Princess Diana's Thoughts on The Royal Wedding - Psychic Prediction

Princess Diana’s Thoughts on The Royal Wedding – Psychic Prediction

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Princess Diana’s Thoughts on The Royal Wedding – Psychic Prediction

Date: 11th June 2018

*Disclaimer – All psychic predictions on this website are given to me by spirit and are not my thoughts/words/wishes.

The last update we had from spirit in regards to The Royal Weddings was in April however I still receive daily messages from people asking for an update on the situation and why spirits psychic prediction for the wedding to be cancelled didn’t materialize. Firstly let me say that any psychic predictions for the future can change because here on earth each of us have the choice of free will and the decisions and actions we make create specific outcomes which mean what spirit said was likely to happen three months previously may now not be the case at all.

In October 2017 spirit predicted that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would split up due to heated arguments in Jan/Feb 2018, spirit explained that their relationship was still very much a whirlwind romance and they hadn’t actually spent enough time together yet to see all sides of each other and that they’d clash when arguing which would cause great strain on the relationship.  On the 24th Feb 2018 (see full prediction copied in below) spirit predicted that the wedding could be postponed for a legitimate reason – there were a few legitimate reasons which occurred which could have meant the wedding could be postponed like Meghan’s father having a heart attack for example, I am given that there were three legitimate reasons to postpone and spirit were trying to block the wedding from taking place in order to save both of them from a failed marriage in the public eye going forward. Obviously spirits efforts were not heard by either of the couple and the wedding still took place. On the 24th Feb 2018 spirit also stated that their previous prediction in October 2017 hadn’t occurred as the couple had cleverly put enough space between them in their relationship – this meant that the heated arguments spirit predicted didn’t take place and so of course the couple were blissfully unaware of what the future will be like for them. On the 20th March 2018 (see prediction copied in below), spirit said it’s very likely that the wedding will go ahead now as it’s gone too far but the marriage will not last.

So after that brief recap, what do spirit have to say on the subject today nearly a month on from the Royal Wedding?

My spirit guide advises me that Princess Diana is here again for a catch up and she will be bringing me the insight today and her thoughts on her sons marriage to Meghan Markle. Princess Diana is sat beside me, she’s very comfortable here in communicating with me and being left to it by my spirit guides, she gives me the sense that she wants to have her say but also to be really clear on the matter as she leans over to my computer screen to see exactly what I type for her. Princess Diana asks me to be super clear that these are her words and the messages and insight brought to you today are directly from her and no one else, this isn’t a random spirit she says, this is her who knows the situation in her family better than anyone else could. I find myself distracted slightly as I want to ask her questions about something she mentioned to me earlier about myself however she reassures me that we’ll come back to that later, for now she asks me to type what she has to say about her beautiful son Prince Harry. Princess Diana explains that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are like chalk and cheese and although opposites attract this is just destined to fail, she refers to personality traits and lifestyle choices when she says chalk and cheese. The analogy I am given here is that it’s like they’ve built a huge bonfire in front of the world and now it’s just a case of waiting for it to be set alight and burnt down fully until it all disintegrates.  I am asked to say that their marriage won’t reach any milestones anniversary’s – this feels like the big and celebrated wedding anniversary’s. Princess Diana brings my attention to Kate and William and she is filled with love and admiration for the happy and very beautiful couple, she’s beaming with pride, love and she seems in ore of their love for each other and their growing family. I am given the strongest sense that Princess Diana couldn’t be any happier that William has chosen Kate, she goes on to say in all aspects so marriage and motherhood she says Kate is the perfect choice and they’re like two peas in a pod. I am shown that Kate and William will go the distance in their relationship and be a strong united couple for many many happy years to come, Princess Diana only has such pride as she talks about them and their relationship and the children whom of course she absolutely adores. Princess Diana’s feelings of uneasiness and fears are centered around Prince Harry’s marriage to Meghan, she is so frustrated that she couldn’t protect her son from making a similar mistake to what she feels she did with her marriage. I am told that history will repeat itself and Prince Harry will end up single again going forward, she shows me the butting of heads in their relationship and how the stubbornness will play a huge part in the downward spiral. Princess Diana says that going further forward Meghan will struggle to conform to certain aspects of the Royal life, she’ll start to struggle with certain restrictions once it become clear to her that this will only get stricter and never any easier, I’m also told in her words that Prince Harry will struggle to rein Meghan in at times and keep her in line with Royal protocol – I do feel that this is going quite far forward. The next two years or so appear to be all smiles and positive for the couple in terms of the press coverage but going further forward this will start to collapse around them and go up in flames – again these are all Princess Diana’s words. Princess Diana is very much around Prince Harry and will be throughout all of this he is going to face in his marriage, she will be helping him and supporting him from the other side as best she can, I am shown that she’ll be cushioning certain aspects for the couple to try and help them move forward in the best way possible. I am given the sense that this is going to be somewhat of a challenge for Diana however she’ll be doing everything in her power to help them both moving forward and any strings she can have pulled in their favour she will do so to help them try and make it work. Of course Diana’s loyalty’s and priority’s lay with Prince Harry but she does speak about how sad this is for both of them and how much they’ll both be affected by the marriage breakdown going forward, Diana knows how it feels to live within the Royal family and feel like an outsider so she sympathizes with Meghan to an extent she says but not enough to sing her praises and the reason for that is due to some hidden agenda’s. I start to feel really uncomfortable with where this is going and Princess Diana asks me to be brave when it comes to publishing her words, I can’t help but question if there’s any point – what will it achieve? where’s the good in it? And she clearly tells me that there’s always a point and to trust in her. Princess Diana says that Meghan is excited by the lifestyle and security Prince Harry can and has offered her, these feelings of excitement towards the lifestyle have taken center stage during the time when Meghan and Harry started dating, I’m told by Diana that this excitement and curiosity for the lifestyle did run away with her somewhat and Princess Diana does take issues with some of Meghan’s thoughts that she’s had towards the relationship with Prince Harry and how it can benefit her in more ways than just being in a loving relationship with him.  This is the reason why Princess Diana is struggling to warm to Meghan and the idea of them being married,  aside from these thoughts and Diana’s feelings towards Meghan, Diana is convinced that the marriage won’t last and that Meghan will cause issues for Prince Harry and the Royal protocols going much further forward.

