Psychic Predictions For 2017/2018/2019

Psychic Predictions For 2017 2018 2019 - Psychic Lyndsay Edwards Predictions

 Psychic Predictions For 2017/2018/2019

*Disclaimer – All psychic predictions on this website are given to me by spirit and are not my thoughts/words/wishes.

Date predicted:

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Love & Light,

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  1. Hi, Lyndsay!
    I have just been binge-reading your list of predictions and noticed that June has passed without ISIS being eradicated by our fearless leader. Any update on the timing? I hope sooner rather than later!
    Thank you.

    Sharon Smith
    San Francisco

    1. Post

      Hi Sharon,

      I spoke with my spirit guide when he first said June 2017 as I thought this sounded way too good to be true but he was adamant – I did see a Sky news headline ‘Is This The End For ISIS?’ in June and then I think it was early July that ISIS were defeated in the city of Mosul. I have asked my spirit guide for an update and he says it’s literally just a matter of time as the US are working behind the scenes to eradicate ISIS and they aren’t making everything they do public initially but please know that they’re working on it and will succeed.

      Love & Light,

  2. Thank you and Spirit for this update, Lyndsay. I’m thinking of you and hoping your path to healing is going well and wishing by you all the best. God bless.

  3. Hi Lyndsay,
    Could you pls give psychic predictions about India. India is mystic land of meditation, contemplation and enlightenment.

  4. The Russia Ukraine conflict is still ongoing, is it going to end any time soon or escalate. Now that the world has thrown Ukraine to the wolves can we expect a Russian invasion?

  5. Please, ask you Spirit about new coming of czars to Russia: would it happen soon or never? And what about World War III – who would it be to start it?

    1. Post

      Hi Darrell,

      Spirit have confirmed to me that the predictions are still going to happen, it’s really just a matter of time…


  6. Is trump really in danger, not that I like him, but that’s a prediction based on popular polls? He certainly is not popular – I am curious what you see and here.

  7. Your dates were off but this happen last night. 10/1/17.

    16/06/2017 Terror attack at a music concert in the US near the stage area

  8. Hi Lyndsay , I will say you have very strong psychic predictions. You predicted that Terror attack at a music concert in the US near the stage area, in which you predicted it on June 16, 2017. When I read psychic predictions, I usually accept the advice and try to avoid going to crowed area for safety issues. Thank You.


  9. What are your predictions regarding my life . My date of birth_24 january time of birth is 1.50 pm india. My name is harkeen

  10. From Lyndsay’s prediction on August 27, 2017

    “My spirit guide also makes me aware that this incident will spur Trump on even more to win the fight against terrorism and he will step up military action even more so after this attack and won’t be deterred. I am shown that Trump will order (behind closed doors) the military to go all out in destroying ISIS after this and ask that no stone be left unturned in defeating them. I do see that Trump will be successful on his mission to eradicate ISIS while serving as president, spirit does make me aware that the celebration is to be short lived though”…

    It’s very accurate, here’s the link.

  11. I would love you to make a prediction about Angelina Jolie. Since she filed for divorce she’s lost so much weight and she seems to have a lot of issues (mentally and physically).

  12. How can some of these predictions even come to pass?

    At the very beginning in January you predict Trump will be assassinated; yet he’s performing actions and hiding information in May/June?

    Seeing dates like those I would be questioning your guide’s info.

    1. Post

      Hi Johnny,

      The date is the date I predicted as it says above:

      Date predicted:

      29/01/2017 Donald Trump will be assassinated
      25/03/2017 Theresa May will step down
      25/03/2017 Donald Trump will win the war against ISIS
      16/05/2017 French President makes wrong judgement call & will have to publicly apologize
      21/04/2017 Donald Trump sacrifices hostages lives

      If you click into each psychic prediction it’ll give a prediction on when each will happen from spirit 🙂


  13. I have many thoughts , I been with a man for 10 years of my life, we are not even engaged but we been living together for 10 years, he had 2 Kids (21 & 16) and I have 2 also (17 & 15) . Every time I mention marriage he avoids conversation, last year his mother and I have a huge fight (she’s been treating me wrong for over 4-5 years ) she got the worst out of me and I yell at her. Now 1 year and a half later she’s visiting again Florida but staying with his other son . My man/boyfriend now is saying he wants to marry me but he wants me to forget and forgive his mother so he can marry me . I never heard a sorry from her mouth and I can’t forgive knowing that I’m the victim and I haven’t seen or hear her true feelings . We have our first big fight after 10 years because of his mom. She claims to be a very religious person but she had hurt me really bad in the past including talking about my man’s baby momma better in front of me . I can forgive her right away but my relationship now it’s weird and quiet . I try to talk to him but he’s missing the communication key factor . I don’t want to ask or talk to my parents because they will take my side . I need an honest opinion on how I can resolve this issue or if is something more in my future that I need to know .
    Thank you so much !
    [ is much more details of how his mother hurt me but I thought I was writing too much]

  14. Lindsay, Meghan markle and prince Harry are officially engaged! after the official statement I can not believe that he will give up, this never happened in the brf before! You make a great work, we have to wait now to see what will happen…

    1. Post

      Yes, it will be very unusual for a Royal break up before the wedding but spirit are adamant that they won’t be together and that Prince Harry will meet someone else soon after…

  15. Lindsay when you said a US Concert I immediately said “Oh my God!” It was the festival in Las Vegas! Your predictions are dead on. I also kept hearing this voice say that Meghan and Harry moved too fast and that they will split. We shall see.

