‘Scream VI’ earns $5.7 million in previews set to tap opening – Deadline

FRIDAY MIDDAY : Scream, if you want to go to the cinema. The horror franchise is definitely enjoying a record opening in the United States and Canada with Cry VI is expected to earn $42 million, surpassing the previous national record of Cry 3 ($34.7 million). Paramount is having a great weekend with the No. 1 movie, a splashy big world premiere tonight at SXSW with EOne’s Dungeons & Dragons And Top Gun: Maverick up for six Oscars including Best Picture on Sunday. The Radio Silence-directed film, Spyglass Media, is eyeing an $18.7 million Friday. The photo is reserved in 3,675 rooms.

The second goes to MGM/UAR’s Creed III with around $25 million in 4,007 theaters, -57% in weekend 2, putting the picture very close to the $100 million mark. Wow, it will be a little over ten days before the benchmark. Creed II passed the milestone of the century in 24 days while the first Creed took 38 days.

The third is that of Sony 65 in 3,405 theaters, a Friday at $4 million and a shooting at $10 million. The film is rated PG-13.

The Fourth is Disney/Marvel Studios’ fourth weekend Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania with $7 million from 3,105 theaters, -45%, after a Friday of $1.8 million, and a cumulative total of $198 million by EOD on Sunday.

Fifth is Universal’s third weekend cocaine bear in 3,196 theaters with a Friday of $1.7M $6.2M 3 days, -44% and a cumulative total of $51.7M.

FRIDAY AM: The Paramount/Spyglass Media release from Cry VI is off to a strong start with $5.7 million in previews Thursday from its 5 p.m. fan event and 5:30 p.m. previews at 3,125 theaters. The sixth sequel is expected to head for a franchise-record national $35-40 million start this weekend. The last Shout from Radio Silence is also set to hit a world record $50M+ debut in 50 territories.

Cry VISilver preview tops previous Thursday’s $3.5 million from Paramount/Spyglass Shout made last year, and that’s higher than last week’s MGM/UAR Thursday money Creed III, which made $5.45 million before also hitting a franchise-record start of $58.3 million in the United States and $100 million-plus worldwide.

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The highest aperture for a Shout The movie is Cry 3 in 2000, which posted $34.7 million over 3 days. The 2022 Shout opened at $30 million and $81 million, proving the great value of horror films in the Covid-easing theatrical market. Paramount also had A Quiet Place Part II Before Shout, which kicked off the summer 2021 box office on Memorial Day.

Cry VI is produced by Project X’s William Sherak, Paul Neinstein and James Vanderbilt, and the latter also co-wrote the pic.

Sony has the sci-fi movie Adam Driver 65, which is rated PG-13. It is expected to hit in the high numbers. Last night, it grossed $1.225 million from shows that started at 4 p.m. in 2,901 locations.

Creed III ended its first week at $74.1 million in 4,007 theaters. The movie hit Imax screens last week, which Paramount won’t have for Cry VI, although the horror photo has the premium large format screens. Creed III made $3 million yesterday, -11% from Wednesday.

The rest of the photos were as follows from industry estimates:

2. cocaine bear (Uni) 3,571 theaters, Thursday $840,000 (-12% vs Wednesday), $15.2M week, $45.4M/week 2

3. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (Dis) 3,825 theaters, Thursday $775,000, -11%, $16.6M week, $190.9M/week 3

4. jesus revolution (LG) 2,575 theaters, game $770,000 (-15%), $12.3m week, $34.2m/week 2

5. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba – At the Blacksmith Village (Vintage) 1,780 theaters, Game 1,780 theaters, Game $452,000, -21%, week $12.5M/Week 1.

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