Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Will Split Up Before The Wedding - Psychic Prediction

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Will Split Up Before The Wedding – Psychic Prediction

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(see December 2017 prediction from spirit below)

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Will Split Up Before The Wedding – Psychic Prediction

Date: 14/12/2017

*Disclaimer – All psychic predictions on this website are given to me by spirit and are not my thoughts/words/wishes.

I have had SO many messages and comments asking for more info and updates about the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle break up psychic prediction so rather than reply to everyone individually I thought it’s best to update on here and then everyone who wants to read it can 🙂 The previous predictions are copied in below so you can refer back to them but here’s what my spirit guide has to say today…

My spirit guide tells me that Meghan and Harry are caught up in a whirlwind romance, there is no true malicious meant from either side – they both genuinely care about each other it’s just that they’re not right for each other. The whirlwind can only last for so long before they are truly in each others pockets with no escaping each other and that’s when the arguing begins. The arguments are a shock to both of them and they get pretty heated fairly quickly – it is the heated arguments which separates them as they realise that they’ve moved too quickly and perhaps didn’t get to know each other as well as they thought. Prince Harry will be devastated when they split up as will Meghan. Spirit do feel that the girl Harry meets not long after the split from Meghan is better suited and they’re sending her his way purposely. Prince Harry does have spiritual protection to an extent and spirit can work to block him from making huge mistakes. Meghan can’t quite believe her luck meeting Prince Harry but she has developed genuine feelings for him to an extent and doesn’t wish him any harm, they’re both caught up in the whirlwind of lust and excitement. Meghan is very ambitious and focused but she’s not a bad person, she’s career driven and wants to succeed in everything she does so the break up being so publicly known will hit her hard but she’ll bounce back because of her desire to succeed in life. My spirit guides concern is for Prince Harry as he doesn’t want him to be in an unhappy marriage, Prince Harry’s spirit guides and guardian angels are working to try and help guide him into making the best decision for his future happiness. Meghan is attracted to successful and wealthy people but that is because she is so focused on achieving herself and wouldn’t want to date anyone without huge ambition or success, she wants someone she can share her journey to the top with and someone who shares her desires to achieve great things in life. Meghan and Prince Harry get on really really well but they’re still in the honeymoon period of their relationship and they’re yet to see every side to each other, once this honeymoon phrase passes there will be heated arguments which they’ll struggle to repair from and each argument will become bigger than the last. It’s a shame as at the beginning of their relationship they were so happy together and really in a state of bliss, this is why they’ll both struggle emotionally after the split and wonder how it could have gone so wrong and so quickly.  I am shown that Prince Harry will tell Meghan that the wedding is off because he can’t go through with it after all the arguing and the strain that it’s put on the relationship, Meghan will fight for the relationship initially when she’s in shock but this won’t last long as she’s very head strong and won’t beg someone to stay with her. It won’t be easy for Prince Harry to break up with Meghan as he truly adores her but after becoming so unhappy in the relationship due to all of the arguments he confides in those closest to him and they support him through the difficult task of breaking up with her. Prince Harry does feel the pressure to get this right due to being in the public eye and he doesn’t want a failed marriage and know’s that a failed engagement is better than a failed marriage – it’s this thought which gives him the push to get out before it’s too late. Spirit are very much around Prince Harry trying to protect him as best they can, right now he can’t see what’s about to come but the arguments will start in January and continue consistently. I am given March/April time for them breaking up and it will be announced publicly fairly quickly due to having to cancel the wedding. Meghan will fly back home within a day or two of Prince Harry telling her that it’s over, she’ll want to hide low for a while to get her head around it all and get over the break up. I am given October 2018 for Meghan returning to the public eye, she will do a come back in style to give her career a boost, she might change something about her style/appearance or do something unexpected to relaunch herself into the public eye. Meghan is a star in her own right and she doesn’t need Prince Harry to have a career in the spotlight, she’ll be totally fine without him. Spirit do say that we’ll see a different side to Meghan going in to 2019 and she’ll have a lot of media attention during her comeback. Prince Harry will lay low for a good while and we won’t hear about his new partner for a significant amount of time, his new partner is totally different to Meghan and very low key, she won’t want any media attention or attention from the public. Prince Harry and his next partner will develop their romantic relationship in private for sometime with absolutely no rush or pressure on making it public, they will build a strong foundation for their relationship and spend a lot of time getting to know each other very well before even going public about their love for each other. Spirit do mention that their relationship could be leaked to the public after 18 months together or so and even then they won’t feel pressured to confirm or deny anything as they’re too focused on just being real and having an adult relationship which has huge true potential to last a life time. Spirit speak very fondly of Prince Harry’s next partner and that is because they know how happy Prince Harry will be with her and their wish is for him to be truly happy. I do see the horse connection again with Prince Harry’s next partner, spirit have hand picked this girl for him and she’s truly lovely and genuine, she will get on very well with Prince Harry’s loved one’s and fit in perfectly as anyone who meets her just know’s instantly that she doesn’t have a bad bone in her body. This relationship feels very long and drawn out before there is any mention of weddings, Prince Harry is so cautious to get it right and the girl doesn’t want to rush either, they both are serious in taking it slow and that it has to be right otherwise they don’t want it. They both respect each other greatly due to this and know that their relationship is built on mutual respect and true love for each other, they will be together forever as it were and have beautiful children together after getting married. Prince Harry’s next relationship seems very similar to William & Kate’s, it’ll be very private and classy just how the Royal Family like it. I do see Prince Harry’s wedding to this new girl who spirit are sending his way and I feel it’ll take place around 3 years after splitting up with Meghan.


