potential to last a life time. Spirit speak very fondly of Prince Harry’s next partner and that is because they know how happy Prince Harry will be with her and their wish is for him to be truly happy. I do see the horse connection again with Prince Harry’s next partner, spirit have hand picked this girl for him and she’s truly lovely and genuine, she will get on very well with Prince Harry’s loved one’s and fit in perfectly as anyone who meets her just know’s instantly that she doesn’t have a bad bone in her body. This relationship feels very long and drawn out before there is any mention of weddings, Prince Harry is so cautious to get it right and the girl doesn’t want to rush either, they both are serious in taking it slow and that it has to be right otherwise they don’t want it. They both respect each other greatly due to this and know that their relationship is built on mutual respect and true love for each other, they will be together forever as it were and have beautiful children together after getting married. Prince Harry’s next relationship seems very similar to William & Kate’s, it’ll be very private and classy just how the Royal Family like it. I do see Prince Harry’s wedding to this new girl who spirit are sending his way and I feel it’ll take place around 3 years after splitting up with Meghan.


Date: 27/11/2017

*Disclaimer – All psychic predictions on this website are given to me by spirit and are not my thoughts/words/wishes.

Below is the psychic prediction I published on 24th October 2017 about Prince Harry & Meghan Markle, my spirit guide was spot on with his timing for Prince Harry getting engaged but what about the rest of the prediction? will they split up?, I ask my spirit guide for an update and I am shown that wedding plans are already underway with Meghan seeking out the perfect wedding dress but unfortunately it isn’t to be as they will part ways. The break up seems to be a total disaster and Prince Harry can’t quite believe how the relationship breaks down so quickly and he starts to question how it felt so right before given how bad it has become. Meghan is shown to be very hurt and angry when they split up, it’s just a disaster and Prince Harry is shown to retreat after the split as he wants some quiet time to get over the whole ordeal and to keep a low profile so to not bring anymore unwanted press attention about him and his love life. I am shown again that Prince Harry will meet his next partner who has a connection to horses not long after the split with Meghan, although his next relationship will move much slower with Prince Harry being really cautious and not wanting anyone to know about it until he’s absolutely certain about her. Prince Harry’s next relationship seems to blossom very naturally and she makes him smile a lot, she’s very sweet and not interested in being in the limelight at all. Prince Harry will marry his next partner and have children with her, I am given the sense that we’ll see a different kind of Prince Harry after the break up from Meghan, it’s like he’ll do things differently and have different interests. His next partner has light colored hair, she looks a bit like Camilla Thurlow to give you an idea, she’ll be really quiet for quite some time as she’s not interested in being in the public eye but overtime she will find her feet and her own style of making a difference in the world while carrying out her Royal duties. I am shown three children for the couple this time and it looks like two are conceived with IVF and one natural, the two conceived first could well be twins as they appear to be very similar in age and of the opposite sex. Going back to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle splitting up, I am shown lots of explosive rows between the couple and it appears to get pretty heated and they realise they’re not right for each other and don’t want to enter into a marriage if it’s already full of such rows so early on. Meghan will be papped without her engagement ring on to start with and this will start the speculation in the media that the couple have split up but the official announcement will come weeks later from the Royals. Spirit keep saying to me how much of a mess this whole thing is and that Prince Harry will feel a sense of shame for having to cancel one of the biggest weddings of all time, he’ll feel like he’s totally messed his life up but spirit know this isn’t to be the case at all as he will meet his future wife not long after the split and they’ll be very happy together. I am told that Prince Harry really does want to settle down now and start a family and he’ll be truly devastated that it doesn’t work out with Meghan but the split will be a blessing in disguise for him.


Date: 24th October 2017

*Disclaimer – All psychic predictions on this website are given to me by spirit and are not my thoughts/words/wishes.

My spirit guide is showing me that Prince Harry will propose to his girlfriend Meghan Markle November/December time, I am told that the engagement is already planned and she’ll say yes but they’ll break up before any wedding can take place. My spirit guide tells me that Meghan is not the right partner for Prince Harry and that there is someone better suited who will come into his life not long after he splits up from Meghan Markle. His next relationship looks to be a fated relationship and one in which he’ll be totally content and it will last the distance, this girl is shown to be quite quiet and unheard of until she steps out in public on Prince Harry’s arm. She’s a good match for him and will be very loyal not only to Prince Harry but to the Royal Family and their expectations of someone marrying into the Royal Family. I get the strongest sense that this next relationship for Prince Harry is somewhat planned on spirit’s part and I would question if she’s been chosen for Harry by a loved one in the spirit world who is going to ensure that Prince Harry and this girl cross paths. I am shown when the two of them meet and it appears that Prince Harry isn’t looking for anyone in that way but is taken by surprise and caught off guard by his immediate attraction to this girl who I am told is really sweet and polite. She looks quite petite and very natural in her appearance – totally different from Meghan and more similar in appearance to girls he’s dated previously. I am told by my spirit guide that Prince Harry will marry this girl eventually but they’re shown to be together for a while first and don’t rush into marriage.  I am shown by my spirit guide that Prince Harry and this girl will have two children together once married but there will be a few fertility issues initially – this will be resolved with the help of IVF and they will produce two beautiful children together. I am also shown that they will move in together long before they’re wed, rather than an announcement of an engagement to this girl I see an announcement of the date of the wedding so once engaged I feel it’ll be a short engagement followed by a beautiful wedding ceremony. This girl who is going to marry Prince Harry has a connection to horses and may even own a few of her own, she’s quite short, very elegant and respectful and has a small close circle of friends and family who she trusts dearly. This relationship for Prince Harry and this girl looks very solid as I watch it unfold and develop, they’re very well suited for each other and will be very much in love and content with each other. This girl seems quite shy so I don’t think the British public will see or hear much from her, if at all for the first few years, she seems content in her own life and will be content with Harry behind closed doors but doesn’t enjoy or seek the public attention which is to be a positive for Prince Harry. She is supportive of Prince Harry though and his Royal duties and will appear alongside him when required to do so, overtime her confidence in her new role will grow and we’ll start to see her doing more charity work and getting more involved with the Royal families public appearances. I am told that she’ll blossom well into her role and develop her own style of doing things, a bit like Princess Diana did.

You can see a full list of my spirit guides psychic predictions with links to the full predictions in detail here.

Love and light,

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  1. The only thing I can think of would be something happening to Prince Philip.

