Shooting for the new ‘Alien’ movie begins next week in Budapest

Archie Renaux from Shadow and Bone is among the new faces joining the cast.

Filming officially began on Fede AlvarezIt is Extraterrestrial project and the evil Dead remake maestro landed the rest of his potential victims for the Xenomorphs to tear apart. Previously, Cailee Spaeny was tapped to direct the ninth installment of the long-running sci-fi franchise, but now she will have david johnson, Archie Renaux, Isabelle Merced, Spike Fearn, And Aileen Wu join her.

Progress on Alvarez Extraterrestrial the film has been kept under wraps while work continues on the project, though things are likely to get a little more public and a lot quicker now that the cameras are officially rolling. Plot details are also sparse, with only a very vague description of the film’s plot. In the film, which previously went under the working title Alien: Romulus, a group of young people come face to face with the most horrific life forms in the known universe, presumably the Xenomorphs, on an alien planet. It’s a bit of a departure from the more adult and militaristic settings of previous films, instead putting the focus on the less experienced and younger survivors as they try to fend off the Xenomorphs and their vicious facehuggers.


To fit the premise, the cast brought on board is full of new faces to complement Spaeny. Jonsson recently enjoyed a breakout for his role in Industry and has now rye lane coming later this month while Renaux had a recent minor breakthrough with The greatest beer race of all time, Catherine called Birdy, Morbiusand, most recently, Netflix Season 2 shadow and bone. The Merced star has been on the rise for a while now, bragging about turning into Transformers: The Last Knight And Dora: the lost city of goldAnd Rosaline. Fearn, like Renaux, also started to get more attention in 2022 with The Batman And After Sun both on his resume. Wu stands out as the newcomer to the group with only one acting role under her belt in the short film. Closing doors. She has a little more experience in other film roles, however, producing the TV movie Far from home.

Shadow and Bone Archie Renaux
Picture via Netflix

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Álvarez has a killer team for him Extraterrestrial Project

Álvarez looks set to deliver a bloody, unique take on the Extraterrestrial franchise given its history with the evil Dead redo and don’t breathebut he has a strong creative team helping him bring his project to fruition. Ridley Scottthe brain of the original Extraterrestrial and director of both Prometheus And Alien: Alliance is on board to produce with Michael Prussiawho has boston strangler to come, through their Scott Free banner. Brent O’Connor, Elizabeth CantillonAnd Tom Moran complete the team as executive producers.

Things are getting exciting for the Extraterrestrial franchise with this project which is starting up. There is also a television series in preparation for Noah Hawley at FX, that looks promising, and with Marvel Comics’ recent creation of a 20th Century Studios imprint, there’s bound to be plenty more comics based in the world of the long-running franchise.

Stay tuned here at Collider for more from Álvarez Extraterrestrial project as production continues. In the meantime, check out a previous interview with the writer/director regarding another of his horror works, Chainsaw Massacrebelow.

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