Date: 27/11/2017

*Disclaimer – All psychic predictions on this website are given to me by spirit and are not my thoughts/words/wishes.

Below is the psychic prediction I published on 24th October 2017 about Prince Harry & Meghan Markle, my spirit guide was spot on with his timing for Prince Harry getting engaged but what about the rest of the prediction? will they split up?, I ask my spirit guide for an update and I am shown that wedding plans are already underway with Meghan seeking out the perfect wedding dress but unfortunately it isn’t to be as they will part ways. The break up seems to be a total disaster and Prince Harry can’t quite believe how the relationship breaks down so quickly and he starts to question how it felt so right before given how bad it has become. Meghan is shown to be very hurt and angry when they split up, it’s just a disaster and Prince Harry is shown to retreat after the split as he wants some quiet time to get over the whole ordeal and to keep a low profile so to not bring anymore unwanted press attention about him and his love life. I am shown again that Prince Harry will meet his next partner who has a connection to horses not long after the split with Meghan, although his next relationship will move much slower with Prince Harry being really cautious and not wanting anyone to know about it until he’s absolutely certain about her. Prince Harry’s next relationship seems to blossom very naturally and she makes him smile a lot, she’s very sweet and not interested in being in the limelight at all. Prince Harry will marry his next partner and have children with her, I am given the sense that we’ll see a different kind of Prince Harry after the break up from Meghan, it’s like he’ll do things differently and have different interests. His next partner has light colored hair, she looks a bit like Camilla Thurlow to give you an idea, she’ll be really quiet for quite some time as she’s not interested in being in the public eye but overtime she will find her feet and her own style of making a difference in the world while carrying out her Royal duties. I am shown three children for the couple this time and it looks like two are conceived with IVF and one natural, the two conceived first could well be twins as they appear to be very similar in age and of the opposite sex. Going back to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle splitting up, I am shown lots of explosive rows between the couple and it appears to get pretty heated and they realise they’re not right for each other and don’t want to enter into a marriage if it’s already full of such rows so early on. Meghan will be papped without her engagement ring on to start with and this will start the speculation in the media that the couple have split up but the official announcement will come weeks later from the Royals. Spirit keep saying to me how much of a mess this whole thing is and that Prince Harry will feel a sense of shame for having to cancel one of the biggest weddings of all time, he’ll feel like he’s totally messed his life up but spirit know this isn’t to be the case at all as he will meet his future wife not long after the split and they’ll be very happy together. I am told that Prince Harry really does want to settle down now and start a family and he’ll be truly devastated that it doesn’t work out with Meghan but the split will be a blessing in disguise for him.


Date: 24th October 2017

*Disclaimer – All psychic predictions on this website are given to me by spirit and are not my thoughts/words/wishes.

My spirit guide is showing me that Prince Harry will propose to his girlfriend Meghan Markle November/December time, I am told that the engagement is already planned and she’ll say yes but they’ll break up before any wedding can take place. My spirit guide tells me that Meghan is not the right partner for Prince Harry and that there is someone better suited who will come into his life not long after he splits up from Meghan Markle. His next relationship looks to be a fated relationship and one in which he’ll be totally content and it will last the distance, this girl is shown to be quite quiet and unheard of until she steps out in public on Prince Harry’s arm. She’s a good match for him and will be very loyal not only to Prince Harry but to the Royal Family and their expectations of someone marrying into the Royal Family. I get the strongest sense that this next relationship for Prince Harry is somewhat planned on spirit’s part and I would question if she’s been chosen for Harry by a loved one in the spirit world who is going to ensure that Prince Harry and this girl cross paths. I am shown when the two of them meet and it appears that Prince Harry isn’t looking for anyone in that way but is taken by surprise and caught off guard by his immediate attraction to this girl who I am told is really sweet and polite. She looks quite petite and very natural in her appearance – totally different from Meghan and more similar in appearance to girls he’s dated previously. I am told by my spirit guide that Prince Harry will marry this girl eventually but they’re shown to be together for a while first and don’t rush into marriage.  I am shown by my spirit guide that Prince Harry and this girl will have two children together once married but there will be a few fertility issues initially – this will be resolved with the help of IVF and they will produce two beautiful children together. I am also shown that they will move in together long before they’re wed, rather than an announcement of an engagement to this girl I see an announcement of the date of the wedding so once engaged I feel it’ll be a short engagement followed by a beautiful wedding ceremony. This girl who is going to marry Prince Harry has a connection to horses and may even own a few of her own, she’s quite short, very elegant and respectful and has a small close circle of friends and family who she trusts dearly. This relationship for Prince Harry and this girl looks very solid as I watch it unfold and develop, they’re very well suited for each other and will be very much in love and content with each other. This girl seems quite shy so I don’t think the British public will see or hear much from her, if at all for the first few years, she seems content in her own life and will be content with Harry behind closed doors but doesn’t enjoy or seek the public attention which is to be a positive for Prince Harry. She is supportive of Prince Harry though and his Royal duties and will appear alongside him when required to do so, overtime her confidence in her new role will grow and we’ll start to see her doing more charity work and getting more involved with the Royal families public appearances. I am told that she’ll blossom well into her role and develop her own style of doing things, a bit like Princess Diana did.

You can see a full list of my spirit guides psychic predictions with links to the full predictions in detail here.

Love and light,

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  1. The rush to seal the deal is because megan will be 37 years old. Starting a family that late is very unsure.
    I do not care for her. That is only instinct. The incident with the horse shoot was really telling. And he caved in. Would I have caved? My intended would not have pushed my button that far.
    I am hoping that the psychics are right and that there will NOT be a wedding.

    1. I have to agree with you, Prince Harry and Megan do not fit together. I have a bad feeling about her, I have a strong feeling this marriage will end in failure!