    1. Charmaine,
      I continue to get the message from my guide that they moved a bit fast, even though they had been dating over a year and apparently saw each other at least every 2 weeks, according to Meghan. My guide tells me that the engagement may have been pushed by Meghan’s interview with Vanity magazine, where she announced that they were so in love. Interesting that only a couple of days before the official engagement announcement, there was a press announcement that it was not the role of the BRF to comment on Prince Harry’s “love life” after there were so many rumors swirling about an engagement, a ring, and Meghan moving to London. I’m also a bit surprised that the engagement is not longer than 6 months.

  16. For those who point to certain events not occurring:
    1) since everything is made of energy, nothing is encased in stone.
    2) meaning: everything is continuously in flux or in-motion – so things change
    3) plus there is no actual time stamp on visions
    4) so if a prediction does not manifest on the date predicted, a) it can still occur later b) it can still occur but not exactly as predicted (concert in US vs Britain) or maybe not at all simply because circumstances change
    5) there is one thing in this life that is always consistent, that you can always count on: change
    6) and all of us, every single human is fallible – even psychics

    Lyndsay, I agree the election was rigged. I think it is very possible there may have also been some hacking into our easily hackable outdated voter machines. Switching just enough votes from Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump handing him the election would not have been all that difficult given the aforementioned. Whether they were Russian hackers and/or a few people involved with the voter counts is unknown for now; it is possible that we may never know. (I still think it will be revealed at some point) At any rate, somehow, Trump cheated & he had help. There are just too many anomalies to ignore to say otherwise. IMHO

    Something I do disagree with you about is Donald Trump: He is a broken human being. He has not shown any evidence of having a good “heart.” Based on his actions & his past, DT is revengeful, self-centered, narcissistic, selfish & greedy. His penchant for nick-naming people, for instance, assigning nick-names like “rocket man” to Kim Jung Un and “Pocahontas” to a sitting US Senator, is just so petty, undignified & sophomoric! What is he, 10!

    Millions of us agree that not only is DT a huge embarrassment to the US, but he is doing substantial damage that will take generations to fix. And worse he is dangerous!

    Personal to Lyndsay: when your own Spirit Guides tell you Trump was involved in stealing the election, but the impression is that because he is going to shake things up stealing the election was ok?; It is not ok; It will never be ok. Notably, the only shaking DT is doing is shaking-down families & individuals. Perhaps you might want to re-think your position. More importantly, there is no excuse, nothing can ever possibly justify: cheating to win an election; cheating the Americans out of healthcare; stealing from at least 80% of Americans’ hard earned money to pay for the huge tax breaks for corp and the wealthiest, including himself-which some experts estimate he’ll save at least $1.1B. Millions of Americans are going to be impacted and not in a good way: 13m are about to lose their health insurance, millions of poor & middle-class income families are apt to suffer horribly & many will unnecessarily face premature death.

    Oh & he is getting ready to expel 800,000 young Latino immigrants out of the US despite being brought here by their parents at a very young age. America is the only country they know. Many do not even speak Spanish. They are students, have jobs, some have families, own homes, etc. All they want is to be legal citizens, but DT will have them exported back to a country they do not remember or know. Do these sound like he has their best interests at heart?

    While DT I believe was ‘chosen’ for his role, it is not exactly in the way you suggest, IMHO. Maybe originally the purpose was to make positive changes in the world, (which he might end up doing unwittingly) but somewhere along the way DT lost his way. He is, however, providing many lessons for the entire world community: one of such is never take someone based solely on what he/she says or at face value alone. At the very least, listen to his/her words & watch his/her deeds – do they match; Trump’s do not.

    Yes, elections do have consequences, not just for Americans, but the entire world. And given his anger issues & his utter lack of self-restraint, Donald Trump presents a serious danger to all of us.

    Finally, many of your predictions as they pertain to the US mostly do resonate. You have a great gift which you appear to be using wisely. One thing tho, I really do hope you will reconsider your position regarding Trump.

  17. What is going to happen with north Korea and nuclear war? A lot of other psychics are saying they see his people getting rid of Kim before that happens, what are your thoughts on it?.

  18. Hello Lyndsay,
    Your prediction on (31/10/2017 Terror attack explosion/fire in winter time) Terror attack happened in NY and the Fires are happening in CA. It is all very disturbing.
    I’m very concerned with the fires? Could you by any chance tell us how they started and how long will they last? Is there a possibility of more happening in the future?
    Thank you so very much ^.^

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