Gosh well that was interesting and unexpected! I’m pleased I could be a vessel for Princess Diana today in order for her to share her thought’s and feelings on her sons wedding, so many of you have been asking me for updates and I think it’s best to come from Princess Diana herself as like she said she know’s her family and their personal situations better than anyone, she is around them everyday supporting them and helping to guide them on their individual journey’s here on earth.  I truly do wish Meghan and Prince Harry all the best, I really want their marriage to work for them as they seem like such a lovely couple – from snippets I’ve seem in the media, I also think it’s fab that Harry has broken away from tradition and married for love despite some peoples judgment, I have everything crossed for them that they’ll have a happy marriage.

Let me know what you think in the comments section below and I’ll hopefully see you in my new Facebook group for some free psychic readings.

Love & Light,



*Below are all of the previous psychic predictions given to me by spirit for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, I’ve copied them in for your convenience.

Prince Harry & The Girl Spirit Want Him To Marry – Psychic Prediction 2018

Date: 11th April 2018

*Disclaimer – All psychic predictions on this website are given to me by spirit and are not my thoughts/words/wishes.

Since first publishing spirits psychic predictions for Prince Harry and his love life back in October 2017 I have received hundreds of emails from people all over the world wanting to know more about the girl spirit picked for Prince Harry to marry. The most popular questions I have received are what will happen to her if Prince Harry doesn’t realize that Meghan isn’t the right girl for him and get out before it’s too late and will she end up on her own? So my spirit guide wants me to answer these questions for you all…

