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Spirit Chose My New Sofa

Spirit Chose My New Sofa

I’ve wanted a new sofa for so long but with me not really being able to afford one and choosing one I really liked proving difficult it has taken me far far too long to get around to actually getting one, I also keep booking holidays and spending any spare cash on them instead which doesn’t help but that’s a whole other story. After months of sofa browsing my spirit guide directed me to one on ebay which I instantly loved when he showed me and it was a very reasonable price – it looked too good to be true to be honest, he even said don’t tell anyone or show anyone as they’ll plant doubt in your mind and could put you off but that’s the one for you. After some measuring and some deliberation for a few months I finally decided to take the plunge and splash out on this new sofa my spirit guide recommended, I mean he sits on it too so it’s only fair he gets some say in it right? I ended up borrowing half the money and just going for it, it was delivered in under 48 hours and they even put it together for me and took away the packaging. Honestly I absolutely love it, it’s beautiful and so so comfortable, it’s just perfect and just what I wanted and well within my price range – I think it’s fair to say my spirit guide did good 🙂

Love & Light,

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