    Dane Hart has some really great You Tube videos on Harry and Meghan. Watch them, you’ll like them!

  2. So as Lynsday predicted ‘the wedding will be postponed and pushed back and a legitimate reason will be given for this postponing of the wedding and this reason will be accepted worldwide as legitimate’.
    Do you think this prediction will still come in seeing how it is only 2 weeks away for the actual wedding to take place?
    Or has this prediction/outcome expired too?

  3. I did read an tweet an couple days ago and it said some royal family members have expressed their concerns about harry marrying Meghan

  4. Many find it not only curious, but disturbing!! The problem is no one in the RF seems to be bothered by any of this. They are the only ones who can do anything about this marriage and they are not.

    1. Yes, the only thing done by the RF was an attempt to bury the story by releasing more wedding info in the form of saying MM father would be walking her down the aisle plus some more stuff. That way people have other things to talk about. The letter is quite explosive though.

  5. Has anyone read the open letter from MM brother to PH? What are everyone’s thoughts on this? I wonder why no one finds none of this suspucious and instead chucks it up to jealous family members? So many flags…all very interesting….

  6. Didi and Lyndsay, Harry and Meghan are heading down to Greece to join someone on their yacht. Wouldn’t it be destiny if Athina Onassis’ yacht and it rekindled their 2016 relationship? What do you think Lyndasy? Didi says she matches your description.

  7. The other mysterious girl, the blond one, with the horses and the very low profile sounds a lot to me like Athina Onassis.
    She has recently divorced and I think that would made a great match for Prince Harry as she has all the credentials to be a royal bride plus a huge fortune.
    It has been also reported that that they were dating back in 2016.

  8. I’m not surprised….I felt today that they made it through what could have led to parting ways, but since it was now almost April, the wedding would occur. Like Lyndsay, it just leaves me feeling sad. I no longer want to look at the updates. I wish he was ending up with his soul mate, but I guess he has some lessons to learn like the rest of us. It’s just painful to watch…especially feeling where this is heading & feeling he is in so many ways a lost young boy looking for eternal love. My heart breaks for him. I feel she knows very well what she’s doing.

  9. Are you all aware there’s a new prediction? You have to go to the main page to see it. The new prediction Lyndsey posted states the wedding will go ahead.

  10. 🎁🎁🎊🎊🎉🎉🎶🎶🎶🎂🎂🎂🎶🎶🎶🎁🎁🎊🎊🎉🎉👏👏👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️HAPPY BIRTHDAY LYNDSAY‼️‼️‼️‼️💗💗💗💗💗💗💗🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎶🎶🎶🎶🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵

  11. Well the 600 Royal wedding invitations are done. They are American ink on British paper. Very interesting because the American ink is the focus point (as is the written word is on anything) and the British paper is just background (or something that just has to be there when something is written). Could that be a Freudian statement of this couples relationship.? HUM?

  12. Esma, this sounds a bit crazy, but while I was meditating it came to me, “could it be that MM is reincarnated Simpson come to have her revenge on the Royal Family?? WHAT A BIZZAR THOUGHT! But then again???

  13. @Just Curious Apparently, some of Henry’s family have some reservations about her as well. I read that ppl have warned him against marrying her but he won’t let them dictate his life.

    @Bella we all have to learn lessons the hard way. Ppl have different reasons on why they do not like MM. It stems from the obvious, some is jealousy and some think that there is someone far better out there for him. Someone who is maybe from a similar background from him.

    It varies.

  14. Bella,
    I totally agree! I don’t know how SO MANY PEOPLE from all walks of life can instantly dislike a person they don’t personally know. The collective consciousness is speaking but not being heard by the RF.

  15. I find it fascinating when Lynsday said in her other post that the other girl who Harry was meant to meet with is now going to cross paths with another man who will be right for her even though he’s not her soulmate.
    Isn’t it strange how alliances with people form and change just by the mere decisions we make. It reminds me of that George Michael song when he sings ‘Turn different corner and we never would have met!’.
    That’s powerful!

    1. I find it very sad that the two soul mates that should meet and marry may not. I will not lose faith that divine intervention will make things right because it would be a very terrible thing to see history repeat itself.

      I still sense something very strange about this entire situation and I still question why so many people dislike MM. Things are not as they seem, and neither is she.

      1. Dear bella don’t be sad i see meghan is marrying to someone else.. And the princess who meant to be with prince Harry she having a second thought about her fiancé, Prince Harry already proposed to her on her birthday before meghan but she ignored him because she was afraid of her royal family as planned to be married to some one else, she’s hiding she’s polite she’s shy religious and very young so she’s obey her family, keep faith in almighty God and pray with me that may her highness listen to her prince because he lost his hope after all his contacts he did lately did not work out. May all of you have a blessed lovely day and may this kind wind bring you warmth and love and happiness.

        1. Dear bella don’t be sad i see meghan is marrying to someone else.. And the princess who meant to be with prince Harry she having a second thought about her fiancé, Prince Harry already proposed to her on her birthday before meghan but she ignored him because she was afraid of her royal family as planned to be married to some one else, she’s hiding she’s polite she’s shy religious and very young so she’s obey her family, keep faith in almighty God and pray with me that may her highness listen to her prince because he lost his hope after all his contacts he did lately did not work out. May all of you have a blessed lovely day and may this kind wind bring you warmth and love and happiness.

        2. Dear bella don’t be sad i see meghan is marrying to someone else.. And the princess who meant to be with prince Harry she having a second thought about her fiancé, Prince Harry already proposed to her on her birthday before meghan but she had to ignored him because she was afraid of her royal family as they planned for her to be married to some one else, she’s hiding she’s polite she’s shy religious and very young that’s the broblem had to obey her family, keep faith in almighty God and pray with me that may her highness listen to her prince because he lost his hope after all his contacts he did lately did not work out. May all of you have a blessed lovely day and may this kind wind bring you warmth love and happiness.

  16. It just seems awfully unbalanced, that so many people from all backgrounds and regions of the world have such a negative opinion of her as a member of the RF. Brings to mind some form of psychic connection, maybe from a past life, that was very negative. It’s liken to meeting someone and just having a connection to them and you feel like you “know them”, and you do from past lives and the connection wasn’t a good one at all. Since the psychic powers of the collective world are picking up on something. The RF doe sent seem that spiritually awakened.