My spirit guide says that the girl who is shown to be suitable for Prince Harry and picked for him by his spirit guides has no idea that she has been selected by spirit as a good match for him. She is blissfully unaware and so will not suffer any emotional loss by not meeting him. Prince Harry’s guardian angels and spirit guides have hand picked the girl they want him to be with and they have a big job to do in order to try and guide Harry to her, unfortunately they’re struggling to help him see in time that Meghan and him are not well suited long term and therefore if he decides to continue with the wedding plans then  spirit won’t place this girl in Prince Harry’s path this year, Prince Harry will have to go through many lessons with this marriage to Meghan, he will come out of it ok and much much wiser in love and relationships. It’s a true shame that Prince Harry and Meghan will end up in a failed marriage however they will both learn a lot emotionally and they aren’t the first couple to make the mistake of heading down the alter too soon and I’m sure they won’t be the last. The girl who spirit wanted Prince Harry to marry will meet someone else organically, the man won’t be destined for her but she’ll meet him organically and develop a relationship like millions of others do here on earth. Depending on how quickly Prince Harry realizes and gets out of his relationship with Meghan, the girl chosen could still be single but it’s unlikely I feel. I should add that this girl is unaware of my psychic predictions and doesn’t read my website, she’s never met Prince Harry and would be totally gob smacked if she knew spirit were referring to her. Spirit really like this girl for Prince Harry, they watch her and tune into her soul, I’m told she’s pure and has good intentions for all.

Love & Light,

Lyndsay & George


*I have included my previous psychic predictions for Prince Harry and his love life below for your convenience should you wish to refer back to them.


Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Psychic Prediction Update 2018

Date: 20th March 2018

*Disclaimer – All psychic predictions on this website are given to me by spirit and are not my thoughts/words/wishes.

Every day I receive messages and emails from lots of you asking for an update on the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wedding situation – I’ve even had messages from people in Iraq and Australia so the interest for the Royal Family spreads far and wide.  To be honest after spirits last update I felt a little deflated and sad that two people are going to enter a marriage that spirit say isn’t best for them and so publicly, free will is a beautiful gift that God gave each and every one of us but it can make my job difficult at times as I see so much but still have to stand back and watch people make their own choices and learn from them – if only everyone could hear spirit aye, what a perfect world we’d live in, although I fully understand that if this was the case then none of us would ever learn anything in life and our souls are here to grow and learn hence why we were given the beautiful gift of free will!

Ok so lets see what spirit have to say about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle & The Royal Wedding currently…

Spirit show me that the couple will go ahead with the wedding now as they’ve managed to make it this far, the marriage won’t last though. I am given the words ‘cleverly put space between them’ again (see previous psychic prediction below). I am given the strongest sense that this has gone too far now and there’s no backing out for the couple, they do both really care about each other, it’s a shame that they’re just not a good match and history will now repeat itself. I feel that they’ll live a separate life before they eventually split up. It’s a shame but it’s just pretty much doomed already for both of them, so sad! I truly do wish them all the best and I hope they separate as soon as they realize the reality of their relationship so that they can then move on and be happy.

Lots of you have been in touch to ask what will happen to the girl who spirit chose for Prince Harry, I am shown that she’ll be matched with someone else who is a good match for her, not her soul mate but the next best thing.


Date: 24/02/2018

*Disclaimer – All psychic predictions on this website are given to me by spirit and are not my thoughts/words/wishes.

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted any psychic predictions on here for you lovely lot – sorry, I’ve just been so busy but last week I finally caught up with my waiting list of clients and I’m back to having a little more free time to focus on the website and psychic predictions now. I also hope to get more prediction videos up on YouTube for you soon!

Ok, so the most popular psychic prediction on here has been what my spirit guides have to say about the lovely Prince Harry & Meghan Markle so lets get an update on their relationship and see where they’re up to…

Firstly my spirit guide tells me that the wedding will be postponed and pushed back, I sense that a legitimate reason will be given for this postponing of the wedding and this reason will be accepted worldwide as legitimate. The rumors in the magazines and newspapers will begin shortly after this though and the press will speculate that there could be trouble in paradise for the couple and their relationship is on the rocks. There will be split rumors in the press also as the couple are photographed on separate work engagements. My spirit guide reminds me that there is no smoke without fire and that the press will be onto something with their speculations in the media as the couple will be having some relationship issues, these issues are shown to be low key though and I do see that they’re to spend more time apart going forward which will help the dynamic of their relationship. They’re shown to be working separately and having their own and much needed space from each other. The space between them appears to help their relationship grow in the right direction and it could help them align and continue forward together as a couple. Spirit give me the strongest sense that if they’re to stay together then they will be very much individuals and live separate lives emotionally, they will never be a true team. Spirit tell me that they’re both too head strong and both like to lead so they’ll clash greatly but if they spend enough time apart then they could well end up staying together long term – it wouldn’t be the right choice for them as they’re not the best match but it will ultimately be their choice. I am shown explosive rows for the couple which have already happened but given that they have put space between them since this has helped their relationship continue to grow. Spirit make me feel that it’ll be a real shame if they go through with the wedding at a later date as they’re not compatible and will of course split up eventually due to this,  if Prince Harry or Meghan Markle realize this before then they can save themselves from missing out on meeting someone much better suited who they’d be truly happy with.  The space put between the couple after these rows has been very cleverly done in order to save the relationship and I get the feeling that it’ll work to be honest for quite some time, enough for it to be too late for Prince Harry to get out and meet his more compatible partner (see below predictions). Spirit do make me feel that if Prince Harry goes ahead with this marriage to Meghan Markle then it will be a bit like history repeating itself as they’ll end up living very separate lives emotionally just as his father and Princess Diana did, it’ll be a sad situation for both of them and such a shame 🙁

