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Spirit & Meeting Someone New

Spirit & Meeting Someone New

It’s been a while since I went out drinking in fact I haven’t drank alcohol since being diagnosed with cancer in August 2017 as I am following a whole foods plant based diet and overdosing on nutrition to help my body heal. The last time I was out drinking though earlier on in the year my friend and I were approached by a group of guys who came over to our table to chat to us, as they introduced themselves one by one my spirit guide gave me a snap shot summary of them and their true intentions. So out of around 6 or 7 guys they were all ‘no good’ for us – no surprise there but something I did realise was that having my spirit guide with me while out and about meeting people makes things really efficient. Sometimes it can be hard and feel like I meet no one but what’s really happening is that spirit are stopping me from wasting my time bothering to get to know someone only to realise what spirit can show and tell me in advance.

Spirit don’t just get involved in my love life, they like to have their say on just about everyone around me and will tell me what people are saying behind my back and their true thoughts, feelings and intentions towards me. To be honest I have always had a gut feeling about someone when I first meet them but I used to always ignore it and give people a chance anyway – only to be proven that my initial gut perception was spot on and I should have listened and spared myself the drama/heartache. These days though it’s a little more than a gut feeling, my spirit guide will literally tell me and show me peoples true intentions and I feel so blessed to have spirit around me protecting me in this way.  When something huge happens in your life it can put everything into perspective and you can realise who’s good for you and who’s not, when I was diagnosed with cancer I learnt a lot about the people around me. Some people surprised me in a good way and others surprised me in a negative way, when people have been in your life for a long time it’s easy to assume that they’re ok to be around and even good for you but unfortunately this isn’t always the case and because the initial gut reaction when meeting them isn’t there what do you do? People also change over time so maybe someone who was good to be around years ago isn’t anymore and I’m so lucky to have spirit warning me about these people now so that I can remove them from my live and spare myself the toxicity that comes with them.  Mental health is SO important and surrounding yourself with people who add value to your life and bring you up is paramount, it’s not easy to distance yourself from people who you have been close to previously but I urge anyone in this situation to do it, if you know someone is bringing you down and toxic to be around then put your own happiness first and disconnect from them – it’ll only serve you well and you don’t have to feel guilty for choosing happiness.

Last night I watched Ross Kemp Libya’s Migrant Hell on YouTube and it is absolutely heartbreaking what those poor people are going through, I feel so helpless as all I can do is pray for them. It’s documentary’s like these which also help put things into perspective though, if you haven’t watched it then please do as it’ll definitely help you feel grateful for what you have currently in your own life (assuming you’re not also a refugee or living in a war zone etc).

**Update – I have had a tweet back from Ross Kemp who has advised that to help the migrants we can contact our local MP (I have just emailed mine) and also support MSF_Sea charity.

Ross Kemp Libya's Migrant Hell - Help the migrants - Psychic Lyndsay Edwards

When I watch documentaries like this one or think about the fact that I have stage three breast cancer I really don’t feel guilty for removing toxic and negative people from my life – I mean I shouldn’t anyway because we all have the right to choose who we spend our time with and we all deserve to be happy but sometimes it’s hard especially when these people don’t even know why I’ve cut them out of my life as I haven’t bothered to use anymore of my energy on them by telling them why.

Life is so precious and we’re all here for our souls to learn and to grow, some people will cross our paths in order to teach us lessons but it’s important that we learn from those lessons and then distance ourselves rather than keep on repeating the same lessons.

Love & Light,

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  1. Lyndsay,

    Please forgive for if I come across as selfish or insensitive about this message. I’m a single 37 year old woman at the end of my rope with struggling financially, spiritually, and physically. I have been single now for nearly 8 years and I feel I am LIGHT YEARS away from truly meeting the one and living the life I’m meant to live. I have a job I can’t stand, I’m making barely enough money to get by, and I’m terribly lonely. I AM TRULY STUCK. Can you PLEASE help me???

    Thank you ❤️



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