  17. Hey Lyndsay!
    Thanks for the recipe post, but what we are all dying to see is an update on PH and MM. Maybe you don’t want to post it publicly, so MM doesn’t see it, but just tell us that you and spirit are communicating but you are choosing to remain silent so the prediction spirit gives to you can come to pass. Think we would all just like to know that.

  18. I keep coming back for any new information. I just keep seeing wasted articles about Camilla and Charles & Harry and Megan.

    What’s this about them going to Greece? Business or Pleasure?

  19. Seems the script she tells about herself has been the same over the years. Catholic school, father director of “Married With Children”, going on the set in her school uniform, her association with the U.N., no body hair, Suites, and of course her sexy flirting. Seems ones life story would progress with time, yet hers remains true to script.

  20. Hello everyone,

    I found a “strange” interview of Meghan Markle in 2013. Please have a look. This woman will become a duchesse…
    How can someone change so drastically?. PH refused to sign a prenups. He will learn from his mistake as he is blind by love and sexual energy from this woman….

    Love and light,

  21. From watching them together it seems like her mother is afraid of her. Seems like there is more there then meets the eye. With the wedding, the world is watching, it seems suspicious her mother is nowhere to be found. They haven’t met her father, and her siblings are nothing but negative.

  22. It may be that they have gotten so much negative attention that Harry is determined to be right at any cost, and Meghan playing her game is now being totally agreeable with everything Harry says. We gave her too much info to work with. Take a listen to you tuber Dane Hart, she has an excellent reading for them. Isabel (I believe it was her) left a link to her predictions in one of her posts. There is still two whole months to go, and anything could happen. Remember, all her family and ex’s are awfully silent!!!

    1. @Joan
      Isn’t it interesting how silent her family has gotten? Her mother has even fallen off the radar. One would think they haven’t seen each other since the Invictus Games, and the crazy sister-lol-did she get paid off or what?

  23. Dear Joan
    This isn’t so much a case of being afraid.i’m just sick of seeing and hearing about them…and Ms Always perfect charity work.

  24. That is exactly what you tuber Dane Hart predicted. A marriage, a split, and success for both after that. One of the other commenters, Isabel, posted the link here.

  25. I’ve always thought the way this couple has been shown in the media, it doesn’t look as if they’re on the brink of a split. They look as they’re still going strong! It has been known sometimes when predictions are given the exact opposite happens! He’s made a choice to be with her and it probably has to play out now regardless of if they’re compatible or not. I also think she will gain riches and fame from this alliance and will certainly not be walking a way with nothing. Perhaps she was destined for this, I’d say she’s set up for life even if they split up years after the marriage.

  26. Why would you fear so greatly? Surely, this is just a silly marriage that has caught the attention of the world because Harry and Meghan made it so.

  27. And here i was thinking we southafricans have drama,but this takes the cup.The predictions will keep coming,but 19th May we’ll see flame….I need a hiding place!

  28. PH is NOT someone who likes to be dictated to. Based on that he will do as he pleases especially if the mere people think they can tell him, a Royal, what he should and shouldn’t do. He suffers greatly from the “Diana rescue syndrome” and MM is playing the damsel in distress. He is a very immature person who believes he knows more then anyone else. He should have waited a few years to date her before making such an important decision.

  29. @Bells suck a coincidence right? Lol

    @ks she and others have said they will either make it down the isle or not but if they do…it wouldn’t be a lasting marriage.

    I’ve said that because Henry (and Megan) were going against the grain (not being traditional and is not like Kate. She likes to think she is Queen when she is not even a Duchess yet) they will do everything in their power to prove to us naysayers that they are the real deal and boy aren’t they showing us.

    But @ks you’re right we might as well say congrats lol the next few months…years will be interesting.

  30. Now Harry announces will not sign a pre nup THE DAY AFTER THE QUEEN CONSENTS TO HIS MARRIAGE. The Queen was the one who said she wanted him protected by a pre nup. What a sneak!

  31. Why did the Queen approve their marriage two months in advance? When Will and Kate’s marriage was approved one week before the wedding.
    We DESPERATELY need an update from your spirit!

    1. The Queen has given her consent and now no pre-nup?! If that’s true then wow. Based on everything that was said, they were supposed to have broken up by now but now the story has completely changed. Clearly PH’s choice of bride is unpopular but no matter what has been said about her he is still marrying her. No matter about her past, intentions, talent or no talent etc, she saw what she wanted and did everything she had to do to get it and she did. What else is left to say but good luck to them.

        1. Hi Sylvia,

          Why do the RF allow her PR to keep leaking this stories? The whole thing makes the RF look like they have no or have lost control. I guess times are changing. Maybe in the future Prince George will marry one of the baby Kardashians.

          1. @KS , RF can’t go down to tabloids levels and denied stories and explain themselves , they never do ….every time some one write bogus stories they (RF ) dont go to the tabloids to say …hey thats not true ,they are above that

            1. Hi Sylvia, but if its her PR leaking the stories, as you said, wouldn’t the RF know that and try to put an end to it?

              There has been a lot of uproar about who PH has chosen and on paper she doesn’t seem a suitable candidate for the RF, but to be honest, it doesn’t look like any of that matters because he has made his choice and he seems to be sticking to it. Also things seem to be working very much in MM’s favour (even the predictions which have potentially been providing her with information on how to move forward). If despite everything that has been said and done, she is still in the position she is in, perhaps that is what is meant to be. I don’t know how else to look at it. Who would’ve thought Trump would have become president? Its a funny old world.

  32. Hi Lyndsay I saw in some vedio the wedding will not be posponed or. Cancelled they trying to finish the wedding as fast as they can. What ever the prediction so many people doing but he looks normal as if there is nothing happened between them.we want another exact reading about them wat is going to happen.☺️.

  33. Did everyone see Harry and her arrive for the common wealth event?

    They looked pretty happy

    I know it has to pass but unfortunately I think it may be a thing of them walking down the isle but later breaking up.

    Going to sound bitter but I wanted it to happen before. She is a social climber. No doubt in my mind she loves what Harry can bring her more than she’s loves him.

    1. I thought he looked insecure and that she looked prideful. Her eyes tell a different story. Something is still very off about them.

      1. @Aria Yup, I kinda figured everything will be all fine and dandy. If the prediction is will come to pass.

        I thought something will happen before the wedding, in April. If they make it down the Isle I do think their marriage won’t last long.

        She will benefit from it. Sadly.

