Send Me Your Questions For Spirit - Psychic Predictions 2018

Send Me Your Questions For Spirit

Send Me Your Questions For Spirit

Hello lovely readers !

It’s nearly 2018 and I have decided that in the new year I want to be able to give more to those who read my blog posts and psychic predictions, I often receive emails or comments on various blog posts across my website asking for psychic predictions about certain celebrities or general questions for spirit about the spirit world & how it works and I want to get around to answering as many of you as I can. Some prediction posts have so many comments that I am now losing track of your requests for spirit so I’ve created this separate post for any of you who have general questions you’d like answering (not personal questions), please just post your questions about spirit and psychic prediction requests in the comments section below and then I will start working through as many of them as I can in 2018 for you! 🙂

**If you have personal questions for spirit you can book a private psychic reading, this post is for general psychic prediction questions and any answers by spirit will be published.

Love & Light,

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  1. Hi Lindsay there is awfully strange pet deaths happening around south east England over the last 4 or 5 years and the authorities are at a loss to explain. It has the name Operation Takahi and Croydon Cat Killer. When will this stop and who or what is doing it?

  2. Dear Lyndsay,

    Would you please ask your Spirit that which country is going to win FIFA World Cup 2018 (Jun-July) at Russia.

    Thank you.

    Kind Regards,

  3. Dear Lyndsay,

    Is there a date on your mind when to publish the general questions once you asked your spirit guide?

    Many thanks for your kind services🧚🏻‍♀️

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      Hi Ayl,

      I have just last week caught up with my client waiting list, I now have a little more free time to publish some psychic predictions on the website and my YouTube channel for you all so next time I sit down with spirit I will start to work through these suggestions (not the personal questions people have asked as that’s not what this is for) 🙂

      Love & Light,

  4. Im at a deadend spiritually, emotionally in my life. Is there any changes coming? Or is this is as good as it gets 08/16/1961 Thank You

  5. Is it ok for someone to access your aura when you have told the individual(s) in question that they do not have permission to do so? I have someone that keeps doing it despite telling them no, energy clearing, aura repair, etc. They refuse to stop and I just want to be left alone. One of them is intentionally trying to dig through all of my past memories and other extremely private information about me. What blows my mind is that she sees no harm in doing this to me, but would flip her lid if someone did it her.

  6. You say that Trump is a good guy and that he is serving the “greater good” but you don’t give any
    examples. I experience him as an ignorant, power-hungry racist, completely self-absorbed. He is wrecking the lives
    of many innocent hard-working immigrants, especially Hispanic peoples. He is destroying families. How can this
    possibly be for the “greater good”?

  7. Hi

    I was wondering if you have anything on Drakes personal life.

    And Rihannas? Is her relationship with Hassan genuine? Will it last?

  8. Hi Lyndsay,

    Will Oahu, Hawaii experience any real threats in the year 2018 or in the years to come? The false missile alert crisis was scary, but an eye opening experience in terms of what the world is dealing with today. What are your predictions on future missile tests? Will there be an intentional missile launch against a country? I know I asked much too ask so please answer the first question if you decide to answer only one. Thank you. I look forward to your predictions.

  9. I believe that Donald Trump is a racist, womanizing self serving ugly human being. What do your spirit guides say to this opinion, that I and so many thousands more have of him.

  10. @lyndsayedwards Hi Lyndsay, I would like to ask if you can give us a prediction regarding DACA, you have said about Donald Trump’s good intentions to the American people, and I do believe it, perhaps he means well to the 1%, but the future of so many its at risk. Thank you so much for your prompt reply.

  11. Hi Lyndsay, I do not know where I can exactly ask, it’s because of Prince Harry and his possible new relationship when he breaks up with Meghan. You say a new girl will appear shortly after breaking up with Meghan. You could ask the spirits, if and he already knows that girl and they’re just friends right now, or as you say he’s going to meet her in the near future? I would also like you to ask the spirits if that woman is young or a person older than Harry … Meghan is older in 3 years about Harry, he might like older women. If her is older than Harry, can you ask the spirits, if it can be, more or less about how old is this woman? Does she have any mole on her face, or something special on her face that can distinguish her from other women? Thank you very much and thank you in advance for responding.

  12. Is that rumour of prince Charles saying harry in infertile true?,you mention their would have some fertility issues when he has kids ?

  13. Hi Lindsey,do you see joe jonas and Sophie turner getting married and lasting or will he meet someone else ?and will joe get the professional help that he needs?

  14. What do you see for Corey Feldman? Will he raise $10 million dollars to release a movie about his abusers or has he deterred people away by asking for so much money and thus never release anything substantial? Will he get the justice he wants or are there any other factors at play here?

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  15. I have recently read that there will be a major terrorist attack on the city of Liverpool, I am wondering if your spirit guides think this will happen also?

  16. Does spirit see prince william and kate middleton divorcing, and also that she has never been pregnant and has used surrogates to produce ineligible heirs for the British royal family.

  17. Hi Lynsdsay, what do you see about Katie Hopkins? She has made a career out of being incredibly rude and critical of people. So out of curiosity from a spiritual perspective is she going to get her karma back or is she protected by a guardian angel. Thanks in advance : )

  18. Question regarding pendulums. My psychic sent me a pendulum, and I love it but have read that it’s dangerous. I feel like I’m talking to my guides even though the names change after a few days. I’ve been told the guides change because they don’t think they’re being helpful after a few days because I ask the same questions. I’ve cleansed my home and pendulum with white sage, asked Archangel Michael to protect me, and ask to speak to my guides from the light. How do I trust that the messages I receive are from them and true. I’ve been told lower level spirits can lie. Thanks!

  19. Hi Lyndsay,
    I’ve been working on my intuitive development for some time now and would like to know if you see if all my work will start paying off? And how can one start the process of connecting with their guides and hearing messages from spirit? I meditate, use tarot, crystals, pendulum but I’m still not sure if I’m getting any messages.
    Happy new year!!

  20. I don’t know if you’re doing any personal requests, but I would like to know if I will meet anyone soon, I’ve been single single since 2009. I’m concerned if I will ever meet anyone again.

    Thank you,


  21. Happy Holidays Lyndsay!

    I’m curious about PH and MM and want to know what the BRF really thinks about their relationship. Is it true PH proposed w/out the Queens approval? Do you still believe there will be a breakup? Thanks!!

  22. Hey Lyndsay I would like to know whether or not…I would meet someone special in the New Year? Will I start traveling? Will I get a fulfilling career? Will a current ex contact me again?

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  23. Lyndsay, there have been rumors that Meghan Markle cannot have children, or if she does, she will miscarry. I would like your perspective on this, and the spirit world’s perspective also. As always, I welcome and appreciate your psychic talent

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  24. Dear Lyndsay,

    Can you ask the spirit about the future of Turkey? Will we be able to get rid of political Islamists (current govt for the past 16 yrs) and get back to our demokratik secular state roots and hopefully spend our energy in the progression of the Republic, as aimed by our founding fathers?

    Also, in spirit world, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (founding father of Turkey) is usually referred as one of the light workers, having roots from Atlantis Civilization (which himself also compelled a great amount of research during his lifetime) and protect the Anatolian civilization
    (about which I had a dream that it will end 😕)Can your spirit guide give us some insights regarding to these

    Many many thanks😍🤗

  25. Hi, Lyndsay, and thank you for this! I know this is a little out in left field, but does spirit have any insight into the new tax bills the Republicans have just passed in the US, and how severely this will really affect the middle class, especially Senior citizens? There is a lot of confusing information out there. Thank you!

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