  2. Dear Lyndsay,
    Do you have any feeling about Sudanese gangs conducting extremely violent home invasions on Melbourne residents. Some are so sadistic they are returning to same homes 2 or 3 times. Mind blowing violence on families that is new to Australia.

  3. I don’t know. I don’t think Megan will mess up something like this. I mean she literally gave up her identity to be with Harry.

    I do wonder and have to ask. If they break up. Will she still be successful or will she be on the hunt for another rich guy?

  4. Doee anyone know if her mom came to England to spend the holidays with her because it was rumored that that was the initial plan. So much she wanted to be in the spotlight that she chose RF Christmas over time with her mother.

  5. Kate hands down outshined Me-again. I loved her coat. Me-again’s boring tan coat and brown boots were blah to me. Apparently Harry isn’t going to take part in the Boxing Day ritual because he don’t wanna upset her.

    1. I find this comparing really unsavoury to Kate. The curtsy and what they wore. Kate is classic stylish and MM is about promoting designers. One must remember Kate does wear High Street brands too, and mixes things. The colours MM wore did not suit her, and while some say she was better at a curtsy than Kate, does that matter? Kate doesn’t mind, while MM can’t wait for others to curtsy to her.

      The boxing day saga is a poor move on Harry’s part. Not only is he looking like a fool to his family, but the staff and the public. If he does this once, then that means he will never go on a hunt or shoot again, or does it? I picture him with a dunce cap on sadly, and he just can’t see it still.

      1. @ Ava,

        I agree with you that a comparison between Kate & MM is unsavory.

        What in the heck compelled MM to stick out her tongue???

        I’m guessing PH is putting up a stiff upper lip about not going on the Boxing Day Hunt — all to keep MM happy I suppose. I read that he had been attending the hunt since he was 11 or 12 years old.

    1. The sister initially seemed to back up other stories of MM’s behavior and then turned to support her. It sounds as if she has been given an incentive to be quiet, and as she has huge medical bills that could be a reason?

      I do feel her initial statements were accurate, because I have a sibling and he has bad traits which I will openly admit to because they are true. A pay off is very different from someone saying I’ll sort out your medical bills forever.

    1. @ Kayla,

      Which story? The story about the alleged teen pregnancy?

      For me, the jury is still out about MM’s half sister’s sincerity. I mean, one minute, Samantha was allegedly going to write a tell all book about all of the bad stuff about MM, then later, Samantha announces her undying love for her half-sister and says that everything is fine. Did Samantha get paid off? If so, who paid her?

  6. Post

    I have decided that in the new year I want to be able to give more to those who read my blog posts and psychic predictions, I often receive emails or comments on various blog posts across my website asking for psychic predictions about certain celebrities or general questions for spirit about the spirit world and I want to get around to answering as many of you as I can. Some prediction posts have so many comments that I am now losing track of your requests for spirit so I’ve created a separate post for any of you who have questions you’d like answering, please just post your questions about spirit and psychic prediction requests in the comments section on this post (link below) and then I will start working through as many of them as I can in 2018 for you! 🙂

  7. I think the wedding is going to happen. I’m not a psychic but it doesn’t seem like they are fighting at all. I would be really surprised if PH cancelled it since they have come this far. Plus so many people are counting on this to happen for social/political reasons.

  8. what about her PR blogs already merching her dress she was wearing to BP , you could see only her head in the picture and her PR was already blogging about the brand , where to buy it , how much .. she doesn’t waste one opportunity to make money and wearing see through lace to see HM she thinks is very smart

  9. @Loreta @lyndsayedwards any new predictions? The official engagement photos have also been released today, is MM going to be staying here until new year? How is Harry dealing with this? A lot of new articles coming out about the wedding preparations too now

  10. A body language expert said that Me-again (I love that name btw. Lol.) looked tense in the photos of them arriving at the lunch yesterday. Like she was weary. I noticed Harry wasn’t smiling or anything. It has also been suggested that Me-again (an animal lover) will not join the family on the Boxing Day shoot and that it could cause a rift. I also notice how she always like to make it seem like she’s moving her hair out of her face just to show off the engagement ring. I have a weird feeling about this union. I think they moved too fast and should have spent time getting to know each other. Like Lyndsay said they are in honeymoon phase but I feel like it’s slowly moving away from the honeymoon phase.

  11. MM is a gold digger and social climber. Noticed the pics from the Christmas luncheon? She has a smirk on her face, probably loving all the attention, while Prince Harry looks as though he’s in a daze. Really hope he can see her true colours before the wedding. @Loreta is it that they’re fighting privately yet pretending I’m the public eye that all is well?

  12. MM was spotted at the Christmas dinner, the pictures are everywhere. She’s here already and enjoying the attention. What’s next guys?

  13. Hie everyone.I do have a question to those who knows about Public Relations (PR).who was funding meghan markle PR in addition does it come cheap coz she was always in every major paper daily mail sun etc in the uk everyday the whole year.they never ran out of stories and staff to write about meghan.who pays for all the PR.I’m just curious.I’m sure henry wasn’t paying for that.given the PR did she even secure any major acting jobs l guess she quit acting since she thought she was going to be a duchess.lm nt a hater.I’m just curious

    1. I read NBC or some network paid for her PR in exchange for inside info about Kate and Wills , I dont know if is true or not , of course Harry wont pay for it but she is a hustler and found some else to pay for it and now there is a million articles about media meg in all the tabloids , her PR is bombarding the public with none sense articles , its madness it doesn’t help to build up her image , people are getting fed up of the over exposure , it has become repugnant

    2. @ Loretta , remember MM is profiting like crazy with all this articles about her is not for free , she gets paid lots of money with all this none sense stories about her and leaks from her PR , she is making lots of $$$$$ …its all business …why would you want to expose your relationship to the public like that ? its distasteful and look very cheap and desperate , no hate here either , I speak my mind

    3. @ Loreta,

      I’m no expert on PR but here are my thoughts based on how PR works within the charitable organization I work for, as well as what a close friend who is a journalist has told me:
      1. If Meghan does the interview, she is likely getting paid or getting something in exchange for the personal interview.
      2. Good PR teams tend to have a LOT of connections to the news media and will often say, “Hey, we will give you the exclusive inside story if you do XYZ…”
      3. I take the stories with a grain of salt if they say “a source close to the RF wishing to remain anonymous ….” or “a source close to Meghan said…” as the magazine or newspaper is probably making up the story to sell papers or magazines or to gain viewers.