        Seems like they are still in the honeymoon stage. I think Harry is still buzzed about having an actress (a stretch) and not someone in his circle so to speak.

        Megan is still buzzed she bagged a royal.

  34. Another psychic predicts this – I’ve copied and pasted this paragraph

    In other news, it seems that the second Royal Wedding that was due to take place will in fact not happen. For whatever reason, it seems that the 2018 psychic predictions show Prince Harry and Meghan Markle either splitting up or at least cancelling the wedding in the coming year. It’s hard to say what the reasons behind this will be but the answer seems to be related to pressure. It could be that Prince Harry is under pressure to go in a different direction or Mrs. Markle can’t handle the pressure of becoming a royal.

    1. I find that various psychics or tarot readers’ predictions vary from each other. Some say they’ll most likely get married, others that the wedding will be cancelled. The one thing they seem to agree on is that the relationship will break up eventually. Here’s another prediction that I’m quite impressed with: She says the wedding will most likely take place, but they will definitely part ways and it looks like Harry will meet his new wife before he actually splits up with Meghan. Time will tell, I guess! On a personal level, I really don’t think Meghan and Harry will stay together. I’m not sure she’s really prepared for what awaits her. She still has her rose-tinted glasses on until it’s going to hit her.

  35. Hi Lyndsay ,are Meghan and harry still putting space between them and has harry met the girl yet hes supposed to marry and what will happen to her lf Meghan and harry end up marrying?

    1. Post

      Hi Hayley,

      Thank you for your questions, next time I sit down with spirit to work on the predictions I will ask my guide for you and publish his answers here 🙂

      Love & Light,

  36. Esmeralda

    We live in hopes that this will be a fruitful experience for the both of them and dispite my opinions on the behaviours displayed by both parties,I sincerely wish them all the best.

    Free will is a birraze thing,a single act of naivete can cripple your heart,only to rectify your misstep.

  37. @ks

    I think many are quite careful to ascribe complexity to individuals,which why i’m inclined to believe to that intent is an abstract.

    Realistically for those of us who aren’t gifted it cannot be known if his highness is truly being used,but we hypothesize based on what is being screened in public glare.

    humankind has be furnished with the virtue to free will,and i guess will never know as to who’s fooling who?

  38. Dearest Esmeralda
    Its sad when one has little respect for their soul.In recent months its became evident that Ms Markle is trying to deeply ingrain in us this facade of authenticity and she’s failing spectaculary.
    Its also quite somber to see a soul longing for love,being played in such a brazen manner….I suppose its a strange fiction,but karma lives around us and hopefully healing will be provided to those who need it.

    1. Dear Nonhlanhla,

      I agree with what you say. However, it is Harry’ s free will (or ego) that has chosen this path… He is certainly naive and in love… But this experience will show him in a near future what it is best for his soul.
      I am sure that his spirit guides and his late mother are behind him to protect him if he has to suffer…
      For MM, she is definitely a good actress and has won the lottery but she cannot change their divine plan or destiny … Quote: We reap what we sow.

      Ps: You have a lovely name 😉 . Best regards,

  39. @Ks
    I must say i agree with you whole heartedly.I’m absolutely dumbfounded.We have a plethora of predictions,none of which seems to congruent to the other.

    I mean how it is that predictions are jaxtaposed to each other?…I would have imagined they form part of a continuum.

    I also notice that one psychic stated that his former predictions are distorted,because he didn’t have certain information about Ms Markle.

    1. Its interesting that karma has been mentioned a few times and to be honest I don’t know how and if it really works. However, there appears to be a tenacity, single-mindedness, determination there that makes me feel like if all that is said is true and PH is being used, that MM will still come out of it all on top. She seems undeterred from pursuing the position that she wants, so with or without PH (I mean if they don’t end up marrying) she will probably find a way to attain the stardom that she wants. It seems with celebrities even if their are intentions/ motivations are not good, as long as they are willing to do whatever needs to be done to succeed then they do- it doesn’t appear to be a matter of morality.

  40. Hello Everyone,

    I am Esmeralda from France. I have read the comments and I find them interesting.
    What I feel is that Harry is a young soul, traumatised at his young age by the death of his beautiful mother Diana… I think he needs to experience some life lessons, bad and good ones chosen by fate or his free will…
    He will certaintly get married but I do not feel that MM is the right person for him. She is too strongheaded, controlling and manipulative… They will probably have a baby as she is 36, nearly 37 in August this year but the relationship won’t last… I will give them less than 5 years as in psychics time does not exist… They are two different people, coming from totally different background, hurt by their childhood with separation, divorce and death…
    I really hope that Harry finds inner peace in his lifetime here or in Africa like in Bostawana, a country that he adores…

    Love and light to everyone 😉

    1. I honestly don’t think she’ll have a baby next August as that would meant she’s already pregnant. All future brides in the Royal Family are required to undergo a pregnancy test before their wedding to make sure they aren’t pregnant. Therefore, there’s no way Meghan could be pregnant before her wedding, even though her biological clock is ticking away fast.

      1. Isabelle,

        Sorry for this misunderstanding but I did not say she will be pregnant by August. She will be 37 years-old in August 2018 and I think they will probably have a baby after the wedding, in a few or several months as she won’t be able to procreate easily after 40 …
        We will see by the way.

        Best regards 😉

    2. Oops, sorry, I’ve just realized you didn’t mean she’d have a baby in August, but you meant her birthday is in August! My mistake!

    1. I must say, as a non psychic (and therefore putting my own personal observations aside), I find this psychic stuff to be quite confusing.

      If there is a truth, how is it that psychics are seeing such different things? I understand that that there are people who pretend to have spiritual gifts (we can leave those people out) but for those who truly are psychic how is there no consensus?

      I have seen such polar opposite character assessments particularly for one party in this relationship.

      Please could, Ava, or anyone else who is psychic please explain to me?

      I just want to add that I am not doubting anyone’s insights at all I just would really like to understand.

  41. I’m strangely thinking about their relationship quite often. I feel really bad for him. I think it’s evident that he wants a wife & children. I’m just sad he got bamboozled, because I just don’t get the feeling that she’s in love with him. It reminds me of one of my brothers who married a girl who I so clearly could tell was only using him & didn’t love HIM. He realized it years later & divorced her, and this feels just like that. My bf is from Southern California, and he said she’s just like any girl from down there. I’m sure she’s not an evil person, I just get the sense that something very fake is going on (on her part) to snag this man who so desperately wants love/a family. Many more thoughts, but I feel a bit strange posting on a public message board like this. I sure hope he can get to a quiet place and hear his mom speaking to him. I was engaged once and wanted to call it off but was too embarrassed. I hope he doesn’t make this mistake (I got divorced) and can truly confide in someone close to him if he’s at all unsure. Harry deserves what his brother has, & I hope he finds her!