God gave each of us free choice and we have to make our own choices and decisions on this life journey, I know that Prince Harry will learn a lot of lessons from his relationship with Meghan Markle but I just pray that he learns them super super fast  and gets out before it’s too late.

Below I have copied in my previous psychic predictions of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for your convenience. Let me know what you think about spirit’s update on Meghan and Harry in the comments section below.


Date: 14/12/2017

*Disclaimer – All psychic predictions on this website are given to me by spirit and are not my thoughts/words/wishes.

I have had SO many messages and comments asking for more info and updates about the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle break up psychic prediction so rather than reply to everyone individually I thought it’s best to update on here and then everyone who wants to read it can 🙂 The previous predictions are copied in below so you can refer back to them but here’s what my spirit guide has to say today…

My spirit guide tells me that Meghan and Harry are caught up in a whirlwind romance, there is no true malicious meant from either side – they both genuinely care about each other it’s just that they’re not right for each other. The whirlwind can only last for so long before they are truly in each others pockets with no escaping each other and that’s when the arguing begins. The arguments are a shock to both of them and they get pretty heated fairly quickly – it is the heated arguments which separates them as they realise that they’ve moved too quickly and perhaps didn’t get to know each other as well as they thought. Prince Harry will be devastated when they split up as will Meghan. Spirit do feel that the girl Harry meets not long after the split from Meghan is better suited and they’re sending her his way purposely. Prince Harry does have spiritual protection to an extent and spirit can work to block him from making huge mistakes. Meghan can’t quite believe her luck meeting Prince Harry but she has developed genuine feelings for him to an extent and doesn’t wish him any harm, they’re both caught up in the whirlwind of lust and excitement. Meghan is very ambitious and focused but she’s not a bad person, she’s career driven and wants to succeed in everything she does so the break up being so publicly known will hit her hard but she’ll bounce back because of her desire to succeed in life. My spirit guides concern is for Prince Harry as he doesn’t want him to be in an unhappy marriage, Prince Harry’s spirit guides and guardian angels are working to try and help guide him into making the best decision for his future happiness. Meghan is attracted to successful and wealthy people but that is because she is so focused on achieving herself and wouldn’t want to date anyone without huge ambition or success, she wants someone she can share her journey to the top with and someone who shares her desires to achieve great things in life. Meghan and Prince Harry get on really really well but they’re still in the honeymoon period of their relationship and they’re yet to see every side to each other, once this honeymoon phrase passes there will be heated arguments which they’ll struggle to repair from and each argument will become bigger than the last. It’s a shame as at the beginning of their relationship they were so happy together and really in a state of bliss, this is why they’ll both struggle emotionally after the split and wonder how it could have gone so wrong and so quickly.  I am shown that Prince Harry will tell Meghan that the wedding is off because he can’t go through with it after all the arguing and the strain that it’s put on the relationship, Meghan will fight for the relationship initially when she’s in shock but this won’t last long as she’s very head strong and won’t beg someone to stay with her. It won’t be easy for Prince Harry to break up with Meghan as he truly adores her but after becoming so unhappy in the relationship due to all of the arguments he confides in those closest to him and they support him through the difficult task of breaking up with her. Prince Harry does feel the pressure to get this right due to being in the public eye and he doesn’t want a failed marriage and know’s that a failed engagement is better than a failed marriage – it’s this thought which gives him the push to get out before it’s too late. Spirit are very much around Prince Harry trying to protect him as best they can, right now he can’t see what’s about to come but the arguments will start in January and continue consistently. I am given March/April time for them breaking up and it will be announced publicly fairly quickly due to having to cancel the wedding. Meghan will fly back home within a day or two of Prince Harry telling her that it’s over, she’ll want to hide low for a while to get her head around it all and get over the break up. I am given October 2018 for Meghan returning to the public eye, she will do a come back in style to give her career a boost, she might change something about her style/appearance or do something unexpected to relaunch herself into the public eye. Meghan is a star in her own right and she doesn’t need Prince Harry to have a career in the spotlight, she’ll be totally fine without him. Spirit do say that we’ll see a different side to Meghan going in to 2019 and she’ll have a lot of media attention during her comeback. Prince Harry will lay low for a good while and we won’t hear about his new partner for a significant amount of time, his new partner is totally different to Meghan and very low key, she won’t want any media attention or attention from the public. Prince Harry and his next partner will develop their romantic relationship in private for sometime with absolutely no rush or pressure on making it public, they will build a strong foundation for their relationship and spend a lot of time getting to know each other very well before even going public about their love for each other. Spirit do mention that their relationship could be leaked to the public after 18 months together or so and even then they won’t feel pressured to confirm or deny anything as they’re too focused on just being real and having an adult relationship which has huge true potential to last a life time. Spirit speak very fondly of Prince Harry’s next partner and that is because they know how happy Prince Harry will be with her and their wish is for him to be truly happy. I do see the horse connection again with Prince Harry’s next partner, spirit have hand picked this girl for him and she’s truly lovely and genuine, she will get on very well with Prince Harry’s loved one’s and fit in perfectly as anyone who meets her just know’s instantly that she doesn’t have a bad bone in her body. This relationship feels very long and drawn out before there is any mention of weddings, Prince Harry is so cautious to get it right and the girl doesn’t want to rush either, they both are serious in taking it slow and that it has to be right otherwise they don’t want it. They both respect each other greatly due to this and know that their relationship is built on mutual respect and true love for each other, they will be together forever as it were and have beautiful children together after getting married. Prince Harry’s next relationship seems very similar to William & Kate’s, it’ll be very private and classy just how the Royal Family like it. I do see Prince Harry’s wedding to this new girl who spirit are sending his way and I feel it’ll take place around 3 years after splitting up with Meghan.