      Meghan is probably milking the interviews NOW for every dime because if/when she marries PH, she will not be allowed to give interviews for money. I read somewhere that any money paid to the members of the RF for interviews goes to their trust fund or to one of the charities they run.

    4. I used to work in PR and it’s very usual for any boyfriend or girlfriend of a royal to do an interview, front cover or any photo shoots as it’s not the done thing. She will have friends who will ‘leak’ information and that’s how her PR is done through the social channels in London.

      The amount of things I have heard which were true but couldn’t be published is astonishing, and people who are well connected talk directly to the gossip mags. I don’t think she had to pay them, because if she leaked what she was wearing and where she was going to be then the writer gets credit and the paper or magazine get more hits. What she gets is free publicity which means designers and companies will send her freebies and offer her free services under the term complimentary. Her friends who leak will also get the same, so there is no money, but that’s why they go to sell handbags, dresses, etc through other parties to make money.

      My friends who were ‘It girls’ did this all the time, and there are several discreet shops that sell things cash in hand. I also have a friend whose sister is an A list actress who gives her family her cast off gifts of designer bags and clothes, and yes, they don’t donate them to charity but sell them! For instance say Prada send a free bag hoping she will use it, she doesn’t but then sells it through a friend or a nearly new boutique and that’s how they make money and that’s over £1000 a bag.

  14. @PMM prince charles and camilla u knw how they came to be it’s very difficult for the royal family to say no coz they ddnt want to be labelled as racist and also henry would turn around if charles objects and says what about you dad.deep deep down they knew very well it ws nt gona last they are not stupid but they wanted henry to make his own mistakes and learn from them that’s y they ddnt object to the engagement.

  15. In another blog, someone said that Meghan Markle has a “love child” when she was a teenager. Apparently, she switched school at 8th grade and probably was pregnant?

  16. Meghan is trying to come back for Christmas to do the Christmas walk to church with the Queen , just to show ppl that RF is behind her

  17. @Nimi what my spiritual guides are telling me basically is that harrys spiritual guides meaning his great great great grandfather and also his mum have connected with the mother, ancestors and spiritual guides of the girl who will be henrys wife.I was also told by my ancestors that the mother of the gal has passed over.Diana also connected with the mother of the gal on the other the way they dd connect years ago.harrys spiritual guides and the gals spiritual guides.this union was made on the spirit side a long time ago and it was only a matter of time before it happened.harrys future wife has got some royal blood in her.harrys spiritual guides and his mum have blocked the union btwn henry and meghan that’s all.they will not do any harm to meghan because she ddnt do anything bad to get punished by the spirit side.By the way l am also being told that meghan markle was destined to be henrys lover and that was spiritual guides keeps on telling me that henry and meghan markles relationship would have ended a long time ago but she kept on forcing thing.apparently they did break up several times.apparently whenever henry breaks up with her meghan markle apparently she uses black magic on henry to make him jealous and to make him come back to spiritual guides keep on telling me that for meghan markle now as we are speaking she dnt care no more she just wants the wedding that’s it not coz she is doing it for love but for the title and benefits that’s y diana and harrys spiritual guides have blocked the union and it’s done.I am also being told by my spiritual guides about heavy use of black magic and spell casting on the gals side all is being done to try and win the guy back but once again diana is hvin non of it basically diana and henrys spiritual guides are standing guard around him they are protecting him heavily
    I also got asked by someone@Dee why henrys lady friends cannot go to the press and tell them about henry cheating on meghan what my spiritual guides are telling me is that meghan was told by harry that it’s over.meghan and the lady friends knws that so henry is not cheating on any1 but he is leaving his life.meghan markle coming back in January is coz she has not accepted it and she is hoping that all the black magic and love spells might have worked but the moment she arrives henry will be like an injured lion to her.
    The last vision and feeling that I just got rigt now is of meghan markle stressed and she thinks her friends have betrayed her and she thinks they have influenced henry to turn against her but she is wrong
    Friends are not involved in this theye are innocent at the end of the day it was never meant to be.she is going to lose a lot of friends coz of the whole thing.

    1. Meghan always comes across as very confident and self-assured but from all the things you are saying she actually seems quite troubled and insecure. It is such a shame that things didn’t work out between her and a husband and she had a long-running job with Suits too. Its actually really sad.

      You said that Meghan didn’t do anything thing bad. Is black magic not bad?

