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My Spirit Guides Plans

My Spirit Guides Plans

A few months ago my spirit guide Sundeep told me that after we have achieved certain things he’s going to reincarnate in his home country Thailand, at first I was selfishly upset for I couldn’t imagine continuing this spiritual journey without him. I only started getting to know my spirit guide personally around 18 months ago but he has been around me much longer and we occasionally do past life regression where he shows me how we knew each other in a previous life – I say occasionally because he starts it and I tend to get a little freaked out and make him stop so I have seen bits but I know there’s much more I need to be shown and told. My spirit guide is always with me, we don’t just work together reading for others or publishing his predictions, he’s with me now while I write this and he comes everywhere with me and will talk to me or through me throughout my every day life. I say talk through me because he can physically talk via me and it would appear that I’ve said it to anyone listening/watching but it isn’t me and didn’t come from me, it always shocks me when he does this and I struggle to stop it happening but it also makes me laugh so much, he always does it for the greater good and although it’s a little freaky I just have to trust and go with it. Going back to him reincarnating, I have got my head around this now, I still think I’ll be sad when he does because I know I’ll miss him but I also feel that we will have completed what we set out to by then and maybe have outgrown each other. I also know that his reincarnation holds great importance due to the life journey he’ll experience and I am excited for him about that. My spirit guide has also reassured me that there is already another spirit guide waiting in the wings to take his place. At first I really didn’t like the sound or thought of having a different guide and I didn’t understand why I had to have a new one but now I get that my current guide needs to do things here on earth and also this isn’t to be a negative as different guides offer different things and work in different ways – so who knows what my future readings and predictions will involve. One thing I have informed my spirit guide is that he isn’t to leave me until he has made sure that me and my new guide are working and blending well together, he’s not exactly agreed to this and I know spirit are always hard on me and give me lots of tests/lessons and make me work for everything so no doubt i’ll be thrown in at the deep end as usual. My spirit guide and I over the last 18 months have developed signs and symbols which have certain meanings so transferring to a new guide will mean establishing a new way of working and possibly new signs and symbols, there will be a learning curve initially and no doubt throughout. When peoples loved ones come through during a clients reading the connection is totally different to that I feel with my guide, the connection is much weaker and it vary’s every time depending on the particular spirit and their ability to communicate with a psychic medium. Some spirits who have passed over are really strong and clear in their communication but others are hard to understand or interpret at times, I also don’t do medium readings professionally as it’s not something I feel I have practiced enough yet, I do plan on practicing my mediumship skills in the future though as I want to strengthen and explore this part of my spiritual gift further. Sometimes during a psychic reading a clients loved one will pop up and I’ll always do my best to deliver their messages when this happens but I do feel that currently my strengths are in working with my spirit guide to deliver the reading. I have connected to other psychics guides during their readings and the connection has been strong and flowed well so this gives me confidence in meeting my new guide further down the line, I also have a feeling that I may already know him which may help or be a total distraction but we’ll see. I think my spirit guides reincarnation is still many years away but I have been shown the event just before his reincarnation so I’ll know exactly when it is close and I understand why, I will post about this on here nearer the time as I know it won’t make any sense to others right now but it will do in a few years 🙂

So for now Sundeep and I are still working together and delivering clients readings but this won’t be forever as change is coming and while I’ll miss him dearly I am also looking forward to new experiences and challenges with spirit and hearing about Sundeep’s achievements in Thailand during his life’s journey, I also believe that we’ll be reunited at some point much further in the future in the spirit world.

Love & Light,

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