Date: 27/11/2017

*Disclaimer – All psychic predictions on this website are given to me by spirit and are not my thoughts/words/wishes.

Below is the psychic prediction I published on 24th October 2017 about Prince Harry & Meghan Markle, my spirit guide was spot on with his timing for Prince Harry getting engaged but what about the rest of the prediction? will they split up?, I ask my spirit guide for an update and I am shown that wedding plans are already underway with Meghan seeking out the perfect wedding dress but unfortunately it isn’t to be as they will part ways. The break up seems to be a total disaster and Prince Harry can’t quite believe how the relationship breaks down so quickly and he starts to question how it felt so right before given how bad it has become. Meghan is shown to be very hurt and angry when they split up, it’s just a disaster and Prince Harry is shown to retreat after the split as he wants some quiet time to get over the whole ordeal and to keep a low profile so to not bring anymore unwanted press attention about him and his love life. I am shown again that Prince Harry will meet his next partner who has a connection to horses not long after the split with Meghan, although his next relationship will move much slower with Prince Harry being really cautious and not wanting anyone to know about it until he’s absolutely certain about her. Prince Harry’s next relationship seems to blossom very naturally and she makes him smile a lot, she’s very sweet and not interested in being in the limelight at all. Prince Harry will marry his next partner and have children with her, I am given the sense that we’ll see a different kind of Prince Harry after the break up from Meghan, it’s like he’ll do things differently and have different interests. His next partner has light colored hair, she looks a bit like Camilla Thurlow to give you an idea, she’ll be really quiet for quite some time as she’s not interested in being in the public eye but overtime she will find her feet and her own style of making a difference in the world while carrying out her Royal duties. I am shown three children for the couple this time and it looks like two are conceived with IVF and one natural, the two conceived first could well be twins as they appear to be very similar in age and of the opposite sex. Going back to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle splitting up, I am shown lots of explosive rows between the couple and it appears to get pretty heated and they realise they’re not right for each other and don’t want to enter into a marriage if it’s already full of such rows so early on. Meghan will be papped without her engagement ring on to start with and this will start the speculation in the media that the couple have split up but the official announcement will come weeks later from the Royals. Spirit keep saying to me how much of a mess this whole thing is and that Prince Harry will feel a sense of shame for having to cancel one of the biggest weddings of all time, he’ll feel like he’s totally messed his life up but spirit know this isn’t to be the case at all as he will meet his future wife not long after the split and they’ll be very happy together. I am told that Prince Harry really does want to settle down now and start a family and he’ll be truly devastated that it doesn’t work out with Meghan but the split will be a blessing in disguise for him.