  18. @Knowledge Seeker the royal family will never be affected by all this drama they have been quite and very supportive of henry.prince charles and the queen hve followed all the protocols.she was treated the same way as other Royal brides get treated.she was never discriminated against and she actually got special treatment and more accommodated.she was able to get away with so many things like interviews in papers talking about the relationship to the public.but it was just never meant to be.they were just meant to be lovers actually the royal family will be credited for stopping the madness and will recover big time.The person who is going to suffer more is meghan markle.she will try to do a kiss and tell after and do interviews books magazine but it’s not going to help. her popularity will plummet and she will never recover.Like what you said Knowledge Seeker the whole saga ddnt need a psychic to work out that they were not right for each other.she knew it was never gona happen but she planned to use the whole relationship to her advantage.henry ddnt love her but she used black magic on him and currently meghan has been busy peddling the love spells and black magic on henry so that the wedding will go ahead that’s all what she cares abt now.she knws henry don’t love her anymore but she now wants the wedding and the tittle and money.Harrys ancestor from his father’s sides was a very powerful man during his earthly life actually he was a king and he has got major influence on henrys life.his ancestor is more of his spiritual guide actually is his great great granddad.him and diana have blocked the union btwn henry and meghan so it’s nt going to happen.if l was meghan l would walk away once im told its over.never say a word abt it but she loves publicity and she can’t help it.pple will see it as henry dodged a bullet.she is being misguided.Chelsea and Cressida never went to the press and they get so much respect

    1. @ Loreta,

      I wish you were nearby so that I could talk with you about my own situations!

      It’s all so sad. I believe that Meghan is using the name “San” and also “Lisa Ling” to troll on the site “Crazy Days and Nights”. That “San” person knows way too many details about Meghan’s life, such as the types of clearances Meghan allegedly received in order to meet the RF, sit next to a Prime Minister and to meet a U.S. President. That “San” character wants everyone to believe the wedding will happen. And, maybe it will, but I believe it will eventually be a miserable existence for Henry. Poor Chap if he confused lust with love. For Meghan, if she does become a Duchess, it will be interesting to see how she adapts to Royal Family protocols within “The Firm” as the younger members refer to the RF. Again, I just don’t get it about how Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth condoned Harry becoming engaged to Meghan… unless it was the black magic or their fear that their refusal to support Harry would push him over the edge mentally. From what I’ve read, this is the first serious relationship he has had since completing his therapy.

      What I don’t understand, though, Loreta, is how Harry can be carrying on with other women while Meghan is away — without those women running to the press NOW to expose him, if he is cheating on Meghan?

      Loretta, like you said, let’s sit back and watch “Keeping up with Windsors and the Markles” and enjoy the roller coaster.

    2. @Loreta you say Harry’s spiritual ancestors/guides are protecting him and blocking the union between him and Meghan but can they harm her or manipulate events so things don’t look go in her favour?

  19. @Knowledge Seeker yeah I do predictions it now depends really if l care meaning if l ask my spiritual guides about it.I don’t normally get into pples staff a lot but the meghan markle and harrys relationship l got the visions since that was unusual in him dating mixed race divorce so l was a bit curious about it thats y l dd ask my guides about it.all this so called psychics there they re biased and fake coz most of them they read cards very few works with spiritual guides.spiritual guides will give you as it is they don’t tell you to figure it out from the cards.pple who use cards and astrological charts it’s a matter of trying to create a favourable outcome that’s wat will make the whole thing spiritual guides they will give me information in detail without sugar coating.THERE IS NO WEDDING BETWEEN HENRY AND MEGHAN.all this psychics telling you about them getting married and hvin kids it’s a pile of shit.don’t even go and consult them cz they are biased and will tell u what you want to hear.u will loose your money.

    1. Thanks Loreta. I am not psychic but it’s just something that I have become curious about recently. Its just interesting to hear what different psychics/ tarot readers etc say about different topics. Yes the Harry and Meghan thing is very interesting and even moreso since I have been reading this thread where you and Lyndsay have been sharing your insights. I wouldn’t normally care so much about the RF either, its just Meghan was an unusual choice and I was sensing things about her and questioning if I was wrong. I have definitely questioned the authenticity of some of the tarot readers that I have watched too. One in particular made two separate predictions that M and H would not marry then when they got engaged he changed his prediction but in a way that didn’t make sense so that was interesting. I think even without being psychic it has been pretty clear to many that something about Harry and Meghan’s relationship is off. Like you said it is like a reality tv show. I wonder whether this whole thing (the break up) will negatively affect the reputation/ credibility of the monarchy. They have now shown that they are not as impenetrable or exclusive as one may have once thought.

  20. There was always something about MM that I didn’t like, and when I saw their engagement interview, I realized that there is something very fake about her. She doesn’t seem genuine. I don’t understand how PH can’t see through her?! If they get married, she will NEVER divorce him. He will be the one that has to walk away. I don’t know how the Queen can give her a royal title. She doesn’t really have that class and dignity that one would expect from the royal family. The only bad thing people said about Kate was that she was common and middle class. I always thought that was funny because in the US she would be upper class. Also, although I’m American, I really wish he’d marry a British woman. He is a royal but prefers to be a celebrity.

  21. Hi Sylvia,
    Was Meghan that naive to believe her so called best friend(s) and history would not be exposed? I think it has a lot to do with cashing in, and people will sellout for a buck. Could it be, she and this friend are on bad terms or pure jealously? Probably both.
    After all, she is marrying a Royal not your average “Joe the plumber”. I kind of feel bad for her going in thinking that her past would be overlooked and ignored. It doesn’t work that way when marrying into Aristocratic families. They tend to stick to traditional codes when selecting marriage partners, because they don’t want to deal with public humiliation. Also, I think they know love and good looks alone aren’t suffice enough to secure a place in these families, as those come a dime a dozen. Not to mention, Royal families are not too keen on emotions, such as love, because they know those feelings can wane at anytime. It’s the masses who are ill informed about it.
    It’s like if the tables turn, they will only turn on Meghan not Harry. I think the press will go after her and make a mockery of her. Whereas, Harry, on the other hand, will go unscathed, and his reputation will not be tarnished but restored. That is, he will garner sympathy and support from the public, and Meghan won’t. Sad but true.