    1. @Joan

      I don’t think it was victory….she was alone and embarrassed…its the white party dress that may be throwing me…thank you for your feedback though…

  42. I’ve could help but go over most of the comments on Ms Lyndsay’s blog, mainly because I’ve had the most terrible feeling about MM since she came on the scene. She comes across as so inauthentic and false and it bothered me so that I wondered if it was just me who sees her in such an blatant and obvious transparent way. For your interpretation I leave a vision/dream I had:

    She is standing outside somewhere at the top of steps or staircase…alone…she is has an embarrassed look on her face(like an oops face)….she is wearing a sleeveless white crushed velvet party dress…nothing formal….


    1. Hello Bella,

      Is your vision the end of their relationship in a few years? Maybe… Only time will tell.
      Let’s see in some time soon…

      Hope Harry has listened to his grand-mother and signs a Prenuptial Agreement…

      Best regards,

  43. Thanks for the follow up. I don’t want it to happen but I do think they will go through with the wedding. You mentioned Diana and funnily enough others have as well.

    Diana was head strong and her and Charles seemed compatible but if you watched their interviews after the engagement things seemed off.

    I guess I’m trying to say that I think they will try to front as long as they can because ppl are waiting for their downfall.

    Megan will not ruin this opportunity tho. She wants that title. She wants to live a life of luxury.

    If they do they break up. Does your spirit tell you something about Megans next partner?

  44. I really don’t know but honestly I see dreams and visions..will you believe me if say I had a vision for pH, was about his engagement and I saw a crismath tree and I just knew it will be in December

  45. I know her she’s royalty comes from one of the greatest royal empire at past she’s what exactly ms Edwards has told, and yes his highness talked to her I can not disclose more. You may enjoy your days ladies

  46. Eleanore

    How did you know that the future bride of PH will marry to other man?

    I am so curious about her. Please let us know more about her. Thanks

  47. Ladies an apology if got you confused
    My name is Eleanore I did not want use nickname and I do not represent or claim someone else because I really do hate lie, I’am just interested in what ms lyndsay has mentioned, I do believe pH future wife will marry to another man..
    Sincerely. Elenore

  48. I saw on twitter the news about meghan to be baptised before the wedding. Do you think it’s true?

    Everytime I open my twitter, it is always about their wedding.

    1. Dear Cecile
      This is the very reason I nolonger indulge the internet as much I use to,details of their wedding have became increasingly ubiquitous and we have little breathing space.We’re constantly bombarded by a cacophany of information and i need a break.
      with regards to the baptism I heard it would be done on the day of the wedding,but this seems to be tone of this engagement everything is simply incongruous.

  49. Hi. I am Cecile from Philippines. I’d read Lyndsey blog last mont. I am a huge fan of PH. I got curious about his future bride that was why I asked about it. Sorry if I bothered anyone with my questions.

  50. Hi

    My name is Daianna and I’m from the UK.

    The answer to your question is no, I am not Cecile or Eleanore.

    I can across this type of post and I’ve been interested in different predictions especially world politics.

    I noticed more comments on this type of prediction that Lyndsey has done.

    I only mentioned it out of interest, likely everyone else has as Harry deserves happiness, especially with the right person. Just like his brother (William) has. But like Lindsay said it is down to free will, regardless of what others may think or feel. You learn by your mistakes, as I have done in my own life.

    I apologise if I have offended anyone.

    1. Good day D
      As I have mentioned before,in response to Micki,we’re all just particularly cautious when it comes to giving commentary about Prince Harry’s future bride.
      This engagement is a convoluted mess and we’d rather hold our tongues for now.
      I don’t believe you’ve offended anyone and Micki did state that she stands to be corrected.

  51. I know what you mean Micki.Many of us are aware that Ms Markle doesn’t exist in a vacuum were she is untouched by the realities of many of these blogs and the commentary.
    So caution is taken when posting anything about the one called ‘FD’.

    1. Hayley I merely mentioned the coincidence of four new posters, posting within an hour re: PH future bride. I did state I could be wrong!

  52. I find it rather odd that 4 new posters have posted within an hour on Lyndsey’s blog. Basically they’re interested if PH has already met his future bride!!!! I now wonder if this isn’t Meghan Markle herself asking. However, I could well be wrong.

  53. Hi to everyone on this post.

    I have read the previous and current predictions that have been made. We can only see what will now happen and hope the right decision is made for both of them.

    It will be interesting to see an upcoming prediction nearer to the wedding date.

    Does anyone know more on PH ‘supposed to be future bride’?

    1. Are you the same person as Cecile and Elenore who basically wrote the same comment below? What are you up to? I just find it odd that the same question has popped up in a matter of minutes and from people who haven’t been posting here for a while (or ever)

  54. Lyndsey,

    I’m curious about what the members of the BRF really think about MM?
    Do you believe MM paid off her ex and chef bf? Did they really get engaged over roast chicken? I swear to you I giggle every time I read or hear roast chicken.

  55. Lyndsay, does Spirit think they were secretly married in Botswana in summer of 2017? That would explain her mother meeting Harry at the Invectus games, her moving to the UK right after, moving directly into Harry’s place , going to Christmas services and Queens reception, her being so pushy and cock sure of herself, and being referred to as one of the “fab4.” (Among many other things)

    1. Ha!…One wonders why?
      for a women of her calibre and so-called gravitas..this is just shocking…oh wait maybe she’s being a humanitarian,Pursing philanthropic causes.

  56. Ava,

    On your blog you talk about adverse karma. Does this normally happen after the person using black magick has achieved what they wanted or does it mean they don’t achieve what they want?

  57. In my own reflections of whats going on and some of the commentary on this platform.I’ve came to realise that there are ‘those’ who need to learn that history has no blank pages and we are certainly not fooled.
    Dichotomys don’t mirror reality.One maybe espoused to empowerment and humanity,but no man can escape his own shadow.

