Spirit Booked A Holiday Through Me... Psychic Lyndsay Edwards Spirit Guide

Spirit Booked A Holiday Through Me…

Spirit Booked A Holiday Through Me…

Ok so the title of this blog post may sound a little out there so let me explain, a few days before Christmas I was relaxing at home when my spirit guide gave me this sudden urge to look at holidays online – within 30 minutes I had booked flights and accommodation, I literally had no plans to travel as I’d been so busy with focusing on recovering from the cancer but spirit literally can take over me at times which I know may sound super creepy to some, it’s not like I’m possessed in a negative way but they can and do speak through me and influence my decisions at times, all with good intentions of course. My spirit guides are always looking out for me and guiding me on the right path and encouraging me to do things which will enhance my life. This isn’t the first time spirit have chosen my holiday or accommodation but this is the quickest they’ve done it, it even shocked me, it was a bit like I went into doing a psychic reading mode where spirit take the lead and control the situation and bring the information through only this time they were holiday shopping and spending my money on my phone via me lol. I am really pleased with my spirit guides holiday choice though and really looking forward to it, it also comes at a great time for me date wise.  So we’re off to Spain for a week and staying in a lovely hotel with lots of water slides for mini me 🙂

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