Date: 24th October 2017

*Disclaimer – All psychic predictions on this website are given to me by spirit and are not my thoughts/words/wishes.

My spirit guide is showing me that Prince Harry will propose to his girlfriend Meghan Markle November/December time, I am told that the engagement is already planned and she’ll say yes but they’ll break up before any wedding can take place. My spirit guide tells me that Meghan is not the right partner for Prince Harry and that there is someone better suited who will come into his life not long after he splits up from Meghan Markle. His next relationship looks to be a fated relationship and one in which he’ll be totally content and it will last the distance, this girl is shown to be quite quiet and unheard of until she steps out in public on Prince Harry’s arm. She’s a good match for him and will be very loyal not only to Prince Harry but to the Royal Family and their expectations of someone marrying into the Royal Family. I get the strongest sense that this next relationship for Prince Harry is somewhat planned on spirit’s part and I would question if she’s been chosen for Harry by a loved one in the spirit world who is going to ensure that Prince Harry and this girl cross paths. I am shown when the two of them meet and it appears that Prince Harry isn’t looking for anyone in that way but is taken by surprise and caught off guard by his immediate attraction to this girl who I am told is really sweet and polite. She looks quite petite and very natural in her appearance – totally different from Meghan and more similar in appearance to girls he’s dated previously. I am told by my spirit guide that Prince Harry will marry this girl eventually but they’re shown to be together for a while first and don’t rush into marriage.  I am shown by my spirit guide that Prince Harry and this girl will have two children together once married but there will be a few fertility issues initially – this will be resolved with the help of IVF and they will produce two beautiful children together. I am also shown that they will move in together long before they’re wed, rather than an announcement of an engagement to this girl I see an announcement of the date of the wedding so once engaged I feel it’ll be a short engagement followed by a beautiful wedding ceremony. This girl who is going to marry Prince Harry has a connection to horses and may even own a few of her own, she’s quite short, very elegant and respectful and has a small close circle of friends and family who she trusts dearly. This relationship for Prince Harry and this girl looks very solid as I watch it unfold and develop, they’re very well suited for each other and will be very much in love and content with each other. This girl seems quite shy so I don’t think the British public will see or hear much from her, if at all for the first few years, she seems content in her own life and will be content with Harry behind closed doors but doesn’t enjoy or seek the public attention which is to be a positive for Prince Harry. She is supportive of Prince Harry though and his Royal duties and will appear alongside him when required to do so, overtime her confidence in her new role will grow and we’ll start to see her doing more charity work and getting more involved with the Royal families public appearances. I am told that she’ll blossom well into her role and develop her own style of doing things, a bit like Princess Diana did.

You can see a full list of my spirit guides psychic predictions with links to the full predictions in detail here.

Love and light,

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 Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Will Split Up After Engagement - Psychic Prediction

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  1. The other girl is me. I did sexting with Prince Harry. Now i want to know am i supposed to keep waiting for Prince Harry or marry Fadi Lebos ?

  2. The other girl is me. I did sexting with Prince Harry. Now i want to know am i supposed to keep waiting for Prince Harry or marry Fadi Lebos ?

  3. Very interesting. Most of us have always thought this marriage is doomed. It’s a whirlwind romance and I don’t see them going the distance. Meghan is a true Californian woman, an actress who’s used to Hollywood blitz, totally unsuited to join the Royal Family. This regimented life is not for her and she’ll realize it eventually.

  4. Princess Diana has confirmed everything on why people have had their reservations about Meghan. If he didn’t have the royal status and wealth she never would have pursued him.
    Thank you Lynsdsay for the update. I hope Princess Diana comes through again.

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