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Psychic Prediction Updates

Psychic Prediction Updates

Date: 4th October 2017

*Disclaimer – All psychic predictions on this website are given to me by spirit and are not my thoughts/words/wishes.

Tonight I ask my spirit guide for an update on his psychic predictions and I am being shown again that Donald Trump will be assassinated while giving a public speech and I see that he’ll be hit right through his chest/heart area – it’s brutal and very frightening to watch. I am still given the month of October for this although personally I don’t feel it’s this October but I am being told by my spirit guide that it’s just a matter of time before it happens and it will happen, I keep hearing ‘America’ too so it could well happen in his home country. Spirit talk about Trump giving off the impression to some people that he is better than them and above them in some way and I am told it’s this persona which will contribute to the lead up to his assassination, I feel that the person who does this to Trump literally snaps and decides that taking Trump out is worth losing his life for, as he knows that he’ll be killed instantly after it. I am given the strongest feeling that this man has simply had enough, he consumes far too much media and reads things online about Trump which may not necessarily be true and he is constantly getting wound up about everything and feels something needs to be done and therefore takes matters into his own hands. This attack is premeditated and the attacker will think about it and plan it to an extent for some time but when he actually does it it’ll happen very fast and be very spare of the moment, like he saw a slight opportunity and took it. I do see that this assassination will totally shock America and some media and news readers will struggle with how to cover it as they have previously not had anything nice to say about Mr Trump and there will be feelings of guilt with some and this will be clear to see during their presenting.

My spirit guide says that Donald Trump will certainly make a lot of progress against the war on terrorism before he is assassinated.

On the 4th May 2017 I published a psychic prediction which stated that Trump wouldn’t get his own way with another country’s leader that month and would be super angry about it, tonight I have asked my spirit guide about this prediction and I am being told it was related to the Paris Agreement on climate change and he was angry that it couldn’t be amended to be more fairer for the US and so that is why he pulled out. I am told that there were talks about the changes that Trump wanted to make to it but he was completely shut down and left feeling quite angry about it.

I am also being shown another terror attack where a terrorist rams innocent victims with his vehicle, this happens close to the sea/a pier or somewhere with a beach in the UK as I am seeing a chippy there too and it’s broad daylight when it happens. This will be a total shock to everyone as it’s just not expected in that area ( I feel it’s a nice peaceful and quiet area too), it’s going to be a very surprising and unexpected attack and I get the feeling that surprising information will come out about the attacker afterwards and it may not be what you would expect at all. There will be fatalities and more injured 🙁

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Love & Light,

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      Hi, unfortunately I’ve checked with my spirit guide and this psychic prediction is for the UK and I think it’ll happen somewhere unexpected so not in a big city but maybe somewhere like Cornwall or Brighton 🙁


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