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What NOT to do with spells!

I love casting spells for people from all over the world, there is nothing that fulfills my soul more than helping others in this life. I’ve performed many many spells and had countless great results, some take longer than others but that is because we work to get results without any negative consequences and spirit have to orchestrate things from behind the scenes with precision to ensure that the spell succeeds with the highest of good intentions. I also do spells for myself and my family, these spells are performed in the same way that I do them for my clients and we too have to be patient at times. The circumstances around the situation will totally dictate the length of time taken and sometimes they can’t be rushed due to spirits desire to achieve the spell request without inflicting any negative consequences upon anyone or anything else in the process, it has to be a level playing field and carried out with the best intentions.

Love spells can be carried out however if the love is unrequited or the love relationship would be bad for one or both people then spirit will carry out a love closure spell meaning the client will receive full emotional closure on the relationship and be able to move on fully with a clear and peaceful mind.

With house move spells or new homes, it’s really important to be as specific as you can about your requirements as spirit will work to get you exactly what you request and nothing else, the same can be said for all spells, be really specific but with new homes it’s important to specify all details. For example, I asked spirit for a two bed semi detached house away from the main road with a driveway and a garden in a certain area, a year later spirit got me exactly that but what I had failed to specify was that I didn’t want a tiny shoe box sized kitchen or a shared driveway. I had to cast a new spell after I had learnt the hard way to be really specific and know exactly what my requirements were, I got the second home with everything I asked for but I had to wait until that house could be made available for me in a positive way without any negative consequences.

What can you do to help your spell work?

You have to believe in it, ok this may sound silly as surely if you’re willing to purchase a spell and spend your hard earned cash then of course you must believe it’ll work, but what happens is when people start to become impatient they can say things or think things like ‘that spell didn’t/doesn’t work’ – any thoughts like this actually send out a message to the universe and it’s like placing an order with every thought that you have, so when you say that spell hasn’t worked you’re ordering the spell not to work and the reverse is true. So when you say, think and believe the spell is going to work or is already working then the universe hears the spell is working and spirit can continue working on your order. Some of you may have heard about the power of your thoughts with cosmic ordering, the same is true with the spells I perform except I have a team of spirit guides who are quite high up in the spirit world and can physically change and manipulate things here in the physical world for the greater good who work to achieve my clients spell requests for them. I work very closely with my spirit team during performing the spells and sometimes I’ll be given information about the situation which I’ll always pass onto the client in written form. The spells are done in a step by step process and take quite some time to cast fully, I also revisit the spells frequently with my guides until they’re complete and my guides will let me know when they have finished working on a spell for a client. It’s really important that if you’re going to purchase a spell then you believe in it and don’t cancel out the spell with your doubts/negative thoughts. My spirit guides will hear your thoughts surrounding the spell request and they need your continued permission to perform the spell for you, so it’s really important clients are mindful throughout the spell process and remain focused and in belief about the positive results.

If you would like spirits help with a certain area of your life please email me to see if spirit and I can help you via a positive spell with no negative consequences.

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Spell Casting - Psychic Lyndsay Edwards Reviews Spell Casting - Psychic Lyndsay Edwards Reviews Spell Casting - Psychic Lyndsay Edwards Reviews Spell Casting - Psychic Lyndsay Edwards Reviews

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