  58. @Ava. Exactly. So now begs the question why she is involved in the Royal Foundation. And really do we need someone like her to lecture us on the empowerment of women. What I found intriguingly is she could mention the NGOs she has worked with/or works with. What’s so secretive. She spews lies.

  59. Being so hateful must be energizing to her. Now that she isn’t working, she has more time to troll the blogs. She definitely doesn’t like us talking.😉

    Personally, I’m not afraid of her. Just sick of her petty, inane school girl garbage. She has no one to blame for her track record, but herself. Coming after us isn’t going to change anything. It just gives me ammunition to keep pushing through. Why she is worried about the likes of me is something I am very much interested in finding out.

    Her back is against the wall and treading on thin ice. I don’t buy her tears on command for a second. I’ve been shown the real her. If she didn’t want me talking she should have stayed out of my aura and left me alone a long time ago. Her little minions are just as evil as she is. I’m feeling some hostility coming from London. My guard is up and my built-in sonar is always running. She’s awfully thirsty today since she is getting ripped to shreds for yesterday’s performance.

  60. @Ava she doesn’t care she just push herself in and include herself in the charities she wants from RF , she doesn’t wait for invitations

  61. I see what you mean Patty,i am still bewildered by the brazeness of it all.For any individual to act without any contrition is just beyond me.
    We are not accountable for the animosity surrounding her,that medal she achieved on her own.

  62. I have read that a US citizenship cannot have a title of nobility. However, one can had dual citizenship. But only a UK citizen can be given a title of nobility. If MM chose to keep her US citizenship – she is still a nobody there. At this point she doesn’t hold UK citizenship. IF they did get married and she has UK citizenship — then the Home Office would have consequences of why SHE has preferential treatment. She has to live in UK at least half the year for 5 years before she can get UK citizenship. Therefore, if she doesn’t have UK citizenship – she cannot have a title.

    1. British citizenship has been planned for her straight away and the procedure is under way. She’ll have dual nationality as she’s entitled to keep her US citizenship.

  63. @C
    Its happened to me to.I was afraid of say it,mainly because i’m still rattled.
    like you a had only one dream about prince harry before that bizarre engagement interview and leading into the next month things got rather interesting.
    I continued to have a series of dreams until having one that contained a picture of her.
    I somehow stumbled upon it, whilst following other blogs and an attack ensued,i tried switching of my device but i my went into a frezny,i went blind and fell to the sofa.I was very afraid and felt a deep pain for the prince.
    I felt crazy and kept quite.

  64. Looking back on certain events and some dream recall, someone in her group (or she herself) has been stalking me for years. Unexplained health issues with no justifiable cause, numerous near misses of an “unfortunate accident” (always a black car), blocked career growth (the tame one), etc. Lately, it has been as if someone or something has been trying to drill a hole in the side of my head and sometimes feel a pulling sensation at my naval. Luckily, nothing too bad has happened yet. I have God protecting me and my late mother’s spirit close by. Not too sure why, but whoever it is wants me quiet and out of the way. I can tell when someone taps into me and it has been constant since the week before the engagement was announced. I can sense Sparkles getting desperate and then some. I picked up on Harry for the first time in months this evening, but have been advised not to share those details. If Sparkles tries to harm me further, it is on her soul and not mine. Someone in her crew is obsessed with attacking me when my aura starts to heal. It’s just ridiculous because I am not exactly anyone special. All the rocket scientist(s) are doing is waking up the warrior I was in a past life. Unfortunately for them, I inherited my late mother’s tenacity and the natural mindset of a soldier.

  65. Thank you Tina. I truly hope it all works out and I truly hope the people with much more spirtual ability can somehow feel Harry’s real love. If you know anything more about her please let me/us know. I somehow feel we are concentrating on a bad relationship but should focus and send light to and on Harry’s and his real loves relationship to give it more strength. ♡♡♡

  66. I don’t know about y’all, but someone in Sparkle’s camp, if not Sparkles herself, has been trying to get at me all day. I’m convinced they have nothing else to do all day. Must be exhausting for them. I feel just fine. Praise the Lord!

  67. Dear Marina , no ofense but MM doesn’t care about your advise , she is after fame and money to set herself for like and is not going to release her victim doesn’t matter how brilliant her future with out PH you tell her would be …so don’t waste your time trying to give her advise …it’s a waste of mental energy , she is about to close the deal and nothing would get in her way not even wedding postponing, she doesn’t want her lies exposed before she close the deal is very simple

  68. As dark as Meghan’s energy is, I can see her trying to soul steal and it just makes sense. I recently caught someone trying to do that to me. Not going to lie, it’s scary. I’m new to the spirit world thing, but I’m trying to learn. My intuition told me something was up and that I wasn’t going to like what I found out and sure enough I found out and didn’t like what I found out. People who do that are just plain evil. She is just shooting herself in the foot trying to mimic the woman Harry is supposed to be with. Whenever she copies, it is obvious. People can tell she isn’t being her real self, but her real self is something no one wants to deal with. Don’t get me started on her fake tears. She has openly admitted to being able to produce tears on command.

    Ava, I like your PR perspective. I don’t have the most experience in communications, but I am a pretty good arbitrator and understand multiple points of view. Meghan is beyond screwed at this point. Her PR is an absolute nightmare. No one is interested in her at all and people are waking up to her scheme. She’s losing ground and getting desperate.

    1. Ks
      I can also see that a plethora of individuals are put off by her hubris.I hear its quite cold in Uk and her dress is very ‘interesting’ in relation to the weather.
      I must say i’m quite concerned about the dutchess of Cambridge,she’s in the last stages of her pregnacy and she looks stressed.
      Everyone else is rather miserable accept one Ms Markle.

  69. Hi Ava,

    Sorry I didnt say what I meant clearly. I didnt mean her intentions are good. Just that perhaps she may be taken a little more seriously than she would otherwise be if she wasn’t articulate or intelligent and that perhaps those qualities have helped her to get where she is. Perhaps it also helps her to hold her own with Harry who doesn’t comes across as the most intelligent person.

    1. Ks
      I dont think her articulation is great measure of intelligence.its just populist rhetoric and can see how that can mirror her as a coherent and robust individual.

  70. Yes I agree with Patty, Ava. Your blog must be very interesting. You have a lot of thought provoking insights and seem to have a lot of life experience too. The stuff you have shared on here about PR is also interesting.