    1. well maybe MM tought that PH could use his power and pay people to buried all this bad stories about her, she just want to make it to the altar ASAP to use that as a springboard to get more fame and money , even if it doesnt last the marriage one month I think she is planning to use those 15 min of fame and the tittle of Duchess of Sussex to try to relauch her career and get more acting roles , talk show, reality show, movies, books… she doesnt love Harry so I dont think she wants to stick around , thats her plan ..once they get married in order to make that marriage nul she will demand a finacial settlement to buy her silence , I m sure she already lawyer up in LA and look at all the possibilities , plus she will do more magazine covers , interviews …talking about overexposure , since the begining of this frelationship she did as many magazine covers and interviews as she could, she profit from PH and now she is innocent victim and people are jealous , racist , mean towards her…her wedding plan is not going to work this time

  22. Hi KS,
    It’s obvious that if Meghan has been using black magic on Harry, she is insecure in some form or fashion. Besides, as you stated, why she did not use her natural abilities, like talent, education, and her looks to woo Harry? Surely, he may have embraced those characteristics. There appears to be a lot of insecurities if she delved into witchcraft. I hope that isn’t the case, because that would imply immoral and unethical behavior on her behalf.

  23. @Knowledge Seeker@Sylvia im not a hater but l say it as it spiritual guides l believe them they are not wrong on this one they are not getting on that’s why she left for LA coz she knew that if she stay around by Christmas it will be over that’s y she was just a minor disagreement that causes a big fight from there the coming days were just fights after fights it got worst after their Nottingham Tour that’s y she heard to go.She was also hoping that henry will come after her but unfortunately henry ddnt even care.henry is a very difficult person to leave with Chelsea and Cressida the best gals he heard it ddnt go anywere.My spirit guides basically are actually telling me that meghan just ddnt decide to go but Henry was beginning to question everything abt her that’s y she realised that she will b dumped by Christmas if she sticks around coz her shit will b exposed.
    Meghans strategy is to come back in January she is hoping that mayb things will hve calmed down and also mayb henry will have changed his we are talking right now they can’t call and text each other without arguing.It’s over its done Christmas KPand BP claimed that she will be here no she is not coming my spiritual guides are telling me that henry will tell her not to come last minute if she comes she is forcing it.all this announcement that are being published abt wedding dates henry is not part of them announcements.her PR they are the ones behind it’s done as we are speaking she will try to force it when she comes back in January but it’s nt going to change.Henry will tell her that he is with some other lady friends but she wont mind but she will still want the wedding to go ahead.
    Samantha Markle is purely jealousy of first she said nasty things abt meghan coz she thought the relationship won’t go far and also the royal family might not like her but I ddnt go that way.she started to say nice things abt meghan when she realised that the relationship was going from strength to strength.
    Meghan has caused all this herself.things are not ok but she keeps on adding more fuel to the fire by pretending that the wedding is going ahead.Anyway Good Lucky to them.Let me watch Keeping up with the Windsors and the Markles

  24. @loretta …well MM does read tumblrfelix2001 the blind items at crazy days and nights website and she rant under the name Lisa ling , thousands of people know by now she is a fake

  25. @Knowledge Seeker I wonder if meghan markle is reading all this.l would love her to come and read all this.Meghan will be 37 next year.if her destiny was to be a big household name in the Television or Holywood it would have happened a long time ago and she ddnt need any1 to make it.I’m sure she went to so many auditions but you saw the roles she was getting playing a slut on TV or getting naked on TV.come on who would taking you serious.the life she has chosen it’s just not for many pple auditions for X factor some even win it but after 1 album the music career flops.she tried everything to make it to the top but once again look at the amount of talent in holywood.she never happened.she just dnt hve it.hence that’s y she realised that the only way to the top was to go after man of means get what I want and then dissappear.that’s y she used first hubby to get a role in suits once she gt the role she left funny reasons for divorcing first hubby wapparently distance btwn Canada and LA was too much bt after she secure henry distance btwn Canada and London was nothing.she has been desperate to marry henry cz her contract with suits was nt going to be renewed.she is jobless no money and benefits that comes after marrying henry.given the life that’s she likes rich man without any acting jobs lined up it would be hard to find one and pple mostly man they knw who she is now.getting another rich guy will b hard.Diana and one of henrys ancestors have said no to the union
    Right now they are not talking meghan and henry are done henry is having funny with other lady friends l hve mentioned it before.when meghan returns in January she will expect things to get better btwn him and henry but it’s gona get worse.meghan thought she was smart she could use the publicity of dating henry to her advantage but she has not secured any acting jobs except magazines and documentaries abt her.her whole world is going to crumble in front of her.the sister Samantha Markle l reckon she will hve her last laugh.she will have plenty to say even lies.
    poor woman being humiliated jilted like that. the publicity campaigns for the past year the magazines telling the world that harry loves her. she was doing all the talking henry was quite she was all over the place like rush.her big mouth is her biggest enemy.Biggest lessons from all this DON’T ACT LIKE ROYALTY UNTIL YOU HAVE BEEN MADE ONE above all AN ENGAGEMENT IS A BOOKING IT CAN GET CANCELLED ANYTIME FINALLY HE LEFT HER CHEF BOYFRIEND FOR HENRY GUESS WHAT HENRY IS LEAVING HIM NOW.she is gona b embarrassed being dumped and walking away with a tail btwn her legs.I reckon twitter and Facebook will go into a meltdown that day.pple will never stop talking abt it.being kicked out of NP next time she will learn to zip it.Lying a lot playing a racecard manipulating henry into believing nonsense it’s all coming back to bit her arse.her mother heard bodyguards how funny.the bodyguards will b out of work

    1. It all sounds very sad.

      Yes I read that her sister really doesn’t like her, why is that? Some people have said that her sister is jealous of her success.

