Why I Prefer Phone Readings Over Face To Face Readings…

Why I Prefer Psychic Phone Readings Over Face To Face Readings…


I love doing psychic readings and working with my spirit guide, it brings me so much joy and upliftment and I feel so blessed to be doing a job which I love SO much. It brings so much variety but being able to help people and bring them insight and closure is what I love the most. So why do I prefer conducting psychic readings over the phone rather than face to face? honestly there’s a few reasons, (1) I am super sensitive to peoples energies so when I do a face to face reading I am left with the clients energies for a while afterwards and I feel them in a big way! If the client is going through a difficult time or feeling sad then I’ll feel it as though it’s my feelings – not good for me and it involves more work to shake these feelings off. (2) I find psychic phone readings less distracting, all I have is the vibration of the clients voice to tune into and I can just sit and pass on what spirit give me without getting distracted by a person sitting in front of me, moving around etc. (3) I find conducting psychic readings over the phone more efficient and I can work on psychic email readings for my clients in between phone readings. (4) I don’t have anywhere to conduct face to face readings, I currently work from home alone and so I couldn’t have lots of different clients coming to my home as it just wouldn’t be practical. I also wouldn’t feel comfortable booking readings at other peoples homes as I am super sensitive to peoples energies and I have walked in homes before and had to walk straight back out as I’ve had such a bad vibe! This isn’t to say the people there were bad, honestly I don’t know what was wrong as I didn’t stick around to find out – I just knew I had to get out of there. I’ve had this feeling in some shops and restaurants too, I never really ask spirit what the issue is, I just trust their judgement and leave immediately.

So there you have it, I am super sensitive and easily distracted so I like to work with just a voice or a picture (email readings) and my spirit guide and then that way I feel my clients get my best work.

Love & Light,

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My psychic services must not be misconstrued as professional counseling. Any suggestions or advice given during our psychic readings that you yourself choose to act upon is purely down to your own decisions as an individual, for I cannot take responsibility of the outcome of any situations. I am not a doctor. Any spiritual healing given by myself must never replace conventional diagnosing or treatment by the medical authorities. All spiritual healing that I offer is complementary, not alternative. Your privacy is very important to me and I am strongly committed to protecting the privacy of all the site users. As such, please rest assured that I will not disclose any information to third parties under any circumstances. Please know that under no circumstances will any information be passed to me from third parties before a psychic reading, (other than that given to me from Spirit). I do not and will not research people’s lives. I am so hopeful that you will be happy with your psychic reading, but if for any reason that you are not, then please reply to my email and let me know. I will never encourage you to become dependent on psychic readings, and I will refuse a psychic reading if I feel that it would not be in your best interest. Please be advised that the use of this website is only for those aged 18 years and over. As per UK law psychic email readings, psychic phone readings and spiritual spell castings are for entertainment purposes only.

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