    1. Also Ava (and others) I just wanted to ask, most of the comments I have read about MM, on here and elsewhere, have been very negative. If she reads all of these comments doesn’t it affect her? It doesn’t seem like the UK are accepting her and if people don’t accept her as a member of the Royal Family then it’s not really going to work, is it?

  71. They will get married but I don’t see it lasting. I also think that she will go back to America and start the “Meghan Markle Show” and start talking about her royal life and the other royals. I won’t be pretty for the firm.

  72. I briefly watched some of the Making a Difference together public engagement and MM does sound like she is very articulate. I think that is thing, I imagine that she has had to hustle, struggle and adapt to get to where she is today and in some ways that may be working in her favour. I have also observed that she seems able to alternate between overtly sexual and intelligent and articulate as she feels is required.

  73. @Patty, but why MM keeps participating in engagement with members of RF if things are so bad ? She wont go away on her own , RF will have to force her out , thats the only way.

  74. Hi. Can anyone feel if the women who is meant to be with H is reading this blog too? And also if there are things that can be done spirtually to protect her.

    1. Dear Le
      Thats a good question,but i fear it could be quite dangerous since Ms Markle visits these blogs and some have already experienced spiritual attacks.

  75. I want to own up to fact that I re-posted Lyndsay’s first update prediction on Tumblr. I was trying to calm people on Tumblr because they were in a panic when they got engaged. I regretted the post soon after, but it already spread to multiple blogs. The prediction was posted before, but I feel as if my re-post is what sparked Meghan’s interest in this site. Some time after that Meghan actually commented on here. I want to apologize. I’m sure Lyndsay and others have received hate as a result of the repost. No, I am not the person/s sending the hate, but still I should have been more careful.

    @Patricia I’m sorry that you experienced this. I feel horrified, completely disgusted and just UGHHH, there aren’t enough words. I don’t even know what to say. I have no experience with this, so maybe I’m wrong, but a spiritual attack seems to be a whole other level of evil. She has threatened many people before, to my knowledge never with something from another force. Its very clear now she is not above harming anyone mentally, spiritually and physically to get what she wants. I thought it was possible before, but know I/we know for sure. I’ve read some of her infamous ‘anonymous’ comments. They obviously come from a disturbed person and from someone who has zero concern for anyone but herself. What bothers me is she’s not been forced to accept responsibility for anything she has done and now this. Its as if there is no accountability.

    I hope you are able to protect yourself from this. Again, I don’t know that to say. This is above my pay grade. Hopefully I can contribute by not wishing her the worst, redirecting that energy and instead wishing everyone on here the best.

    (If you want to be private on FB you can create an account with an alias name. I’ve only briefly read the group convos and don’t really know if they could help. Maybe @Lauren, who started the group can help. To be honest a part of me is worried about you sharing.)

  76. Thank you for the information Ava. I am sorry to hear about what happened to you Patricia. I think it is a concern if people who read/ comment on this blog are experiencing spiritual attacks. Has Lyndsay been informed about this? If not I think it is important that she knows.

    It seems that people who read the blog have varying levels of understanding about the spirit world and some are simply here to learn or for ‘entertainment’ purposes so this takes it to a whole other level.

  77. &Ava, the rush is the longer they wait to get marry more dirty secrets from Markle will come to light and all the lies so she needs to close this deal as soon is possible , if she didn’t have so many skeleton they could have wait a year to marry

  78. In social networks, a while ago, they claimed that they would already be married. If true, it explains so much trouble and everything so badly done. ( bad taste in all aspects), it is as if the RF does not care about this couple. They have even markerd a subtle, but great difference between the commitment of H and M and the commitment of E and J. It’s like: here it was done like that, but in reality it should be like this.

  79. I’m not surprised the prediction has changed, they’re people with free will and future predictions can always change and turn because people have control over their actions. I wish they’d not put space between them and spent more time together so that Prince Harry would see this for what it is and then break it off before it’s too late!

    Thanks for updating us on their current relationship status Lyndsay, it’s interesting to get your guides insights.

  80. Hi Ava,

    Its nice to hear from you again.

    Do you mean that you think that they will still split up before the wedding as was previously predicted?

  81. So the story is now changing, now not so adamant that they will actually split up. The predictions before were so detailed, with timelines, etc. Personally, I don’t think Meghan is suited for that regimented, controlled life. She should go back to her previous life.

  82. As far as I can see nothing has changed except people who know or knew MM are now coming out with what they know.

    No one has challenged Gary Janetti’s IG posts because he did know her and is a friend of her ex husband. For the thousands of likes, there are probably millions that like it too but just don’t double tap.

    1. @Ava …good to hear back from you , but don’t you think once MM read this prediction she will move heaven and earth to keep the wedding May 19th because postponing would be a chance to cancel in the future , also in the mean time PH can meet FD and change his mind.

  83. Hi Lyndsey,Is it possible the girl you predicted that is more suitable for Harry will he meet her while he’s still with Meghan when they postpone the wedding or will they meet before or after they split or divorce ?

  84. Of course MM is in a rush to make this wedding happens before more revelations about her hit the tabloids like “ the magical boobs” one , they can’t be putting space in between them for ever at some point they have to be under the same roof and the discord will continue , also the space will allow PH to meet other woman and start a new relationship and the postponing of the wedding will make PH realise MM is not the right one and he will discover all her secrets too , lies , deceptions …the postponement of the wedding will give him more time to think and freedom to date other girls

  85. I definitely think they are both trying to hold onto the relationship for as long as possible so they can have this wedding and if they postpone it I pray that the two of them realise that they are not right for each other and i just hope there’s no kids involved when they do split up if they end up getting married kids are always the ones that end up hurt when parents split up.

  86. I agree with you Ayl. Lyndsay seems like a very sweet person who wants to spread positivity.

    However I feel (and of course this is just my opinion) that perhaps this may lead to a lack of clarity in regards to the predictions sometimes. For example, in the most recent prediction it says that the space put between M and H was ‘cleverly done’ to save the relationship. This implies that M or H, or both, already know on some level that things aren’t right between them but in the comments section Lyndsay says that if they knew they weren’t right for each other they would end the relationship quickly.

    Remember they haven’t spent much time together as a couple prior to this so if now that they are spending time together they are arguing they will know that at the very least, they need to spend some more time learning about each other before marriage but 2 months leaves barely any time to do that if you have a wedding to plan and now are spending time apart. ‘Saving the relationship’ to ensure the wedding happens seems to be more important than them taking the time to really learn about each other and grow together as a couple.