      Also, Lyndsay predicted that the couple are still in the honeymoon phase and that the arguments start in January. You are predicting that the arguments have already started?

  26. MM is going to be back in London pretty soon and everything is going to happens like Lyndsay Edwards predicted so go grab your pop corn and enjoy the circus

  27. I read that in a blog about her PR team behind the release of the engagement picture pretty soon , I don’t know if is 100% sure …it doesn’t surprise me , she needs to make this look legitimate and like RF and HM is doing this for her and you will see more and more click bait articles in all the tabloids about how the RF absolutely adores MM but no picture with her , they want to paint her like she is Angelina Jolie but she is not , she is trying to create that image

  28. And there is still no engagements portraits! William and Catherine released their engagement portraits immediately after engagement annoucment!

    1. Markel PR team will release engagement picture next week to make things look normal , MM will ride this until the wheels fall off

  29. MM will get bad publicity , not acting roles ….yes she may try to use this bad publicity to get back in to acting but is not going to work and she lost her only good job in suits so will be very difficult for her to get another good oportunity , she will be paint like a golddigger by the media, how is that going to work to get acting jobs? she will hide for a while after this fiasco , people are fed up of her and of her over exposure and PR team going in overdrive to paint her like a saint charitable Angelina Jolie type.

  30. The Royal family are tolerating meghan markle they knew from the beginning that the whole relationship was a sham and it’s never gona work.I’m not a hater l say it as it is.l heard visions abt meghans future.this whole thing has ruined her life.the press will have a field day.they will attack laugh at her.publicity of course she will receive plenty of it but get 1 thing right is publicity the same as acting jobs in Holywood.she will always be knwn as a bride who got jilted last minute.this is another koo stark story.the roles they will b offering her will lead to a decline in her career.she will try to spin it around to do all sorts of things but to no avail.the so called famous friends mu spiritual guides basically mentioned they are not her friends and they won’t be sticking around.everything that Lyndsay Edwards mentioned on his latest prediction abt this relationship l dd say it in the comments l posted on the previous prediction she wrote.l seem to be correct most things l wrote.the only sadest thing abt meghan next year 37 given her ambitious life where she likes to be connected to wealth pple and she likes to date rich man she is not rich herself no house in Beverly Hills or even some were posh.nothing to show ddnt happen when she was young what makes pple thing it will happen now.there is nothing wrong to be ambitious but always understand your class and level.any A list hollywood stars who are her friends.her destiny to have any average middle class life that’s it rich no it will never happen plz.diana has said no to the union.henry is innocent in this she is the 1 who just keep on pushing and forcing things.Dnt believe Kensington palace announcements from now onwards until the announcement of the cancellation of the wedding and the end of the engagement.hollywood is about acting jobs.koo stark got publicit but she said dating Andrew ddnt help her career at all.

    1. @Loreta ..I think she left to LA after they had a huge fight because of MM picture outside BP from the ex best friend and the stripper CV article and more secret Harry discover , he asked her to leave NC and go back to LA for a while , she left her engagement ring here in London thats why she is in hiding in LA and doesnt want to be pap in LA with out her ring , other wise she will be doing her usual paps walk in rodeo drive by now, she is trying to come back for christmas and she forced Harry to come up with the wedding date and is trying to force him too to take her for christmas with HM , she is coming back to London , she wont give up easily and she will fight for this wedding until the end , until the fights get too much to the point of violence and Harry ask her to leave again and cancel the wedding and the RF doesnt like her , they know she is fake and is using Harry is common sense , thats why there is no picture of RF with MM and the wedding announcement was done form KP and not from CH from PC like was done for Kate and Wills , Harry has done this on his own with out consulting any one he has done this to please MM thinking his family will have to accept her like her or not , MM left because they were fighting other wise she would have stay , we know how much she likes media attention and she wouldn’t miss star wars premier with Harry and all thispast oportunities to be photograph with Harry , Harry will open his eyes and see the real MM nasty and manipulative and he will get rid of her, it wont be any wedding because they fight way too much and the sexual attraction had fade away

        1. @ Dee ..I have a feeling they fought other wise MM will be here in London with him all this time and Lyndsay Edwards predict this fights before , MM and Harry are not very compatible if you check their synastry natal chart or check their chinese horoscope compatibility Rat-Rooster , Rat and Rooster is a terrible combination lot of fights and hurting egos , its just what I think I could be wrong, time will tell

    2. Hello again Loreta,

      I hope you are good.

      Please don’t think your insights have not been appreciated. They have been really interesting, especially for us non psychics (!), so thank you very much. The level of detail that you have been providing is astonishing. You have an amazing gift.

      I think the thing with Meghan is that she seems to be very, very ambitious and focused, and of course ambition and focus is great, but it comes across as quite ruthless in the sense that she can achieve absolutely anything she wants to because she is willing to do whatever it takes- things that perhaps others wouldn’t be willing to do. The fact that is she didn’t just date Harry, she became engaged to him, which is a really big deal- it has made her a household name, whereas beforehand she was virtually unknown.

      You mentioned before about Meghan using unsavoury resources to get Harry to fall in love with her. Why can’t she use those same forces, together with her ‘charm and beauty’ to get the career that she wants afterwards? Why does Harry have to be her only route to achieving what she wants?

  31. So Does The Queen like Meghan? Is she fond of this union?! Is she sad about the prospect of the monarchy ending when she’s gone?

