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  1. In my country the word Liberal has a far different meaning
    If fact our center right Government has the name Liberal party
    Yes we are a friend of America, we have a history of fighting with and supporting your country.
    Yet I feel afraid and confused about our country’s partnership, how did progressive and Liberal become dirty words?
    And yes Trump horrifies me, what ever became of the America that asked *send me your poor and down trodden?*

  2. I agree with Leslie completely. Anytime I heard a negative comment during Obama’s presidency, it was almost always followed by a derogatory statement above his race. That is where the divide came into play, people with small minds couldn’t stand having a black man in the oval office. I for one, miss him. As much as I hate assassination, Trump will never be impeached, unfortunately it is probably the only way to stop him. He is a vile human being with too much power over our lives and those around the world. As long as children are being killed and starving around the world, pray all you want, your God is not listening. I am quite sure people around the world prayed that Trump would never be our president.

  3. Lyndsay, I was a card-carrying liberal until a few years ago. I was also grossly uninformed about our government, history (beyond the propaganda taught in textbooks), and completely unaware of the deep state and the globalists who are working to create a new world order/one world government (as prophesied in the bible). I thought Trump was an egotistical, womanizing, buffoon (and in some ways, still do).

    But then, by the Grace of God, I had a spiritual awakening in 2012 in the form of spontaneous Kundalini. This led me to study, over the course of several years, the events of 9/11 and the Sandy Hook “mass shooting”. Now that my eyes are opened to what has really been going on in our government, right under our unsuspecting and uninformed noses, I can’t go back and un-know it.

    Due to educating myself about all things government, politics, and history, I now realize that Trump is truly a gift from God, and he’s our last hope to save the United States (and allies) from the globalists, whose greatest wish is to see us depopulated, chipped, and completely controlled in every aspect of our lives, including speech.

    I believe a demonic spirit is fooling the uninformed that hate Trump, just as the Jews hated Jesus. But Trump is truly trying to save us from our ignorance and poor decisions over the last 50 years or so. But to see that he’s got Americans best interests in his heart, you have to be educated about the deep state, globalism, politics, government, and most of all real history.

    A famous man once said, those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it. We are seeing much of the same attitudes and rhetoric that we saw before WW2. But the new Nazis are not Trump and his people, it is those who oppose Trump and his people. The more educated and informed you are, the more you realize the truth of that statement.

    1984 by George Orwell is a must read for every American. That, and a thorough understanding of real history, not propaganda. One must also know that MSM was co-opted by the globalists decades ago, and can’t be trusted, whether it’s CNN or Fox or anything between. Free press died decades ago, so you must seek out independent sources and judge their veracity for yourself.

    The awake people throughout America and the world are praying every moment of every day for Trump’s safety. The world’s future depends on it.

    1. Please help me to understand what you think trump has done to help America. Seriously. The list of his crimes grows by the hour. The man is a proven liar. I am also a very devout and religious person. I follow the teaching of the bible. I don’t believe that God would send a man like trump to save us from anything. In fact, I believe POTUS is the Anti-Christ — the exact opposite of anything even remotely related to God or goodness.

      I fear that people have been blinded by the likes of FoxNews and we truly are doomed.

    2. I absolutely agree with your viewpoint that Trump is a direct gift from God. I believe he’s the last man standing between us and the total loss of our country. Darkness cannot overcome what God has ordained.

  4. God has given every person free will. That includes assasins and those targeted. Nothing is as pure as innocence lost at Sandy Hook elementary, or the countless senseless extermination’s at Auschwitz. We and our ego made this world we live in, not God. His world lives forever; ours and everyone and everything in it will wither and die. Thank God, it does.

  5. Obama was an atrocious President and a major liar.

    What kind of leader leaves a 20 year old kid to be beaten to death in North Korea, but rushes to cut a deal to release a lowlife military deserter in exchange for the lease of 5 terrorists who have gone back to plotting against the United States? A bad one.

    What kind of leader cuts a deal thst gives Iran hundreds of millions of dollars and most of everything they want, and leaves American hostages There? A terrible one.

    And by the way, both Obama and Bill Clinton are on video taken while each were President, saying that the United States was going to have to limit immigration until it could be fixed, and suspend it from certain hostile countries that are known sponsors of terrorism. The Obama administration created that original list of countries to be monitored. But suddenly, when Trump wants to actually take action on exactly what Obama and Clinton had previously suggested, it’s a problem and “OMG, can you believe it.”


    1. But Obama never had thousands of lies on fact checker or grabbed anyone by their pus see and was caught on tape bragging he force kisses women while wife number three is at home with young child. Obama was also mature enough not to go on twitter rants at the slightest criticism.

