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Justin Bieber Psychic Prediction

Justin Bieber Psychic Prediction

Date: 12/03/2017

*Disclaimer – All psychic predictions on this website are given to me by spirit and are not my thoughts/words/wishes.

My spirit guide has spoken to me about Justin Bieber before and he’s always said that he’s very misunderstood and has been previously pushed too hard by his management team which has meant he’s been overworked and rightly exhausted and stressed which has led to him reacting to situations rather than responding and because of that he has been seen in a bad light, but people are shown a negative glimpse when there really is much more to it and he’s not a bad person at all – in fact the opposite is true, he’s a great guy. Tonight my spirit guide wants me to write about what he’s previously said about Bieber plus more, I will point out that I am a fan of Bieber and his music and I did travel to Glasgow last year to watch him in concert however, as I have previously stated on my blog, I do live in my own happy bubble and rarely know what’s going on in the media.

Tonight my spirit guide has shown me just how misunderstood and prejudged Bieber really is, I am told some people who have prejudged him have perceived him to be a chav, a thug, weird, a trouble causer, rough and on drugs but these people couldn’t be more wrong as he’s a lovely person and such a cool guy. My spirit guide tells me that Justin is aware of all the prejudging and he closes himself off to people because of it, he says that when Justin meets someone he can spiritually sense how they perceive him to be whether he is aware of this gift I don’t know, but he’s very intuitive and can read people’s vibe very very well, he then in turn knows whether to bother with that person. I am told that when Justin senses the negative prejudging he’ll close off and won’t even want to speak to that person and it is that person who will truly miss out because Justin has such a good heart and so much to give including very interesting conversations. I am told that Justin snapping and lashing out again in public is like a game of Russian Roulette and it all depends on whether he can decide his own working routine as he is being badly advised at times and pushed way beyond his limits and this is leaving him feeling exhausted and agitated so it’s no surprise he can fly off the handle easily at times – anyone who worked as much as he does would too.

I am shown by spirit that Justin will meet his next partner this August time and he’ll be really smitten with her from the get go but he’ll take it slow in terms of fully committing and going exclusive/public with her etc. I say slow but I think it’ll be public knowledge with images in the media by October as it’s not easy for him to escape it, the media attention will come much sooner than he’d like but he will be taking dating this girl seriously very early on and looking at her with a view to his future. I am shown that they meet in a club/after party and he is immediately attracted/drawn to her and he pursues her. I don’t know who the girl is but she has a connection to professional sports and may have previously dated famous sports players – basketball in particular. Justin could get engaged to this girl, I am told it’s on the cards but there will be rocky times before any wedding so it may not go ahead and will be circumstantial – spirit say 50/50 on whether the wedding would go ahead.

It’s interesting what spirit have shown me tonight and I really hope JB can start to take more control of his work life in the future, from what I have been shown by spirit he really is a cool guy and he deserves to be happy and live a balanced life.

Love & Light,

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  1. i just read your Justin bieber prediction and its accurate…. Kinda not all… because Jelena broke up and there is another girl involved but shhh

    Can you do Justin bieber love life update when it comes to end of this year ?

  2. Could you update on the prediction for Justin Bieber? It seems that things might have unpredictibly gone a totally different direction than originally thought… Thanks

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