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Seeing Orange Shapes

Spiritual Diaries – Seeing Orange Shapes


I have had a LOT of spiritual encounters over the last week but it’s no surprise as I have welcomed in a new spirit guide called George and all spirit guides provide something different and work differently, George is now going to be my life long spirit guide meaning he’ll be working with me and guiding me until I cross back over to the spirit world later in life – yay! I’m so pleased he’s here to stay 🙂

The other night I started to see the most amazing and very random orange shapes moving around, I have written before on my spiritual diaries blog about seeing beautiful blue lights, I have no idea why I was seeing these incredible orange colors and I haven’t asked spirit to be honest – sometimes it’s nice to experience spirits presence without judgment, questions or an explanation, I know these orange shapes were being provided by my spirit guide as he was sat with me and talking to me at the time so I felt perfectly comfortable when experiences these orange shapes moving around in front of me.

Have you experienced flashes of color or colorful shapes moving around in front of you which were put there by spirit? let me know in the comments section, I’d love to hear about your spiritual encounters too.

Love & Light,

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Spiritual Diaries - Seeing Orange Shapes - Psychic Lyndsay Edwards

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  1. I have seen green flashes before, never blue though. At the time I saw the green flashes I still healing from the breakup of a horrific, toxic relationship. The color must be a significant factor, it must have some kind of meaning. I tried looking up what the flashes and the colors related to them could be, some people speculate that these flashes are angelic lights, signs of angelic presence and guidance.

  2. Yes, I see blue sparks of light that flash for a second then they’re gone. Once in while I see a brilliant white sparks too. I’ve often wondered what these meant?

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