    1. Post

      Hi Trevor,

      My spirit guide has informed me that it’s just a matter of time and I have been shown that Trump will be assassinated before the Russia investigation finishes.


  6. I also found that your predictions were accurate from the news articles that I read last night, the previous predictions were absolutely true! It’s Amazing! I will post it here later

  7. I just had a few good thoughts about Trump last night after reading international news about fighting Isis, that I’ve never had this good thought about him before, I totally agree with you Lyndsay. He could be good at something at some points or he might has some good intentions, but he also has created conflicts and issues which should not have done done by any presidents of the United States of America

  8. No American truly wishes death for Trump, just deliverance. He tries to pit group against group, artificially. He is feeling the effects of his age, which not all 71 yr olds experience, but he shows senility, impatience, language deficit, inflexibility, lack of impulse control and memory loss. The drugs he takes for his vanity are known to hasten senility. He creates and spreads hate, even as he pretends concern. He has no empathy and finds it extremely taxing to have to pretend he does. Pretending to be a marginally good person exhausts him. I hope this prediction is wrong, but he needs to leave the presidency for his own good and ours.

  9. Kudos to your reply ,Leslie!( your reply to Martha). Very well written.I
    Agree fully.I can’t believe Trump is still in office,but this only makes me realize how very corrupt the United States government really is!!!

  10. President Obama has worked very hard for this country but some people think in term of his African background and reject reject him without consideration. Personally I think he deserves great respect and appreciation based on his proven record. I believe with time people will realize and compare his value with other US presidents .

  11. Even though Trump is a so-called menace to society. To hear of his possible demise is sad. I truly feel he is here purposefully to make us wake up and change what we’re dissatisfied with. No way anyone with a brain couldn’t have seen this coming. His methods leave a lot to be desired, but not death. I’m praying for impeachment.

  12. @Martha – I agree that Trump’s death will create chaos maybe and I think it is wrong to wish for someone’s death. I do not want Trump’s death and even less his assassination, but as an American aren’t you concerned that a foreign power can influence the election? People in high places (and US intelligence is the best in the world) have said that it is certain that Russia intervened, however neither you nor Trump seem concern about it – that makes me wonder about the so-called patriotism so many times paraded when Obama was president

  13. I do not believe you are correct in your predictions. God has a say in all of this and I believe that God will protect him. I am asking God to do this. I KNOW HE hears me and I KNOW that God can stop all of this madness. People who have listened to the political left in our government are WRONG. The last president’s administration took away a lot of our freedom. I would like to ask those of you who are TRUMP haters one question: WHY were you not afraid of Obama? Obama did not have the American people’s interest at heart. His administration caused the divide in this country always calling race, race, race. There are people in this country who are racist. There will always be people like this. Trump did not cause this. The country was progressing with equality BEFORE Mr. Obama. Mr. Obama’s indecisiveness caused the US to be the laughing stock of the world. Now that Trump is trying to make necessary decisions that should have been made years ago, he is running up against the strong Democratic opposition and with their last bad candidate for president, Mrs. Clinton, who did not have a platform at all and all the democrats did was character assassination, any educated person would not want her. Of course some people go for the sensational and drama. I am praying and my prayer group is praying that your predictions will not come true. The US needs a president to make decisions…not be passive. The people in the US are like spoiled children. If they do not get their way entirely, then we will just throw a tantrum. I KNOW that God can STOP THIS. HE WILL.

    1. Martha,
      You can pray as long and as hard as you want, but Trump is a non-believer. He only pretends to follow the Christian faith because it serves his purpose to fool his base. You asked why I did not fear Obama, I will tell you why. It is actually a simple explanation. Obama is a good man who deeply loved this country. He valued the Presidency, and worked every day tirelessly to prove to Americans that he took the job and the office seriously. He was truly honored that the American people that bestowed this honor upon him, and he worked everyday trying to earn the trust from people on the right. Unfortunately, some people were so bitterly racist he was not able to please everyone. Obama was a solid, strong, intelligent, and thoughtful leader who lead with a steady hand and a calm demeanor. Obama went into office with no business entanglements, and left office scandal free. Obama put country over party when he passed the ACA. He hand-crafted a single piece of legislation that ended up saving countless of lives. He knew he would be sacrificing a lot of seats in congress, as well as, his own seat in in 2012 by taking on the ACA. Knowing the ACA was political suicide he continued still push forward, and this speaks to all that is good with this man. The health of the country was more important than the health of the party. In spite of the racist rhetoric he faced on a daily basis he was able to drown out the nasty vile noise coming from the right and continued to work on the challenges this country faced. We were on the bring of a depression, and Obama sat down ignored his critics and got to work. That is what adults do, they ignore the petty BS and do their jobs. Obama dragged us out the great recession, and took down Osama Bin Laden. Fearing Obama was a manufactured systematic precision attack (brainwashing) on the psyche of this country’s most vulnerable people.