    I don’t wish anything bad on M or H. However the engagement and the wedding seem to be very rushed (and I dont understand why) and therefore there does appear to be hidden agendas in this relationship. I also feel that there is quite a bit of deception going on in terms of what is portrayed to the public. I am not psychic but that is my two pence.

    Lyndsay I have found reading your blog very interesting so I hope i haven’t caused offence. I have also appreciated reading the candid insights of other psychics on this forum.

    1. I don’t think the wedding has been rushed. After all, they’ve been together for close to two years. However, I don’t think they’re a good match at all. She’s the last person I’d think would join the Royal Family. She’s too different – and an actress who stripped down and had steamy scenes for her roles? This is too weird. This controlled, full of protocols life is not for her.

  87. Hi Lyndsay,

    I remember you saying the spirit of Diana does not want her on your YouTube video. I think you are a kindred soul not wishing to spread bad vibes about anyone/anything; but I feel she is not honest or pure & assume what bothers Di’s spirit (rather than ‘genuine’ feelings toward her son)


  88. Hi Lyndsay,

    Thank you for answering my question. I just want to ask, if Meghan’s feelings for Harry are real and she is a genuine person, why do you think many people (including some other psychics) perceive her to be disingenuous and calculating, particularly after the engagement interview? Are people misjudging her? I am just interested to know and obviously it is not nice to say things about people that aren’t true and for her to be given a hard time unfairly.

  89. Hi Eddie,

    As they have put space between them if they continue to do this then it’s likely the wedding will go ahead despite them not being right for each other – this space is enabling the relationship to be dragged out as they’re not realising yet that they’re not right for each other.

    Hope this makes sense…


  90. Hi KS,

    My spirit guides told me that Meghan has genuine feelings for Prince Harry so she’ll be unhappy to find herself married to the wrong person 😏 such a shame for both of them !! At present they both believe it’ll work and it’s right but overtime they’ll realise it’s not, if they didn’t put space between them then they would split up soon as they’d realise quicker but unfortunately it now looks like the space will enable the relationship to be dragged out.


  91. It’s such a shame if they carry on with this wedding, just out of stubbornness from both parts.
    If only they could see ahead the bright future they would have living different lives.
    Harry would find stability and would push the monarchy , together with his potencial other wife and Prince William to another level, and Meghan would have built a a career as a first-class actress doing what she was born to do.
    Anyway, it’s their prerogative, despite the unhapiness they will be building for themselves and particularly for their children. No one thinks of how children suffer with this kind of situation between parents.
    Well, we all have been trying to help them see ahead. May God take care of the children that are to come if this marriage goes ahead.

    1. It’s better for them if they don’t repeat Diana’s mistake and call of the wedding before it’s too late. She had huge reservations before the wedding but went ahead anyway because it was already so mediatized and, she apparently said that both prince Charles and her appeared on tea towels as a couple, so she couldn’t possibly back out.

    1. I guess, if they’re married, it’s possible, but otherwise no because it wouldn’t go down well in the Royal Family. Apparently, all future brides have to undergo a pregnancy test to make sure they’re not pregnant at the wedding day. Diana and Kate had to do it.

  92. I definitely think if they If do stay together and eventually have kids then it will be an very unhappy marriage very similar to Charles and Diana’s I just pray prince harry gets out of the relationship before it’s to late he deserves to be truly happy with someone and the girl you predicted that’s better suited for him will she meet someone else or is she still destined to be with Prince Harry still?

  93. Hi Lyndsay! Did the spirit tell you that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will get married and have children? So, they won’t split before the wedding? Thank you! I love your blog! Sending good vibes to you and your beautiful family!

  94. What about the girl meant for Prince Harry you described in previous predictions? Will they still meet or the marriage with Meghan means they will never meet each other?

  95. Thanks for the prediction Lyndsay but why would Meghan be unhappy? From what has been said on these threads she wants wealth, fame and status and that is what she has and will continue to achieve through her relationship with Harry. If they live separate lives she also gets to retain some of her independence- that sounds like a win!

    1. KS that’s what I thought. If she is a social climber then it wont make any difference to her if they eventually marry and then split because by then she would have accumulated the status from this union regardless. And then she would have achieved what she ultimately wanted from this union anyway.

  96. @Loreta, you predicted this ages ago! That Meghan would give Harry space because she knows that otherwise they would break up before the wedding. She is too smart. Perhaps as someone else said the predictions that they would break up has made Meghan more determined to succeed. Oh well, it looks like her plan will work after all.

  97. Thank you Lyndsay! I have been checking for updates since your last prediction. This just shows how incompatible they are and this wedding should not happen at all. It seems she is doing everything she can to be able to stick around, or maybe she knows he will meet the right one and she is trying to block this from happening by pushing this arrangement. Another thought I’m having is if she is on a fiancée visa, she is only given 6 months to stay in the UK and she must marry within that time before she can extend to the spousal visa before the 6 months end. She will not be allowed to work there. She will have to leave the country and travel back on visits if she is to obey immigration rules passed the deadline on her visa if the wedding is moved to a date beyond that. Once they postpone the wedding I don’t feel they will get to the alter, but that’s just what I feel.

  98. Hi Lysnday it’s nice to hear from you again. Regarding this situation you are right and everyone has freewill to make a choice or decision, a bit like sliding doors. So nothing is really set in stone. In terms of how this this couple is shown in the media it does look as if the wedding will still take place. Such a shame though especially if they were not emotionally and spiritually right for each other.

    1. Post
        1. I am confused too! There’s quite a difference between this prediction and the one before that. The one before that was adamant they’d split up and gave a lot of details, like Meghan will be seen without her engagement ring, Harry will be the one cancelling the wedding, the decision will be announced March/April, etc. How can two predictions about the same thing be so different one month or so apart?

          1. Post

            Hi Isabelle,

            My spirit guides have given an update on the relationship as it stands today and they’ve cleavly put space between them meaning they’re not spending as much time together now which is enabling them to remain in the honeymoon whirlwind phase for much longer, if they spent more time together as expected then the other prediction would have gone ahead but now it looks like the space will enable this to drag out and on and on! They’ll split eventually regardless because they’re not compatible long term. I guess to answer your question, it’s changed because they’ve changed their plans of how much time they spend together – the beauty of free will ! Prince Harry’s guides are around him but they’re limited on what they can do for him as the choices must come from him otherwise they won’t be long lasting choices.


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