  32. Is there a rush to protect her when the nudes/video come out? revealed her name. They only do that if they’re 100% sure it exists. Also, they’ve been outing her as “yachting” so I dunno…the whole thing is weird

    1. yes , there is dirt coming on her supposedly nudes, there is no proof she is here in UK ….not even one picture only lies from tabloids like Meghan was here and there with HM but no picture of Meghan , there is something going on , no doubt …of course Meghan is pressing Harry to come out with the wedding date and marry as soon as possible so she can continue profiting from the RF doing all her magazine covers and interviews and soon she will be selling Windsor products if Harry allows her , she is in for fame and money , her actions speak louder, she is fake , fame hungry, bossy , manipulative , brazen and I can go on and on and she uses the race card when is convenient

      1. @ Sylvia,

        You raise many good points — particularly about there being no photo of her at the Royal Family Staff party. Or, maybe I just haven’t stumbled upon it yet? I was curious what her alleged lace red/wine cocktail dress looked like. LOL

        I tend to think that the Royal Family will stop future magazine interviews/covers without their permission. Remember, allegedly the Queen and Kensington were NOT happy that Meghan did that spread in Vogue a couple of months ago, saying, “We are 2 people in love…and we will have a happy ending to talk about….”

        I recall reading somewhere that the Royals are prohibited from making money by selling stuff involving the Royal Family.

        The wedding date could be a smoke screen from Kensington, as they are probably aware of the rumors and gossip about Meghan being back in the U.S. and her blatant absence from public events attended by Harry.

        1. tabloids are trying to sell news if they said Meghan wasn’t there they wont sale newspapers like that , they have to come up with stories that she was there but of course there is no picture of her but there is a picture of Kate and Wills ….lets see whats happens next week if we keep hearing stories about Meghan was here and there but no picture again and Harry showing up at events by himself or the Christmas service at the church with HM and no Meghan picture again , she will crawl back here at some point don’t get me wrong by January she will be back in London I m sure, she is not done , she will try to do all the tricks to make him marry her

          1. @ Sylvia,

            I totally agree with you about the absence of the pictures. As much as “what is Meghan wearing and where can you buy it?” has created shopping frenzies, you KNOW that someone would have leaked a photo of the lacy dress she allegedly wore to the Staff Holiday Party.

            I still think that Kensington’s announcement of the May 19th wedding date is a ploy. I guess every week or so, they will make announcements about the wedding. Last week, it was about the banana-flavored wedding cake. This week, the date. Next week (before Christmas) it may be about the children who will be pages and flower girls. Then, that takes it to Christmas to talk about the church service and Christmas with the Queen.

            Now… we are hearing rumors about nude photos???

        2. when Kate and Will got married the announcement came from Clarence House by Prince Charles himself , you can google it , with Harry wedding announcement came from KP from Harry himself , no mention of PC or HM …Harry is doing this with out consulting any one under the pressure of Markle , she is in LA not here , when I see a picture of Markle here with Harry I will believe she is back , all this stories about Meghan with HM in parties here and there is BS Markle PR team is feeding to tabloids , the whole situation its strange , you don’t see also a picture of Markle with other members of the RF

          1. I agree. I think that the fact that Meghan has not been photographed with any of the other members of the RF is the most telling sign for me. They are clearly not supportive of Harry’s choice of bride. This is what makes me feel like the engagement is not built on a good foundation. They could have waited for a while before getting engaged so that Meghan could build relationships with his family. Why get engaged so quickly? Rightly or wrongly, I am reading between the lines a bit with Lyndsay’s predictions. There is so much positive to be said about Prince Harry’s future wife but very little is said about Meghan other than that she is ambitious and driven and attracted to successful and wealthy people.

            Regardless of what happens, whether they marry or not, Meghan has now become a household name whereas before her relationship with Harry she was virtually unknown. It is clear that fame is very important to Meghan and she has achieved that aim. Based on Lyndsay’s predictions, when his relationship with Meghan ends, Harry will find the right woman for him who will fit in well with his family and he will be happy.
            Meghan will have all the media attention she desires, so it appears to be a win-win situation for both of them in the end. Whatever Meghan is doing, it is working for her.

  33. @Sarah, just because they announced a wedding date doesn’t mean they will make it to the alter. So let’s wait March/April time.

  34. Hmmm May 19 has a bad omen for females who are very famous or royal. Anne Boleyn got her head chopped of on May 19 1536. Marilyn Monroe sang happy birthday to JFK at Maddison Square Garden on May 19 1962 which some say was the beginning of the end for her. And Jackie Kennedy Onassis died of cancer on May 19 1994.
    That date and what the psychic has said doesn’t give good vibes for the future of this relationship. I think what Lindsay is saying is spot on. I just don’t get a good feeling about the relationship and feel Meghan is too blinded by the fantasy of marrying a prince to see the reality of being in the confined and stuffy royal environment. I really don’t think a free-spirited American would be able to cope with that in the long run.

  35. The Kensington Palace tweeted today about their wedding:

    His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales and Ms. Meghan Markle will marry on 19th May 2018.

  36. Thanks for the update Lyndsay.

    I have noticed that whenever you describe the woman who is right for Prince Harry (the woman who he meets after he breaks up with Meghan) you seem to go into more detail about her character and there is a sense of genuineness, warmth and humbleness.

    Thanks again.

  37. That happens when you don’t really know each other. I read many comments which said “Why the rush?” – it’s stupid of them.

    1. the rush is because Markle wants to close the deal as soon as possible so she can continue to profit doing interviews and magazine covers

      1. I think you’re right.

        Someone in the DailyMail comment section wrote that she was in America because she apparently had a photoshooting with Vogue. We’ll see if the person was right or not in a couple of weeks.

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