      Now, there is a lot of other things that need to be unpacked from your statement. Your attack on Obama was filled with false and easily challengeable statements. So in the spirit of guiding you along a path that is based in fact, and not based on an irrational fear that was brought on by your exposure to Fox News, or your utter disdain for anyone who is not white like yourself I will need you to elaborate on your above statement.

      1.)You are claiming that “Obama took away a lot of our freedom.” Please elaborate! What freedoms did you lose under Obama? Be specific, and make sure to be 100% accurate because alternative facts do not work on me.

      2.)How did Obama create the divide in this country? Is it because he was a black man doing a “white man’s job?”

      3.)How has Obama made us the laughingstock of the world? Again, be specific, and accurate.

      Your concerns about Obama appear to be nothing short of projection. Trump has no interest in serving this country. His only interest is lining his pockets and protecting his self interests. The man is literally using the office to enrich himself and his family. Trump lied and pointed to thousands of BLANK sheets of paper in manila file folders claiming he divested from all of his businesses. However, he later admired he did not divest, and he would not divest because he was the President and he did not have to.(The 1st con) When it came to light that Trump put on a show, and he really did not divest he promised to donate any and all foreign money he made from his businesses into the US Treasury, but he did not. (2nd Con) Trump claimed if he became elected he would not collect the presidential salary, but he did.(3rd Con) Trump promised a big beautiful wall that Mexico would 100% be paying for, the Mexican President laughed in his face and Trump retreated. (4th Con) The Cons go on and on, but he did not just con his voters he has also constantly lied to them. No lie was too big or small for Trump. He lied about his crowd size, he lied that he said he had a completed repeal and replace plan ready to go on day one. He lied about members of his campaign meeting with Russians, he lied about Obama tapping Trump tower. He lied about massive voter fraud, and worst of all on Dec. 1 he stood in front of thousands of Carrier workers and told them he saved 1100 jobs. Imagine that, the President elect promises you right before Christmas that he has just saved your job, and the very next day your union tells you it was all a lie. The people at carrier believed Trump over the union, and spent their money over the holidays assuming their jobs were safe. Right after the holidays Carrier announced their plans to let thousands of employees go. What kind of a person could do something so evil? Trump is a divisive snake who does not care about this country. He fanned the flames of the racial divide and used it to his advantage. Trump is a thin skinned penchant child who melts down daily for the whole world to see. He does not even have basic grade school knowledge of how government works, and he has no clue about geography. Claiming he just came from the Middle East while still being in the Middle East was fucking amateur hour. Even my 10 year old slapped her head in disbelief that he had no idea he was in the Middle East. Trump is the embarrassment. Trump is the reason the whole world is laughing at us. Don’t believe me? Check out YouTube and watch some of the satire shows that air in the UK and around the world. Trump is the butt of every joke, and there is so much to make fun of.

    2. I didn’t fear Obama because he was a sane, intelligent, caring person. Trump is a mentally unstable, amoral, misogynistic sub-human. I don’t understand how anyone with any intelligence can listen to this POS and come away thinking he should be President. He degrades and humiliates this country. I never truly hated anyone until Trump. I despise him and wish for his death daily. I’m not happy about those feelings. I know it’s not right but I still feel that way.

  14. by the time we find out about all of trumps dealing [Russia] it will be to late –we will be enslaved
    there will nothing but evil around us. we should all pray, pray. it would be better if the people in power
    at the w/house would impeach him but, they won’t !

  15. There is already a great deal of divisiveness in the U.S. towards him and his regime. In my (quite) humble opinion, his assassination would create a great deal of chaos. I’ll even go as far as stating that certain part of country will see race riots and civil disobedience, bloodshed…etc.
    Mr. D. Trump’s campaign rhetorics and malfeasance towards certain groups /minorities, brought out the most disdainful aspect of…..
    In all honesty, I fear his reign over this country, has brought great amount of negative energy around…; that is why on a daily basis, I invoke God’s intervention in repairing the damages done by his campaign and him being elected to be at the helm of the U.S. Also, do allow me to say that D. Trump is NOT making America great again.
    In regards to impeachment (if warranted), maybe those who share his negative views would learn something from it. I seriously do fear the worst for the U.S., the country seems to be on a slippery slope. Let’s chanell thy energy for peace and harmony.
    Be blessed.

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